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Comment Re:no you just have lots and lots of stabbings and (Score 1) 894

I mostly agree with you, but then there's this point:

We need a war on guns.

Politely, I think we're all a bit 'war-on-things' weary. If anything, it appears that publicly-proclaimed wars on things serve only to exacerbate whatever they seek to suppress.

What you resist, persists.

Unfortunately I cannot offer a solution but I do recall that the first suggested course of action to take when finding oneself in a hole is to stop digging.

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Comment Re:It's just like JavaScript or NoSQL. (Score 2) 268

They may have a lot of people working on their space program but I find it hard to believe they have a million people working on it. SpaceX has been able to develop a launcher with capabilities similar to that of the Chinese launchers at a price that is also competitive and they've only got 2-3000 people working there. I know a space program is more than just a launcher but if the extra 997,000 people only gain you one lunar lander more than that you're doing something wrong.

Also, I'd like to see documentation on a concrete plan to build a moon base by 2023 because from what I understand of their program thats not going to happen.

Not to knock the Chinese because what they're doing is really impressive but if you want to indirectly fund humanity's journey to the stars I think you're better off buying a Tesla than some cheap stuff at Walmart. SpaceX has better odds of pushing the envelope in space than the Chinese in my opinion.

Comment Re:Yes Seriously (Score 1) 1146

Why do you hate heat pumps?

Mine doesn't have a restive heater in it. Not at the outside to keep it from freezing up (some do), nor in the indoor unit to add heat (I've not seen any that do, likely not allowed for energy star ratings). I get 4:1 efficiency with ambient below freezing. That can't happen if it runs on a restive heater.

Comment Even without taking them away we're lower. (Score 1) 894

Take away the crimes of two inner city subcultures from the statistics and then the murder and violent crime rates are the same as Europe.

Actually we're lower even without that. It turns out there's a BIG difference in how crimes are reported - especially vs. Great Britain. For instance:

In the US we count a murder when there's a body and suspicious circumstances. In Great Britain they count a murder when they have a CONVICTION.

In the US, if a gang robs an apartment house it's one robbery per unit. In GB it's one robbery.

In the US if daddy comes home and shoots his wife, three kids, and himself, it's four murders and one suicide. In Japan it's five suicides.

This kind of stuff goes on and on...

One thing that's not in question:
  - People of European ancestry have a lower vicitmization rate in the US than in Europe.
  - People of African ancestry have a lower victimization rate in the US than in Africa.
  - People of Asian ancestry have a lower victimization rate in the US than in Asia.
And so on.

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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 1146

It keeps my house well above 70 with temperatures below freezing outside. I have no idea what it's maximum output temperature is at -40. Heatpumps are likely not the best in places with such drastic temperatures. But they are much much better than the nay-sayers assert. And no, no heating coils in my unit, indoor or out. putting out 70 with the temperature at 20-something still gets me 4:1 efficiency.

Comment Re:Framing the debate (Score 2) 280

git does include support for gpg signing of commits and tags, which I think is what the GP was talking about (though wrapping one's head around the cryptographic security of how git does it is a bit difficult).

SHA1 in git isn't really used as a cryptographic security measure, but git's structure does allow for some innate security because, if a colliding SHA1 hash is to show up... git looks at the new object, says "Huh, I already have that one." and just uses a reference to the original object instead. I'm not sure just how much git protects against an attack targeted against a single copy of the repo as, like I mentioned earlier, it's pretty difficult to wrap one's head around git's security due to how everything interacts.

Or at least that's the case for me. Maybe someone else has a quick explanation for how it all fits together.

Comment Re:Making smart choices (Score 1) 1146

I just want to take this opportunity to point out that Economics is the softest of all the sciences. Compared to Economics, psi research is practically classical physics. Sociology and Psychology have long eclipsed Economics in terms of rigor and honest application of the scientific method.

You demonstrate a natural talent for... economics.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Chinese Moon Rover Takes Photos as Lunar Mission Dubbed Success - Businessweek (

The Guardian

Chinese Moon Rover Takes Photos as Lunar Mission Dubbed Success
A Chinese spacecraft sent back photos of the lunar surface and the unmanned rover that it brought there, as authorities dubbed the latest step in the country's space program a “complete success.” The Jade Rabbit rover emerged from the Chang'e-3 yesterday...
China declares lunar rover mission a successFox News
China's Jade Rabbit rover rolls on to Moon's surfaceBBC News
China deploys 'highly efficient' rover onto
all 924 news articles

Comment Re:Making smart choices (Score 1) 1146

Economically speaking, people *always* behave rationally.

I would not go that far especially since you're actually just mentioning cases where people think they're behaving rationally rather than actually doing so.

Having said that, people are remarkably bad at determining when other people are acting irrationally. For example, in thls light bulb debate a number of people have assumed that decisions about purchasing light bulbs is only driven by energy efficiency and some people are just too dumb to figure that out.

Value is entirely subjective and for someone to impose their own subjective values onto another is asinine, coercive, and straight up maddening.

I agree wholeheartedly.

Comment Good! (Score 1) 1146

I've been living in this flat for about four years now, I got a couple packs of energy efficient bulbs for free not long after I moved in from my electricity company. I'm pretty sure I haven't had to change a bulb in that whole span. In the future I think that changing a lightbulb will be one of those hilarious things people used to do in olden times like rewinding a tape or using a floppy disc.
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Comment Re:Today Antisemitism Comes From The Left (Score 1) 598

I respond only reluctantly. But you seem to ask an honest question and I should thus offer an honest answer. My entry to this question was prompted only by what I regarded as a cavalier disregard for human suffering growing from partisanship. For me to say very much more would be to risk presumption. I would like to be careful to avoid either a callous disregard human suffering on the one hand or the offer of some armchair judgement of what people in this situation ought to do on the other. This is not to say that I don't have a few ideas that don't involve dropping bombs among dense civilian populations. It is to say that, at least in this instance, I'm acutely aware of being just some guy who ought to know when to keep his mouth shut.

In short, how the Israelis ought to protect their people from extremists acts from the tactical perspective is a topic on which I've little to offer.

On the broader question, I can only say this much: you point to two options. I suspect there are more. One of these--and this needn't be exclusive of others--is to consider more than just tactical questions. Neither option you suggest actually addresses the deeper problems involved. Bomb or be bombed; so long as injustice and its festering memory remain, the conflict will continue. No tactic is likely to succeed so long as the underlying problem remains.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 1146

I have an air source heat pump. It guarantees better than 4:1 efficiency at -15C, and operation down to -40 (no claims on efficiency that low).

Either you are an idiot, or the maker is swearing to a guarantee it can't provide (or both). Based on my observations on colder days, it does not lose efficiency at freezing.

When's the last time you looked at high efficiency heat pumps? There doesn't seem to be a market in the US, they only sell those in Europe. But I have one similar available locally. But it lists 4:1 efficiency at -15C. So you have an independent cite.

Comment Re:Yes Seriously (Score 0) 1146

Hmmm, The one I have guarantees listed output to -15C, and "works" to below -40. And I've seen references that efficiency increases past -15 becuase they can't ice up if the air is that cold.

That doesn't mean it doesn't have an electric heating coil. Most still do because when it is that cold out, it cycle the compressor continuosly which causes it to where out prematurely. So, yes, it can possibly work at those cold temperatures, but it shortens the compressor life. Since at those cold temperatures, it's really no more efficient than resistence heating, most heat pumps switch over to it, thus saving the compressor.

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Comment Re:Yes Seriously (Score 1) 1146

And the amount of light bulbs need to reproduce the heat from a single furnace would have a great deal more energy wasted as light, unless you want to get a tan and possibly damage furniture over their lifetime.

Watts are watts. If an electric furnace, you can calculate the wattage used and then divide by the number of 100 watt light bulbs. Light bulbs make very good heaters (ever look at an incubator). 15 100W bulbs will put off the same heat as a portable heater. So, if you leave two lights on in each room of your house, you are adding as much heat to the over all house as space heater. Probably not a very efficient way to heat, but then neither are space heaters.

Comment Re:We vote on leaders not lightbulbs (Score 1) 1146

Besides, you can just connect a big resistor in series with a halogen bulb. This lowers the color temperature to that of a regular incandescent and probably makes the bulb last longer. As a side effect it makes the efficiency even worse than that of an incandescent bulb.

Dimming the halogen actually doesn't get you that much increased lifespan. Halogen bulbs are designed to be run at a specific voltage range so that they can redeposit evaporated filament material back onto the filament. Decreasing the voltage can prevent the redeposition and can actually decrease the bulb life if you don't run it at full power every so often.

Comment Re:The ratcheting of Liberal Fascism (Score 1) 1146

So was the stimulus. Just because a bunch of liberals convinced GWB it was a good idea doesn't mean at the core it was not a Liberal Fascist action at heart.

You might have been able to play your tune right up until the Democrats blocked the repeal of the light bulb ban.

That's when the Republicans realized they (and the public) had been had. The Democrats made sure the people didn't know until it was too late - your very ignorance of there even being a repeal attempt is telling as to the degree the media is covering for the Democrats here.

Comment Re:Laws alone don't prevent arrest (Score 1) 598

Very scary. An audit. One that found there was no wrongdoing. I believed you claimed there would be an arrest involved.

No... in this case an audit is the punishment. In other cases, arrest (that doesn't lead to a proper conviction) is the punishment.

Since you've effectively conceded that US laws on free speech are far better than the ones in the UK, and require conspiracies to circumvent them, the original point that you criticized has been proven.

Not really.

My point is the free speech laws in the US may be better de jure, but the result essentially may very well be de-facto equivalent.

Free speech law in the US in theory is better, but in actual fact -- it seems to suffer.

On the face; UK free speech law would appear to be weaker, but in fact, it's not as weak as alleged....

Comment Re:It's enough for many Rubyists. (Score 1) 123

But there's no excuse today. These types of initiatives may even make the situation worse, by making highly-unqualified individuals mistakenly think they are far more adept than they actually are, to the point of wasting the time and effort of those of us in industry,.....

Sadly. The reverse is also true.
If you honestly describe your skills and interests, you're out.
If it looks like an interesting job, it better isn't just an interesting job. Know enough Spanish to make yourself understood? Better call it fluent. And if you dabbled in some scripting language, don't forget to add it to the list.

Often, looking at a job description and the skill set "required", any honest applicant meeting all those requirements would not be applying for that position.

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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 1146

The purpose of the envelope is to keep people from touching the halogen lamp envelope. Those things run very hot. Even the slightest brush of fingertips to it would cause blistering, so it gets an extra outer envelope too.

While that's true, the envelope keeps the oils from your skin off of the lamp. With the skin oil or any other contanament, the lamp won't heat evenly and will break.

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