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honkon writes: In recent years slimming has become a national campaign whether men or women. It seems that all become very interested in this matter and lose weight even at all costs. Everyone is looking for a suitable way to lose weight. General way to lose weight is to exercise and diet. Exercise goes hand in hand with dieting. Dieters need to eat less than usual and exercise more, such a weight loss will be health, damage is small for your body, but the process is long and the effect is slow. This way might be effective at the beginning, when reaching a limit, however, it will be difficult to cut down. Because of its long time and slow effect, many people can’t insist. Although we all know that losing weight by this way is the best, but very few of us have done it. Especially in the late rebound process, once some people relax, then will face a serious rebound, eventually fail to lose weight, enter into an endless loop.

Obesity does great harm to human body , many diseases are caused by the body’s own fat. First of all obesity can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, also can affect the function of the body’s digestive system, and affects the function of the endocrine system, moreover also can increase the risk of cancer. And obesity will bring inconvenience to daily life, more important is likely to cause a variety of diseases, rapid aging and death. There are a lot of diseases are caused by the human body fat, so it’s not just outside appearance.For a person’s own health, weight loss is very necessary.

So, if people want to find a rapid, safe and effective method to solve this problem, they will consider using some of the latest technology to solve the problem. The laser cosmetic is a very effective way to lose weight. Cryolipolysis slimming machine is effective to reduce weight, its working principle is due to the dermis and epidermis not easily influenced by ambient temperature, however, subcutaneous fat easily influenced by ambient temperature. Cryolipolysis slimming machine is using the feature that triglycerides of human fat cells under the specific low temperature will be converted into solid, targeted to eliminate certain parts of the fat cells. Certain parts of the fat cells are freezing, triglycerides evolving from liquid to solid. Finally because of the body’s own metabolism decomposition, triglycerides are eliminated from the body followed the human circulatory system, the fat layer gradually thins, thus to achieve the effect of partial melting of fat and body shape.

If Cryolipolysis slimming machine achieve the best effect, it is necessary to repair and heal with red light after frozen de-fatting treatment. Ultrasonic blast fat technology combines with infrared de-fatting according to patients condition to calculate body mass index, ask weight reason, determine obesity type and treatment parts, measure subcutaneous fat thickness, comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the patient’s physical condition to make the right judgment, and to communicate with patients to determine treatment plan, so that it can achieve better slimming effect.

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An anonymous reader writes: Apabila anda berminat untuk merasakan akan khasiat Jelly Gamat Gold-G sebagai Obat Patah Tulang , anda dapat memesannya kepada kami melalui SMS Ke No. 0853.5376.3726 dengan menggunakan format MUF seperti di bawah ini :

Berikut adalah cara Pemesanan Jelly Gamat Gold-G :
          MUF : Jumlah Pesanan : Nama : Alamat Pemesan : No Hp/Telepon Kirim Ke 0853.5376.3726

Comment Re: yeah, those bastards (Score 1) 786

That quote about not knowing what was in the law is horribly out of context. It was given while the bill was passing DAILY between the Senate and House, with amendments being added and subtracted by BOTH PARTIES. Just like a bunch if chefs in the kitchen, you have to wait at the dinner table till the food comes out to see what you are gonna get. ... Just like software development!

The Feds had to pick up the slack for like 30 states. That means not following just the new FEDERAL rules, but also the state insurance rules for each state, and hundreds of insurance companies. It could be better, but it isn't that bad, there is plenty of time to get everybody insurance by January.

It's not like the government used EA to make their site or anything. Capitalist companies don't do any better for big roll outs when it's their ONLY JOB. Besides, it's not like anybody is doing anything useful except complaining after obstructing and trying to break the process for the last THREE YEARS... this is a GOVERNMENT problem, not a Democrat problem... Too bad we just spent the last month busting the ability to do work I the balls.... But hey, we get the govt we deserve!

Comment Re:You don't know what you are talking about. (Score 1) 569

There are many quotes in that article, if you care to actually read it:

Broadly speaking, when a telco can pass five to 65 locations for every mile of outside plant, the cost per home ranges between $4,000 and $5,000 per location. When the number of locations drops below five passings per plant mile, costs escalate quickly, up to $19,000 a location.

At densities of about five to 10 locations per linear plant mile, costs were about $5,000 per location.Generally speaking, at densities of 35 locations per plant mile or more, costs dropped below $5,000 a mile.

But others say the cost of fiber plant, even in rural areas, is about $1,100 per location.

Analysis by the International Telecommunications Union has looked at overall fiber to home costs (not just U.S. or North American cases) and come up with cost per home passed ranging from $3,000 to $4,000.

The study by Vantage Point Solutions, an engineering firm based in Mitchell, S.D., estimated costs based on site density, especially measured as “passings per linear plant mile.” Overall costs per location were double in the rural areas – $9,286 compared with $4,438 in the “town” portions of the networks.

Why, you may ask, are all these estimates different? Because the costs are dependent on what factors you include. My estimate was based on labor costs, it might have been low, but it wasn't half of what it should have been, because the situation was more similar to the low end ($3,000) estimates than the high end ones. But as far as the per user cost, $17/month is still probably high because you should be able to get a better rate when you finance than I've used in my estimate (that's highly variable though, so it's probably safer to be conservative).

Believe it or not, I have been paid to make these kind of estimates. And my estimates are usually pretty close to reality. Of course, I'd do a much more in-depth estimate if I were actually looking to build a fiber network.

Comment Re:Hey! (Score 1) 453

My job is dull, and it makes me weird. I feel as though having even the most basic understanding of logic seems to make me completely alienated from the 90% of the world who consists of idiots who write worthless turds of "journalism", or other non-producing careers. Enjoy your meaningless, pathetic, existence, you piece of useless crap journalists. I hope some slashdotter automates your job, tomorrow.

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An anonymous reader writes: Astang Ayurveda provides Ayurveda panchakarma treatment for Joint,Neuro and Skin Diseases,migraine,Sinusitis,Sickle celled anaemia. We adopt tradition and technology while preparing our own hand made medicine. We provide assured treatment for psoriasis,eczema,vitiligo,rheumatoid arthritis,rheumatism,Osteoarthritis,knee joint pain,Spondylitis,PIVD,IVDP,Low back pain,paralysis,MND,Parkinsonism

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An anonymous reader writes: A smile équipements dentaires provides us a lot more friends so they really say. Lots of people do smile as the act regarding smiling could be the universal means of saying "Hello" without the need for any been vocal language.

Once you smile; decreasing thing you will show can be your teeth. Most folks hesitate to be able to smile because of the discolored tooth Équipement médical. The enamel discoloration may be caused with what you take in or acquire. Coffee and also tea staining are most frequent cause with the discoloration. Smokers blemish it also. Although we all brush usually, the blemish will nonetheless accumulate plus it needs not merely an normal toothbrush and also toothpaste.

Professionals should be able to help you might have those gorgeous smiles again. It costs though. Professional tooth whitening charges could range between $500 to be able to $2, 000 and is based on the particular technique your will pick. They can provide the bleaching approach and in a few modern beauty dental centers, laser enamel whitening procedures can be obtained. In many cases, the in-office consultation will probably be spread over several days. This means that you must regularly acquire consecutive sessions Autoclave Dentaire. At a standard professional payment of no less than $400 every consultation, you better reserve a good sum of cash if you may take this program. As the particular professional beauty dentists schedules tend to be during typical office hrs, you could have an inconvenient time and energy to arrange to get a schedule. This is especially valid for those who find themselves running a small business or working as a possible employer.

A great option is to apply home tooth whitening methods. There are these methods accessible. Reliable suppliers often market their excellent products inside the televisions, internet as well as other mass mass media. If you might have doubt; it is possible to ask the pharmacist to be able to recommend an excellent and trustworthy technique and also brand. Your typical dentist is likewise able to be able to recommend an excellent home tooth whitening merchandise. Take good thing about their specialist advice once you next check out them.

Overnight residence tooth whitening systems may also be available non-prescription. In many cases, this is very convenient for the users. At any fraction of the expense of a beauty dentist, you need to use the dish to chlorine bleach your tooth. A excellent and trustworthy brand will be recommended being used.

Known and also reliable suppliers of toothpastes frequently have a whitening brand that can be used. Regular usage of this toothpaste should be able to slowly eliminate the stains. Some suppliers have integrated the whitening agents inside their products so you'll not only clear your teeth no less than three instances a day- you'll whiten these.

Comment Re:Nuclear safety is different (Score 1) 200

Just build the nuclear plants in remote locations

That's a bit tricky since you need a lot of people to build it and vast amounts of water to cool it. While seawater cooling expands the options that drives up the cost and reduces the life of the secondary (or tertiary) cooling system, so that's why nuclear power stations are sited next to large volumes of fresh water which tends to be where you get a lot of people living.
Since I sometimes get people misunderstanding (or pretending to - WTF is it with that trend of "debate" here recently?), I'd better point out that the cooling water passes through a non-radioactive loop and comes out as slightly warmer water with very little of the vast total actually lost to evaporation. So when I say nuclear uses vast amounts of water that means vast amounts passes through - so it's an issue with choosing a site and not a resource consumption issue.
The last thing is power distribution. Extending the grid to remote areas is expensive, typically adds a very long new single point of failure and adds extra losses. With HVDC those losses are reduced a great deal but there isn't much of it around yet.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Portland and San Francisco mystery barges bear high-tech clues about structures (

Press Herald

Portland and San Francisco mystery barges bear high-tech clues about structures
Press Herald
The guessing goes on as a building made of shipping containers floats in Portland Harbor. By Tom Bell Staff Writer. The purpose of two structures floating in Portland and San Francisco harbors remains a mystery, but the anonymous...
San Francisco's bay barge mystery: Floating data center or Google Glass store?CNET
The mystery of Google's floating bargesUSA TODAY
Google May Be Launching Floating Data Centers Off US CoastsMashable
ReadWrite-Register-Christian Science Monitor
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Sydney Morning Herald

Its a Snake ! monkeys may lead to brain structures in humans tailored to identify ...
Pentagon Post
Home News Tech & Science Its a Snake ! monkeys may lead to brain structures in humans tailored to identify a snake. Its a Snake ! monkeys may lead to brain structures in humans tailored to identify a snake. posted by Shelly Jones October 28, 2013...
Brain cells for snake-spotting found?World Science
Monkey brains help explain our fear of snakesSydney Morning Herald
Eeek, Snake! Your Brain Has A Special Corner Just For ThemWBAA
Science AAAS
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Economic Times

Google Glass hardware upgrade announced, invites to officially roll out
TechRadar UK
When Google Glass hardware upgrades are introduced, current Explorers won't find their wearable gadgets wearing thin, as the search engine giant has announced a free swap-out program. "We'll be offering a one-time optional swap out for Explorers who...
Google accelerates Glass rolloutFinancial Times
Glassy Affair: Google Glass Gets Upgrade, Invites More UsersAtlanta Black Star
Google now letting Glass users invite others to buy deviceLos Angeles Times
Glens Falls Post-Star-TIME-San Francisco Chronicle
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An anonymous reader writes: Hyundai Tucson 2014 s hu vóc dáng gn gàng nhng ni tht ca Hyundai Tucson 2014 li khá rng rãi, cách b trí chc nng hp lý thoi mái vi ngi dùng.

Comment Re:Telco oligopoly (Score 1) 569

Add to the fact that the number of miles of fiber/cable/wiring needed to cover the United States is far greater than that required to cover any single European country. Land costs + material costs have to be a good bit higher.

Granted, I still think we all overpay for the quality of service we actually get, but I don't think it's as straight forward as Europeans try to paint it. Similar arguments for cell many towers does it take to cover England compared to the United States?

Comment Journals, be they academic or Wall Street (Score 1) 64

The internet was doing just fine before paywalls.

The Wall Street Journal has been paywalled since 1997. This is more than two-thirds of the time that the World Wide Web has existed.

I've honestly don't know a single person that even considers them. People just surf away to somewhere else when they encounter one.

Not everyone has that luxury, especially when the only lawful source of a given work is paywalled, or all publishers of a given class of works collude to set up a paywall. See the recent Slashdot story Why Johnny Can't Speak.

Would this include how to travel long distances to a key signing party in the same city as someone with whom you wish to communicate?

No, because that is not even vaguely necessary.

How else do you verify that the person you're communicating with is the person you think you're communicating with, not a man in the middle? Just because you have verified a stranger's identity doesn't mean you trust that someone to verify other strangers' identities.

Comment Re:brace yourself (Score 0, Troll) 453

The article is spot-on, but from the perspective of the present.

It used to be that you had to have incredible discipline to do math. Then they invented the calculation. Then they invented the spreadsheet (i.e. Excel ... but to the hardcore Lotus 1-2-3 or VisiCalc??).

Coding sucks today because our programming languages and our compilers require more machine understanding than problem solving ability.

And eventually that will change.

But today, the mastering the tools and intricacies is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than actually being able to describe the problem.

And like I said, eventually intuitive problem solving applications will emerge and trump programming languages.

I shouldn't have to know the scope of a variable, whether I want to allocate some memory, how many bytes and whether or not I want it static to solve a problem. But today, our computers aren't actually really that fast either. They just seem fast compared to the snail speed ones of the past. But someday ....

Comment Re:I agree with: (Score 1) 453

It's not about "turning every kid into a programmer", it's about exposing them to as many things as possible. This is how they can form opinions on what they want to do with their life, it's how they find hobbies and passions, it's how they learn. The more varied we can get education, the better.

Comment Re:brace yourself (Score 4, Insightful) 453

I would settle for people learning some more respect for the blue collar jobs amongst us. I suspect the countries with a higher proportion of "dull weirdos" in relation to "idea guys" will be the more prosperous ones in the future. As the old saying goes, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Idea guys are great, but they're like the 1% inspiration. Too many of them around, and you have the "too many chiefs, not enough indians" problem rather quickly.

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honkon writes: How much is the laser tattoo removal machine? In general, the price of laser tattoo removal machine has a lot to do with the brand of the equipment, the adjusting way of the laser, the size of the light spot area and so on. Now let HONKON introduce the difference of laser tattoo removal machine for you.

You would like to ask how much thelaser tattoo removal machine is. So first of all we must know the theory of laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal machine adopts light to blasting—— high-energy laser acts on the tattoo of skin instantaneously, so that high-energy can effectively break the chromophore in the tissue. The corresponding chromophore absorbs light ,expands rapidly and explodes into pieces, part of the epidermis chromophore is eliminated from the body directly, the part of chromophore in skin cracks into tiny particles which can be consumed by macrophages, , ultimately excreted through the body’s lymphatic circulatory system after digestion by macrophages. This is the working principle of laser tattoo removal machine.

As mentioned above, it is obvious that, first of all, a good laser tattoo removal machine must have high energy output. Because the higher the energy, the stronger the ability to break down pigment group in an instant, then the effect of clearing epidermal chronophore is better. And another important factor is the area of the target tissue where laser tattoo removal machine acts on. The larger spot area of laser tattoo removal machine, the higher the energy, temperature heated up on unit area is high, the corresponding pigment treatment effect is better.

If you really want to know the price of a laser tattoo removal machine, it suggests that buyers should understand the following several aspects: the laser tattoo removal machine’s pulse width, the working frequency of light, spot area, the most single pulse laser energy, these parameters can be obtained from manufacturer. You can listen to laser blasting sound. A good laser tattoo removal machine’s prices is higher while the pulse width is shorter .In general, the pulse width commonly used by laser tattoo removal machine in market is 10-20 ns.

So the price of laser tattoo removal machine has a close relationship with many parameters of the machine.

Comment Re:Hey Mozilla ... (Score 1) 46

umm.. whoever wrote the submission, "the organization explains its goal is to provide geolocation lookups based on publicly observable cell tower and WiFi access point information"

that's the other way around, actually. not a map to be used to find wifi. but a map to use wifi and cellid to find your location(this can make gps lookups way, way faster, so you can use shittier chips and get location in shittier coverage).

though, I remember a public such project from about 10 years ago in regards of cellid(devices back then didn't have wifi that often as nowadays).

Comment Re:Yes, why indeed, teach STEM to children? (Score 1) 453

Grade school is what those of us in the U.S. usually call grades 1-6 (sometimes 1-5, 6 somtimes gets mixed into middle school, also know as junior high, usually grades 7-8, with 9-12 being high school).

There are folks out there who learned to read and write at home before grade school, so that's not always a use for grade school for some of us.

Comment Re:This, ladies and gentlemen (Score 1) 453

Fear not, nobody is going to click to RTFA. Slashdot's readers don't need to read someone's opinion (that is also wrong, of course.) Every reader has his own opinion. Slashdot's value is in discussion on a given subject. If the subject is sufficiently presented in the summary, that's all that is needed for a lively debate.

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cherryli2111 writes: PC 100-5 Komatsu is a used excavator available in Shanghai Jiangchun industry. It origins from Japan and is equipped with a good engine and bucket. No oil leak and low noise it is and also high in efficiency. The machine has a good performance and nice properties that you will like it.

Comment Re:Nuclear safety is different (Score 1) 200

With what money? Coal fired plants have to be large due to economies of scale, and the only people likely to put up money for a large project now are in China where they very recently forbade the building of more coal fire plants.
It's a pointless argument since no bank on the planet is going to put forward money for nuclear and almost no government is going to touch purely civilian nuclear for a few years. You are comparing two options that are not going to be considered seriously.

Comment Re:Probably Obama. Or the Tea Party. (Score 1) 569

Power lines are a slightly larger gauge than telephone wires for one. Right now, there are 3 cables coming to my neighborhood to carry power. I don't think we want to put 250 of them on the pole instead of 3. A few miles down the road, those 3 connect to a substation. I'm rather sure we don't want a dozen substations where one serves now.

Comment Re:Why all of this surprise? (Score 1) 215

I was shocked in 2008 when I read that Sarkozy and Merkel talked to each other about EU policies through SMS. Apparently, both French and German leaders do think that spying does not happen, that cell phones are secure, and are genuinely surprised by what happened.

The only thing Snowden has really revealed was the degree of incompetence of the politicians in my country (France)

Comment There's more than one definition of "dull". (Score 2) 453

There's more than one definition of "dull". Perhaps he doesn't mean "dull" as in "dullard" or a stupid person. Perhaps he means "dull" as in unexciting and uninteresting. Being boring and poorly social is true of some programmers, but it's true of some people in lots of useful professions.

Comment News? (Score 1) 453

Every day I interact with "tradespeople," beit fabricators, metal spinners, or HVAC specialists. I'm a software engineer by trade. The line between making things and taking credit for their success/failure can be a blessing or a curse for my kind. Let's hope that software engineering continues to be an in-demand skill, especially for those whose projects fail.

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 2) 64

I'm having trouble figuring out their interface and what all is available in their double tabbed page layout. My degree in CompSci doesn't seem to be helping, but that makes sense, because before I got lost, I think it said something about credentials and experience being irrelevant.

I think what they are trying to do is design a standard for web competency and then let you "learn anywhere," e.i. let someone else figure out how to teach you these things and then you can come back and use their page creation apps appropriately.

Comment Re:UNDER THE POLICE STATE ... (Score 1) 321

The medieval serf had a much better excuse than "information brokers" and "gatekeepers": stomachs. The "information brokers and gatekeepers" as you call it were following the best science available at the time. They didn't have as much prosperity to allow the luxury of huge numbers (in absolute terms) of researchers and teachers. This meant that the gatekeepers and information brokers didn't have enough time to find out what was wrong with their techniques to make them better—and, by the time they did, then they did and we changed and that's how come the west became modern.

Today's much worse. Conspiracy theories are common knowledge. People who think they're wise generally believe huge numbers of early modern era myths, particularly about how people think and act, and this makes it even harder to correct. And the arrogance of our age is without comparison.

So you're right, future generations will consider as a dark age greater than the medieval period, but you're wrong, it's much much worse than you think.

Comment Re:Telco oligopoly (Score 1) 569

i live in Ã-rebro, Sweden.

My Internet provider option since year 2000 (?) has been Bredbandsbolaget.

By ethernet they offer 1 gbps (500-1000 mbps), 250/60 mbps, 260/6-10, 100/60, 100/6-10, 10 (6-10.) Haven't seen the ranges previously, guess that may be a regulation thing or just to not disappoint people. But yeah, 10, 100, 250 or 1000 mbps with an option to pick whatever you want faster upload or not to.

However almost all apartments in the city I suppose, and I think all (which is likely most) of the ones owned by the company ran by the municipally offer StadsnÃt.

I can get it too and it's a network with no service by default and Ã-BO adds 75 SEK / month to your bill for accessing that network and then you pay whatever content provider you want, there I can pick from:
Bredband2, T3, Tele2, Bredbandsbolaget, Bahnhof, AllTele, Tyfon, UniversalTelecom, Telia.
And in speeds ranging from 1/1 mbps to 100/100 mbps.

I can even get StadsnÃt here:
Thanks to some EU thing which help paid for getting access on such places, cost a little more to hook up there but the option, I suppose the providers are the same or about the same.

Beyond that there's the DSL options which may be limited and 3G/4G options either with voice or with no voice. The cheap ones at least (which is cheaper than the wired connections) seem to be capped but they are very cheap (I can get no limit on amount but slow speed for my phone for 57 SEK = $8 or so / month and I think the decent speed but limited data amount ones cost in the $12 or so area) and a friend got somewhere around 10 mbps at the location shown above with his phone.

Many phones isn't locked to a provider and you can easily get one which isn't at least and you can order 3G/4G dongle or WiFi access point of course, there's not so many (GSM/3G/4G) network owners in Sweden (I don't know how many) but a rather decent amount of companies selling network access but you got quite a few options there too.

Anyway my options is far from ONE single provider.

Personally I think the fiber everywhere + let someone sell bandwidth in those cables is (was, the future may be wireless) the correct way of going.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: NASA's Mars orbiter remains on track for Nov. 18 launch - USA TODAY (


NASA's Mars orbiter remains on track for Nov. 18 launch
MELBOURNE, Fla. -- Early this month, NASA's Maven mission briefly symbolized the damage a federal government shutdown could cause, as its ability to hit a limited launch window to Mars appeared threatened. After winning a special exemption two days...
Nasa gears up for Maven mission to MarsBBC News
NASA to probe why Mars lost its atmosphereRappler
NASA's Next Mars Mission Poised for Nov. 18
KDAL-Sacramento Bee
all 15 news articles

Feed Techdirt: How NSA Spying On Angela Merkel May Scuttle TAFTA/TTIP Trade Agreement (

There's been plenty of attention paid to the news of the past week or so about the NSA spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone. While some still insist this is no big deal, the eventual consequences could be a very big deal. First off, remember that it was just a few months ago that (in the wake of the initial Snowden leaks), the US and Germany had made a silly pledge, which no one believed, that they wouldn't spy on each other. That "agreement" is already being put to the test.

As we discussed last week, the real "casualty" from all of these discussions may actually be that America can't get away with being a massive hypocrite anymore, despite so much of its foreign and domestic policy being built around being able to get away with just that. And, a large part of that is how the US pushes other countries into very questionable trade agreements -- another thing that we've been following for years. And those two things may be on a collision course. For quite some time now, we've been discussing the big trade agreement that the EU and the US are working towards, called TAFTA or TTIP. But one of the lesser noticed points about the revelations of the spying on Merkel is that many people in Germany are saying that negotiations on this agreement should be put on hold:

The chancellor's office is also now considering the possibility that the much-desired trans-Atlantic free trade agreement could fail if the NSA affair isn't properly cleared up. Since the latest revelations came out, some 58 percent of Germans say they support breaking off ongoing talks, while just 28 percent are against it. "We should put the negotiations for a free-trade agreement with the US on ice until the accusations against the NSA have been clarified," says Economy Minister Ilse Aigner, a member of the Christian Social Union, the Bavarian sister party to Merkel's Christian Democrats.
There are many reasons why TAFTA/TTIP is looking like a bad deal anyway, having nothing to do with the NSA spying, but if the Snowden docs lead to that agreement being put "on ice" for a while, that seems like another useful outcome.

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Comment Re:Let's go BACKWARDS! (Score 1) 200

After you've worked in private companies for a while I am sure you will revise your views. I've worked in both public and private companies and in a place going through a transition from public to private (ironic, since it was originally private power utilities bailed out, taken over and amalgamated by a government), but the worst red tape by far was in a huge multinational private company. The gold watches as gifts, five star accomodation for mistresses and a pile of other things eating up the millions are not about "efficient operations" and if they happened in a government owned org people would be doing hard time instead of it just being written off as the "culture". Watching that shit go on while you are doing unpaid overtime due to "budget constraints" is somewhat annoying, which is why I now work in a place small enough to be full of professionals instead of horse judges now.

Public, private - it doesn't matter - if you let the weasels feed in the dark they will thrive and there's nothing inherently superior about a private company taking over a former role of government. There's actually less incentive to run it as well as a government does.

Submission + - Male Sexual Problems. - La Pomme Verte (

Moataz Ali writes: It’s estimated that one man in 10 has a problem related to having sex, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Dr John Tomlinson of the Sexual Advice Association explains some of the causes and where to seek help.

Comment Re:I have a easier answer... (Score 2) 322

You are not even close on this one. Until CU campaign gifts were limited to people, and there were limits on those donations. CU gave a simple way to dismiss donation limits and made bribery perfectly legal. Look how Sarah Palin traveled with her family on millions of dollars of "campaign donations" and didn't even run for an office! It's not free speech and has nothing to do with free speech, it's called bribery!

Lets also look at some historical context. George Washington did not want to be the President. Most back then had no desire to be a Politician, they all had their own things going on and were pretty happy doing their own things. Politics didn't pay well and took lots of time. Term limits were instituted by people that didn't want to be in a public office.

So the changes we have seen are not just that bribery has become legal and that people can legally abuse the donations given. Another issue is that one of the fastest ways to become a millionaire in the USA is to get into political office. Look at what a Senator or Congress Member makes, and what they are given. Travel, Body guards, Housing, transportation, clothing, food, servants (maid/butler/gardener, etc..) and a better salary than the majority of US Citizens make. They can legally use insider information to invest that money and make more money, while you would go to jail for the same thing.

There is lots to fix in the Country right now, term limits should be high on the list. Limiting funding from private corporations and people should be another immediate change. It was not that long ago that gifts by corporations were illegal, period.

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