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smsfstrategie66 writes: Some of the proven-effective smsf strategies include: assets purchasing from related parties, funds borrowing to be used for the purchasing objective, using your super fund as your own landlord, retirement property purchasing, making huge personal contributions in order to minimise personal tax and using your super fund in property interest purchasing.

Comment Re:Wouldn't it be the other way around? (Score 1) 212

Sounds like they weren't used or stored... so where did they go?

The lean mouse did not have more energy then the fat mouse. And the lean mouse didn't store excess energy like the fat mouse. So... where did it go? If their ability to store fat was inhibited then that means the energy WOULD have been stored were the mice able to do so... but they couldn't so the energy was either wasted somewhere or excreted.

Comment Re:Colour me not surprised (Score 5, Funny) 362

. If I were in his shoes, I do not think I would want to out an undercover NSA operative.

Get the pitchforks! Let the rampant speculation begin!

I think it's Stallman, no way could he be real. He's obviously a agent provocateur plant set out to gather info on anyone who'd actually listen to his ramblings. Rather cunning too, it's always the last you'd expect.

Comment Re:Some FA (Score 1) 356

Not always. I was offered a deal that allowed for a sort of guilty but not officially guilty plea. I had to confess to crimes that I didn't commit to the judge, but officially the plea was not considered an admission of guilt, just an admission that the state had sufficient evidence to convince a jury that I was guilty. This is something of a technicality since the official record records agreement to every bullshit charge I was accused of, but I don't have an actual guilty conviction on my record and more importantly didn't spend a day in jail.

Comment Re:'learn chinese' (Score 1) 562

Here's a thought. While you are speaking English to your counterpart who speaks both English and a local language - he/she is telling the other people in the room how ignorant you are and why you deserve to lose the job as you are clearly unprepared for even basic communication.

Now I'm not saying that is happening, but it might be and you'd never know.

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Comment Re:no ghettos pre-internet? (Score -1) 452

Yep ... a rational idea. You would quickly begin shooting 20% of the Bantu population ... including quite a few **young** teen wilders.  Prolly start (the) long overdue race-war. Solve lots of problems  guilt-ridden  white bleeding-hearts ...  and those cosmopolitans  who vote-herd  and welfare-farm  Bantu don't want solved. 

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Windows Phone update detailed in leaked screenshots, includes multitasking ... - (


Windows Phone update detailed in leaked screenshots, includes multitasking ...
The Verge
Microsoft is currently preparing a new update for Windows Phone 8, known as General Distribution Release 3. The update is primarily designed for upcoming hardware, like Nokia's upcoming Lumia 1520, but it will also add features for new and existing...
Nokia surprises: Feature phone volumes grow and smartphone ASP bouncesBGR
Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update exposed in set of leaked screenshots [UPDATED]PhoneDog
Lumia 1020 KIRF swaps PureView camera for '41-megaplxel' audioEngadget
Northern Voices Online-CNET UK
all 66 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Samsung's new Galaxy Notes to go on sale in October - IBNLive (


Samsung's new Galaxy Notes to go on sale in October
New York: Samsung said that its new versions of its Galaxy Note smartphone and tablet, along with its new smartwatch, will go on sale in the US next month. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and US Cellular all will carry the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.
This is Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch: A blocky health tracker with a cameraVentureBeat
Sony SmartWatch vs. Samsung Galaxy Gear: The first big battle in the wearable ... CNET
Galaxy Note 3 to Arrive October 1 Priced at $300Tom's Hardware Guide
USA TODAY-Engadget-CBS News
all 3,205 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: It's Almost Time To Throw Out Your Books - TechCrunch (

Financial Post

It's Almost Time To Throw Out Your Books
The near-unthinkable has happened. The dinosaurs are finally evolving. The publishing industry's long war against technology, the future, and its customers may finally be coming to a close. This week Amazon introduced Kindle MatchBook, “an innovative...
Oyster Releases the First True Netflix-for-E-books AppMashable
Oyster for iPhone Aims to Fill Unlimited E-Book VoidPC Magazine
Could Oyster be the Netflix for books?Fortune
Digital Trends-Forbes-ReadWrite
all 51 news articles

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 203

Why are you fixated on Soviet scientists? The soviet scientists were conscripted if they had anything that could help the war effort. All the other world powers did the exact same thing. After the war there was also a big race by the victors to find and collect every German scientist the could. Oppenheimer and his team were just one example of how non-military scientists can used to help the war effort. Do you think the advances in nuclear science at the time would have advanced as fast it did if we were not fighting a global war? They were working with a unlimited budget and resources and were able to move their ideas from the blackboard to the real world. As a side note remember that besides advancing nuclear science and weaponization at Los Alamos the punched-card machines were introduced thanks to IBM.

The borders of every country in the world has at one time or another been drawn in blood. Sometimes the same border disputes happen more the once. There are several examples of this going on right now all over the world. Israel, Turkey, Iraq, China, Japan, England, Argentina, and Spain all have border disputes or sovereignty conflicts. Every one of these disputes could lead to war under certain conditions. The human race has been fighting wars non-stop ever since there were enough people to pick sides and bash each other over the head with clubs fighting for control of the biggest cave and best looking women. War or the threat of war is not going to disappear any time soon.

As far the F-22 program goes I do have some direct knowledge of the program in general and specific knowledge in some areas. How did I possibly get this knowledge? Well it turns out that I have been a Software Engineer and HMI designer for over 25 years. You should be able to see the connection. The F-22 was basically in concept and design mode for 20 years before the started building the plane. When they started they had no where near the computing power needed to implement certain capabilities that were on the drawing board. They did not have the materials to implement the stealth capabilities. This one program was able to feed tons of money and raised the priority of the research into the advancements they needed. The various vendors did make advancements in sensors and control system technologies that they incorporated into some of their non-military projects way before the plane was built.

Comment Re: A screen (Score 1) 185

Ooops, missed completing the first sentence

Of course it's an offense, but if you are actively trying to change your plate number or just not have the car insured, this makes it fairly straightforward to have what appears to be a valid plate. You just have to see another vehicle similar to the one you are in, and type in their plate number.

Comment Re:Cantonese is superior to mandarin (Score 2) 562

Flattered with your title (it's my first spoken language), but you really have no idea what you're talking about.

There are various "accents" of Mandarin, but Cantonese, Hokkien, etc are not accents. I'd say they're somewhere between dialects and distinct languages. Even discounting phonetic differences, the written vocabulary can be very different -- to the extent that I probably understand written Japanese more than the colloquial use of various Chinese "dialects". (To a Mandarin speaker, I often hypothesize that Cantonese written in Chinese characters can be harder to understand than Japanese-written-in-mostly-kanji... it's a fun fact that shows the divergence of the local dialects/languages)

Not sure whether anyone thinks that people speaking Hokkien "suck" (I haven't heard of any such "dialect-discrimination", though the official discouragement [or even persecution] of local spoken dialects is surely happening), but it's a practical problem for communication if there's no common legible language for people within a country.

Comment Re:Hell hath no fury .. (Score 1) 356

Not a good analogy. For a car analogy maybe a fuel gauge based on the weight of the car above the absolute minimum and assuming one or two passengers of a standard weight. People can sweat for a variety of reasons so that has to be taken into account. A car can get heavier for a variety of reasons only one of which is a full tank.

Comment Re:Cantonese is superior to mandarin (Score 1) 562

You are making stuff up, or is perhaps based on a half-assed/selective reading of Wikipedia?

Cantonese as written in Hong Kong and Macau uses Traditional characters, along with some characters of its own. Some of the characters as used in Cantonese have different meanings as opposed to when they're used in Mandarin (and not just different pronunciation).

I live with a Cantonese speaker, and have visited Guangdong and Hong Kong numerous times.

Oh, and I've also got a English-Cantonese dictionary and phrasebook that includes words and phrases such as "shopping centre", "department of surgery", "Space Museum", and "hovercraft".

Comment Re: A screen (Score 1) 185

Of course it's an offense, but if you are actively trying to change your plate number or just not have it

Fine. Throw the real plate in the trunk. Hell, even if you don't, the cop [or a camera] has to see your plate, then figure that you aren't broadcasting a signal [out of perhaps 100 vehicles around you, if say, you are driving next to a parking lot]. And if you are having all this receiving/transmitting, you have to hook it up to the car battery, giving you the opportunity of "oops, bad connection".

But really, if they were going to do that [have an encrypted signal that the local cop car would pick up], why bother having a display?
So other people can rat you out?
Just for a little bit of ad revenue [whohoo untargeted ads!]?

So there are all kinds of things this opens the door to for people who want to do bad things, while still having the original door still wide open [theft and/or swap] of the original plate.

Comment Re:Fail (Score 1) 420

Your questions are already answered in my GP post. What exactly they run? Choose one of their own OSes, Polish it and run. Meanwhile, Android without solemnly swearing to kill their own OSes.

6 years of bad decisions, sure. That's why they had to stop making bad decisions and still there were chances they failed (last paragraph of my post).

I also answered about money - they had it, were credit worthy and stock market doesn't hate companies with a plan.

But all this would make sense only if you read before replying.

Submission + - Newport International Group Movie Reviews Barcelona: 5 Grunner Ben Affleck skal

michrodriguez2013 writes: Source
Ben Affleck er nye Bruce Wayne/Batman. Komme over den. Det skjer.

Mens Ben Affleck var ikke på de flestes liste over mulige kandidater til Batman, har forhåpentligvis av nå alle de galne sunket. Men det er fortsatt folk som insisterte at Ben Affleck vil ødelegge Caped Crusader. Gjett hva? Du tar feil. Og her er fem grunner Hvorfor.

5. Han er allerede en superhelt
Daredevil kan ikke ha vært en filmatisk klassisk, men det er ikke så forferdelig som du kanskje husker. Seriøst. Gi den en annen ur. Uansett, Affleck gi ikke sin beste forestilling heller, men han klarer å trekke av en duell rolle, betyr portretterer Matt Murdock og Daredevil. Det er ikke en lett oppgave. Og uansett hvordan Daredevil viste seg, at filmen skal ha gitt Affleck noe erfaring, enten godt eller dårlig, om hvordan å portrettere en superhelt. Dessuten. Du kan ikke utsette Affleck for svakhetene i Daredevil. Det var bare så mye han kunne gjøre med det skriften og retning. For eksempel husker filmen Larry Crowne? Den hadde to Oscar-vinnerne i det, Tom Hanks og Julia Roberts, og det var en ganske dårlig film.

4. Han har ser
Joss Whedon, dude spissen Marvels filmatisk univers, gjort dette kallet umiddelbart. Affleck har perfekt haken for Kapp og hetten. Det høres dumt, men det er en viktig faktor for rollen som Batman. Og han er bakt. Uten å få alle Kevin Smith mann-beundrerlisten på Affleck, vil dude definitivt se delen. Og han også skal se delen av Bruce Wayne. Bare se på ham rock den fargen i bildet ovenfor. Han trekker som av perfekt. Han ser helt ut som Bruce Wayne.

3. Han er en Fan
Affleck er en tegneserie fan. Han har alltid vært. Han er ikke en av disse aktørene som får en ledende rolle i en tegneserie-basert film og deretter prøve å innhente kildematerialet. Affleck er en geek. Og han bor hver fanboy drøm. Han spiller avvikende Batman. Tror du virkelig at en fan av the Dark Knight skal ødelegge slik en viktig og ikoniske karakter? aldri verden. Affleck vil behandle rollen med respekt og vil gjøre tegn rettferdighet.

2. Han har blitt en respektert skuespiller/regissør
I år folk hatet Afflecks fungerende ferdigheter eller mangel på. Så skjedde en morsom ting. Han gikk bak kameraet og regissert flere flikk. Han spilte også i et par av dem. Og gjett hva? Folk skjønte at Ben Affleck var en talentfull fyr. Byen og Argo opptjent Affleck ikke bare ros fra kritikere og fans, men også Academy Awards. Vi vet ikke hva endret, men Affleck har forbedret sine ferdigheter og har bevist at han faktisk kan fungere. Som for regissere delen tror du at Zach Snyder velkommen tillegg av en Oscar-vinnende regissør for kastet? Vi tror hvis han blir sittende fast Ben vil være der å gi noen råd.

1. Han er en sjef
En av de største bekymringene om Affleck er at han ikke er egentlig en tøff fyr. Ikke bare det, men hvor på jorden kunne Ben Affleck's Batman challenge Superman? Mens noen aspekter av det vil bli strøket ut i filmen, sender vi til deg disse stykker av bevis som bevise Ben Affleck er en sjef. Den øverste videoen er en fan-laget trailer for forsøksvis tittelen Man of Steel oppfølgeren Batman vs Superman, det er kjempeflott. Bunnen klippene er fra kjelerommet og The Town. Alle tre viser Affleck kan være en kraft å regne med.

Comment Re:'learn chinese' (Score 2) 562

My wife is Chinese, and I've visited her family who live around Shanghai.

Her parents and grandparents only speak Shanghainese, and thus can't read or write. This isn't because Mandarin is "too hard", but because their generation never had a proper education, and they don't really encourage the elderly to reeducate themselves.

My wife's generation grew up speaking Shanghainese, but then learnt Mandarin at school.

The new generation of kids know enough Shanghainese to understand their grandparents, but they don't want to speak it. Their parents commonly speak Mandarin, and they're being taught Mandarin from the earliest levels of school. Within a couple generations it wouldn't surprise me if Shanghainese becomes an endangered language.

The government seems to have a very successful campaign to move everyone to Mandarin, and they are also actively trying to prevent English from penetrating too deep into Chinese culture. If China can maintain its position as a superpower then Mandarin will definitely become a necessary language for international business.

Comment Re:From Yesterday. (Score 1) 362

One of self-interest.
One based on the assumption that the other side to a data exchange is hostile.
One assuming that intermediates can not be trusted.

We have onion networks like I2P and (weak) Tor for that. But you left out an important component...

The assumption of hostility/mistrust should be the default stance, but you must be able to use the network to build trust. It must also have strong pseudonymity to allow you to maintain a presence while controlling how much about yourself you want to reveal.

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Comment Re:Silver (Score 2) 133

you actually can watch black surfaces cool off faster

At normal CPU operating temperatures, no, you can't. The kind of temperatures at which your claim becomes plausible (in air at atmospheric pressure) would instantly render a silicon chip inoperable. You obviously didn't click on the link in my other post, where someone did the actual calculation, so who's not paying attention here?

Also, I know this stopped being "news for nerds" a long time ago and that I cannot assume you're scientifically literate, so I apologize if this is over your head, but this here will explain why a CPU cooler in normal design conditions can't do (a significant amount of) radiative cooling.

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Comment Re:proving parent right... (Score 4, Insightful) 356

In much of America, if you're convicted under a bad law, your right to vote (amongst others) is permanently removed. Makes it that much harder to change bad laws. Most civilized countries removed the penalty of felon from the law books in the 19th century as feudal ideas such as punishing people (and their families) forever was considered feudal. America along with Nigeria still practice the feudal idea of stopping people from voting to elect people to change bad laws.

Comment Re:Make it easier (Score 2) 562

I'm the opposite. I generally seem to read English at a much faster rate, even though Chinese is supposed to be my "first language". It might have something to do with "practice". The amount of English I read is probably an order of magnitude greater than Chinese.

It also might have something to do with the content though. It feels like Chinese fiction is easier on my eyes, whereas English is better for technical and (complex) argumentative writing.

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