Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 293

People are way ahead of you.

Every year I attend the Electric Universe conference, in January, where I listen to some of the greatest minds in leading edge science who weave a very convincing tale of how Electromagnetism is the dominant, by far, force in the Universe, and they have even made discoveries that virtually prove that the weak nuclear force is an epiphenomenon of electricity in the absolute micro scale (inside subatomic particles), and a LOT of compelling evidence that gravity is an emergent property of electrically charged bodies (e.g., bodies with electromagnetic fields, such as, you know, the Earth, Sun, etc., etc.). They call it Electric Gravity.

Check it out: http://www.thunderbolts.info/

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Comment Re:Null pointer detection at compile time (Score 1) 470

"What I said was that if you have code where you rely on a particular behavior of dereferencing NULL pointers, that code's behavior is undefined in that case and you may be surprised by different behavior. In particular, if you dereference a pointer p, the optimizer is allowed to apply transformations based on the assumption that p is non-null."

No. You specifically said they were allowed to optimize the check for null away. I just copied and pasted the following from your post.

"C compilers are allowed to optimize away the null check and subsequent call to g()"

And the contents of that second quote still holds. To relate it to the first part, here's the code in question again:

void f(int * p) {
  int x = *p; // *
  if (p == NULL) {

Line * dereferences p, and thus the behavior is undefined when p is NULL. If you depend on a particular behavior when p is NULL, such as calling g, you may be surprised by different behavior (not calling g). In particular, because you've dereferenced p, the optimizer is allowed to apply transformations based on the assumption that p is non-null, in this case, removing a conditional that can never be false in conforming executions.

Comment Honestly, Kutcher couldn't hurt... (Score 2) 101

if he has half a brain. Bought a Lenovo Twist last year, the thing's a disaster. The screen randomly dims itself, then brightens again, or not, depending on its mood. It's a laptop/tablet, but the orientation sensor is wonky, so sometimes it insists on displaying upside down, you have to futz with it for 10 minutes to get it right. Firmware updates haven't helped, and these problems are fairly common from what I see on das tubes. And the trackpad is a joke compared to my Macbook.

The thing feels like it was rushed out with no QC. I'm not sure hiring Ashton Kutcher will help, but it couldn't hoit.

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Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 210

The thing that no one has mentioned yet, is that cops aren't going to "back off" at all. Each and every cop in the chase is racing for his "opportunity" to make a high profile bust.

At least that's your interpretation of how police act based on TV shows right? Here in Australia we have a whole bunch of rules and policies based around how police can engage in pursuits and under what circumstances they must disengage. Police vehicles and cameras, tracking and logging that enforce these rules and anyone caught breaking the rules finds themselves on desk duty pretty quick. So the reason no-one has mentioned it, is because it is the stuff of fantasy and third-world police departments. Those of us in the civilised world look forward to this technology saving money, and more importantly saving lives.

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Raylum writes: A tracker program could be utilized to assist nearly any enterprise that makes use of autos for transportation. One of the best uses for this monitoring technology could be to help you the crisis providers. Some non-public ambulance companies are actually making use of this to help keep tabs on their own ambulances constantly. It could actually be described as a helpful consider helping to save life; after finding the geographical situation on the crisis scene, an ambulance can be contacted to reach the positioning in the shortest achievable time.

Comment Re:lolwut? (Score 4, Insightful) 165

Nothing good can come from this level of spying and information gathering. Nothing!

I quite agree, s.petry! Even if you did for some reason trust the current people in power for the rest of time, they won't stay in power. Even if the current people have good intentions for such abuses of power, that doesn't mean a future more ruthless regime won't take their place. In fact, such a regime might be more likely to happen as a result of this spying and data collecting!

Comment Re:Don't think it can't happen in Australia, It do (Score 1) 165

AC its not legal from an insider trending point of view. At lot of people are seeing luctrative deals in the making before they reach the press.
Exposing this is very relevant as where the NSA can get "in" so can Russia, China, other 'friendly' countries, wealthy multinationals, ex staff (lost job), former staff (private sector for hire), then down to telco 'staff' and finally crime groups with cash to buy skilled people.
All this hardware and software does not exist as some 'secure' base in the middle of Australia air gapped under a dome. The encryption is now out as a joke and installed Australia wide.
In the rush to help the USA, Australia has set some very low crypto telco standards.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Preparing For The Dinocalypse With Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD - TheSixthAxis (google.com)

Preparing For The Dinocalypse With Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD
The internet seems obsessed with preparing for an oncoming zombie or robot apocalypse. Neither of these has ever really concerned me that much: reanimating corpses in a style described by most zombie media seems unlikely at best (and surely they'd...

and more

Comment Re:lolwut? (Score 2) 165

It would be fine if the NSA watched the US borders, and the Australian Signals Directorate watched the Australian borders.

But that isn't what is happening. The NSA has taken it upon itself, even before 9/11, to monitor every aspect of American life, and
I'm sure the Australian Signals Directorate is doing the same down under.

I'm not so naive as to believe there aren't people IN the US and IN Australia and IN Great Britain, that want to do damage to their country.
But that's a local police matter, not something that should be trusted to national agencies with worldwide scope.

Watching everyone isn't the answer, in fact its more a cause of hatred of one's own country than a cure for it.
I can't remember a time when Americans distrusted their own government as much as they do today.

Comment Re:no but its got to be good. (Score 1) 610

What exactly do you think you are gonna lose if they ban human drivers? I know when you say that you love driving, you mean "driving" not commuting. However, right now at this very second it illegal to "drive" your car. The only place you can take your Camaro/Mustang/Beemer is to a track to really drive. If you drove the shit out of it now (what most mean when they say they love to drive), you'll get tickets upon tickets or even impoundment. So if you already pretend your morning commute is a lap around Rallye Monte Carlo then making it illegal for you to drive your Camarostang will not affect you at all. You'll still jump in it, slam the pedal to the floor and boil the tires off in a mad rush to Wally World. You will risk tickets upon tickets or even impoundment.

I have already had this argument countless times. You will tell us that you are an above average driver, have never had any accidents, tickets, and haven't even smashed a bug on the windshield- you're that good. You have never even once exceeded the speed limit and wouldn't know what the smell of burning rubber is if you were sitting front row behind the burnout box at a drag strip. So if your rebuttal is that when you love to drive, you don't mean drive it like it's stolen, then what the hell do you mean? You cannot possibly mean that you enjoy sitting in traffic for an hour plus, doing 15mph through downtown Atlanta. No one here buys that argument.

Comment Re:Google have turned DO NO EVIL into an imperativ (Score 1) 435

Google is just upset that the government didn't pay them for the data. Google sales all kinds of information and analytics for profit. A very large part of their revenue stream is generated from advertising and marketing. It's why they can afford to offer their services for free to the average user. After all Google is not a non-profit corporation.

Comment Re:lolwut? (Score 1) 165

Good? Bad? Depends on who you ask. But the one thing I've gotten real damn tired of hearing on Slashdot and hundreds of other websites is the tired mantra of "Oh noes! The NSA is spying on us!" ... without bothering to answer the question of why much beyond "Because they're just evil, you know."

I think most of us have asked and answered that question. The obvious answer is _power_, just as you say. Theoretically, the NSA is meant to amass this power on behalf of the people. The problem is that they're obviously using these capabilities for power _over_ the people. Evil? Not sure. Corrupt? Pretty much by definition considering the principles in the corruption (the fact that we're now constantly being told that the constitution doesn't mean what we think it means, is just more corruption).

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Comment Re:lolwut? (Score 2) 165

All the big players today didn't exist 15 years ago -- Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon... didn't exist.

2013 -15 = 1998.

Google: September 4, 1998. Ebay: September 3, 1995. Amazon: July, 1994.
For values of 'all' that equate to 'none but one', sure, that statement is true.

The rest of the statement reads just as similarly to a memorandum from the Ministry of Truth.

Comment Re:Five Eyes (Score 1) 165

The next step is the NSA news about politicians, finance and religious leaders.
and e.g. MUSCULAR http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-10-30/how-nsa-spies-your-google-and-yahoo-accounts
"You can't get into the information circuits and play information warfare successfully unless you're into the communications of the higher commands in [the] various countries in our neighbourhood" is the real news, i.e. the US is 'in' the Australian telecommunications system - hardware and software vs the classic 'base' or just the international optical submarine "site".

Comment Re:Blame it on the Kiwis. (Score 5, Insightful) 165

You do not just get to handwave away the threats. You have to answer them -- even if it's just to say "Then that is the price we will pay."

Okay: then that is the price we will pay.

More precisely, that is the price we might pay. Personally, I think the price will be a lot lower than you say--but I'm willing to take that risk. Because there is nothing al-Qaeda or any other bunch of troglodytes is going to do to us that's worse than what we can do, and are doing, to ourselves.

Happy now?

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Comment Re:Don't think it can't happen in Australia, It do (Score 1) 165

What a lot of Australians don't even realise is that anything can happen, our political system guarantees almost no rights to citizens,

Yeah that sounds all scary the way you wrote that but it overlooks one fact, Australians have it pretty bloody good. A good litmus test of any system is to see what results it produces, and having traveled extensively I can confidently say that based on my own personal experiences, the Australian system is is one of the best. Sure we may not have a bill of rights or a cool-as-fuck constitution like our American friends. And we may have monkeys running the show and no real choice of leadership, but it seems to all work out ok in the end. She'll be right mate! cor struth blimey crikey dick cobber....

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