Comment Re:How safe? (Score 1) 947

And watch those equinoxes. Around Sept 21 and April 21, the rising and setting sun is shining directly down every east-west street.

Whose stupid fucking idea was that?

In fact, whose stupid idea was having straight roads anyway? I've recently moved out of a housing area laid out (with straight roads) 80-odd years ago, where we had to put speed bumps at every intersection between roads (to stop the parents taking their children to school from killing other children walking to the same school ; no, seriously) and moved into a housing area with complexly curved roads, laid out so that you can't drive above about 15 miles an hour without crashing (and of course, you have to give way at a passing place when you see an oncoming vehicle, because the road isn't wide enough for cars to pass each other on). No speed bumps in the new area, and no fatal car crashes that I've heard of.

Of course, the fundamental problem is that of someone designing a city, instead of letting it develop over a millennium or so. But I'm sure that problem can be solved, though it might take a millennium or so to achieve.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 640

If there is no cure, then what difference will more science make? I mean what problem do you foresee that would cause you to want to prevent science from happening or possible existing science challenged?

If the science happens, then we have one of several outcomes. It either A: strengthens the current understanding and positions, B: weakens it, C:, does both and shows we need to do more science in order to truly understand what we think we understand.

There are more possible outcomes then that. I personally see A happening even though I don't agree with the political fixes being slopped around. Of course we could be wrong on the connections to AGW and understanding the cyclical influences could point to better crop management which would help mitigate any increased weather phenomenon from AGW whether it exists or not. Knowing that the 100 year flood is due within the next 10 years can be a life saver to some degree but it could also predict crop failure and allow proper planning for it. Recently, we have discovered atmospheric patterns that could predict heat waves in the eastern two thirds of the US up to three weeks in advance. What if the science was never done on that because AGW deniers might benefit from it? This could save lives.

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Comment Re:Governor Appointed (Score 1) 640

"The free university." Hm. I wonder how that magical beast ever existed. Did it really run without funds?

(Hint: No. the historical fountainheads of free ideas and scientific discovery have, for the most part, survived on significant amounts of government--i.e. taxpayer--funding in most civilized societies.)
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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 640

I'm trying to figure out what makes you think climate scientists are ignoring those factors. The reason the World Meteorological Organization defines the classical climate period as 30 years is that it smooths out the short term variability of cycles such as ENSO and solar cycles. The reason that the confidence ranges spread out as projections extend into the future is the uncertainty around those things. Long term variations such as Milankovitch cycles can be ignored for projections on time scales of a few centuries.

It brings to mind a quote from Charles Babbage:

I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.

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Comment Re:Exciting prospect (Score 1) 406

Define 'craziest' for us. If you do it by relative 'extremity', I'll beat you over the head myself! That is not a valid critique, unless the goal is to have 'consensus' instead of deriving truth.

Teachers, like any other group, tend to run in packs and protect their own, lashing out at anyone on the outside that dare questions their motives.. It's human nature. We see this with the catholic church too...and cops..and soldiers...and the NSA, FBI, CIA et al. Over time, the cultures organizations brew become less and less focused on external realities as they accrue power. The more power they accrue the more they can get away with this. The problem is that they quickly become worse than useless to free society in the process.

If you want to talk about 'guilty-upon-accusation' accusations, just look what feminism is doing to men in 'family' court...that's a left wing thing, mostly, with the neocons latching on when they're in man-up-it's-chivalry mode. Fox is one of many news organizations with political agendas. It's no worse than CNN or MSNBC but people pick on it because it's the minority view in that arena. None of them can be relied on to tell the whole truth.

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LG announces the curved-screen G Flex for Korea
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LG announces G Flex with curved 6-inch display and 'self-healing' back coverTechSpot
LG G Flex “true curved smartphone” now official, to launch in Korea next monthAndroid Community
LG G Flex announced with vertically-curved 6-inch 720p screen, 'self-repairing ... Engadget
TechRadar UK-The Verge-Android Police
all 25 news articles

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Comment Apologia for the Firewall theory (Score 1) 263

There's a write up for the Firewall theory at http://www.preposterousuniverse.com/blog/2013/06/05/firewalls-burning-brightly/

And as you guys are commenting about what the family should do ... I do not think that guy would last that long because, according to the firewall theory, once he hit the event horizon the entanglement would occur

Comment Re:The study is about the effects of climate chang (Score 2) 640

So, this is really just an example of what we all (should have) learned when taught logic:

False premises lead to whatever conclusion you want.

In order for the statement "If only cyclical changes influence climate, then the effect on the climate of Nebraska will be ________," to even be worth asking, there has to be a good reason to assume that only cyclical changes influence climate, or a good reason not to assume other influences.

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Comment Re:Explains a lot (Score 1, Informative) 194

Including you, apparently. If you had bothered to read the links you would have seen this was a good thing. The report shows that very few people get their news only from Facebook and that seeing news incidentally leads to more engagement from the people who are least likely to seek out news. The fact that people are sharing and discussing news on Facebook leads to an overall higher consumption of news.

Comment Not from Facebook (Score 2) 194

The pollsters missed it by the phrasing of their question. People aren't getting their news from Facebook. They're getting news from their friends and people they're following, who happen to be posting links to that news to Facebook. The difference is subtle but important. If someone goes "Oh, all we need to do is get our stories to appear on Facebook.", they're going to have their whole push fall on it's face because nobody's reading their articles. They'd need to get their articles in front of the people who lots of other people follow first, and make those articles interesting enough that those people post links to them for their followers to see. That's more complicated than just getting your story carried by a half-dozen major outlets.

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Comment Re:Spaghetti (Score 2) 263

Unless the argument is that a black hole can sustain a a dense field of sub-atomic particles in high speed orbit near the event horizon in a toroidal form collapsing at the poles. So the answer to what happens to an astronaut who falls into a black hole, well, that depends upon whether it is near the black holes equator or it's poles.

Comment Re:News For Nerds (Score 3, Informative) 406

It is absurd to claim the Kochs somehow control or own a political network that has no links to them, even as a donor.

[Emphasis mine.] Absurd? No. Irrelevant? Yes. From the article:

As part of the deal, two Arizona-based nonprofits, the Koch-linked Center to Protect Patients Rights and Americans for Responsible Leadership, admitted violating [California] state election law.

And yet you claim:

Koch Industries made an official statement that they never donated "either directly or indirectly".

That does not appear to square with the facts.

Comment Re:And how is this any different... (Score 2) 406

Mmm... how do you square that understanding with the $500 million in rebates that US families just got due to insurers not meeting the MLR guidelines? AFAIK, not-for-profit medical insurers don't have to worry (since they already met the MLR guidelines), but about 20% of insurers _do_. Hence half a billion in rebates due to the provision.

Comment Re:smug retribution (Score 1) 279

If you take out all the cities with crime problems the statistics are almost the same as another country? Wow. That's some fantastic analysis there, Mike.

Besides, those cities with strict gun control laws got them because of all the gun violence. Admittedly when you have prohibition combined with porous borders you will probably have more problems, but that doesn't even go close to making a case against a country wide prohibition. It's similar to the climate change argument that "we won't do anything until China does".

Also the unusually high suicide rate by guns never comes into question, because people killing themselves is seen as acceptible somehow, yet there's a lot more suicides per capita in the USA than in the UK too. None of those would be misclassified murders, since you know, murder stats and suicide stats are treated as equal levels of failure in police juristictions. Yeah, that passes the laugh test.

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Comment Re:Have they not worked it out yet? (Score 2) 165

well they were associated with the program that pulls out the data from the database where PRISM puts it - so there were no violations in the PRISM ;). ...seriously though, isn't this guy admitting publicly that NSA broke the law, by admitting violations of which nothing were done about but washing his hands because "it's not prism"...

Comment Re:summary says 'ever' (Score 1) 194

As in ""Overall, about half of adult Facebook users, or 47 percent, 'ever' get news there,"

What does this mean? 53% of Facebook users never read their wall? Or they do but none of their friends post news stories? They have very poor memories? The question confused them?

Facebook won't let others access information like which news stories are the most posted, but if they did it would actually make a decent news aggregator, without implicit editorial bias. One of my favorite news feeds used to be "Yahoo Most Emailed" - interesting stuff that was never on the front page of news site with editorial story selection.

I'd love to join that kind of data with my own selection of what constitutes a credible source (boy, do my friends love to post nonsense from naturalnews...).

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Comment Re:And how is this any different... (Score 2) 406

To us, that is socialist.

Reminds me of another line:

'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean'

Others prefer to use a defined definition, as provided for example by Merriam and Webster:

1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Please describe which Obama policies meet one or more of those definitions.

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