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Comment Re:As someone who worked at the elections (Score 1) 343

A vote for a party with an excellent and well developed platform, likely to achieve office and be held accountable and so deliver elements of its platform, without a considered opinion on the futility of politics, is stupidity.

Hmmm... I cannot but like the way you think... even if it's somehow wrong (rationale: not considering the limits - futility, in extrem - of politics cannot be interpreted as a proof of stupidity... even if it may be a sign of it).

Comment Re:Voting "Accident"? I think not. (Score 2, Insightful) 343

You're forgetting the special 'social' interests that make up the bulk of the left wing lobby field. They promote systemically driven privilege as 'equality' to justify more government in our lives, picking the winners and losers in ever growing numbers of situations...and the taxpayer pay the bill! These people are as guilty as your neocon fuckwits for the destruction of liberty in this country.

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Buyers snatched up 70 per cent of new flats put up for sale at a Kwai Chung complex yesterday — despite a warning from the Monetary Authority 24 hours earlier and government measures to cool the property market.

By 7pm more than 200 flats at The Rise had been sold, said Justin Chiu Kwok-hung, chief executive of developer Cheung Kong.

"In the first hour, 52 units were sold," said Chiu, adding he was very satisfied with the day's proceedings.

By 10am, a line of prospective buyers stretched from Hung Hom MTR station to the Fortune Metropolis mall where the sale was taking place.

The Rise has 402 two- and three-bedroom flats, the former with an average gross floor area of 660 square feet and the latter 900 square feet.

It will also have a swimming pool, spa, gym and playroom.

On Friday, Monetary Authority chief executive Norman Chan Tak-lam warned that the tapering off of quantitative easing by the United States Federal Reserve would see capital "inevitably" flow out of the city, impacting the city's property market.

Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung Bing-leung said in a Commercial Radio programme that the government would not withdraw the extra stamp duties imposed on foreign buyers and speculators.

He said the measures were designed to target high property prices and to avoid a housing bubble, which would have a major impact on the city's economy.

Last week, Cheung Kong announced a series of sweeteners for The Rise, including offering a 10 per cent discount for buyers who signed up to be club members and made their purchase with a cash payment plan.

Read More:

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Here are the instructions that worked for me:

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Comment As a hardcore Libertarian I'm glad this happened. (Score 2) 343

Reason #1 - Even though it's the opposite side of the globe from me it spreads the ideology and that makes me happy.

Reason #2 - This most likely happened due to Australia mandatory voting policy - which as a Libertarian mandatory anything annoys me - so it sort of proves our point.

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Comment Re:As someone who worked at the elections (Score 4, Insightful) 343

Well, I can't speak for the original poster, but in my book anyone who can't even figure out the name of which candidate they intend to vote for doesn't deserve to have their vote counted.

This is the main reason why I support removing party affiliation from all ballots. If someone can't be bothered to learn the name of the person that they're voting for, then they shouldn't be voting. Increasing voter turnout is only a worthwhile goal if the voters actually have some idea of what they're doing.

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Comment Re:Austrailians as stupid as Americans? (Score 4, Insightful) 343

I think perhaps the most egregious outcome is the probable election of a WA Senator who received less the 0.25% of the primary vote!

As much as I like exhaustive preferential voting on principle, the time has come to give voters the right to vote optionally preferentially above the line (if not also below it), so that votes are not cast against the voters actual preferences.

I am totally for optional preferences above the line, but I think it's dubious to think of the primary vote as somehow indicative of a party's validity. We have a preferential system for a reason, and that's because first-past-the-post is unrepresentative - it forces the vote into a two-party system.

We need to get people allocating their preferences themselves, not suggesting that preferences are somehow less valid that the primary vote.

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Charnwood Borough Council is working with Nationwide Solar to promote the ‘Green Deal’, a scheme which gives householders the chance to make energy-saving changes to their homes without paying for them upfront.

People making Green Deal improvements will be entitled to a share of available cash back vouchers towards the cost of the work.

David Harris, Charnwood Borough Council’s Head of Strategic and Private Sector Housing, said: “The Green Deal offers the chance to make improvements, from a new boiler to loft insulation and installing solar panels, and to pay for it back over time through energy bills.

"Not sure if the Green Deal is for you? Then visit Cattle Market, Loughborough on Friday, September 6 and come along to the Nationwide Solar ‘bus’ from 10am to 5pm."

Before Green Deal improvements are made, homeowners and people renting in the private sector must have a Green Deal assessment carried out. The Council is currently offering a limited number for free on a first come, first served basis.

Green Deal assessments take approximately two hours. An assessor will visit your home to help decide if Green Deal improvements could benefit you.

Recommended improvements do not have to be taken up, but only Green Deal assessors can produce a plan for your home.

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For more information on the scheme visit, contact the Council’s Private Sector Housing team on 01509 634937 or email

Related Links:

Comment Re: Steve Jobs on your Wrist... (Score 1) 196

What about the 900 million who can speak mandarin?

Doesn't that need revising now that the Chinese government has admitted that 400 million of them cannot speak it after all? Based on the figures for English, that seems to be counting only first language speakers, so Mandarin should be lower still (Chinese government may call all of China outside of a couple of special administrative regions native speakers, but the reality is very different, and many more will speak it as a second language in addition to the 400 million who cannot speak it).

Comment Re:As someone who worked at the elections (Score 4, Interesting) 343

I worked the election too and saw the same thing. A huge number of people came up to me asking which ones were "the Liberals" (meaning the Liberal National coalition, rather than the Liberal Democrats), and of course wasn't allowed to tell them, but it was pretty clear to myself and the election officers I was working with that people saw the word "Liberal" at the start of the ballot paper and then just ticked that box.

Comment Re:Late in the game, but I'll call BS on this (Score 1) 1255

I'm all for positive self image. But a false image will not stand up to the day to day brushes with reality that life in a modern school provides... much less what is coming down the road after graduation. Just making someone feel good about themselves so they will feel good about themselves has to fail in the end. Real self worth comes from within. Are good teachers critical to the process, YES. Each of us has someone that helped to nurture a spark within us, some of us were lucky enough to have many. I had Science, Electronics, and English teachers that were fantastic. Each found a way to grab and hold the imagination of the class, and to inspire many to go on seeking the knowledge that their spirit was learning to crave. But positive reinforcement only works if it is ACTUALLY reinforcing something, otherwise it's just a positive feedback loop... i.e. "You are great because we told you that you are great and as long as nothing else intervenes everything is great." If however said "great" person fails at something they really desire or runs afoul of someone that is actively harsh or cruel, then bad things happen in the feedback loop, and sometimes someone gets headlines in a very sad way.

Comment Re:Austrailians as stupid as Americans? (Score 3, Insightful) 343

will not take the 10-15mins it takes to vote below the line, let alone the hours of studying the policies AND the registered preferences of the 45 odd parties vying for election.

Que? It took me about ten minutes to classify all of the minor parties on a rough political spectrum, and about two to sort them on Then less than five minutes to number all the boxes on Saturday.

Of course, below-the-liners don't even get counted unless there are enough to match the above-the-line minor voters.

As much as I like exhaustive preferential voting on principle, the time has come to give voters the right to vote optionally preferentially above the line (if not also below it), so that votes are not cast against the voters actual preferences.

Better to eliminate the above the line vote, but allow people to preference for as many below-the-line candidates as they wish. Once they stop (which can be just a [1] for the preferred party-leader) the remainder of their distributed preferences would then flow according to the registered-preferences of their [1] choice. (So that no one is disenfranchised by limiting their vote, only if they deliberately spoil their ballot.)

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Comment And digital can be permanent (Score 1) 440

All you have to do is refresh and convert it. So if a new standard is becoming the thing that everyone uses and the old standard is going away, well there will be quite a bit of time when stuff can deal with both. During that time, you convert. You can keep doing this, as often as is required. Same deal with the actual storage medium. In addition to backups, you transfer it to new media periodically.

This isn't theoretical shit I'm talking about either, we do this at work. We have data on our NAS and tapes that originated two decades ago. The original storage devices are long dead but it doesn't matter, it was transferred, and can be transferred again.

So ya, if you have a digital format and you let it sit in a vault for decades, never touching it, then it may degrade and be useless. Of course that is true of anything. Go have a look at the Constitution some day and see the extremes they have to go to to protect it, since age has not been kind to it.

However digital has the benefit of being dead fucking simple to transfer to new media with perfection any time you like. Just do that, and you are good. In fact standards these days are made to make that real easy. Like LTO, any drive must, by the standard, be able to read tapes from two versions prior. So if you buy a new LTO-6 drive, you can load up your LTO-4 tapes, and transfer the data. Then the same deal later when you move to LTO-8. That aside you can go to a completely new/different device just by having them talk over another standard like Ethernet or FC.

I would bet on the long term permanence of digital over analogue any day. Both can be fragile, if you take no steps to protect it, but digital can be perfectly replicated as often as you like, and that gives it a survivability analogue doesn't have.

Comment Re:The reasons are multifarious (Score 4, Interesting) 314

No, because I didn't pressure them to stop smoking.

Since this is Slashdot, I believe a car analogy is expected. Let's say you like to drive your gas-guzzling muscle cars. Someday someone gives you a Prius as a gift. Furthermore, that person doesn't ever bother you about whether or not you are using the Prius.

That's not meddling.

In contrast to the anti-smoking campaigners, I didn't use guilt, pressure, coercion, or logical fallacies. Instead I sent them the e-cig as a random gift with a note that suggested they try the e-cig as an upgraded nicotine delivery device. However, I never subsequently inquired if they used it. I was actually surprised when they all contacted me to report subsequently ceasing their use of nicotine altogether after using the e-cig.

Whatever, it's their choice. My personal rule is that I discontinue my addictions when I am no longer enjoying them. Therefore, I was happy they were happy about breaking their unwanted addiction nicotine, even though I find my nicotine addiction to be fulfilling.

Comment Re:Ken Thompson, Anyone? (Score 3, Insightful) 472

Ken Thompson's theoretical attack against the Unix ecosystem was only practical because, at the time, he controlled a major portion of binary distribution and simultaneously a major portion of the information which could be used to defeat the attack, that being compiler technology. Nowadays, there are tons of different, competing compilers and systems for code rewriting, any of which can be used to "return trust" to a particular OS's binary ecosystem (if someone would take the time and effort to actually do it).

Although I believe Bruce Schneier's information (previously covered in Slashdot) that, probably, any widely used software system available today is practically effortlessly pwnable by the NSA's TAO division, I don't think that the problem of designing hardened systems is an impractical one. It's just going to take a lot of hard, hard work (Schneier's call-to-arms in this regard has already been covered by Slashdot).

Comment Re: No, it did commit suicide (Score 1) 420

The company with the largest number of sales of phone in the world, all sold at a profit, and growth in sales (slowing but growth of any sort since 2008 is a big deal) was a dead man walking?

Feature phones. Nokia was a non-entity in the smartphone market. The Nokia smartphones were absolute total junk. Non-functional pieces of shit with a disastrous operating system and no improvement in sight. I know, my company stayed with Nokia phones as standard for far too long.

Elop didn't kill Nokia in the feature phone market. In Norway Nokia is basically the only game in town for feature phones but "nobody" is buying. Elsewhere it is being killed by cheap competition.

The feature phone market was not going to keep Nokia alive for long. We can see that today. Nokia is still competing there and it's not doing their bottom line much good. Elop didn't kill the feature phone market, smartphones and cheap feature phones did. Unless Nokia became a big player in the smartphone market, it was going to go the way Nokia once had helped the dominant feature phone maker (Ericsson used to rule Nokia's world) go. Into oblivion.

On the path it was when Elop got on board Nokia was never going to be a player in the smartphone business. It's sales were OK, but only because many companies were buying the N-series due to the companies buying Nokia as a rule. The phones were utter crap and people were begging companies not to buy them but rather iPhones.

if Nokia did anything at all, they ushered in the BYOD era. Millions of employees were begging IT to be allowed to use their personal iPhones rather than the company issued Nokia shit.

So yes, Nokia was a Dead Man Walking. They were about to be crushed on feature phones (a market where they are still an important player, but a market that can no longer sustain a company like Nokia) and they had no response to (at the time) dominant Apple.

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Comment Re:second hand e-smoke (Score 3, Insightful) 314

Is it? Is there any *real* evidence that pure nicotine, in these sort of doses, is actually harmful for you, when not associated with tars, benzene, and all the other nasties in cig smoke? Or is it more like caffeine, where it might exactly be "healthy", but the real risk at typical usage levels is miniscule.

I dont think it would be healthy per se, but definitely not worse than the other crap we're legally using (alcohol, pain killers, apple products). The big problem with Tobacco is not nicotine, but the other carcinogenic chemicals included as you pointed out.

The problem we have with Nicotine is that its addictive, but considering E-Cigs are an attempt to wean tobacco addicts onto a less dangerous product I'd say it's a huge step in the right direction.

Comment Re:Not much worry a CPU... (Score 1) 472

"Backdooring a CPU wouldn't actually be that difficult."

but fairly unlikely, at least not in the way you describe, with a "specific command sequence". 1) its at too low a level to be really useful as a backdoor, not without the help of backdoor software higher up, but then what's the point? there are already many "backdoor"-like ways to gain privileges as long as the software is there to support them, 2) it would have to be designed to NOT slow the CPU down or take up obvious chip real estate... the CPU biz is so competitive that any extra overhead of either type would make that chip less competitive in the market.

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Sparrowvsrevolution writes: "It should come as no surprise to Bitcoin users that despite the pseudonymity the cryptocurrency offers, its transactions can be tracked. But University of California at San Diego researcher Sarah Meiklejohn proved that privacy problem more clearly than ever by showing a reporter that she could detect a specific point in Bitcoin's blockchain record of transactions where he had spent Bitcoins in exchange for marijuana on the Silk Road, the most popular online Bitcoin-based black market for drugs.

To simulate a law enforcement subpoena, the reporter for Forbes began by giving Meiklejohn a Bitcoin address associated with Forbes' account. But with just that information, Meiklejohn was able to draw on a "clustering" analysis she had performed to identify Silk Road addresses and match them with the one used in the .3 BTC drug buy. She admits that a user who took more efforts to obscure his or her Bitcoin address through a laundering service or other unidentified Bitcoin wallets would be harder to track."

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