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Synopsis of The Croods
The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world’s first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures — and their outlook is changed forever. Written by DreamWorks Animation

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combustion engine cars convert 15% of the chemical energy in their fuel into forward motion. The tesla gets 88% of the energy in its batteries in foward motion. Sure, theres efficiency losses in electricity transmission from a power station to a car charging point, but electric opens up the possibility of using alternative energy sources, like festooning your roof with solar panels and charging with those. the tesla uses energy over 4x more efficiently, from more sources, and you say that dosent change anything? Your wrong, and you should stick to 'summarizing' things you know something about. and we care about his opinion because he heads a successful electric car company. pretty fucking relevant if you ask me. more relevant than your opinion.

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Comment Re:Clearly the OP has only himself to blame (Score 1) 227

You don't abandon a runtime environment, you abandon a product. The product they abandoned happened to be developed on .NET and the new one on Linux (why are we comparing .NET with Linux, they are not the same type of thing, btw).

Point is that platform choices are vastly subordinate to architecture, design, and implementation.

Comment Re:Can't Stand (Score 1) 283

Just realized that the original Kelley (sp) rendition of Bones McCoy also tended to set off my gaydar. So, I guess the new McCoy is closer on that I figured -- hey, what do you know. I just referred to him as "the new McCoy". Guess some of those character flaws are more subtle than we might think.

Comment Re: Didn't they learn from Microsoft? (Score 1) 362

Sorry but if you would have bothered to read my journal you would have seen the bug ONLY affected FF, nobody else. Because it ran as the user it allowed a hidden iFrame to use the bookmark autofill to send spam to everyone in a Yahoo address book. Again this did NOT affect anybody else, not even IE, it was ONLY FF that was vulnerable and that is because of their piss poor security.

Comment Re:App Ops for Android 4.3 (Score 1) 91

Yeah, but that doesn't help most Android owners (like me), as the carriers/providers can't be bothered to release updates, and Cyanogenmod/AOSP/etc. only cover a small percentage of the market. Google doubtless could come up with *some* way to upgrade older versions of Android, but has opted for the short-term profit of forcing users to buy new phones and increasingly converting Android to closed source so nobody else can offer them updates, either.

FWIW I'm a fan of Android, just a very frustrated one.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Woz on iPad Air: No, thank you - CNET (


Woz on iPad Air: No, thank you
Speaking in the UK, Steve Wozniak believes iPad Air doesn't have enough storage. And, as for the Retina Mini, he's not keen on that either. Chris Matyszczyk. by Chris Matyszczyk. October 23, 2013 9:35 PM PDT. Follow @ChrisMatyszczyk. Get email alerts.
Everything you need to know about the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2Digital Trends
Why Apple Lost Innovation Spirit With New iPadsForbes
After iPad Air, will Apple make an iPad Pro?USA TODAY Morning Herald
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AT&T Exceeds Earnings Estimates After Adding More Subscribers
AT&T Inc. added 363,000 contract wireless customers in the third-quarter, compared with 151,000 a year ago. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg. AT&T Inc. (T:US), the second-largest U.S. wireless carrier, reported third-quarter profit that exceeded...
AT&T Reports Record Smartphone Sales, Higher Profits in Q3eWeek
AT&T 4G LTE Available In GaffneyMarketWatch
Competition Rises for AT&T, as Does 3rd-Quarter ProfitNew York Times
CNET-Dallas Morning News
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How to upgrade to Mac OS X Mavericks for free
Digital Trends
What happens when you run out of furry felines from which to dub your latest operating system? Well, you opt for the next best thing — an iconic surf haven off the northern California coast. Apple had more up its sleeve than the new, Haswell-powered...
Tech Savvy: What to do before upgrading to Apple's OS X MavericksLos Angeles Times
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Chicago Tribune

Why Apple Is Embracing the Power of Free
Wall Street Journal
Apple Inc., famous for charging a premium for hardware, is embracing the marketing power of free. The company surprised the industry on Tuesday by saying it would make many of its most-popular software programs, including the latest version of its OS X...
Apple's `Free' Fight With Microsoft?Bloomberg
Apple's Free Software Gambit Means War With MicrosoftForbes
Apple Takes a Page Out of Google's PlaybookDailyFinance
Ars Technica-Windows IT Pro-ReadWrite
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brittlendor writes: Priced at just $550, AMD's new flagship graphics board has arrived. Dubbed the Radeon R9 290X, this brand new Hawaii-based card boasts a 1 GHz GPU clock, 2816 shader units, 64 ROPs, a pixel fillrate of 64 GP/s, and 5.6 TFLOPS of 32-bit floating point performance. The impressive processing specs are backed up by 4 GB of GDDR5 and a 512-bit memory interface for 320 GB/s of bandwidth. Other notable improvements include TrueAudio and a farewell to the CrossFire bridge connector.

While the 250W R9 290X sticks to the same noisy thermal solution as reference Radeon HD 7970s, AMD keeps you from having the same loud experience by implementing two firmware modes: Quiet and Uber. Quiet keeps the fan under 40% duty cycle, while Uber allows it to reach 55%.

With full-blown settings at single-screen FHD and QHD resolutions, this card destroys everything but the dual-GPU HD 7990 and GTX 690, and surprisingly even keeps pace with the $1,000 GeForce GTX Titan. The 290X can even game nicely at UHD resolutions, albeit at lowered settings. And with a trio of QHD screens, a pair of R9 290X's in CrossFire trades blows with a duo of vastly more expensiveTitans in SLI. The R9 290X also shows a marked improvement in frame pacing versus previous generations.

With those performance numbers, the AMD Radeon R9 290X is a contender, at just $550, it's the grand champion. Tom's Hardware gave the R9 290X its rarely-bestowed Elite Award — the first time it's ever been given to a graphics board. Stunning performance at a killer price.

Comment Wrong perspective (Score 1) 227

It's not about picking the right one. Beta was way better than VHS. Blu-Ray was way better than HD-DVD. Sony lost. Then Sony won. You won't predict it with any degree of precision. Don't try.

You can choose multiple solutions. Odds are that both or many won't all fail at the same time. So you'll better stagger your mistakes.

Or, you can do what I do. I built my own framework. Then it's mine. It's supported by me. It does what my business needs it to do.

Roll your own. It ain't hard.

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Comment Re:Release Date??? (Score 1) 95

Indeede. For another example, I just saw on History Detectives, the first transistor pocket radio (the Regency TR-1) came out in 1954, at a price of $49.95. That would be over $500 today. This was apparently the first consumer use of transistors. What-became-Sony's first effort came out in 1957 and didn't quite fit in your pocket.

Comment engine produces what's needed (Score 1) 479

> the question is, how much does the engine produce, how much is needed to propel the vehicle.

The engine is mechanically connected to the wheels, so whatever the engine produces propels the vehicle. There cannot be any "extra" energy.

The system can produce more energy by pressing the gas pedal further, using more gas.

There is exactly one energy "leak" in all systems - heat. If you could set something on top of the muffler to convert that heat to something usable ...

Comment Re:Very good. (Score 1) 283

Well, come on, maybe it's not a holodeck. Maybe it's a holographic projector in a room fitted with 4 wall-sized PMOLED screens.

They even showed the "rustic" projector rigs jutting out of the walls. TNG didn't give us that, just gave us dialogue expecting us to suspend disbelief.

I don't think it's fair to call what Kirk was enjoying a "holodeck".

I'm interested in seeing whether the writers can show restraint in maintaining it as a degraded technology.

Other missed it, but to me, it was a subtle dig at the TNG writers. The "Continued" writers included this prototype of something leading up to the holodeck, but then they left it behind and didn't bring it up again in the same episode, at all, whatsoever.

Tell me, what technologies introduced in TNG or its spin-offs were just throw-away introductions that didn't somehow deal into the plot? Including in that notoriously crutch-like way?

I think that by bringing in this primitive holodeck precursor and then not mentioning it again, they were doing two things:

1) Acknowledging the mistakes TNG made in relying heavily on the holodeck as an ever-present antagonistic threat to the Enterprise and crew

2) Laughing it off by doing the exact opposite of what TNG did.

I wouldn't be surprised if the writers didn't plan to mention this holodeck precursor again in the series, except maybe as a nearly humouristic element in a single episode. Certainly not the recurring, weird-assed, existential problem the 1701-D faced so often.

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An anonymous reader writes: I would like to bring to the attention of the community, and seek your help with respect to, Australian online reseller Kogan, who I recently discovered are knowingly and intentionally infringing on the copyrights of many by copying and commercially distributing GPL'd software on a variety of Android devices and refusing to comply with their licenses, by not providing the source-code to product owners. The software in question includes both the Linux kernel and U-Boot, but most likely other software too.

I have of course contacted Kogan support and was responded to by a staff member; who I believe is their job to illegally dismiss and mislead customers who make legitimate legal requests for GPL'd source-code and the such. I have thus far endured a lengthy exchange from August 24th, 2013, up until my most recent message to Kogan support member Arun, on October 21st, 2013. I suspect it is Arun's job to dismiss GPL requests and the such because during this two month period, a friend of mine also purchased a different Kogan branded Android product and subsequently requested the source code; only to receive near identical responses from none other than Arun.

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