Comment Re:Wrong question (Score 1) 56

Hmmm no challenge to my premise , but a preoccupation with altered states. ( high x2 , get off )
Wants to know if I am high, indicates detection through a sense he could not possibly possess, then quasi mumbles something about "getting off slashdot now" as if he expects I am to anesthetize the readership. This isn't possible. Many software companies would eat rats , if only to figure out how to deliver that feature.
  You are a silly anon cow wanting to graze on grass,
If you shaved your head, you'd look half an ass.

Submission + - How to fix in 24 hours .. ( 1

codeusirae writes: Here's the solution. Ready?

1. Keep the front page and the info pages the same. Don't change the look and feel.

2. Rip out the entire back-end.

3. Write a simple form that allows an applicant to enter all of their relevant information — the same information that would be required to fill out a paper insurance application.

4. When the user completes the form, display a screen letting them know that they've successfully applied for healthcare through the exchange and that they will be receiving forms in the mail in short order.

5. Write a simple back-end that transmits the form to the releavant insurers for the market. This could be as simple as a print-and-mail, emailing a pdf, or if we have another day or so, a queue of xml docs that each insurer can pull through a RESTful api.

And we're done.

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Comment Re:Time to shut down the WTO (Score 2) 327

They wouldn't have to leave the WTO, just remove yourself from the treaty then sign and ratify it again with a signing statement that negates the problem.

The problem is that the US is not government by one federal government. The states have sovereign authority in these matters and the US federal government has no power to act over top of them. Simply put, a signing statement to this effect should have been there to begin with. Someone obviously didn't understand the consequences, the WTO court doesn't understand the US political jurisdiction, so it simply needs fixed.

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Comment Re:Fantasy more than SF (Score 1) 93

However... With Dr. Who Smaller on the inside/Time traveling technology why would you need Digital Electronics?
So you get yourself a mechanical differential engine, the size of room. Have it in a time bubble a few million years in the past, in a room bigger on the inside. You don't need to worry about all those details about digital computing. You have a simple calculator which is easy to fix and maintain. Start the processing a millions of years ago, when it is done it sends the message to your current time, So no wait.

The biggest advantages of Digital Technology is Speed and Size. If you master space and time, These advantages mean little to you.;

Computers are bigger on the inside than the outside and I can prove it... Ever try to print all of the data on your hard drive... (grin)

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Comcast rolls out HBO broadband bundle targeting cord cutters - Digital Trends (

Chicago Sun-Times

Comcast rolls out HBO broadband bundle targeting cord cutters
Digital Trends
Potentially a move to undercut the popularity of Netflix in the United States, DSLReports has noted that Comcast launched a new service bundle that combines broadband Internet service, basic cable and a HBO subscription for approximately $40 to $50 a...
Comcast Adds HBO to New Low-Price Web PlanPC Magazine
Don't let the cheap Comcast HBO deal ...CNET
Comcast to offer HBO in basic TV packageReuters
IntoMobile-The Verge-USA TODAY
all 70 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Experts say LinkedIn's new Intro app comes with huge security holes - Digital Tr (


Experts say LinkedIn's new Intro app comes with huge security holes
Digital Trends
It's only been a day since we first introduced you to LinkedIn's new Intro app for the iPhone that gives emails a more professional edge – in a nutshell, all it does is provide Mail app users an extended introduction to a person sending them messages by...
Will LinkedIn's new 'Intro' feature attract hackers?USA TODAY
LinkedIn Intro: Hack Here For Juicy DataForbes
LinkedIn's 'Intro' offers major security risks for minor
Network World
all 35 news articles

Comment Re:Fantasy more than SF (Score 1) 93

Wasn't he the guy Lister was always talking about in Red Dwarf, and that other guy from the Triple X movies Vin De Loo or whatever?

for those that don't know... Lister, in Red Dwarf, talked about Vindaloo curry, an Indian food dish popular in Goa. The guy in the triple-X movies was the actor Vin Diesel. They don't look anything alike... (grin)

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Journal Journal: Raspberry Ketones

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Comment Re:Time to shut down the WTO (Score 1) 327

If Antigua decides to simply disregard IP obligations to the USA then the Department of Commerce could very well have IANA black hole the entire country by deallocating its' IP blocks. A work around may pop up eventually but doing so would certainly make it difficult to use as a piracy haven.

all that would happen is the US pirates would use a proxy server, and no one else would deallocate their ip adresses

Comment Re:Options are good but... (Score 1) 164

The cloud guys (Amazon, Microsoft, VMware, others) employ the top talent in the world to work on this around the clock and will never stop.

Pure nonsense. All the heavy lifting in this space is done by software/hardware vendors and contractors specializing in datacenter design, AC,HVAC..etc. otherwise you don't need much talent... datacenters are full of glorified operators.

Company X selling widgets (lets say golf clubs) will just buy machines, and employ people to run the data center as efficiently as possible.

This is counterproductive. If your selling widgets just put up a storefront on Amazon and be done with it. No need to run *ANYTHING*. That's what makes "the cloud" worth doing.

Peddling virtual SQL servers and virtual machines does NOT make life easier if you assume the primary "IT" cost center is management of software environment rather than physical system.

How far do you think they will go in terms of maxing out the power efficiency of their data center to name just one metric on which individual data centers simply cannot compete.

Given cost/power requirements per transistor in modern COTS what percentage of organizations are big enough anymore to have this problem?

How do they even build the expertise in that?

Hire an AC/HVAC contractor like any of the datacenters would.

How can they afford to revamp that when progress renders their once-awesome data center obsolete in just 5 years or so?

Given the Azure price sheet my guess they can afford it plenty. Lets not forget equipment depreciation is also tax deductible.

Correct. And that's one of the other sources of cost efficiency for the cloud guys. Their data centers are humongously vast arrays of machines managed by very few humans.

If you get an Azure VM it is the same as any Windows or Linux computer you must manage and maintain the software you install on it including in most cases patching and rebooting of the OS. You don't get any software management savings by going virtual.

Spikes can happen when you don't expect them. Hardware purchases don't happen automatically as your traffic spikes. 'Elastic' can do that.

This is as silly as the Amazon example above. If you are that big you need to worry about "traffic" then it makes a lot of sense to hire an Akami and have them deal with bandwidth. Using Azure when you should be using a CDN is a costly mistake.

It's actually weird that you question these concepts and disparagingly call them memes.

This industry is full of lemmings who elect not to use their brains. I would love to see actual evidence or study by a disinterested third party where the "elastic" selling point is actually useful outside of a non-trivial minority.

A wait-and-see approach is certainly warranted.

Given the price list you got the "wait" part right.

Questions regarding portability, and trust issues with the providers are warranted.

Questioning the cost-effectiveness of cloud vs. on-premise is a little silly IMO

We're not a huge shop we have about 50 people and a few racks of servers. Most of those servers spend most of their time sending HLT instructions to the CPU. It costs us very little to maintain the physical hardware we have considering we always buy last years gear dirt cheap.

You can't seriously expect me to look at that price chart and look at what we have in house and conclude outsourcing it all to "the cloud" is cheaper. We can buy a new rack of shit every month with the money we would have to fork out in fees to Azure.

I'm sure the underlying philosophy is correct where central management of large numbers of systems can theoretically provide certain cost benefits but it sure as heck is not being reflected in any of the price lists I've seen.

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Submission + - Koch Brothers Dark-Money Network .. (

An anonymous reader writes: On Thursday, the California attorney general and the state's top election watchdog named the "Koch brothers network" of donors and dark-money nonprofits as the true source of $15 million in secret donations made last year to influence two bitterly fought ballot propositions in California. State officials unmasked the Kochs' network as part of a settlement deal that ends a nearly year-long investigation into the source of the secret donations that flowed in California last fall.

Comment Re:Electrical stimulation to nerve regeneration? (Score 1) 56

First, I'm not going to intrude into grandpa's medical situation, and I'm certainly not going to recommend a currently illegal drug on the basis of an internet post.

Second, well, typical Yoga and Tai Chi are far beyond my grandfather's ability. Merely standing is something of a challange for him while wearing supports.

Maybe if this stuff had been available 40+ years ago when he was injured...

Submission + - Emerald Saffron Bhiwadi (

An anonymous reader writes: The search for property especially residential plots is upcoming as an easy task after the launch of Emerald Saffron Bhiwadi located at an awesome location.

Comment Re:High-pressure sodium isn't "incandescent" (Score 1) 372

Why would I trust anything Canadians say? Underneath those obsequious manners and maple syrup, they're planning to invade America.

Not to worry... US Beer makers have been anticipating the problem for decades, and tweaked the formula to be intolerable to Canadians. That should be enough to drive them back North, if they don't get distracted by the first hockey rink they come across...

Comment Re:Add a Buy Now button (Score 1) 88

Not all games lend themselves easily to a demo. Also the current trope is that demos actually cost sales and that that money is better spent on marketing. I don't really follow that kind of reasoning myself but suffice to say downloadable playable demos are hugely unpopular with AAA studios and devs for whatever reason.
Demos take time and money to create. And they need to run on your potential buyer's machine without any issue. I can remember a couple of demos in the 90ies which I couldn't get to run yet the game ran perfectly. Also the time and resources spent building a demo can be used to start on that expansion/DLC and get all the things into your game that you had to triage out. If I were a dev that's what I'd rather do.

From a customer's point of view I can't say I'm too interested in demos either. I wait for the reviews to come in(RPS and John Bain mainly), watch a couple of YT videos or simply unthinkingly pick the game up on some Steam sale for a few quid and play it whenever.

Comment Re:Time to shut down the WTO (Score -1, Troll) 327

Yep, and I think if anything the WTO has been too gentle with the US. Our violation of our agreements has cost Antiqua and Barbudos ~$1B per year, and the WTO has only authorized them to make $21M per year from ignoring their agreement to honor our copyrights.

Bullshit. Antigua's GDP is a little over $1 billion, and yet you believe that this online gambling law is costing them "~$1B per year"? You believe that they could double their GDP purely through Americans playing online poker?

You're just eating up their propaganda. Think for yourself.

Submission + - Best ways to Get Started Potty Training A Child (

muhyidin2911 writes: Before begin your potty training adventure, it might be wise to prepare yourself as much as you possibly can. The following list can guide you to manage the essentials.

Minimal bathroom
Plastic underpants cover up
Under wear
Achievements graph or chart
A toy (or stuffed toy)
Books or Videos about toilet training
Water-proof bed mattress sleeping pad

Timer: The reason for using a timer is generally to provide your kid with enough warning before it is time to use any restroom.

Little Toilet: You will need to choose a potty which is both simple to use at the outset of potty training and permits your toddler to feel inside the procedure. Take them shopping, let them improve the choice, and help them enjoy the adventure.

Plastic training pants covers: these are optionally available, though a great plan yet. Easy models who use a flexible waist are the best.

Underwear: Same as with all the toilet, it's important the child believes that they're an element of the process from the time you determine to begin bathroom training. Take your toddler buying things and make them choose panties including a preferred individuality or design that will provide them with known comfort and ease.

Pull-ups: for mid-day sleeps or nighttime sleeping. It is just a easier to keep your child out from nappies as much as possible and take away mixed messages.

Rewards Graph: let your child to find success with their hard work.

Wipees: An essential component to any potty training a child plan

A Doll: a toy doll is a great brace for potty training a child. It'll let your child to use what they've realized by showing the idea to another. Sure, this works with boys too.

Water resistant mattress sleep pad: of course you can buy a water resistant bed mattress sleeping pad, but you might also begin using a sheet of waterproof hurdle — a gentle cloth-like material which has plastic on one hand.

Childrens ebooks or Videos: Take your kid to the book shop or library and find plenty of publications on bathroom training as possible. Make sure that definitely several of the books really teach little boys and girls using the toilet.

Comment Re:Constitution free zone (Score 1) 622

Next they will start to shoot journalists

They need plausible deniability, so I doubt it. There have probably been some staged accidents, and it is worth remembering that the US did bomb the Al Jazeera offices in Baghdad. The considered attack on the Al Jazeera world headquarters in Qatar was probably only rejected because there was no good way to make it look like an accident.

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Submission + - London Police Seize Suspected 3D-Printed Gun Components

An anonymous reader writes: BBC News reports a 3D printer and suspected homemade gun components were seized during police raids in Manchester. Officers initially thought they could be a plastic magazine and trigger which would make a viable gun. A man who was arrested in connection with the raid said the parts were components of the 3D printer itself. Greater Manchester Police stated it "cannot categorically say" whether the objects are the component parts for a gun or parts of the printer. The equipment was seized during a series of raids targeting organised crime.

Comment Re:Lacking Official Critiera (Score 1) 100

The Avalanche Rescue System actually does have a predicated standard that is recognized internationally. Supposedly, you purchase one anywhere, regardless of the manufacturer, and it is completely comparable anywhere in the world that uses the system.

That being said, I do think this is a government regulation type thing in at minimum, they should be required to clearly disclaim any possibility of being a substitute for the real thing.

Imagine you were at a pool or lake and there was a flotation device hanging on a pole near by that said life saving emergency device. Now suppose you fell in and injured yourself to the point that keeping your head above water was very difficult and someone grabbed that device and tossed it to you. Now suppose when you grab it it falls apart and doesn't have the buoyancy you would expect from a real life saver flotation device that is US coastguard approved because it was a cheap replica sold to someone to add to the ambiance of the location. Now suppose that person thinks you will be ok holding onto the flotation device when he see you grab it and immediately runs to get someone to help.

Caveat emptor could mean a death sentence if someone thinks you or they will be safe and you are not. An app like this or even a device like this must make it clear that it is not the real thing or a comparable substitute for the real thing. If that is present and the buyer decides to give it a try, it is buyer beware. If it isn't available and readily known, then it is misleading, dangerous, and possibility fraudulent. And I think that these apps will end up being removed by lawsuits over wrongful death, aggravated injuries or something before any criminal charges will be filed. When a widow and their children are crying in court stating how the deceased thought it was just as good because of the marketing and the defense is claiming the guy should have looked into what he was purchasing better or he should have read the EULA which has the disclaimer hidden in it, its going to be hard to see how this ends in the app maker's favor.

Comment Re:incandescent != sodium (Score 1) 372

Sodium lights get 140 lumens per watt

Strange that you went out of your way to say this, yet failing to note that there's a huge difference between low-pressure sodium and high-pressure sodium, and also not mentioning the efficiency of LEDs.

In-the-lab, LEDs are the most efficient form of electric lighting, demonstrated at 254 lumens/watt last year... better than HPS, better than LPS, and better than any others. The efficiency you'll get with inexpensive retail bulbs is significantly lower, though bulbs based on moderately expensive emitters (like a Cree XM-L2 U3) can exceed 150lm/watt.

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