Comment Re:Stallman ain't gonna be happy (Score 1) 304

Overlay, xv? that's a nice feature thanks. It used to use a fixed fonction scaler I think, at least in S3 Virge, ATI Rage Pro, and took YUV as input. It's what made our PCs smooth at full screen video till flash video tried to ruin it, requiring a 1GHz and faster CPU to play low quality vids. Did they remove the old scaler, while adding new fixed function stuff? (h264 etc.). That would feel stupid to me.

Xv is still around.

Comment Re: Help us Google Fiber! You're our only hope. (Score 1) 568

Come join us in the 21st century, we have eeeeethernet!


I can get from Atl to Chi and never leave fiber that Comcast owns outright. They don't pay others to carry their traffic to the IX, they''re in the IX and get the traffic there themselves.

That fiber can carry 128Gb per pair (full duplex) using current tech. Fiber cables have 24 pairs.

Comment Re:Can't Stand (Score 3, Interesting) 283

I don't feel like the acting is weak. Allow me to delve into details.

Spock's nasal voice instead of the deep register we've come to expect from Nimoy struck me as "off". I immediately expected that I would come to find it annoying. However, the actor faithfully captures the Vulcan's calm, direct demeanor. I chalked the nasally, nerdish voice of Spock's actor up to an "interesting actor flaw".

Then there's McCoy. I could easily imagine Kelly sitting down with a nice young girl or two in the woods, playing acoustic guitar. He was kind of one of those rustic hippy sort of personalities. Grating and sensible, but romantic and passionate. Yeah, well, this new guy is a tad overweight and smacks a tad of "gay". However, I think he perfectly captures the McCoy character. We can chalk up what's lacking to Kelly's interpretation. This new guy delivers perfect deadpan, which is pretty important for McCoy's sarcastic and wise wit.

Kirk was a good Kirk. As others noticed, he obviously studied the hell out of the part.

Scotty's, well, original Scotty's son apparently. He obviously enjoys the part and puts a lot of emotion into it. He almost looks like he's going to break into tears out of love for his precious Enterprise and the illogical and unnecessary danger she's being put in. He's the consummate engineer.

And there's Sulu. That guy delivers with so much arm-swinging gumption it's hilarious, but he keeps it so muted! He never crosses the line into cheese-land! And did you see him almost cracking up on the bridge? It's obvious that Sulu's actor will be able to deliver with just as much subdued grinning as the original.

Uhura obviously loves her part, as well. She really shined during her delivery in the opening of the "rec room 6" scene. I think the way she held herself on her forward foot was a slight bit ungraceful, but wow, what shoes to fill. The original actress for Uhura was a real smooth woman. I think this girl does great, most importantly she gets into the part. Maybe when her hair gets longer, she'll put it into a more 70's do.

Everybody else was pretty much carbon copy of the original.

Somebody mentioned the sets being CGId to look plastic-textured. I beg to differ. I think some of those sets were built with a lot of plastic. It's not like they don't have access to it -- obviously they built the space suits. The hallway leading to the recreation room, check out those joist panels coming down from the ceiling. That hallway is definitely built.

The lighting was really picturesque, too. No moment was wasted with washed-out effects.

Personally, having seen the recent big-budget reboots with all the camera lens flare covering everything up, and having seen this other fan-made thing "Phase II" that seems to prefer dark and blurry shots, I think there's apparently a sort of guilt complex hazard in making a remake of such a famous show. I'm sure the directors feel like they can't live up to it and so the lens flares and blurs and darkness are supposed to offer the audience a chance to suspend disbelief for fleeting moments.

That approach doesn't work for me. This approach that "Continues" is using, where everything is well-lit and filmed in classical style, it spot-on. It allows them to go a step further and showcase that actual thing called The Writing.

Comment Re:45 years ago... (Score 1) 283

That wasn't just Dax, also Miles O'Brien, Bashir and a few others giving Worf a strange look all at once when they saw that and asked "those are Klingons?"

They actually addressed the difference in appearance in Enterprise with a three part episode, it was one of the ones in the last season. A very good episode(s) too, as well as another two part episode that revisited the mirror universe that was also good and came in around the same time. Enterprise was getting good right before it got axed.

Comment Platforms with a web browser but no JVM. (Score 1) 227


Until you run into one of the things that Java doesn't handle by itself, such as gamepad input, OpenGL graphics, webcam access, etc. Then you have to install native code. Or until you run into a platform that doesn't have a JVM. I know of plenty of platforms with a web browser but no JVM, and I can list them if you wish.

not having to beg each platform's owner (like Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony) for permission to run your application

I'm not talking locked down environments here; I'm talking environments in which you'd actually play a game or use multimedia software, i.e. at home/on your own computer.

A lot of people prefer to "actually play a game" on their own game console at home, and game consoles other than OUYA are locked down environments. They don't run Java applets or Java applications.

Submission + - Geo IP Magento Extensions (

An anonymous reader writes: Geo location targeting includes detecting visitor’s IP addresses and redirecting them to appropriate stores e.g. in Magento you can create different store views for different languages

Comment Re: Help us Google Fiber! You're our only hope. (Score 5, Informative) 568

The activity of municipal entities is regulated by law. Law is made by legislators who are elected, and desire to be re-elected. And here is the flaw in your plan.

Maintaining a monopoly on broadband Internet and Cable TV in a municipal area is profitable so far and above the cost of being elected to legislative office that the incumbent monopolies have managed to influence all the elected folks to protect them from competition from municipal entities in the interest of "capitalism and fair play."

Some are grandfathered in. You can get gigabit in the grand Ephrata, WA metroplex (POP 7664) through the local power muni some 15 years now. Or in Aberdeen, WA (POP 16,265) through the local power muni for a decade or so. In Tacoma, WA, the Click network can sell you 100Mbps through the power utility, but even though they serve the greater metropolitan area with power (including me) you have to be within the city limits (not me) to get that Internet deal because: protective legislation protecting incumbent ISPs like Comcast.

So: Help us Google Fiber. You're our only hope.

Comment Re:Currently searching - some Brother ref (Score 1) 381

Pretty sure. I've gotten toner on me while working with the big machines at work. It smells different and doesn't cause any kind of allergic reaction. On high-ozone days, we both tend to get headaches and dry throats... very similar symptoms to what laser printers can give us. Interestingly enough, I don't have any of those problems in the office even when I sat just a couple of cubes over from one of those things.

Submission + - Mt Tamborine Wineries (

martinhaworth10 writes: Mt Tamborine is famous for its natural beauty. Every year, around one million people visit Tamborine Mountain for one reason or the other. One of the main reasons is that Mountain prides to possess a lot of varying wineries. These diverse wineries offer a huge variety of whites, reds, sparkling, fortified and all kin.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Apple Bets on Fan Devotion in IPad Debut at Higher Price - Bloomberg (

New York Daily News

Apple Bets on Fan Devotion in IPad Debut at Higher Price
Apple Inc. (AAPL) is responding to growing competition in tablet computers by holding firm to a strategy of selling iPads at a premium. Even as rivals such as Inc. (AMZN), Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) and Google Inc. (GOOG) introduce...
(Credit: James Martin/CNET)CNET
Apple iPad Air, iPad mini priced at a premiumSydney Morning Herald
Microsoft takes aim at Apple iWork appsThe Australian
Firstpost-The News International-Vancouver Sun (blog)
all 3,246 news articles

Comment Re:Red state (Score 1) 470

Inasmuch as natural gas is usually produced as a by-product of oil getting (you do know that's what those flare pipes are for, right? it's not really a stretch to use the term "oil company" in this context.

"As of the end of 2011, 150 × 109 cubic meters (5.3 × 1012 cubic feet) of associated gas are flared annually. That is equivalent to about 25 per cent of the annual natural gas consumption in the United States or about 30 per cent of the annual gas consumption in the European Union.[10] If it were to reach market, this quantity of gas (at a nominal value of $5.62 per 1000 cubic feet) would be worth $29.8 billion USD.[11]"

Further, a company can call itself any fucking thing so long as it's not done with provable intent to defraud. That many "former" oil companies invest in non-oil matters might be legitimately seen to give them let to call themselves "energy" companies and be quite correct in so doing doesn't belie that fact that their largest income is gotten directly from oil. Many of the erstwhile big oil companies invest in many forms of energy production and related infrastructure, from wind to photo-voltaics to geothermal, for instance. Sure, they're "energy companies" - they want to survive peak oil and the ridiculously short-sighted practice of using oil for transportation and such - but my personal wont is to call them oil companies until the bulk of their proceeds are gotten from non-oil stuff. Even then to me they're gonna remain the Seven Sisters [of Oil] that part-ruled the world for a century.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: A new idea for space tourism: Balloon over rocket - WKRG-TV (

ABC News

A new idea for space tourism: Balloon over rocket
WASHINGTON (AP) - The latest space tourism venture depends more on hot air than rocket science. World View Enterprises announced plans Tuesday to send people up in a capsule, lifted 19 miles by a high-altitude balloon. Jane Poynter, CEO of the...
World View, Space Tourism Company, To Offer Balloon Ride To The StratosphereHuffington Post

all 139 news articles

Comment Re:Stallman ain't gonna be happy (Score 1) 304

Visual Studio is gimped version of proprietary IDE. Likely only made available to get people hooked on the platform, else they'd have to turn to open source compilers. It's competition driven by OSS/FSF.

Nope, because you can use open source compilers with visual studio if you want. Just use a call to 'make' in your build command commandline and have that use gcc or whatever.

Comment Re:the point of diminishing returns? (Score 2) 91

The more DPI craze has just started. We are going to have more DPIs on monitors and graphics cards will compete to bring the same speed of lower resolutions to them. The unfortunate thing is that the moore's law is at its practical limits (for now) so more capable CPUs might become more expensive and consume more power.

I personally hate the noise of those fans and the heat coming from under my table. I don't do games but I use the GTS-450 (joke? ha?) for scientific computing.

Comment There are also other ways to do some of this. (Score 4, Interesting) 79

One of the things described was comparing returns from a positive and a negative pulse, to detect the presence of rectification. Good idea, but...

There is another way to do that, which I believe is much more sensitive: Send the pulse on one frequency, listen for the return on a harmonic. Only nonlinear devices (mainly semiconductor junctions - constructed or accidental, like corroded metal joints) will produce the harmonic reflection.

This is how the "bury diodes in the drywall" bug works. The diode(s) sends a strong second harmonic reflection, essentially nothing else does. When the wall moves slightly, due to ambient sound it, varies the length of the transmitter-diode-receiver path, phase modulating the harmonic signal with the audio signal.

Because only change in phase matters, many diodes in the wall don't interfere with each other, but combine their randomly-phased reflections to make the wall more reflective (just like OFDM reception improving when you have multipath "interference").

"Illluminate" the building with a stable microwave carrier and listen to the second harmonic (shifted down) with an FM receiver - recovering the sound from the room adjacent to the diode-doped wall. Nothing to it.

Comment Re: Missing option: (Score 1) 443

Depends where you are. The taxi drivers prefer hand guns - easier to conceal. A lot of people would be quite surprised at what Africa is really like if they visited, but then if Americans in general were interested in the world beyond their borders trolling them would be harder. No I don't drive a 2012 Hyundai elantra (considered a fairly cheap vehicle). Instead I ride an elephant to work every morning... :P

Comment Re:Why dribble about GPUs? (Score 1) 91

In the discussions I have had with other people that I work with in the semiconductor industry, the primary case against FD-SOI was business not technical. FD-SOI is very expensive as a starting material and the sourcing of the stuff was iffy at best when Intel decided to go FinFet. It was also questionable if it would scale well to 450mm wafers, something that TSMC and Intel really want.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Mastering Your Salon Prices

Price enquiries aren’t always about finding out how cheap you are
Your pricing is either marketing or ‘de-marketing’ your salon
Your pricing reflects your Branding and Positioning in the market
Profit is a cost and like all costs must be factored into your pricing (or you’ll b (

Comment Re:I actually don't see much wrong with this. (Score 1) 568

TWC is working on a plan that you can cut $5 off of your $100/month bill if you accept a 5GB cap instead of a 250GB cap. Obviously they must think that 245GB is worth about $5, yet they want to charge $10 per 10GB for overages. They're just making up numbers. Just think about text messaging. They charge more per byte to text message than to rent time+data from the Hubble telescope or Mars Rover.

Comment Re:Quiz: Is the NSA Watching You? (Score 1) 267

Cold you don't seem to understand that the waterboard is not OK under international law. What the US subjects its special forces and pilots does not change the legal definitions.
Snowden is slowly giving the world a look into the US economic and political aspect too. The "engage US citizens" aspect is well understood via historical events such as

Comment Re: Help us Google Fiber! You're our only hope. (Score 5, Insightful) 568

The customers of municipally operated Greenlight in Wilson, NC don't seem too unhappy with their service.

Time-Warner's unhappy about it, of course.

You say Comcast knows they have to compete with AT&T.

Are you talking cable versus DSL, or cable versus cable in the same neighborhood?

Most places you have a choice of between 0 and 1 cable companies from which to choose, and your phone wiring may or may not be new enough and close enough to the central office for DSL to be a viable alternative to cable internet.

Comment Re:Still internal combustion (Score 1) 479

Why would you use an ICE? The product of a fuel cell is electricity, plus the combustion products and heat. Depending on the type of fuel cell, it could be a lot of heat - enough so that recovering the heat energy by running the hot, gaseous output from a fuel cell through a steam turbine can increase its energy efficiency as much as 20%. So the water is not likely to be 'dripping out' the tail pipe after the first two minutes, except in very cold climates.

Comment You SHARE the cost when you share the bandwidth (Score 1) 568

That "unused" router isn't unused, it's being used by your neighbor for a second or two as he loads a page, then you use it for a second or two. If you're using it 24 / 7 that's capacity not available to your neighbor. Residential prices are based on sharing the capacity and sharing the cost.

You can get dedicated, unshared bandwidth at ten times the cost by signing up for a business plan.

Submission + - souper. doudoune femme en soldes

opiyumtd1 writes: ce qui regardoit lareine, il se chargeoit de lui faire entendre raison, ayant un grandascendant sur elle. Elle se promenoit pendant toute cette conversationavec ma soeur et paroissoit inquiète. Nous nous rapprochâmes d'elles.La reine fit tomber le discours à table sur la princesse royale future. doudoune homme
Votre frère, me dit-elle en le regardant, est au désespoir de l'épouseret n'a pas tort; c'est une vraie bête, elle répond à tout ce qu'on luidit par un oui et un non, accompagné d'un rire niais, qui fait mal aucoeur. Oh! dit ma soeur Charlotte, votre Majesté ne connoît pas encoretout son mérite. J'ai été un matin à sa toilette; j'ai cru y suffoquer,elle puoit comme une charogne; je crois qu'elle a pour le moins dix oudouze fistules, car cela n'est pas naturel. J'ai remarqué aussi qu'elleest contrefaite; son corps du jupe est rembourré d'un côté, et elle aune hanche plus haute que l'autre. Je fus fort étonnée de ces propos,qui se tenoient en présence des domestiques et surtout en celle de monfrère. Je m'aperçus qu'il changeoit de couleur et qu'ils lui faisoientde la peine. Il se retira aussitôt après souper. doudoune femme en soldes J'en fis autant. Ilvint me voir un moment après. Je lui demandai s'il étoit satisfait duroi? Il me répondit, que sa situation changeoit à tout moments; quetantôt il étoit en faveur et tantôt en disgrâce; que son plus grandbonheur consistoit dans l'absence; qu'il menoit une vie douce ettranquille à son régiment; que l'étude et la musique y faisoient sesprincipales occupations; qu'il avoit fait bâtir une maison et fait faireun jardin charmant, où il pouvoit lire et se promener. Je le priai de medire, si le portrait que la reine et ma soeur m'avoient fait de laprincesse de Brunswick étoit véritable? Nous sommes seuls, repartit-il,et je n'ai rien de caché pour vous, je vous parlerai avec sincérité. Lareine par ses diables d'intrigues est la seule source de nos malheurs. Apeine avez-vous été partie, qu'elle a renoué avec l'Angleterre; elle avoulu vous substituer ma soeur _Charlotte_ et lui faire épouser leprince de _Galles_. Vous jugez bien qu'elle a employé tous ses effortspour faire réussir son plan et pour me marier avec la princesse_Amélie_. doudoune femme longue en duvet

Comment Re: Help us Google Fiber! You're our only hope. (Score 4, Insightful) 568

Some of us don't have a kneejerk reaction of "government bad!". Our local PUD works so well I don't think about it most of the time. The roads work, the cops come when I dial 911, the fire department is right there if I need them. What are you complaining about? Oh right.... You're taking it for granted because IT WORKS.

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 1) 267

Team players? have an extremely naive view of how the world actually works. Everyone spies on everyone, regardless of what team they are on. The only difference here is that the NSA got caught courtesy of a traitor named Ed Snowden. In fact, I'm guessing he will go down in history as the greatest traitor this nation has ever seen.

Comment Re: Help us Google Fiber! You're our only hope. (Score 5, Insightful) 568

Yah, Well I live in Santa Clara, California and our power is provided by Silicon Valley Power a municipal power company owned by the city. My rates are the lowest in California and lower than many places in the country. Their service is better than the other power providers and a large portion of it comes from renewable sources. So perhaps the old whine about how terrible the government is doesn't seem to fit.

Submission + - ardoises. mongcler homme pas cher

An anonymous reader writes: Je logeais chez une veuve entre deux âges qu'on appelait familièrementMrs. Ned Hale. Elle était fille de l'ancien notaire du bourg, et "lamaison du notaire Varnum", qu'elle occupait avec sa mère, étaitl'habitation la plus considérable de Starkfield. C'était une vieilledemeure à fronton classique, supporté par des colonnes blanches. Demenus carreaux bleutés piquaient ses fenêtres à guillotine, quiregardaient la haute et claire façade de l'église. Elle s'élevait aubout de la rue principale du village. Deux sapins de Norvègeintroduisaient à son petit jardin, que traversait un sentier dalléd'ardoises. mongcler homme pas cher
Les deux veuves, bien que réduites à vivre assez modestement,mettaient leur point d'honneur à maintenir la propriété familiale enétat. Mrs. Hale était une femme aimable et effacée. Elle avait conservédans les manières quelque chose de la tradition que figurait cetteconstruction d'un autre âge. Chaque soir, dans le salon meubléd'acajou, aux sièges recouverts de crin, sous la lampe Carcel quifaisait entendre ses glouglous monotones, j'apprenais un nouvelépisode de la chronique du village, et il m'était plus délicatementraconté. Non pas que Mrs. Hale se crût ou affectât quelquesupériorité sociale sur les gens qui l'entouraient: sa libre façon dejuger les événements n'avait pas une telle origine. doudoune moncler homme Une sensibilitéplus développée, une éducation un peu mieux soignée, créaient seulescette distance entre elle et ses voisins.Ces conditions me faisaient espérer qu'auprès de Mrs. Hale jeparviendrais à éclaircir les points obscurs de la vie d'Ethan Frome.La mémoire de l'excellente femme était un admirable répertoired'anecdotes sans méchanceté; toute question ayant trait à sesrelations attirait aussitôt un flot de détails. J'amenai donc laconversation de ce côté; mais je sentis aussitôt que Mrs. Hale sedérobait.Cette attitude n'impliquait d'ailleurs aucun blâme à l'égard de Frome. doudoune moncler pas cher
On devinait seulement qu'elle éprouvait une invincible répugnanceà parler de lui et de ses affaires. Quelques bribes de phrasemurmurées: "Oui, je les connais tous les deux... Ce fut horrible...

Comment Re:Rocket fuels (Score 1) 479

Well, technically it works fine in some cars. I believe that the US Army has been migrating all of their rolling stock gradually to jet fuel (JP4), which is also basically kerosene. Their goal is to only have to have one fuel in the logistics chain. A quick search gave me several citations that kerosene, which is a bit lighter weight than diesel fuel, can be run in most older diesel engines with a slight loss of power and lubricity). The difference between JP4 and RP1 is that RP1 is much purer and does not contain several impurities that tend to clog up the plumbing in a rocket engine. See the book "Ignition" by John D. Clark, which I cited earlier.

Comment Re:One video camera will blow through 5GB/month (Score 1) 568

Yes, if electricity was free to generate, how much would it cost to deliver it? The logical answer is not to charge based on consuming the self-replenishing resource, but charge based on the cost to distribute it. In other words, you don't charge based on usage, you charge base on load.

Bandwidth in infinite in that it can be created without restriction, but there is only ever so much available at a given moment. As long as bandwidth being consumed is less than the rate at which it is replenished, it does not cost anything, only the infrastructure to deliver the bandwidth costs.

Comment Re:He's right (Score 1) 479

I'm totally surprised to not see some of the fracking trolls in this post as seen before and obviously minions of big oil. I suppose I should give a big shout to you pricks thanking you for stunting the growth and advancement of a species for a buck. If there is an afterlife and energy can negate energy, expect to see me.

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