Comment Re:Watch out (Score 1) 99

to say that spacex is so much cheaper than the apollo program is ridiculous. inventing large rockets is WAY more expensive than making new ones based off old designs/knowledge created by the earlier work.

SpaceX would have had to spent the billions if nasa hadn't already done so.

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Veronika11111111 writes: Besides supplying high quality Hopi ear candles, HopiCandles4U also offers several other products for better ear health, which include products like gold and silver ear protector discs, organic cocoa butter, allergy patch tester, organic shea butter, and almond carrier oil.

Comment Re:Are they coming to my house to do a survey? (Score 1) 1146

The important concern is the economics of the situation, not the conceptualization of the utility grid.

Assuming the utility credits you a certain amount for the electricity you supply them, and then charges you another amount for what you use, and the credit/debit at the end of the month is the difference I'd think you would want to minimize the amount of electricity you use at night.

Resistive heating certainly doesn't do that. In fact it's likely to be more expensive than even heating using LPG.

Comment Re:Best way to force an upgrade (Score 3, Interesting) 413

Why? People paid good money for working supported product. Just because Microsoft wants to bait and switch doesn't make it right. I hope some deep pockets corporation sues the bejesus out of them to force this issue.

I don't see a bait and switch. People knew(or could find out if they wanted) the EOL dates before they purchased it with their "good money", and MS has been extending them since many many years even though they didn't have to. That sounds exactly like the opposite of a bait and switch.

Want to check the EOL for Windows 8 before purchasing? Here it is

Submission + - Virtual Machine for LAMP Development (

Jim Frenette writes: This blog post addresses a common scenario — a local LAMP development environment on your Windows or OS X computer. You could use XAMPP on either Windows or OS X, MAMP on OS X or native Apache in OS X. Here, we will create a Linux virtual machine with Samba configured to share the Virtual Machine file system with the host computer. We will also create virtual hosts, install and configure WordPress and Xdebug.

Submission + - Major US telecom patents system to detect, neutralize file-sharers (

An anonymous reader writes: Internet service provider AT&T recently added a new anti-piracy patent which features technology that can detect file-sharers on its own network, assigning risk assessment to users and potentially limiting alleged pirates’ access to file-sharing sites.

A new patent awarded to the telecom giant’s Intellectual Property division depicts a system that can classify unauthorized file-sharing users, designate them within a “risk category,” and take actions to counter future objectionable behavior.

The patent, titled “Methods, devices and computer program products for regulating network activity using a subscriber scoring system,” seems mostly aimed at combating online piracy — an ongoing target of internet service providers like AT&T, entertainment lobby groups such as the MPAA, and the Obama administration alike.

Submission + - How to stop a propaganda site? ( 1

jghalam writes: This site has caused so much trouble for my kids public school with this story. He has created a fake profile for the teacher (Google+), he has posted fake reviews on various sites (yelp, Facebook), and he does not allow for any comments that would let people know this is a fake story.

The school site had to be shutdown and cops had to line up in front because a comment mentioned the school info.

After many attempts to get in touch with the author, they finally changed the school name to Anon, but the comments and post cards, and phone calls continue.

For god sake this is a public elementary school. They got nothing to start with. They don't have money to pay for security.

Any idea get this guys to shut it down?

Cheers, and Merry Christmas.

Comment Re:police arive within 'minutes' (Score 1) 894

I think you will find that, legally speaking, we DO have the right.

Having the ability and means to protect your household from others is a pretty fundamental thing, and its scary that so many people are prepared to trivialize it. As has been pointed out so many times, the premise that you can just cede all of your rights to the government and trust them to do the right thing has turned out to be wrong a million times over.

What, do you suppose the second amendment was written to allow people to hunt as a hobby?

You start out talking about protecting your household from other then jump to having the best tool for self-defence. But self-defence isn't necessarily the best way to protect your household, an armed 20 year old male gang member in Chicago is very well prepared to defend themselves, but he'll also have a horrifically high mortality rate. Within your household you've now introduced an elevated risk of suicide and accidents (could a depressed or reckless teen access a gun?).

Even if you assume that having a gun in your household made you more safe I believe it's a bit of a prisoner's dilemma, having a gun makes you more safe, but none of us having a gun makes everyone more safe.

The objective isn't to protect yourself, it's to be safe, and I believe everyone is safer is a society with far fewer guns.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Latest Trends In Men’s Underwear

Selecting underwear used to not be too much of a decision for men in previous times. Boxers or briefs? Those were the options. The trends in men’s underwear almost change as fast as for outerwear. The most significant changes have probably come from the changes of fabrics and the advancement of te (

Comment Re:Feminist Programming Language (Score 1) 575

As to your Feynman lecture, I think a lot of the things that the feminist movement questions is not directly measurable in a scientific manner. In addition, part of what they question is the absolute authority of how the scientific method works and whether it is truly the best,

Yes, now you are going down the line of thought of Donna Haraway, and it is a reason that feminists are not taken seriously. As Feynman said, it is easy to question, he got questions from people all the time.......the hard part is coming up with a better theory. Questioning is not taken seriously, coming up with a better theory is something worth listening to.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Success! China's Chang'e 3 lands on moon, snaps pic of Jade Rabbit - Los Angeles (

National Geographic

Success! China's Chang'e 3 lands on moon, snaps pic of Jade Rabbit
Los Angeles Times
China's Chang'e 3 spacecraft successfully touched down on the moon and deployed the "Jade Rabbit" rover, and now the pair have now sent their first images back to Earth. The color photographs, which the rover and lander took of each other, elicited...
China touts prowess of moon rover, scientists just want to know what's thereChristian Science Monitor
China's 1st Moon Rover Mission to Attempt Lunar Landing: Here's What It Could ...
China's Space AmbitionsWall Street Journal Geographic-Reuters
all 1,363 news articles

Comment Re:I know what you're trying to do (Score 1) 504

Your highly idealized government is made up of some fellow citizens. Government is force, whether you think it justified or not, and it attracts those who share an affinity for aggression. Lack of trust in these particular people does not imply lack of trust in the remainder.

You seem to think that either everyone is trustworthy, or no one is. The answer is neither: some people are trustworthy and others are not. Those who believe that aggression is a legitimate tool to control others' behavior have proven themselves untrustworthy; they are willing to harm others to further their own purposes.

I trust the people who solve their problems without aggression, who find solutions which preserve the rights of everyone involved. I do not trust those who think it legitimate to harm some for the benefit of others. Whether based on the flawed concept of "for the greater good" or some other such nonsense, it all comes down to putting your own subjective preferences and plans above others' rights. Find another way.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Free Wi-Fi open to anyone with mobile device, laptop along Market Street - San F (

The Verge

Free Wi-Fi open to anyone with mobile device, laptop along Market Street
San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco's free Market Street Wi-Fi service officially debuted Monday, allowing anyone along the thoroughfare between the Castro district and The Embarcadero to log on simply by using the “_San_Francisco_Free_WiFi” network. The open network is...
After deal with AT&T fizzles, San Francisco builds its own free Wi-FiArs Technica
San Fran Lights Up Free Wi-Fi on Market StreetPC Magazine
San Francisco installs its own free Wi-Fi internet in its busiest areaThe Verge
Christian Science Monitor-San Jose Mercury News
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Comment Very topical! (Score 1) 1

One common counterargument in a lot of the "panopticon" discussions is that "I have nothing to fear, I've done nothing wrong".

The experience of millions of European Jews in the 1930s notwithstanding...this is a perfect example of why the total surveillance state is a horrible idea, especially with this demonstrated level of incompetence.

I hope this gets approved soon!

Comment Re:We vote on leaders not lightbulbs (Score 1) 1146

If you must use electricity for heat, then please use an electric heater, and go CFL or LED, the waste heat from your lamp in the summer will waste far more electricity than it will save in colder times. AC Cooling is far more wasteful than heating.

If you absolutely must use electricity for heating, that's your unfortunate predicament, but the argument that somehow the waste heat from incandescent is useful, that's crap !

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Comment Re:DRM is technology misapplied (Score 4, Insightful) 281

DRM is misapplied by design. Because my computer/reading device has to be able to decode it. Therefore I can decode it. It's just a question of figuring out how, be it scanning memory or playing around with a soldering iron on the motherboard. And of course only one person has to figure out how to break it. Then everyone can break it.

Comment Re:Regulations a bit premature (Score 1) 1146

I made my comment "tongue in cheek", but I am getting to the age where 20-30 years out are starting to look more and more grim. the 23 year lifespan of these bulbs will put me into my 70's. So if one does burn out, I'll probably break a hip replacing it.

Hell, I was just old enough to watch the moon landings, Now I'm starting to believe I won't be around to see a manned Mars landing.

Comment Re:DRM has driven piracy for decades (Score 1) 281

I agree. While stuff like the TPP have been attempted under Obama's reign, I don't see any particularly new legal successes for the copyright cartels during his time in office. If there are any, I doubt they are significantly greater than what's come before, like the DMCA or the extradition of the DrinkOrDie member from Australia to the US.

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Comment Re:Lie-fest from the NSA (Score 1) 504

He saw and remembered something he is not authorised to see. That is stealing.

Do you see how absurd that statement is? This has nothing to do with stealing.

Backup copies have only very recently been authorised by law in the UK, in 2012, prior to that all backups were illegal. Currently backups of DVDs in the UK are still illegal (because of evading countermeasures).

Comment Re:Arbitrary? (Score 2) 345

They are not restricting your right to be on the roads. They are restricting your right to operate dangerous machinery on the roads as a matter of public safety.

There are many well known limits to rights arising from similar issues. It's really idiotic to think an absolute right to exercise one of these rights exists.

One common example is that Freedom of Religion does not permit you to engage in ritual human sacrifice.

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louren1 writes: Dapatkan keterangan mengenai keindahan, kesehatan, perawatan tubuh, perawatan rambut, perawatan kulit, perawatan wajah. keterangan penting seputar perempuan. Ideas kecantikan wajah, kulit serta tubuh.

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Journal Journal: Top Three Different Ways To Think About Getting A Car Loan

When you are interested in getting a new car, it’s often a good idea to get an auto loan and use it to buy the car. However, how you get the loan is very important, and you need to keep an eye on the decisions you make in order to get it done correctly. Some of the ways of getting the loan that yo (

Comment Not really a Sharepoint replacement (Score 0) 73

I think this is a real game changer. Up to now, if you want document colaberation you have Sharepoint (Expensive) or the cloud. (Trust issues)

At this point in time, it's not really a viable SharePoint or SkyDrive replacement. While being able to work simultaneously on ODF documents is a great addition, it's not going to provide any real competition to SharePoint until you can have authors simultaneously editing MS Word documents -- in MS Word. For many small business (especially with remote workers), this is "must have" functionality.

On the flip-side, I presume simultaneous authoring in Word is going to be extremely difficult to reverse engineer; and MS ain't gonna give up those protocol specs anytime soon.

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