Comment Re:Don't be first! (Score 3, Interesting) 389

Does it matter that the autonomous car will be continuously recording everything around it, and will retain plenty of that recording to put that kid in jail for attempted murder? Not too many people will dare to even approach such a car with bad intent. I'd build such a car to record everything around it all the time, even when parked :-)

Comment Eliminate the outdated identity (Score 1) 136

The soul too, not just the ego. Then you will be happy.

It is now practicable for any human being to be totally free from malice and sorrow, the two fundamental elements which prevent one from being happy and harmless. Gone now are the days of having to assiduously practice humility and pacifism in an ultimately futile attempt to become free by transcending the opposites ... the traditional and narrow path of denial and fantasy, negation and hallucination. A wide and wondrous path of blitheness and gaiety is now available for one who wishes to live the freedom of the actual.

Actual freedom is a tried and tested way of being happy and harmless in the world as it actually is ... stripped of the veneer of normal reality or Greater Reality which is super-imposed by the psychological and/or psychic entity within the body. This entity is that feeling of identity which inhibits any freedom and sabotages every well-meant endeavour. Thus far one has had only two choices: being normal or being spiritual. Now there is a third alternative ... and it supersedes any humanistic philosophical worldview and/or any mystical Altered State Of Consciousness.

Comment Re:There should be a mandatory one second delay. (Score 1) 327

Really good rant you got going on there. Where do I start? People owe trillions on their credit cards and can't buy anything so the economy is tanking. Seems like whatever they SPENT those trillions on didn't help much so why would spending trillions more help. Poor people can't grow an economy? Worked pretty good for China. How did all those poor immigrants to America build a great nation when all they did was grow food, build houses, cloth themselves, and have babies?

Human labor creates wealth, The rich just collect a small amount from the labor of the masses, just like a beekeeper collects honey from a hive. They enjoy riches they themselves couldn't create. Most people create enough food and shelter for themselves and will gladly trade some of their overproduction for luxuries or entertainment. You get too much than you have to budget for an army to protect it.

For years stocks were traded as fast a clerk could write down the orders. Couldn't someone code a human clerk emulator program. Have real robots crowed around the big board, would be entertaining.

Then we have taxes. The rich have already collected some wealth, simply re leave them of about half of it. Money is power you know. Help the poor and middle class fund needed projects. They can pay some taxes too, not much, but it adds up.

I will leave welfare and education out of this rant reply.There are plenty of mistakes being mode on both sides.

Comment Re:I like my A4 2T 6 speed (Score 1) 389

Well horses are a lot closer to these self driving cars than they are to dumb machines.. They have just enough intellect to drive up the unpredictability for the rider without offering enough of it to put the owner at lease enough to let go of the controls. I'll pass. I'd much rather ride a horse at 15mph than ride one of these cars at 70mph+.

Submission + - Phoenix Personal Training (

An anonymous reader writes: Jason Smith Fitness is a personal training studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Our one-on-one and semi-private group weight loss programs are instructed by a certified personal trainer.

Comment Re:Same tactics for lots of businesses (Score 1) 164

That is not the way it pans out.. You can run Windows on almost every cloud provider there is out there and you can run Linux on Azure too. In fact, Microsoft's licensing is fairly well priced that its either included in your pre-pay budget or billed so cheap its the same price as getting an RHEL license or any OS with support.

Rackspace and Amazon have millions in revenue from Windows customers, if not billions.

All hell froze over when Oracle certified its entire app stack and database system on azure.. i think HyperV is the only non oracle platform certified to be virtualized on.. Microsoft isn't the same company you

You can get a 120 day free account and try out azure for yourself.. I'm running a few debian boxes on there, but there are some pre-built Centos and other linux systems as well. It's pretty easy to build a VM on windows 8 as well and publish your own VHD/image (pro includes hyperv..)

Submission + - grape juice benefits (

An anonymous reader writes: Environment-friendly grapes are actually frequently calleded since the "Empress of Firsts fruits" considering that they are actually loaded with several well-balanced components consisting of poly-phenolic anti-oxidants, nutrients as well as minerals. Several of the much more prominent environmentally-safe "cultivars" are actually the Sugarone, Calmeria as well as the Thompson Seedless environment-friendly grapes, and also numbers that expand throughout the globe.

Comment yes...I really do want a source (Score 1) 143

put yourself in the other situation...what if *you* made a claim, with evidence (the wiki i linked to used Einstein as a source for the claim quoted...i have never just linked to a wiki and called it's the **sources the wiki uses**)

would you just change your mind b/c some random /.'er said "no, you are wrong"

You'd want evidence of some sort for something as complex as QM...not just some guys damn word...

Post the link

If you really want me to go to that trouble

I wrote it in all caps 3x....i made a separate post about what I would accept...

If it is in 'any QM textbook' then it should be easy to link to... cant just post the link and say "there" have to show where your ideas about EPR Paradox differ from the stuff I quoted...

Comment Re:Not in London (Score 1) 947

What the hell are you talking about? 25% of morning peak road traffic in central london is cyclists, so there are allot of people that disagree with you.

Nothing particularly dangerous about London, in fact i would say it feels safer than many cities because there are so many cyclists on the road you really feel that motorists will anticipate you such as being on the inside of them when they turn left. Watch out passing heavy trucks on the inside, same as anywhere else.

Submission + - Barclays liable in $300 million dispute with Black Diamond (

anthonycarlson writes: Barclays Plc breached a derivative agreement with a Black Diamond Capital Management unit and must return an estimated $297 million (183.3 million pounds) in collateral to the hedge fund, a divided New York state appeals court ruled on Thursday.

Comment Re:So what'll we do with half a trillion dollars? (Score 1) 389

Hmm.. well if you think about it, those who handle their own sticks are less likely to be accused of 'rape' by 'empowered' women, less likely to have child support liens against their paychecks and assets, and less likely to have credit spendthrift girlfriends/wives. These guys are much more profitable for insurance companies because they are more likely to pay their bills on time, don't take unnecessary risks to impress women, and are less likely to be in bad health due to post divorce misery.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Juicing Benefits

"Let s face it, the average individual today does not consume the daily recommended veggies and fruit. Items like V8 have increased in popularity because many of those same individuals are realizing that in order to improve their wellness, health and avoid common diseases and conditions, they have t (

Comment Re:Trainwreck waiting to happen (Score 1) 164

You guys hold some weird grudges.. There have been billions lost on companies running every OS under the sun out there.. lots of people lost great fortunes for many an absurd cock up or failed IT project.

The trading company that recently lost half a billion dollars because they couldn't code right ran linux.. is that a fault of linux? nope.. so not sure what your case has any bearing or relevency of.

Microsoft's Bing, Xbox Live and Cloud services already host something like a million servers across its datacenters.. they had some growing pains over the years and they finally dogfooded everything they use so windows is maturing much more in line with the market than ever before.

Nope.. don't work for Microsoft.. nope, don't run many Microsoft servers.. I have tons of linux vms running on vmware internally but i know lots of people having great success with azure and i know people working at Microsoft doing some great things that would make any IT nerd jealous.

Time to grow up and move on.

Submission + - Mozilla's Lightbeam tool will expose whois looking over your shoulder on the web (

An anonymous reader writes: Just who is looking over your shoulder when you browse the Internet? Tomorrow, web users will be given a new tool to shine a light on the commercial organisations which track your every movement online.

Lightbeam, a download produced by Mozilla, the US free software community behind the popular Firefox browser, claims to

Comment Re:A Peek At The Market (Score 3) 139

Wow, just wow. I would LOVE to see you say that to the Teamsters union. Next thing you know, you're ass will be wearing cement shoes and talking to fish

Stop watching TV and restrict your comments to things that happen in the real world.

The 40 hour work week can be traced back to Ford Motors, who found that by working 40 hour weeks

Uh, the 8 hour day can be traced, in American history, to labor agitation going back to the 1830s. The AFL made an 8 hour day part of its platform in 1886. The United Mine Workers won an 8 hour day through collective bargaining in 1898, and many organized skilled trades won an 8 hour day around this period. Citing Ford as the creator of the 8 hour day is like saying John Glenn invented powered flight. Ford, at best, was an 8-hour day concern troll who undertook the change to mollify trade unionists who were attempting to organize the auto industry at the time.

Who the fuck are you to tell someone else what they can and can't do.

Well, the capitalist/propertarian status quo ante is based on the idea that "you can tell someone else what they can and can't do" if you're an employer, because you own. Trade unionism is a reaction to that, it's based on the idea that a union can tell someone else what they can and can't do because it has strength in numbers, and it fights for a just cause: for a fair and equitable stake for labor. Both positions are founded in moral sentiments.

This shithead mentality is why states started with the whole right-to-work thing, effectively destroying the functionality of the union.

The "right-to-work thing" traces its roots to the fact that wage-earning is considered socially low-status in the south, to the extent that politicians could kick factory workers in the teeth and nobody would raise a finger in protest. There was also the fear at the time that African-Americans would begin to join unions, as the racist attitude that had prevailed in organized labor through the first half of the century abated, and that they would serve as a cradle for racial "agitation" and activism.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Juicing Benefits

"Let s face it, the average individual today does not consume the daily recommended veggies and fruit. Items like V8 have increased in popularity because many of those same individuals are realizing that in order to improve their wellness, health and avoid common diseases and conditions, they have t (

Comment reminds me of something that occurred to me once.. (Score 1) 530

Long ago, shortly after completing Roger Penrose's "the Emperor's New Mind", so the subject matter was still turning over in my head, I had the idea while half asleep that all existence was a hugely infinite array of potentials and possibilities, and that among countless permutations was a single particular configuration, that included the physical constants as we know them and the world line of each individual particle, that fit together in such a way to perfectly describe the physical universe as we know it, and as a conscious virtual being in this universe, considering the notions of which I am writing, OBSERVES the truth of the ideas he just had, collapsing the wavefunction and bringing into physical being, well, everything. I love when books carry into the half awake half dream state!

Comment Re:Step Away From The Kool Aid (Score 1) 222

C++ has changed a lot since 10 years ago - more so than Obj-C, I dare say.

Frankly, in 2013, a programming language that has only recently got any form of automated memory management, and still doesn't have any namespacing facilities, is outright embarrassing.

And if you found Obj-C to be "the most productive language you've ever used", especially 10 years ago, then I think that you didn't really explore many other options.

Comment Re:Risk Perception 101: People are Idiots (Score 1) 389

No mechanic would ever assume such liability. As of today, liability of most businesses is limited to monies paid.

I think the insurance companies will gladly support the new cars. This eliminates the least reliable element - the driver. Software can be upgraded on all cars overnight, if need be. But when was the last time when someone in a different state wrapped his car around a tree and you got a free lecture on his specific mistake? Autonomous cars *will* be learning from mistakes of others.

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Comment Re:So what'll we do with half a trillion dollars? (Score 3, Interesting) 389

This is not a lifestyle I want to live. I can't imagine a future population truly being happy with this either. No matter what the soccer mom associations running western society, today say, there's much more to life than safety and convenience, especially when it comes to control over mental state and physical location/transportation.

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Comment Re:I like my A4 2T 6 speed (Score 1) 389

This is actually a reasonable but often overlooked point about self-driving cars. The original automobiles were a step backwards with regards to some features. No matter how cross-eyed, projectile vomiting, passed-out drunk you were, your horse would still usually be able to find its own way home.

That said, horses are also unintelligent, skittish, emotional, and even to the trained horseman often FAR less cooperative than even the least reliable production automobiles. Something tells me once Microsoft starts making A.I. Driver software we're going to see another step backwards, not forwards...

Comment I don't buy Nvidia for performance (Score 2) 157

I buy them for stability. I can't be the only one that's had, and continues to have, trouble with ATI's hardware. Maybe it's different in the $200+ range, but I buy in the $90-$130 range... I can't find it now but my bro was telling me that one of the gaming PC manufacturers dropped ATI because of the support calls :(.

I miss the color quality from my 1650, but I haven't had any luck with their hardware since then...

Comment Horizontal Scaling At Variable Times (Score 1) 164

The cloud is good if you have to spin up servers to horizontally scale if you have a user load spike on (frequent) occasion. Rather than have a bunch of servers really doing nothing most of the time you can have a one or a small number most of the time which is relatively cheap, and then spin up 100 or whatever when needed then shut them down again. You only pay for them when they are running.

However you do need to look at it critically, like all things. If for example, you only ever spin up at most say five servers, and the cost of the one or two you always have running eventually exceeds the cost of owning and operating five boxes, then you might as well just run them yourself. However if the price of renting them (errrrrrr running them) on the cloud is cheaper or more convenient (which can be worth something monetarily), then run them there.

There are also some other reasons you might want to use the cloud instead of your servers. For example, in the case of Amazon S3, or Azure Blob Storage, etc. sometimes it is the delivery time of static content (like images or other files) that might be what you are gaining. Running things on your own server you might not have the response times you want, creating too much latency for your customers. By response time I mean the length of time your servers can locate the image on disk, marshal it into whatever stream/protocol it needs to be in, and serve over the internet to some client on the other side of the world. Services like S3 are highly optimized for serving static content like that (from my understanding from when they were first building it, often storing it optimized to go directly on the wire... kind of like pre-marshalling the files), and additionally you can associate the static content (stored on S3 or blob storage) with a content deliver network that will cache your content on servers around the globe to further improve performance.

There are a lot of good reasons for using the cloud. And there are a lot of bad reasons. If you use the cloud, make sure you are using the good ones. :)

Comment Re:Options are good but... (Score 1) 164

Who in their right mind would buy hardware today if their apps are so easily hosted? Why have the headache of data center cooling, data center security, data center facility maintenance, data center redundancy, data center capacity and everything else that goes along with it? The cost of the servers have really little to do with the overall cost. Electricity, support, maintenance & everything else add up.

With azure and services like azure i can scale in many ways much more easily too. I can scale up load balancers, i can scale out mirroring and regional file access (content delivery) and i can do everything through an API so i can spinup/shutdown services dynamically..

If you're the owner of a line of business app that you can host on azure, isn't a 110 bucks a month a bit easier to budget than say trying to get capital approval on a server, server support, server installation, provisioning and bandwidth and capacity/power/cooling research done? Also, if you want to scale up on demand where only 10 days a year you need a second server, that is easily done without having to deploy your own infrastructure.

If you have your own local virtualized infrastructure and services, i'm sure your local costs are still probably as high or higher than the costs outsourced to azure, amazon, google, ibm or whomever you choose simply because they have economies of scale most could never dream to achieve internally without spending hundreds of millions to mimmic..

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Comment Re:I can predict the future (Score 1) 189

It seems you are the one without an answer. Where are your examples that show other popular languages to be as bad as PHP has been then?

The view that PHP doesn't have a comparatively shoddy security record is the extraordinary claim here and the one that needs evidence. I could just as well ask that your personal preference doesn't get in the way of you being rational and objective.

As I said, I'll gladly retract my statement - just show me how other popular languages are as bad or worse.

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zooprex writes: Cara Membuat Resep Cara Membuat Ayam Bakar (Solo) :
Panaskan minyak, tumis bumbu halus hingga harum. Masukkan ayam dan semua bahan lain. Aduk rata dan terus masak hingga bumbu mengental.
Matikan api dan biarkan ayam terendam di bumbu sampai waktu dibakar.
Panggang ayam di atas api (oven/ grill) sampai matang sambil sekali-kali dibalik dan diolesi sisa bumbu.

Comment Re:Positive vs negative reinforcement (Score 5, Interesting) 136

Animal trainers have demonstrated repeatedly that positive reinforcement is more effective at eliciting behavior than negative. In other words, the carrot works better than the stick.

To me, this seems contradictory.

There is a lot of papers on the point you bring up. What makes something positive? Eating after not having food is positive or is it the end of a negative experience? If you have plenty to eat, is food still a reward? (animal trainers keep their animals a bit hungry ).

So is a paycheck positive? Or is it preventing a negative. etc etc..

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