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Comment Re:ATI drivers (Score 1) 212

BTW: The original PowerVR cards from the late 1990's worked the same way. They formed the frames and dumped them to the system video card.

The whole thing worked better than the VGA pass-through on the voodoo boards I also own (cause they are still in a PC in the attic). Most of the time I simply disconnected the voodoo pass through and plugged my monitors in directly to either the system video card, or the voodoo. That is because the pass-through interface totally screwed up high resolution (1600x1200 at the time) VGA.

The powerVR was my favorite card for about 6-8 months until the original Unreal came out. That game looked pretty weak on the powerVR (due to lighting limitations).

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It is important to use retractable insect screens especially if living in the tropics or regions where climate change results increased numbers of mosquitoes. They will help one to enjoy the weather around them without having to worry about flies or insects. There are many options that are available for these screens where the static screen is used widely though the retractable screen is becoming popular with each day as it is more versatile. When not in use, the window or door screen disappears into the house.

Additionally, the best makes are usually rust proof and can even conquer the humid temperatures. This fact alone makes them easy to clean and maintain. Once in a while you may have bumped into these retractable screens, but they have been made in a way that they can survive the pressure. In fact each year the quality of these fly screens is improved from the designs, mechanisms, quality and even the finishes. Attention to detail is given which may not be a quality observed in other kinds of screens. Their design is sleek in a way that they fulfill the function they have been created for without having to be very bulky.

The pleated retractable insect screens are made of only the best materials where precision bearing and the tensioning chords offer stability to the handle bar. These will ease the mode of closing and opening as well as preventing the mesh from being blown out in the windy weather. Whether people or pets run into them, they can be placed back and are ideal for sliding doors, bi-fold windows and doors. Unlike the flat mesh it is able to resist sagging.

The DIY retractable screens can be bought from online or even Home Depots. Of all the screens, they are the cheapest and their quality is varied too. Unless you are aware of the job that you are doing when it comes to their installation, they will not be the best choice. When the heat that is emitted by the sun is controlled the home is able to stay cooler as well as keep the annoying insects and flies at bay.

During the summer months we fall victim to trying to find the balance of having a home that smells and feels clean, but without the added annoyance of flies and insects. They go hand-in-hand, when it's warm outside the more insects can be found buzzing around your house. One way to combat this problem, and it is a serious problem, is to have magnetic flyscreens fitted to your windows.

Comment Re:4.8.2 is not even 2 weeks old (Score 1) 191

BTW, has anybody else noticed the change in time? Way back when, GPL:ing your compiler was the right thing to do, forcing it to be open source. This way GCC devs knew improvements would be fed back to the main line. But nowdays (I argue), LLVM's more liberal license is giving it an edge in the way industry is taking an interest. LLVM/Clang is becoming the "obvious" choice when developing a custom compiler, as you don't have to contribute your stuff to mainline LLVM.

No, what happened was the GPLv3 has spooked a LOT of corporations who suddenly realize that they can't continue to do their laissez-faire approach to open-source. They're implementing full license reviews like they do with regular commercial software.

I've seen many companies set up open-source code review processes and require pre-approval before any open-source project is introduced - either used internally as a tool, or to be put into the product. There's a list of pre-approved projects, and everything not on the list must go through legal for approval.

The fact that LLVM/CLang is BSD wasn't the reason for its popularity. It's the fact that the alternative choice is GPLv3. And companies are deathly scared of the GPLv3 - they don't know what possible effects it might have - just put it in the wrong way and things go south, badly. (Especially if you have an extensive group of GPLv2 code).

In the end, GPLv3 basically got companies that use open-source code scared, so they began looking for alternates, and LLVM was one of the more mature multi-architecture compilers out there (driven no doubt by tremendous funding by Apple).

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Comment Re:Why can't we manufacture this stuff here? (Score 1) 1160

Outsource, outsource, outsource everything!

We should be making the stuff we need here in the US.

What makes you think that you've got the right to do that?

Remember those things called patent laws, which the US government is so keen on forcing the rest of the world to obey? Well, according to those laws, if a company owns the rights to produce a particular product, then they have the right to produce that product and prevent anyone else from producing it. And as long as it's not a monopoly product (which anaesthetics generally are not ; there are lots of different ones), they're not even compelled to license the rights to other companies.

They're the laws which your government has been fighting for for decades. This is the bed that your legislators have been making for you for decades ; enjoy laying in it.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Meteorologists spy clue to heatwaves - Sky News Australia (

Sky News Australia

Meteorologists spy clue to heatwaves
Sky News Australia
Meteorologists spy clue to heatwaves. Updated: 09:50, Monday October 28, 2013. Meteorologists spy clue to heatwaves. Meteorologists may have found a way to predict some killer heatwaves up to three weeks in advance. Now, the best they can do is about...
Scientists eye longer-term forecasts of US heat wavesEureka! Science News

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Teenagers more interested in Twitter than Facebook, study says - The Independent (

ABC News

Teenagers more interested in Twitter than Facebook, study says
The Independent Florida Alligator
About 23 percent of 8,650 teenagers surveyed in Piper Jaffray's 26th Semi-Annual “Taking Stock with Teens” Market Research Project cited Facebook as the most important social media platform, down from 42 percent the year before. Twitter was cited as the...
Why Facebook Shouldn't Let The World See Your Teens' PicturesABC News
Do Teens Really Think Twitter Is 'More Important' Than Facebook?Mashable
Why Is Facebook Putting Teens at Risk?Bloomberg
Daily Mail-Headlines & Global News-Colorado Springs Independent
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Comment Re:Governor Appointed (Score 1) 640

Indeed, it should be entirely privately funded. Thus we can focus on the research that matters: only that which can be monetized within the next 4 quarters or sooner!

Define privately funded. By the oil industry? It's pretty hard to find finding from unbiased sources, much less sources who will fund you in the future if you produce results contrary to what they expects. Certainly politicians and the govt are hardly unbiased, as they want to fund studies that side with their campaign contributors.

A grant to investigate the sources of the observed cyclical changes in the global climate is not unreasonable given some of the conflicting evidence and studies. I don't see that it's in direct conflict with evidence suggesting that man-made pollution is a driver of climate change. The real crime is that both sides of the argument want an all-or-nothing answer, saying either man is entirely responsible or man has no influence. The real answer is that climate change is driven by many factors including elevated CO2 levels because we are pumping carbon of the the ground and putting it in the air (burning fossil fuels), cyclical changes in solar output, etc.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Livescribe 3 smartpen is built to work with your tablet and smartphone - Venture (

LAPTOP Magazine

Livescribe 3 smartpen is built to work with your tablet and smartphone
Livescribe is launching a new Livescribe 3 smartpen today with a new design that is built to work with smartphones and tablets. Livescribe 3. Livescribe. Livescribe 3. The smarter pen's design shows how rapidly things have changed in the mobile device...
Livescribe's latest smartpen draws heavily on iOSMacworld
Livescribe Smartpen 3 launched to revolutionise notetakingInquirer
Could Livescribe's New Smart Pen Send Tweets Via Paper?Fast Company Verge
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Comment Re:Applies to all events? (Score 2) 194

MSNBC and Fox get what, a few million viewers, max, per day? A tiny fraction of the population of the US.

Your false dichotomy is a direct result of your desire to feel like you know something that everyone else doesn't, or at least, most other people, all of whom you regard as being not as smart as yourself. It's a ridiculous point of view bred by your narcissism.

Lemme guess, you can also tell us about the real story behind 9/11, that only you and a few other really smart people know about. "Really smart" in this case meaning you read websites that aren't "on anyone else's radar."

Comment Re:US news media are a joke (Score 5, Informative) 194

For example: Not one word about the anti-NSA protests in US media. Still.

Your news gathering skills are....poor to say the least.

USA Today: Anti-NSA rally attracts thousands to march in Washington

Huffington Post: NSA 'Stop Watching Us' Protest Draws Thousands In Washington

US News and Word Report: Edward Snowden Endorses D.C. Protest Against NSA in Rare Public Statement

Christian Science Monitor: NSA Washington: March against surveillance and a call from Edward Snowden

CNN: Anti-NSA rally targets Washington

Fox News: Hundreds rally in DC to protest NSA

NBC News: Hundreds march at anti-NSA rally in DC

CBS News: Protesters March For Investigation Into Mass NSA Spying

ABC News: NSA Spying Threatens to Hamper US Foreign Policy

Washington Post: Techies concerned over NSA surveillance will march in D.C., proclaiming ‘Stop Watching Us’

This is where I get tired of pasting, but I assure you the list goes on and on.

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Pentagon Post

Microsoft Relying on Gaming, Cloud to Weather PC Storm
First-quarter sales from devices and consumer hardware, including Surface tablets and Xbox game consoles, increased 37 percent to $1.49 billion, more than the $1.14 billion average estimate. Photographer: Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg. Microsoft Corp.
Apple Vs. Microsoft: Tablet Empire Strikes BackInformationWeek
Apple dig of the week: Is Microsoft 'confused'?CNET
Ballmer's successor must tackle Microsoft's Google problemUSA TODAY
eWeek-Apple Insider
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Comment Re:News For Nerds (Score 2) 406

Left as an exercise to the reader: figuring out the distinction between what is stated by the entity know as "Koch Industries" and what is actually done by the Koch brothers.

From your link to the LA Times: In a statement, a spokeswoman for Koch Industries said the Koch brothers were not involved in either of the campaigns supported by the $11 million from the Arizona group. So Koch Industries has made an explicit statement that neither they, nor the Koch brothers were involved, either directly or indirectly, in funding the campaigns. Contributing to the campaigns is not illegal. Lying about is illegal. So why would they lie? And if there was any actual evidence that they contributed (as the author of TFA insinuates, but does not provide), they why aren't they being charged with a crime? Perhaps the author thought that putting "Koch Brothers" in the headline would generate more hits?

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Comment Re:blah blah blah (Score 1) 406

People need to get more involved in politics. If a million people each donated $160 to the candidate of their choice in the last CA election, then Meg Whitman would have been outspent (unless people donated to her, I guess).

A good chunk of the money Obama used in his presidential election was from individual donations.

Going to point out that using Obama isn't probably the best example these days. I'm sure most the people are thinking their money could of been spent on better things.

Comment Re:Science, or sinecure? (Score 1) 640

Further, reproducing the results of others is a valuable scientific undertaking.

At some point reproducing the results of others becomes a waste of resources on an already well studied area. Besides, building on the results of others (rather than simply repeating them) is a validation of the results (or could cause them to be reexamined if you get unexpected results). That's the way science advances.

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Comment Re:He lied ... (Score 4, Interesting) 165

You poor, clueless fool. A Constitutional Congress is the LAST THING we need right now. If one were convened, who in HELL do you think will actually sit at the table, to author the freaking documents? Do you really want representatives of RIAA to help author, then vote, on a new constitution? Think - that's what God gave you all that gray matter inside your skull for.

What we NEED, is to get rid of all those judges who believe the Constitution to be a "living document". We NEED a lot more real conservatives in judge positions. And, by "conservative", I certainly DO NOT MEAN neoconservatives, corporate lobbyists, or representatives of the military industrial complex. I mean, real, actual conservatives. There are so few of them left today.

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Emerald Saffron

Comment Re: Mendacious lie (Score 1) 640

All one has to do is look at the long- term climate record to see the vast swings long before man was a tiny pimple on the globe to understand that a massive fraud is being perpetrated by the anthropogenic crowd and their proposed solutions, which are as likely to make a difference as spitting into the wind. Most of these so-called scientists rely on computer models, often refuted but never in doubt. Each time they fail to replicate reality they simply add the equivalent of another Ptolomaic epicycle. As an MIT-trained expert in the field, I recall the first rule of model building: "Give me a free hand with the assumptions and I'll produce any result you wish."

Comment Re:You think that government is apolitical? (Score 2) 640

I'm afraid the root cause of the problems of corruption in government are *directly* related to the outsized power big government has - if government was limited, and could not tip the economic scales of the market in one direction or another to benefit their cronies, there would be no incentive for big business to take part in the election process.

You are right, but for the wrong reasons.
You see, if big business are not limited by anything but themselves (the "free market fairy" hypothesis), then there would be no election process - the big corps don't need it because they don't need democracy to function.

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Comment Re:blah blah blah (Score 1) 406

It was a new word to me. Sorry I did not make that more clear for you. I know it's hard to understand, but when a person comes across a word they never seen before, and even if that word has been around for 3000 years, it's a new word to that person. Mind blowing, I know.

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