Comment Re:Apple done fucked up good (Score 1) 158

As OS X users finally get the power to unintentionally resize their terminal emulator windows when trying to select text that goes right up to the margin, just as other UN*X users have had for ages. :-)

This does not actually happen on OS X... But now I'm curious... how on earth does that happen on other UN*Xs?

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Comment Lawful can be unethical ... (Score 1) 230

If you are curious (probably not, but here goes) you always hear that the people in the military have to obey the orders of their superiors. That is wrong. They have to obey the LAWFUL orders of their superiors, and REFUSE to obey unlawful ones.

Lawful and matching your personal sense of ethics or morality are two separate things. A legal order may violate a soldier's personal sense of ethics or morality. A soldier's ability to refuse an order is only with respect to the constitution, the universal code of military justice, ratified treaties concerning the international laws of war, etc.

Along those lines, the founders of this country fully believed that it was the right and duty of any citizen to oppose inappropriate laws and actions by the government.

Uh, no, "inappropriate" is grossly vague. If you want to use the word "unjust" you may be partially correct. However our founding fathers used force to enforce some laws that some people considered unjust. What our founding fathers would probably say is that if a law is unjust it should be amended or repealed. I doubt they would say that citizens get to pick and choose what laws they wish to obey, their actions as Governors and Presidents surely suggest otherwise.

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Comment Re:Missing the Point about Printing Food by statin (Score 1) 88

Interesting post. Yes, 3D Printing is very promising. But this need correction...

> What's more expensive, set up a kitchen, or a printer?

A kitchen is way cheaper to setup and run -- whether feeding a few, or a crowd. Its going to stay that way - kitchen technology is not going to stay static.

Think of kitchens as food printers that have been improved thousands of years :D If printers *will* be everywhere, kitchens *are* everywhere - they are way more important for us than printers.

Comment Re:Electric cars are *not* more energy efficient (Score 1) 327

292 mile range off a 85kWh battery, or 651kJ/km.


Adding in battery manufacture and allowing a generous 1000 cycles, that goes up to 923kJ/km.

Where did you get these numbers? Where are the numbers for combustion engine manufacture?

Allowing for losses in electricity generation (40% at best)

This chart claims it is 5% at best, 10% at worst.

and transmission (~7%)

I suspect losses for shuttling around gas tankers is above and beyond ~7%. Care to factor that in?

A medium size diesel gets about 60mpg (UK gallons)

One of those tin cans on wheels? Economy cars in US get 30 mpg, and cars size/power/luxury class of Tesla get 18 mpg

Comment Re:UNDER THE POLICE STATE ... (Score 2) 321

When the prosecutors (or rather, persecutors ) can charge people with warrantless wiretaps , what is the difference between the United States of America and the former East Germany under Stasi or China under CCP ?

As long as it remains limited to national security cases - people in direct contact with an enemy in an armed conflict - the difference remains substantial. If the practice migrates to other areas of the law, then there is trouble.... big trouble. I doubt that will happen in a direct fashion since it is a pretty big cultural gap to cross, but eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.

Submission + - NSA website down, anonymous may be the culprit ( 1

noh8rz10 writes: The website for the National Security Agency went offline Friday, with unavailable during the early evening. On Twitter, accounts associated with the hacker group Anonymous implied that the group may have been behind the attack... Others claimed the hack was the work of the “Rustle League," another hacker group...

Comment Re:Show time (Score 1) 722

Or you have it in manual mode but the empty Taxis will block you in and force you to a stop. The bank/police dept. will probably pick up the tab on any bodywork the taxis might require afterwards. The problem isn't the bank robbers really; if they get caught then too bad, so sad. It's the other people like whistleblowers who may anger the authorities through legitimate activities beneficial to society but detrimental to certain entrenched power groups, and who get targeted by those entrenched groups.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Red Mac Pro to be auctioned off by Bono's charity - CNET (


Red Mac Pro to be auctioned off by Bono's charity
Apple's new Mac Pro will be wearing red when it's auctioned off next month in New York City. Richard Nieva. by Richard Nieva. October 25, 2013 4:39 PM PDT. Follow @@richardjnieva. A red Mac Pro. (Credit: Sotheby's). In photos, it looks a bit like the red pill...
Customized Product (RED) Mac Pro revealed for upcoming charity auctionApple Insider
Ready to pay $40000 for Red Mac Pro by Apple's Jony Ive?Los Angeles Times
Meet The (RED) Mac Pro: Apple SVP Jony Ive, Marc Newson Design One-Of-A ... International Business Times
all 28 news articles

Comment Re:At least it's not CFL (Score 1) 372

I looked at the lights you linked to. They have a 6K color temperature. That means a sinister, cold blueish light. I would like to replace a kitchen full of floodlights but I love the "warm" light I get from the incandescents. True, they do burn out more than I care for but they look great.

I've got some Philips LED lights with their "remote phosphor" tech in some standard lamps but I have not run across these in a floodlight form factor.

Comment Re:At what speed? (Score 1) 722

On the other hand, part of the reason that hour+ matters so much is because your time is being wasted controlling an automobile instead of doing something productive with your time. With an AI is doing the driving, if you're reading, finishing off or prepping for that presentation, or playing a game of PunchBuggy/OhHell/Risk with the kids then you may not care as much if it takes an extra hour.

Comment Re:UNDER THE POLICE STATE ... (Score 3, Informative) 321

Back when I became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, my new government was still operating under the Constitution of the United States.

No more.

Under the Obama administration, I am sorry to say, the Constitution of the United States has become as valuable as soiled disposable diaper.

Actually, crap like warrantless wiretaps began under Bush shortly after the attacks in 2001, and Obama just expanded the scope of abuse.

It's also far from the first time that the federal government has shit on the Constitution. The WW2 internment of Americans with Japanese ancestry is one example -- and don't forget the Constitution-shredding fun of McCarthyism, the Subversive Activities Control Act, and the 1798 Alien Sedition Acts, just to name a few.

I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of what's going on, to be clear -- just pointing out that the current problem runs much deeper than our current administration, and that it's not the first time deep corruption has fucked over a lot of Americans.

Submission + - What Your Dreams Reveal (

An anonymous reader writes: We've unsealed the doors to a new actuality and you are in the treat of locomotion finished it. But it takes quantify to genuinely include and realise the essential, transformative nature of the letters God sends you via your dreams and to discipline the emotions they create so you can prove what manifests in your experience. Bishop E. Bernard River desires for you to couple your forecasting and for you to construe around the Mayans predictions.
Understand that some you are on the subconscious stage, you are on the alert destruct, and evil versa. There is no alteration; your consciousmind shapes your head existence and your head is continually movement out to alter what you channelize into your awake change. That effectuation you staleness learn the skill and develop to prove every scene of yourself, because that facet of yourself that you curb comes out in your dreaming time and your phantasy body. And what is revealed in your dreams eventually manifests in your waking experience.

You are your entireness. The works of your purpose and hands delimit your operator and resolve what you can enjoin forward from the eternal movement of choice and amount that God is constantly accessing. And every night, when you go to kip, you glean the gathering in your dreams that your apply is sowing.
God shows up to make you gifts according to what your works are declaring some you. Unspoilt activity gain a reverse gathering; bad deeds an false gather. That is the extraordinary measure of dreams: they
allot God to reveal to you where your deeds and intentions are injury your gather. He cannot tidy you center, but he can counsel you again and again. That is why dreams retell.

Dreams pass the collect you are virtually to see. Your aftermath module emit who you are. Are you a rightful organism? You will get meet rewards. So if you are in the activity of developing a enterprise in which one person is not state proofed evenhandedly, your dreams leave impart to you the fate that is almost to happen that playacting because of the ill instrument being finished to that individualist.

If you center, you gift soul the possibility to modify your bed and split off problems. In the synoptic way, if you are treatment honorably with fill, your dreams instrument be suchlike a love map dropping clues to several outstanding redeeming fate that awaits you as a reinforcement. So how does all this become?
This is the concern that demands penalization and a noesis expert at controlling antagonistic cerebration and emotion.
You see, God's saving does not respond to intention or to request. It responds to your refer of existence.

Comment Re:At what speed? (Score 1) 722

And you think that they will what?.. put it to good use? No they will use it as a stimulus to further automate things and make up the lost revenue of tickets by investing in lawyers to make up more BS laws.

Could be. That depends on the leaders we elect.

My point was only that auto-drive car will have positive financial impact that could out weigh the negative.

Comment Re:A short anecdote (Score 1) 100

Yes, WIkipedia tells me that the Great Britain was floated out. It may have been the 1898 battleship HMS Albion, whose launching washed ~200 people standing on a rickety temporary "bridge" at a slipway on the opposite bank, of which 34 drowned.

Do you know anything about this "controlled launch by tether breaking"?

Comment Re:POLICE STATE OF THE FREE! (Score 5, Interesting) 321

What really matters is how and why the average person does not wake up and realize that the America they were taught to believe in does not exist, and how their own philosophical, intellectual, moral, and character flaws prevented them from seeing this at the very beginning. There is indeed something wrong with a person who argues passionately about minutia like sports and television shows while their nation is decaying. None of that could be an accident.

A religious bigwig recently came back from Europe and commented that it is a "spiritual desert".

The problem with the average American you describe is that s/he is the product of a philosophical desert. People here literally don't know how to think, instead worshipping spirits, technology, sports, sex, money, consumerism; The consummate 'mainstream' American leading the Good Life is a confluence of all of these. I personally know people who have recoiled with revulsion when I casually described pure scientific research as an occupation (e.g. "scientists" are thought of as ensconced within for-profit corporations trying to discover things that are either convenient and/or lethal); both times there was no larger political, religious or other context to the discussion apart from talking about some of the people we know. The first time I chalked it up as a fluke misunderstanding; the second person I knew had understood and it frightened me to my core.

This country now produces strident anti-intellectuals: People who worship technology and "science" for its pure power and ability to effect a result. In some ways they're as alienated as can be from The Enlightenment that ostensibly produced our Constitution. Polls show they--most Americans--love the surveillance state.

Philosophical discussion is regarded as unforgivably weird and threatening here, even among people holding four-year degrees. If you lose the ability to probe concepts in general, you lose the ability to effectively probe/question authority (though making an ineffective, self-immolating show of it never goes out of style).

Comment Re:Let's be clear. (Score 1) 321

Congress authorized the military action against al Qaida with the Authorization for Use of Military Force in 2001. It is settled law that a Congressional authorization of that type is legally equivalent to a declaration of war. So no, the courts didn't "shit all over the bill of rights." It is simply that you have some catch up reading to do.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 162

"Would you trust, for example, a VPN service that has accepted payments from the FBI?"

Why would getting paid make them more or less untrustworthy? Would you trust a VPN service that let's the FBI in for free?

"Anyone they trade with, then, becomes tainted by association."

Don't look now, but of the 10 currencies of which I currently have paper bills ALL of them have easily OCR-able serial numbers. Oh noes!

Comment Re:One thing is for sure (Score 1) 327

...of the missing, Maine has a Tea Party Republican governor.

He only won because nearly two thirds of the state split their votes between the Democrat and the liberal Independent. He's been a complete disgrace to the state. Maine won't make that mistake next time.

I wouldn't be surprised if Maine joins this group after the next election.

Comment Re:lavabit should have helped the first time (Score 1) 230

The problem is that you don't get to pick when what you view as a "credible" enemy shows up. If you compromise security ahead of time, its too late when it does show up.

The problem with Snowden wasn't just that the security check he had was badly done, but that he deliberately lied and took advantage of the situation to steal as much as he could - apparently. Based on history that sort of betrayal isn't that common.

There also seems to be evidence that the Russians didn't know everything since they are makings some adjustments based on Snowden's revelations. If they knew it all before, they would have done it before. Snowden provided them a blueprint they could access, as well as the operational methods. And they won't have the constraints of the US Constitution to inhibit them.

The security needs of the US and UK require signals intelligence of one sort or another. If you abolish the current agencies, they'll be replaced by another performing the same function. It would be quite remarkable to actually dissolve a major government agency - it so rarely happens at all, let alone without replacement.

Comment Re:No proof (Score 1) 162

If you don't give each order a unique receiving address, you have no idea which incoming funds are meant to pay for which orders. You give the buyer an address to send funds to; they aren't expected to know which address(es) the funds come from. They just enter the receiving address and amount (or scan a QR code) and tap "send". Some of the smaller clients stick to a single address and private key, but most of them, including the official client, use randomly-generated "change" addresses which aren't shown by default in the UI. Any number of transactions to different addresses ("change" or otherwise) may be combined to fund a single transfer. This doesn't even consider web-wallets (like Coinbase) where the funds come from a shared address controlled by the service provider.

In practice, every merchant accepting bitcoins today already uses unique receiving addresses. It's not nearly as much of a headache as you seem to think. For the buyer it's completely transparent, and for merchants the process is built into standard shopping-cart interfaces. It's all completely automated. (The real headache is processing refunds.)

P.S. No one would hold a customer at a brick-and-mortar store waiting for confirmations; there's less risk of fraud once they've seen the transaction relayed to the network, even with zero confirmations, than there would be from normal credit card chargebacks up to several months later. If they're really concerned, they'll just require ID so that they can track you down later. It's not like you could get very far in 30 minutes anyway.

Submission + - Slimming and Weight Loss for kids (

An anonymous reader writes: Over the years, the rate at which obesity is growing among kids is alarming. This makes the victims of obesity a victim of jest as well as intimidation by the fellow peer group thereby causing metal...

Comment Re:I believe the intent... (Score 1) 189

This is certainly hyperbole. Conglomerates are not the only ones with libraries. Many doctors are affiliated with universities which also have libraries.They could hire a student part time with the explicit intent of raiding the library. When I was a student I would do this. In most cases if a library does not have the article, ILL will get it.

In any case the example used in the submission is silly. The speech pathologists is complaining that the articles to do the job costs $1000. I make less than a speech pathologist and I easily spend $1000 a year making sure that I am up to date so that I can keep my job. It is like a few percent of my income. Expenses have to be put in context. If you are billing $100 a patient to medicare, and seeing 10-15 patients a day, it is out of line to expect some of that to be used for professional development?

That is not to say that journal costs are getting out of line. If some one is doing real science, and is trying to do so on a budget, journal costs can get out of line. Preprint federally funded research should be available online for little or not cost. Everything possible should be done to reduce the costs of professional journals to libraries. There are many things that can and should be done.

But an alleged professional whining that they get charged for a valuable product when they charge large amounts for their services, that is just silly.

A better example, and real problem, are those working in less developed countries in which the resources are actually taxed, and science, even medicine, is extremely strained because in some cases journal costs do actually provide a significant road block to possible innovation.In some cases journals are given free or at greatly reduced costs to those countries. Even so, the problems is not going to fixed until we have free rapid communications of peer reviewed articles.

Submission + - Harga Smartfren Andromax C (

An anonymous reader writes: Smartfren Andromax C merupakan ponsel pintar dan canggih terbaru yang tengah dirilis oleh Smartfren baru baru ini. Dengan mengusung desain luar dan dalam yang sangat mumpuni untuk di miliki dan banyak diminati di banyak kalangan. Jika untuk gaya, ponsel satu ini sangat cocok buat kamu untuk mejeng bersama teman teman yang asik.

Submission + - Big data busts out: Geek-built bra hits the market (

quantr writes: True&Co.'s algorithm-built bra has hit the market. Its She Walks in Beauty (Light)collection is based on information collected from more than 200,000 women who have taken a "fit quiz" and on their personal responses after the at-home try-on and purchasing process.
True& Michelle Lam provided ample commentary to Fast Company this past week as part of the marketing blitz for the sexiest big data product ever. The company has identified 6,000 distinct body types (not good news for high school boys trying to work with their hands behind someone else's back).
"Big data is not the answer to everything. But the design process is not just a machine spitting out a spec," Lam told Fast Company. Ladies and gentleman (but mostly ladies), welcome to the world of the "perfect" 34C.

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For example, you may see trends in your local mall about which products are lists of the Financial Times, Princeton Review&#822... (

Comment Re:Time to shut down the WTO (Score 1) 327

The supremacy clause is a constitutional power. The 10th amendment does not enumerate powers.

The inability of the federal government to cap speed limits directly is consistent with this since any point of a highway is only in one state at a time. The Zimmerman case as well is consistent with this since as you say it did not involve anything outside of a single state or any area where the federal government can specifically intervene in an otherwise purely intra-state matter. These examples only show that the supremacy clause doesn't completely negate state law, but this does not completely negate federal law either.

The gambling issue is *specifically* a case involving sites outside of a state's borders. The supremacy clause would not allow the federal government to force a state to have a purely state lottery or prohibit a purely state lottery, but it does allow the federal government to intervene if a state tried to prohibit its residents from possessing a lottery ticket from another state or in this case from gambling on a website that is located outside of the state

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