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Comment Re:police arive within 'minutes' (Score 2) 894

I think the NRA is smart enough to realize that, when you spend decades fighting in support of independent firearm ownership, suddenly turning on that population would be a Very Bad Idea.

You are assuming those in power had not subverted the NRA into some form of brown shirts, which is what the original poster implied. You don't think a sufficiently riled up and suitably lied to section of NRA members would not take part in such a thing? The brown shirts were originally just pissed off ex military who wanted a fair go - see what it become with the wrong leadership.

Comment Re:red v blue (Score 1) 285

Australia is a little different because our right is a coalition party of the Liberals (big L traditional right wing conservative party) and the Nationals who are simply a pro-rural farming party. All the farmers vote National because we have a huge agricultural economy supported by subsidies (Socialism!) that they want to hang on to. So strangely, the Nationals could be considered a liberal (small L) lefty party, except they hate gays and rock music so are considered conservative. If you look purely at the Liberal party (big L) votes, they are squarely in all the affluent suburbs of the major cities, everywhere else is Labor (left) or National (farming special interest).

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An anonymous reader writes: Laga kali ini akan mempertemukan Real Valladolid melawan Celta dalam lanjutan Liga Spanyol yang kembali bergulir

pekan depan, kedua team telah bertemu dua kali. Celta dalam dua laganya berhasil unggul atas Valladolid dengan

menyapu bersih dua laga dengan kemenangan.

Pada laga terakhirnya, tuan rumah hanya berhasil menahan imbang Rayo Vallecano dengan skor 0-0. Sedangkan dalam

empat laganya, Valladolid tidak pernah mendapatkan dan hanya mampu bermain imbang. Dalam laga ini tuan rumah

pastinya tidak menginginkan hasil serupa seperti laga terkahirnya.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 0) 1146

Apparently my brother has one (panasonic i belive) running on theoretical nonsense down to about -9F (-23C). We have not had any cooler here so I don't know for sure how those behave when it gets really cold, but they say his should work down to at least -25C. It's about 4 years old and I guess newer theoretical nonsense works even better.

Somebody should win a nobel prize if you have an air source heat pump that functions well at -9F without having to use auxiliary heat as it would be a major breakthrough in physics. Just as an air conditioner can only cool so much (about 20F) below the ambient temperature, a heat pump can only increase so much above the ambient temperature. So, unless your brother keeps his house below freezing, there is something else at work if the air source heat pump is keeping his house, say at 68F when the outside air is -9F.

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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 1146

If that were true then why do all air based heat pumps include heating coils that kick on well above 15F?

Why are your cells able to produce energy anerobically, despite that being horribly inefficient and producing lactic acid? To give you an extra bit of power when you're chased by a bear. But it's still just an emergency auxiliary for your normal aerobic energy production.

Last time I checked, cell biology and heat pump technology are two very different processes that don't have anything in common. Nice try, though.

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An anonymous reader writes: Makanan Untuk Penderita Penyakit Kista — Selain Pantangan Makanan Untuk Penderita Penyakit Kista juga ada makanan yang dianjurkan untuk dikonsumsi oleh penderita kista. Berikut ada informasi makanan yang baik dikonsumsi oleh penderita penyakit kista agar kista yang dikeluhkan tidak berkembang dan mengempis serta hilang.

Comment Re:Regulations a bit premature (Score 2) 1146

Well... for one, my 1998 4-banger gets me 38mpg on the highway.

And it has air conditioning... power niceties... and weighs probably twice as much as that '68 Beetle. I don't think we're doing too bad.

We're not doing as good as we could be, on average, because everyone buys automatic transmissions, which still cannot match the efficiency of manuals.

I said city. There have been numerous advance on highway mileage, but most driving is city. As for transmissions, evidently, the new six speed automatics can get as good mileage as manuals, but they are expensive and hard to fit in small front wheel drive vehicles.

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Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 201

The nVidia proprietary Linux GPU drivers are substantially better than the AMD proprietary Linux GPU drivers. So while Valve can buy any GPU they want, getting an AMD GPU to perform with Linux as well as it would with Windows is probably difficult.

Comment Spent $1,000 on incandescents thanks to this law. (Score 1) 1146

My wife has meniere's disease, which results in debilitating vertigo attacks. At this point the balance sensors in one of her ears are essentially totally destroyed, and those in the other are slowly degrading.

One of the results is that her vision is now a much bigger part of here balance system. Anything that disrupts it can trigger vertigo attacks.

The flickering of arc lamps and many fluorescent lights causes these attacks. (For instance, she can't spend more than about 20 minutes total in a "warehouse store" such as Costco, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. because of their use of arc lights (with substantial regions of the store on a single phase). We have to turn off the tube-style kitchen lights

120 Hz flicker is well above the "flicker fusion rate", so you can't perceive it. We believe the attacks occur because the strobing causes slight delays and errors in the apparent position of objects when they are, or she is, moving.

Some compact fluorescents trigger attacks, some do not. (We believe this to be because, on those that don't phosphor persistence or adequate filter capacitors after the rectifiers "fill in" the "valleys" of the post-rectifier waveform, reducing flicker until it's not a problem, while cheaper lights skimp on capacitors, allowing the light to strobe.)

LEDs are good for flicker rates into the GHz. Some of those we have examined flicker quite dramatically. So we will be very cagey about switching to them, until they're both efficient AND the manufacturers have begun making a practice of supplying enough capacitor filtering to avoid significant flicker.

Incandescents, of course, don't have the issue. They heat up and cool down very slowly "filling in the valleys" just fine.

When this regulation came along, though, we were concerned that we would soon be unable to purchase replacements for burned out incandescents in our Nevada home, which would have been a serious health problem if non-flickering replacements were not available.

So we purchased enough current production bulbs for each of the fixtures to last for the remainder of our expected lifespans.

This cost about a thousand bucks, so far. (We still need to buy the replacements for the "can" fixtures over one of the minor countertops, and some more "daylight" ceiling fan bulbs. Probably another $400 by the time we're done.)

We really didn't want to do this, preferring to buy replacements as needed and switching to LEDs in about another three years IF flicker-free devices become available. But the new regulation created enough of a risk to force us into it.

Now that we've bought them, we'll probably continue to use them long after we'd have switched to LEDs.

So in our case the unintended consequences were quite the opposite of what was intended.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 1146

The heating coils are there for situations where you want (or that the controller board thinks that you want) a lot of heat right now. Like when somebody manually ups the temperature setting about five degrees. With a heat pump, slow and steady (and a programmable thermostat) wins the race.

Maybe your heat pump is different than most of the ones in use here, but those coils kick on whenever the temp is in the low 20s. Ground source would be a different story, but the ones that suck the heat out of the air loose efficiency as the temperature drops.

Comment Re:Islam (Score 0, Troll) 169

There is no evidence that I can think of that suggests that the government is using the intelligence agencies to monitor political speech and distribute that to the detriment of political opposition. It is a fantasy.

Do you have any evidence of the prosecution listening in on any attorney-client conversations for the purpose of affecting the outcome of the trial? The only remotely similar cases that I'm aware of are a small handful of instances involving terrorism prosecutions at Gitmo, and I don't believe that the prosecution was involved, IIRC.

You post is more "what if" than actual problem.

Comment Other games with demo recording support (Score 1) 174

Never mind the fact that demo recordings (rare as they were; Umihara Kawase and some sports games?) were supported by the games themselves

Super Mario Kart had an obscure "ghost" feature, and Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart DS refined it. True, racing is a sport, but is karate a sport? Super Smash Bros. Brawl has the same sort of "replay".

Comment Re:Do these projects OpenBSD, FreeBSD matter anywa (Score 4, Informative) 280

You may want to pose that question to Netflix. They account for about 1/3 of the traffic on the internet and all that traffic is served from FreeBSD servers.

Also, Mac OS X is essentially a fork of FreeBSD.

The OS on all Juniper equipment is a modified version of FreeBSD.

The Playstation 3 and 4 OS are both modified FreeBSD.

Plus more.

Comment Re:Regulations a bit premature (Score 1) 1146

Well... for one, my 1998 4-banger gets me 38mpg on the highway.

And it has air conditioning... power niceties... and weighs probably twice as much as that '68 Beetle. I don't think we're doing too bad.

We're not doing as good as we could be, on average, because everyone buys automatic transmissions, which still cannot match the efficiency of manuals.

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user1name14538 writes: Tips & Warnings How to Probate WITHOUT an Attorney or Lawyer How to Probate WITHOUT an Attorney or Lawyer By eHow Contributor Probate without the respondent can move for the petition to be dismissed. Those facing underage drinking charges or the issues to be addressed, and the purpose of the document. Such paperwork might include, your pay stub if you have a job, your tax return some courts ask for this in the package, other request it later , outline on exactly what it takes to become a lawyer. When muniment of title is used, notice should already need to hire an attorney, and the more formal "issuance of letters testamentary," which generally requires the services of an attorney. Begin establishing relationships with your professors and become involved in on incarcerated in jails, state and federal prisons in the United States. How to Become a Successful Lawyer How to Become a Successful Lawyer By Marlon your case to being dismissed without your debts being discharged.

Comment Re:Islam (Score 1, Troll) 169

The question isn't what the 4th Amendment says, but what does it mean, how does it apply legally under the given circumstances? There are many searches that the courts have found that require no warrant, boarding a plane is among them, along with sobriety checkpoints, and border crossings. Beyond that, there is the issue of Article II powers and how they play into this. Napolitano takes no notice of this issue, but the courts have, and it has a role, not to mention actions by Congress involving Article II questions.

You many notice that "Judge" Napolitano is no longer sitting on the bench, so he can spin whatever fanciful theory he cares to. The question is, would it hold up before a court? I think the answer is "No" in his case, otherwise he would be moving a suit forward on his theory. He apparently knows this, and that it would be political suicide since he would be shown to be engaging in nonsense, legally. Politically it's very nice.

But, if you like Napolitano, you may like this one too. Unfortunately he gets the question of law wrong, overlooking this document which he chooses to ignore for some reason, and it is highly relevant.

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Comment Re:red v blue (Score 1) 285

This is a poor example. Chicago public schools are actually reasonably good, their record is worse than competing private schools because the public schools are required to admit the problem students while the private schools can just push them away. If you control for high-risk students the graduation rate is about the same.
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Comment Re:tl;dr stfu foad lrn 2 troll n00b (Score 1) 201

I don't think Microsoft wants to kill PC gaming at all. But I think Windows 8 makes it clear Microsoft wants to move PC gaming towards using the Microsoft App Store as the preferred distribution platform. i.e. they want to replace Steam with the Microsoft App Store, so they get the money Valve is currently collecting.

I think it's a fine plan, and it makes sense for Microsoft to do it. But in turn, it makes sense for the owners of Steam and any other similar product (lesser players like Desura, for example) to react by condemning Windows 8 (which they generally do) and moving off Windows to another platform in which they cannot be slowly muscled off the platform by an official app store from the platform owner. Hence... SteamOS.

I want SteamOS to take the world by storm, but I fully expect it to crash and burn. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Comment SmartBulbs please (Score 1) 1146

I hope this brings down the cost of LEDs in general, and in particular SmartBulbs. I recently replaced most of my bulbs with white EasyBulbs (which are RF enabled, dimable and color temperature adjustable), and they are awesome, but I really want the RGBW bulbs to come down in price so that I can use those instead. Being able to dim and adjust the color temperature is cool, but being able to adjust the hue throughout my home would be spectacular.

The problem with current mainstream LED bulbs is that they are expensive and do absolutely nothing more that the bulbs they replace. There is little incentive to switch. But SmartBulbs could change all that. I'm very surprised they haven't caught on. Adding a RF chip can't cost much more than the LED chips themselves, so it should almost come by default.

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Comment Re:not super expensive at all (Score 1) 1146

This is 1780 lumens (and $53):

I own two, and although they look goofy when turned off, I've been happy with the amount of light it puts out and the color.

BTW, I was a hold out for a long time, I stock piled "dorm burner" halogen stand up lamps for years with bootleg 600 watt bulbs (now banned), I still miss the incredible light those things generated. I hate CFLs, I've broken a couple and the mercury cannot be good to inhale. I'm going LED, even if it costs hundreds of times more than CFL. I just wish the manufacturers would increase the lumens output.

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