Tor is good for web pages and little else. I2P is designed to handle everything from P2P filesharing to voice to email; IOW, its a secure+anonymous (really pseudonymous) layer for IP. If people want to conduct their personal lives and business without the online spying, they need to start articulating what tools are necessary to continue communications. I believe I2P is just such a tool (indeed, the one that the other privacy enhancing tools are based). Tell people you know to contact you through your I2P address instead.

The other major problem to solve is the OS re: how open and robust it is against network exploits. Qubes OS is currently the best of breed for desktops. Its a unique combination of Xen and Fedora Linux that marshalls some newer hardware VM features to keep threats at bay.

Comment Re:Make it easier (Score 1) 562


But I think the GP's claim is still valid. Using pronunciation based writing systems for writing Chinese would isolate the various spoken dialects because the pronunciation between them are not quite legible to each other, but either simplified or traditional Chinese works as a common, mutually intelligible form.

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Journal Journal: These Fitness Tips Will Guarantee Great Results!

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Comment Re:Cantonese is superior to mandarin (Score 2) 562

Cantonese is what they speak in Hong Kong. That's not exactly a backwater. In my experience at semiconductor factories in Asia, they use the English words for technical terms that haven't been adopted into the language yet - this is true in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, etc. I can't read any of the signs in the clean rooms, yet I can pick out a bunch of English words.

Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 1) 353

I can back this up, I'm just one guy who doesn't do any BTing and I often have to pay as much for bandwidth over my cap during the big Steam sales than I do for the games themselves. Obviously some of the folks here haven't downloaded any recent games, Borderlands I? 37Gb for the game and DLC, Borderlands II? 42GB for the same. Heck even a game with very little DLC, as the Burnout Paradise i got with the recent Humble Bundle? Over 4Gb, now figure in the other 8 games that came with the bundle and you are easily looking at 25Gb+ right there and that is just for a single bundle!

Trust me friend that 150Gb might seem like a not but its not and just be glad you are getting even that, the local ISPs here have plans that are 36Gb,60Gb and the top is 76Gb! These ISPs act like its still 1998 and all folks are doing is checking their email, when IRL everything has gotten bigger EXCEPT their caps.

Comment Re:TFA from Wired (Score 1) 174

No, that's no problem. The problem was not installing/using a suitable signalling system, which is present on high-speed lines in most other countries.

It seems to me that it would have been (and still is) possible to include a GPS receiver, a maximum-train-speeds database, and a speed-limiter on each train as a fallback. With that, as long as the GPS was working, even the dumbest/craziest engineer would not be able to make the train go faster than its maximum specified speed at any given location.

Comment How to know when the NSA is telling truth/lies (Score 1) 362

If only we had two the NSA and a meta-NSA... the meta-NSA's job is to spy on the NSA. Then we could listen to the NSA and accept advice from them only when the meta-NSA tried to undermine it -- because then we would know that it was a suggestion that actually made the meta-NSA's job harder. We could set it up such that however many files the NSA has in its possession, the meta-NSA's job is to copy as many as possible, and the more documents that the meta-NSA does copy, their pay goes up and the NSA's pay goes down. That way we maintain enmity between them.

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An anonymous reader writes: strategi menghafal cepat sangatlah penting, karena Hidup ini penuh dengan janji-janji, pembuatan anggaran, presentasi kerja, ulang tahun teman, nomor telepon, urusan-urusan pribadi serta mata kuliah atau pelajaran pelajaran yang harus diingat secara detail dan khusus, jika kita harus mengingat semuanya rasanya sangat mustahil. itu sebabnya kita harus mempelajari teknik mengingat atau strategi menghafal yang cepat dan dapat diingat dalam waktu yang sngat panjang

Download ebook Strategi menghafal, klik “like” untuk mendownload:

Comment Re:Cantonese is superior to mandarin (Score 2) 562

One of my coworkers was born and raised in Atlanta, and he barely has an accent. The first time I asked him why he didn't have an accent he blew smoke in my face and said, "Because I'm educated." This from a guy who would launch bottle rockets from his hand and whose idea of a good night out involved a fight.

Comment Re:Make it easier (Score 1) 562

Actually, people in China DO occasionally draw characters in the air with their fingers to disambiguate spoken homonyms

Although this may be true, I've NEVER seen this done. Typically what they do if there is confusion over a word is use the word in another context that would clarify the definition of the word.

Comment Re:Make it easier (Score 1) 562

Chinese has a long tradition of writing differently than speaking.

It was quite recent (early 20th century) where there were movement by Chinese intellectuals to "write what you speak" (which was largely successful) -- but the tradition still sort of lives on where the spoken language seems to change faster than the written language, and the form is still slightly different. The spoken language is sometimes a bit more wordy than the written language too, perhaps in part because of the need to disambiguate the homophones.

Besides, it would be impossible to easily read any Chinese texts written more than a hundred years ago if you just knew the romanized pronunciations. The issue with *writing* them is sort of becoming a moot point, with the advent of computers. The standard way to type Chinese is using pronunciation based input methods.

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Submission + - Crown Capital Management Environmental Problems on Missouri municipal power plan ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Source

Missouri municipal power plant to test burn engineered pellets

Columbia (Mo.) Water and Light has approval from its advisory board to purchase biomass pellets for trial burns at the municipal power plant this winter. As part of its renewable energy program, CWL has been co-firing coal with waste wood chips since 2008 and has continuously explored the use of other biomass fuels, explained Tad Johnsen, director of water and light in a memorandum to the advisory board.

With the approval, CWL is planning test burns in January of engineered pellets developed in a collaborative effort between Missouri Corn Growers Association and Enginuity Worldwide LLC. Enginuity’s bid was to deliver 700 tons of the experimental fuel made from corn stover or a mixture of stover and grass for testing at a cost of $500 per ton. When including the cost of stack testing, fuels testing, engineering monitoring and analysis, furnace monitoring and measurement and incidentals, the total expected cost of a test burn is $375,000. CWL and Missouri Corn Growers have applied for a $125,000 grant from the American Public Power Association to help with costs.

Last October, the CWL conducted a test firing using miscanthus pellets with mixed results. While the pellets mixed well with the coal and were handled easily in the system that includes a front end loader, bucket elevator, screw auger and chute delivery to supply the stokers, the coal plant’s handling system created dust and degraded the pellets. In addition, although the pellets were covered with tarps in the outdoor storage area, wherever water could infiltrate, the pellets swelled and disintegrated. Recommendations following that test included making the pellets larger and weatherproofing or hardening them. Storage and handling should be either indoors or better protected from the weather. A separate fuel handling system should be used if the pellets are to be used in the current form that would feed them into the boiler fuel train at about the coal scale level of the boiler. And finally, any future test burns should be done in two phases that first tests the handling and combustion characteristics, and if successful, completes stack testing in a second phase.

In its bid to CWL to test the experimental pellet, Enginuity Worldwide addressed many of the issues uncovered in the miscanthus pellet test burn. “Based on the laboratory testing to date, it is not anticipated the EWW will experience any of the same handling or physical stability issues that were observed in the fall 2012 test burn of miscanthus pellets.” Enginuity has trademarked its process as eCARB, for environmentally continuous annually renewable biomass. The eCARB process produces a pellet that is specified to be 97 percent durable with a shape and size designed to work well when mixed with coal with minimal retrofits to handling systems. The company says its fuel is water resistant.

Based in Columbia, Mo., Enginuity Worldwide is owned by Nancy Heimann. The company has several patent applications filed on the biomass fuel methods that describe it as including an adhesive comprised of a starch and a hydroxide. Further additives include a silicate, a viscosity agent, a preservative and a Btu additive, all of which are combustible materials.

Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 1) 353

I'll just add that a friend of mine actually tried to do just that and was killed by the duopoly!

Where his business was located there was something like 5 blocks to the nearest junction and neither the cable nor DSL would run to him so he bought a T3 and leased bandwidth to the neighbors who likewise had been screwed, even had set up a server to take some of the load off by hosting Windows Updates as well as FOSS software like Open Office, so what happened? The DSL company also sold dialup and when their sales went down they came up with an excuse to jack his T3 prices a couple hundred percent. they even told him "Yeah just try and sue us". he went to a lawyer who said "Oh sure you'll win, no doubt, after 10 years and a couple million in lawyer fees because they'll drag it out for the better part of a decade." Needless to say he couldn't afford that and closed up shop and moved away.

So you can't even attempt such a thing unless you are at least city government sized to be able to afford the several years their lawsuits will end up dragging through the courts. The duopoly have control, they know it, and they know you can't afford to spend a decade in court, meanwhile they have a law team on payroll. You will have zero chance of success unless your last name is Dell or Gates.

Comment Re:'learn chinese' (Score 1) 562

I never thought I'd say this, but I suspect that the MBA's are correct.

why? you say yourself that everyone usually speaks english 'fluently'

if they could buy from someone who spoke their native language, they would

this just doesn't make any sense to me...when would a Chinese person in China have a choice between buying from an English-only speaker and a Chinese China?

b/c if it is in America or some other country, and they all speak english...that proves my point... Asia the **LOVE** english and put it all over shop signs with virtually no context to what the shop sells...

tell you what...when Starbucks here in America starts putting random Chinese words on their signs intended soley for other English speaking Americans...

and...when Italian, Argentinian, German, French, Norwegian, Russian...when the USA and THOSE countries start importing any native Chinese speaker with a college degree and paying them middle class wages... might be on to something...

you just aren't undestanding the scale

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Journal Journal: What Are Backlinks?

WOW! Dean let loose some real secrets with What Are Backlinks?. (

Comment Re:Wiki of Things? Blog Platform? (Score 1) 42

Obliquely alluding to the potential of this or any FOSS app to de-cathedralize a social media site by having p2p circles of association that is secure, private as one wants, self-maintained and owned and hopefully has a plug/module for dydns or like; only makes a wooshing sound below the din of /. aspies and critics.
Tho the point on naming is wisely taken. Goblins, daemons, zombies.... oh my....

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Journal Journal: YouTube SEO

We often forget which Youtube may be the second largest search engine results in the world. Being a website that hosts movies, we have a inclination to overlook the fact that a lot of people also have YouTube as a internet search engine to discover what they want and want. These are the those who pr (

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Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 1) 353

That's nice for you, here in central AR, in the middle of a college town no less, you can get the cable home line for $35 a month or get business for...$150 a month! That is nearly 5 times the price for just a doubling of the cap! Want more? Its $1.50 a GB as there are no more tiers after business!

The simple fact is the prices are so high because we were robbed of over 200 billion because that is what we gave the teleco/cableco duopolies in return for nationwide broadband and what did we get? A low rez Goatse while the board stuffed their pockets. We should give them 90 days to pay up WITH INTEREST and if they don't? WE the people control the last mile. They want a monopoly? Any place they run FTTH that isn't already being served with fiber they can have a 15 year monopoly, 25 year if they run it to places that haven't had any service.

But even the libertarians should support such a plan, because we have seen time and time again that monopolies and regulatory capture are cancers on the free market, ONLY by having actual competition will things get better. Until then get used to nastier and nastier caps as they wring max profit from the existing lines.

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Comment no, missed my point man... (Score 1) 562

As long as English speakers are the CUSTOMERS

See, I think you missed my point from my post above...when I talked about my scientific work in France in 2009, when I said this:

in the computer lab all the Moroccans, Russians, Germans, Itialians, Chinese, Japanese, and yes French students spoke English.

Moroccans converse with Russians and Chinese in group work in English.

English is the language of last resort...the *common* language of the world for business and science.

I took French lessons while I was over there at the university. Lessons were mandatory until you were conversational precisely *because* they hated the fact that all the international students conversed in English.

The point of the program was to do HCI research and study France's business and tech culture. I can understand why they wanted us to speak French and I was happy to learn.

In my French class a Libyan, Japanese, Camaroonean, Mexican, Brazilian, Pakistani and yours truly *all would converse in English* to help each other with answers.

The French teacher (who herself had taught in China for years) banned all English from the classroom **because it was too much of a crutch for us all**

So...the Mexican and I would still help each other in Spanish! Ha!

So you're just way, way, way off...

Why is this hard to accept as fact when it so obvious? Acknoledging the truth doesn't mean you approve of it or even like English.

Submission + - Clear-cut Website Image Tips Solutions For 2012

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