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An anonymous reader writes: NIST offers a wide range of Emergency Evacuation training to companies to allow them striving to improve as a professional, which is important as health and safety is not a static profession, with both legislation and best practice changing regularly. Our best resource at NIST is our ‘PEOPLE’. Our professionals provide leadership, experience, skills and best practices to provide solutions to your safety challenges.

Comment Re:Here is a reaction by Snowden upon this ruling (Score 1) 345

Not that I will necessarily agree with the AC, but you wouldn't deny that the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Cubans, al Qaida, and others, have access to the same Top Secret American, British, Australian, and Canadian documents leaked by Snowden that have found their way either into print or onto the web, would you? So that means that they assuredly have at least some of those Top Secret documents. That is before we get to the question of the already many and growing number of businesses (many newspapers, web sites, etc.) that have those documents, and the question of have been able to provide adequate security to prevent them from falling into the hand of nation states with sophisticated intelligence agencies that don't have to follow the niceties of American or British law such as Russian or Chinese agents operating overseas. Maybe you've heard, but Russian agents have assassinated people in the UK before. A little breaking and entering or other more subtle intelligence gathering would be inconsequential to them. And that is probably all it would take for them to get the complete trove of documents. That is assuming that they would even have to do that, that they don't have moles in those papers now. I'm pretty sure that newspapers and TV stations don't conduct 10-20 year background checks of their employees similar to those for Top Secret clearances (even if they are sometimes "imperfectly" done as they were in Snowden's case).

Experts Doubt Snowden Could Keep His Leaked Documents Safe From Spies

There is reason to doubt Edward Snowden’s claim that Russian or Chinese spies have not seen the NSA files he leaked.
In an interview with the New York Times published yesterday, document-leaking NSA contractor Edward Snowden made a bold claim in response to allegations that other nations may have got hold of his classified haul:

“There’s a zero percent chance the Russians or Chinese have received any documents.”

Many security and surveillance experts publicly questioned that claim. Google security engineer Justin Schuh tweeted that the remark showed “Snowden is divorced from reality,”

Now we can also add to that the fact that the UK government assesses the secrets that Snowden stole to have fallen into the hands of foreign intelligence agencies. I seem to recall that NSA, or at least some of its leaders, have a similar assessment.

Snowden leaks 'worst ever loss to British intelligence'

Sir David, the former head of the UK's communications surveillance centre GCHQ, told the Times: "You have to distinguish between the original whistleblowing intent to get a debate going, which is a responsible thing to do, and the stealing of 58,000 top-secret British security documents and who knows how many American documents, which is seriously, seriously damaging.

"The assumption the experts are working on is that all that information or almost all of it will now be in the hands of Moscow and Beijing.

"It's the most catastrophic loss to British intelligence ever, much worse than Burgess and Maclean."

You can also see the Russian response.

Snowden Inspires Russia to Boost Internet Spying

Less than three months after granting asylum to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, Russia is preparing to implement the kind of electronic surveillance that Snowden uncovered in the U.S.

And you must admit that Snowden is in contact with FSB officials. (The FSB was formerly the KGB.)

It's Now Clear That Edward Snowden's Life Is Dictated By Russian Intelligence

Ray McGovern, a former CIA officer who presented Snowden with a whistleblowing award and visited his apartment last month, said he had to pass through metal detectors before the meeting and that the former CIA technician appeared to be attended by some kind of official Russian security detail.

Snowden's life in Russia has been overseen by Anatoly Kucherena, a lawyer employed by the FSB, as well as Sarah Harrison, a WikiLeaks advisor who has reportedly been by Snowden's side since he was in China.

And various other people have certainly paid attention to him and the documents he released.

Brit spymasters: Cheers, Snowden. Terrorists are overhauling their comms

Terrorists in Afghanistan and the Middle East are discussing changing their communication systems as a result of Edward Snowden's revelations, the boss of GCHQ said on Thursday.

Sir Iain Lobban, director of the UK's eavesdropping nerve center, made the claims during a meeting in London with MPs and lords on Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee [transcript PDF].

He said militants have chatted about Snowden's bombshell leaks, which have blown the lid on the NSA and GCHQ's latest global surveillance operations, and mulled whether they should move to other “communications packages” that could be less vulnerable to interception.

"We have seen chat among terrorist groups discussing how to avoid what they now perceive to be vulnerable," said Sir Iain.

Well, that's all I have for now. Since I have had the temerity to question Saint Edward's purity.... moderators, you may commence the down mods as is the custom for dissenting opinions among the free. (After all, the purpose of living in a free society and participating in discussions is so that we can all express the same opinion or be punished, isn't it? And isn't that what people keep saying they want here, freedom? Isn't that what Edward says he is fighting for?)

Comment Lasers vs ceramic final score: 0-1 (Score 1) 173

Other simple solution: Make outer mortar case out of ceramic. Mirrors and reflective materials don't work, so rather than reflect the laser, just absorb the energy. Ceramic can be made hard, cheap, and is a wonderful heat sink. Common formulas will work, but if needed, you can make ceramic shells out of the same stuff that they put on the space shuttle as reentry tiles.

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Comment Re:I'd have been happy if it would just sync files (Score 3, Interesting) 73

A lot was fixed in 5 and it was easy to set up and use. The only hassle I've seen with the client software (which the users setup themselves without help), is sync issues of files vanishing on clients with clocks that are out by tens of minutes. The files are still available in the "previous versions" part of the web GUI but it's still very annoying behaviour.
The linux client in 5 also didn't handle links to different filesystems from the sync directory.

I have not used version 6 yet.

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Nita Anggreni writes: Club de golf de Bali a offert a été répartis sur plusieurs objets Bali comme : Tanah Lot. Nusa Dua et, plus récemment, parcours de golf de Bali que vous pouvez profiter de beaucoup de gens.

Comment Re:Reflective Armor (Score 1) 173

And before that, there was sound ranging!

It is difficult to locate a mortar position with sound. Mortars aren't that loud when they fire, and they can fire from deep defilade. Also, sound propagates slowly enough to give them critical seconds to "shoot and scoot". Even with radar, we would fire our 155s not only on their firing position, but also on likely routes of egress. The Iraqis had mortars mounted in the back of BMPs so they could move as quickly as possible after launching a volley, as well as having some armor to protect them from shrapnel while they were moving.

Comment Lasers vs smoke screen final score: 0-1 (Score 1) 173

Simpler solution: Formulate your explosive to produce a lot of smoke on ignition, so that if a single mortar is destroyed mid flight, you have just deployed a smoke screen that is more difficult for the laser to cut through. Then when you call in a mortar fire mission, the first three rounds are destroyed mid flight, and the laser is then useless to target anything on the flight path until the smoke dissipates.

Comment Re:About time (Score 1) 345

All three branches are immune from politics, when it comes to national security issues. There's a reason why blatantly illegal practices have near unanimous support amongst our representatives, and it's not because our government is a functioning democracy.

I wouldn't say near unanimous by any means. There are lots on the edges of the right and left who were against this. The Amash amendment, which would have drastically reined in the data the NSA collected (not as much as necessary, but a good start). It failed in the US House by only 217-205. Of those voting for the amendment, it was 111 Democrats, 95 Republicans.

That it failed was disappointing but it shows that we're not that far from having a majority for bills like this. We just need to get more of the establishment folks on both sides out of office.

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Neanderthals Intentionally Buried Their Dead
Guardian Express
This is neither the website nor is it affiliated in any way with Guardian News & Media. Neanderthals intentionally buried their dead. A recent study published in the latest issue of the journal Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) has concluded...
Neanderthals and the DeadNew York Times
Neanderthal Burials Confirmed as Ancient RitualNational Geographic
Neanderthals cared for elder, burial site showsGlobalPost
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Journal Journal: The best 4 places to get a drink in New South Wales

New South Wales, situated in the East of Australia is an exciting place to visit. Thousands of holidaymakers from all over the world travel to New South Wales and in particular Sydney to explore the city and enjoy its many attractions. Of course, the coastal areas are a firm favourite with the local (

Comment Being different is a good thing for some uses (Score 0) 73

There are a few design issues in Sharepoint which make me see it as not viable as well - eg. encapsulating files inside a database instead of keeping them as files with a reference too them is a very major one once you get above trivial file sizes and a trival number of versions of the files.
Once somebody starts putting files in the multi-GB scale into Sharepoint it hits that design wall, stalls or crashes, and something else is needed.

So it fills a niche Sharepoint doesn't and presumably vice versa if your users never work on huge files.

So IMHO it's far more viable than Sharepoint unless MS gets their act together.

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Comment Re:Do these projects OpenBSD, FreeBSD matter anywa (Score 1) 280

Comment Re: How is Norway going to know? (Score 1) 245

Savings accounts will pay a bit less than inflation absent government meddling...

Inflation is government meddling, most of the time (excepting rare decreases in the demand for currency and non-government forms of money), though not the kind you were referring to. Savings accounts should pay a bit more than inflation, not a bit less, as you're supposed to receive a net return in exchange for letting the bank borrow and invest your funds. Without inflation, no bank could get away with letting your purchasing power depreciate over time, because no one would bother with a savings account under those terms. Inflation lends the banks additional bargaining power since it means your money is losing value anyway, and even a poor investment begins to look better than stuffing your money under your mattress. (And by "poor investment" I mean a net loss to the economy, not merely low yields, though in the end it's the same thing. On the whole, it's better for the economy to hold your money and not invest than to invest in a below-average venture, but inflation pushes people to invest even when they shouldn't just to avoid part of the inflation. This is often a stated goal of inflationary policies, to force people to invest their savings rather than "hoard", but the harmful effects are either not understood or simply ignored.)

But in any case, my point in all of this was it's a mistake to keep a significant amount of savings in cash, whether savings account, CDs, or whatever: it's a bad plan.

I don't disagree. By all means, hold as little inflationary currency as possible. It would be stupid to keep any significant portion of your wealth in assets which depreciate by design. In the end, though, that just hands the problem off to someone else—generally someone even less able to deal with it. Not everyone has enough savings to make brokerage fees worthwhile, or the time to carry out essential market research while holding down two (or more) jobs just to pay the rent. That's part of the reason the inflation tax is so regressive.

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Comment Re:No Shit (Score 4, Insightful) 281

Freitas suggested the use of DRM techniques as a way of preventing the malicious use of nanotechnology. Seems like a "good" application to me.

Me too. That sounds like a well intentioned application that would be wonderful to realize. The problem is that in the real world, DRM of any sort only restricts legitimate users. This has been true with every instance of DRM anywhere in the world, ever. Would you trust DRM to protect us against nanobots with that track record?

Of course not. So his point stands, DRM is bad.

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Comment Re:This is the Problem. (Score 1) 246

Umm, there are plenty of countries outside of totalitarian regimes that give everyone access to decent medical care. Just look at any of the first world countries besides the US (UK, France, Germany, etc).

Everyone in the US has access to decent medical care, too. But that's different that everyone having equal access to medical care.

Comment Re:Gen Alexander lied again (Score 1) 7

Since you do not appear to be keeping up with the news, permit me to enlighten you.

By the NSA’s own recent admission, they do not know how many, nor which documents were taken by Snowden. This is due to both poor oversight of those accessing the data, we well as poor auditing of access to those same documents.

From this it is simple to conclude that they are also unable to know how many people are abusing the system. The articles you quoted only point to people the NSA is aware of. I would also point out some of those abuses occurred years ago and were only caught when the employees confessed, they were not caught by NSA auditing or oversight.

It would be foolish to think these few people that have faced discipline are the only ones abusing the records held by the NSA. The system appears to be far too easy to abuse, the oversight and auditing is near to nonexistent, and the sheer number of people with access to the data is enormous.

I am going to say with my belief that you are a shill and also possibly a fool to boot.

Comment Re:Do these projects OpenBSD, FreeBSD matter anywa (Score 1) 280

You are absolutely right. The guy complaining about my statement is uninformed. If you run strings on command line utilities in older Mac OS X builds you will also see the comment string left by the code being checked into the FreeBSD CVS source tree. Those comments have the word "FreeBSD" and the revision of the code being checked in and the name of the FreeBSD developer that did the commit.

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