Comment Re:Payout a separate thing... (Score 2) 130

IANAL either, but they're not being penalized for doing a bunch of legal activities, they're being penalized for the collusion. The penalty is a limitation in their ability to make contracts using the legal activities they used during the collusion so that it will be harder for them to collude again in the near future. This includes forcing Apple to stagger their contracts with the publishers.

There's nothing illegal in the way Amazon got it's monopsony by sometimes selling ebooks cheaper by accepting lower profit margins, providing an easy way to buy ebooks and install them on the ereader, and creating ereaders that could only decrypt DRMd ebooks sold by Amazon. In general, once a Kindle owner, always a Kindle owner thanks to publisher DRM. If the publishers wanted to make it harder for Amazon to keep their monopsony, they should have dropped DRM or changed their contracts to stipulate the ebook format so Amazon couldn't lock Kindle owners into Amazon's proprietary format. Just because the publishers were afraid that Amazon was going to use it's monopsony to keep prices lower (a la Wal-Mart) doesn't give them the right to engage in collusion to fix prices.

Submission + - Kolkata Pages Blog (

kolkatapages writes: is a leading online business directory, playing the dual role of a business directory and a search engine. Our sole aim is to cater to the business needs of the people in Kolkata. The city of joy is bustling with a lot of business activities.

Comment Re:The real concern... (Score 1) 236

Wow, three straw man arguments aimed at derailing the conversation in one response. You're good.

My comment refernecing both Manning and Snowden had nothing to do with comparing either, or with the validity of the security level what they shared was, or should have been.

Simply stated, someone thought that the level was appropriate to convict Manning, whether it was drivel or not, and someone has considered that the material Snowden has shared is sufficient to generate far more publicity regarding searching for ad trying to put him in jail to begin with, than we have seen in any of the history I can recall. (for someone who has not pulled the trigger on killing someone anyway.)

Their appearance in my post was specifically aimed at recognizing that there are people willing to share material that _someone_ thinks should be secured, for a whole lot less than I suspect people are willing to pay for to get something that would allow them to institute a massive man in the middle attack against financial instututions, e-commerce sites, or even the ability to do a mitm attack to gain access to someone's e-mail, whether to simply see what they are doing, or to masqurade as them then, or at a later time.

Comment Re:Now This "Snowden" Shit Has Hit the Fan (Score 1) 433

They'd find more value in HIDING this capability, then by showing the hole poker-hand. Instead, they release this as a PR move to push a war agenda.

I don't think so. I think this is more of an attempt to cause an uprising in those opposed to us going to war because it will not be all neat and clean like they are portraying it. I don't think Obama ever had an intention of doing a significant military strike on Syria and more or less thought the threat would be enough to prevent chemical weapons from being used.

Russia has done an investigation and claims the chemicals were prepared and released by one of the rebel groups attempting to provoke the US into responding because it aids them. There is a 100 page report that was delivered to the UN with their findings on the matter. So I'm thinking this is all more or less a trying to find a way out of the red line and consequences stand. Russia is pretty set on us not going in.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Report: Apple testing bigger iPhone screens - CNN (

China Daily

Report: Apple testing bigger iPhone screens
(CNN) -- Apple is testing iPhone display screens as large as 6 inches, according to a new report. The screens, ranging upward from 4.8 inches, would be a pretty massive leap from the 4-inch display on the iPhone 5. But don't expect to see them when Apple...
Apple Plans to Ship Less-Expensive iPhone to China MobileWall Street Journal
Apple looks into new allegations of labor violations in ChinaWashington Post
Apple to ship cheap iPhone to China Mobile, report saysLos Angeles Times
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: NASA sends unmanned rocket to the moon - CNN (

Washington Post

NASA sends unmanned rocket to the moon
(CNN) -- NASA launched an unmanned rocket to the moon Friday night to study its lunar atmosphere and environment. The 90-foot rocket carrying the orbiter was expected to be visible to much of the eastern U.S. seaboard when it launched from Virginia,...
NASA launches robotic explorer to moon, orbiting craft will study lunar ... Washington Post
NASA rocket launch to the moon visible to East Coast tonightCNET
NASA robotic spacecraft lifts off to probe lunar dustReuters
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Comment Re:And if they do this, we have to do that, and... (Score 2) 433

The US has nothing to lose by just stepping back and letting that entire region sort themselves out by themselves. The sad thing is I don't see anyone or anything that could bring peace to that region. The US have no interests in Syria, Lebanon, or Iran. The US does have some interests in Israel but Israel is more than capable of protecting themselves if necessary. The last thing any of the countries in the region want is a real shooting war with Israel.

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Comment Re:America would deserve it... (Score 1) 433

Well then GTFO you goddamn shitbag.

You enlisted, you march to the sound of guns. We fight where we are told, and we win where we fight. We don't cry about it on the internets in front of the public.

This is where you figure out there world isn't here for you, and we don't have a military JUST to give you college money.

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Comment Re:Bull (Score 1) 204

I think you're misunderstanding my use of the word "mechanism" here. I'm not saying there are fixed gears and circuits that explain how we work (there quite obviously aren't!), only that there are patterns, pathways, and systems behind the brain and hence the mind. There is a way in which the mind works, it's not some magic supernatural black box instilled by some indecisive buffoon on a cloud.

I'm a little weirded out by the "near-uniform" part, though. Do you truly believe that, placed in a situation with no new knowledge, you would consistently make significantly different choices? Most decisions are the results of our experiences and our immediate concerns; at best, the maximum variability in the outcome occurs when we fail to think things through. But as with catching your balance when you slip, it has been greatly beneficial to evolution to try to avoid screwing up (Hence why Larry Niven's contribution to the Crosstime series is bullshit.)

Granted, there is a tiny spot in our model of how the central nervous system works to allow for quantum randomness to interfere with otherwise completely deterministic decision-making (the transposon activity we discovered a couple years ago), but I personally would argue most arbitrary decisions come from reflecting on forgotten knowledge or memories, a little like "casting the runes" over uninitialized RAM to get a random number. (An example: what is the most random-sounding two-digit number you can think of, and why?)

Comment Re:self publishers borderline scammers (Score 1) 130

The problem is that self-publishing only solves one of the problems that traditional publishers have historically addressed.

Editing and Triage are other major issues, and the traditional publishing industry seems to be helping to close the gap by skimping on both....

I don't see why those can't be solved without traditional publishers, but there's probably always going to be a need for someone to edit, and for someone to front the money for that to happen (and, choose what gets edited and what gets ignored, by extension...) for authors who are new and aren't already wealthy enough to cover the costs.

Comment Re:Interesting - Founder Comment on Panopticlick (Score 2) 223

We've been Epic for awhile now (had a previous incarnation:-). It's difficult to hide font lists from Flash, and disabling flash effectively "breaks the internet". We block many fingerprinting scripts though -- and are working on methods that would make your browser un-fingerprintable but it's very difficult (that's why no one has done it!). With your support, I'm sure we can do it but it's not going to happen overnight (or again someone would have done it already!).

Comment Re:Other than a few uber nerds (Score 2) 236

> Your anxiety issues can be treated, the Internet is not proper treatment,
Firstly, who said my anxiety was anything to do with the internet? I never even mentioned a computer. Stop making up shit.

> You use the Internet as a crutch. Man up and fucking go see a damn doctor and stop being such a coward.
I said I don't make effort to hide my online activities. I'm not talking about myself. I'm respecting those who do want to maintain their privacy.

> You were NEVER anonymous on the Internet, you have ALWAYS been logged, you just aren't smart enough to realize it.
Huh? Of course I realize that. I've been building networks since before the net existed. I just posted yesterday in fact about the futility of trying to hide your information on the net -

You're completely mis-understanding me. We're probably on the same page in a lot of respects. My issue isn't that you're suggesting that the internet isn't secure. My issue is that you make no distinction between people who "have to hide" and people who "want to hide".

> I made no mention of that retarded 'nothing to hide nothing to fear' crap, you did.
You did - as soon as you failed to make the above distinction, you treated people who want to hide but have nothing to fear as being in the same group as people who NEED to hide. For example, you said TOR is only really used by "uber nerds, pedophiles and bot nets".. So - anyone who uses TOR because they want to hide, who isn't an uber nerd or a bot is.. a pedophile?

I'm simply pointing out that your argument basically strips down the internet population into - precisely - those who have nothing to hide and those who need to hide. Not only are the two not mutually exclusive, but it completely ignores the category that the majority of people fall into who want to keep their privacy - those who have nothing to hide but want to hide anyway.

Your line of thinking is very near to treating anyone who uses encryption, or encrypted channels, or any means of trying to secure the communications, pre-emptively criminal. It's a line of thinking that needs to be stamped out whenever it's seen.

Comment So, what's the mission? (Score 1) 433

Heard Rep. Tommy Williams on talk radio today, and he didn't seem satisfied with his security briefing since it didn't seem to answer three questions: What's the mission, what's the exit strategy, and what's it going to cost? While exit strategy and cost are valid questions, before we do ANYTHING, we need to have a clear, achievable, defined mission before we put our sons and daughters at risk. And if Obama is waffling on who's drawing the 'red line', especially in the absence of any other country giving a crap about that 'red line', you need to tell me what this 'Mission' is about before we go jumping in all by ourselves here.

Comment Re:a few hours for one key would be good (Score 1) 236

If you're not concerned, you should be. You might not be worried about the government having access to your private information because you figure you're not a target and if they come after you, there's a lot worse they can do than read your data. But in a year or two thieves will be able to crack what the NSA can crack now. They don't want to put you in jail. They just want your money and if you think the NSA hasn't much respect for the law, watch how little the thieves have.
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Comment Rise in malware (Score 1) 236

Could this explain why a hacked version of Firefox with NSA homing was discovered?

What are the odds of the NSA inserting malware to track users and then send the info to the FBI for prosecution? Could a user using a legit torrent hit a node and have this spyware installed from installing CENTOS for example?

Comment Re:Keep the Distraction Machine Running (Score 2, Interesting) 433

Iraq bait-n-switch? You need to spend less time getting third hand information and more time finding it yourself.

Here is the Iraq war resolution. Pay special attention to the whereas lines. They lay out the official reasons we went to war and to the best of my knowledge, the only one that has turned out to be untrue was the continuing WMD programs and stockpiles. Those reasons were the ones argued going into the war by Bush and Company.

  The problem with the WMDs was that Iraq was trying to make it appear that they had them when they didn't and purposely thwarted efforts to verify their destruction per the UN security council resolution 686 (march 2 1991) and 687 (March 3 1991) that Iraq conceded to March 5th. If you think the WMDs were made up, then ask yourself why the government would lie to get us into a war and not put WMDs in the sand somewhere to keep it's citizens trusting of it. The bottom line was that Saddam feared Iran would find it a weakness if they verified they had no WMDs so he refused to allow that to happen.

You likely would have had better results if you used the Gulf of Tonkin as your example of being played REALLY badly

The whole story is an outright lie - to set up a desired chain of events, where striking Syria illegally will create an incident that can be trumped up as Iranian in origin, thus justifying an attack on the actual desired target.

I don't dispute this could all be a ruse. But the orders from Iran was a so called order if the US acted not something that would cause the US to act. We already know Iran feeds terrorist organizations and we already know who those organizations are. We have been able to piece the puzzles together since the mid 1980's.

In all seriousness, and I will likely be modded down for this because it's a negative on Obama. But he is a rank amateur in office who was attempting to gloat in some glory and made a statement that he is trying to wiggle out of. He drew a red line, he made a statement trying to act like the kid in class who wants to be more special or important then they are willing to be. He is the arm chair quarterback who thinks they can play the game better then those playing but when push comes to shove, refuses to suit up and get hit. So he made a statement, he is finding all sorts of opposition on it. England wants nothing to do with us on it as well as most of Europe. Russia warns us about getting involved (they are still pissed we ignored them on Libya). Russia claims the chemicals used were not weapons grade and the delivery mechanism was not military grade. They published that report with the UN. This could very well be a defining moment that restarts the cold war.

This release equivalence of "all hell will break loose if we bomb Syria because Iran is making sure of it" is most likely an attempt to persuade congress to deny authorization. I don't think Obama had any intent of changing his calculus in the first place and either made the statement to feel powerful at the time or in the hopes that it would completely deter any usage of the chemical weapons. Now he is backed into a corner and I think he is strongly attempting to find a way out. If congress denies his use of force, he can blame them. The so called war weary citizens will be even more vocal now that it is known that we (not just our ally Israel) will be attacked by known terrorist organizations backed and funded by Iran.

Comment Re:Interesting - Epic is open source, founder (Score 2) 223

Epic is open source code. Sorry, we're a very small team and Chromium is a HUGE code base and we've made tons of code changes all over the place. We've been working very hard to get to this release, and haven't had a chance to release our code in an organized way. Anyone who wants to know any changes or see any code is more than welcome to e-mail me anytime -- alok@hiddenreflex dot com . Sorry for the delay again,

Comment Re:Guess who is funding Tor? (Score 0) 236

Tor was not created by the Air Force. Initial work was funded by the Office of Naval Research via the Naval Research Laboratory. See: You can also see a list of funders here:

Air Force, Navy... point is, it was developed by the military. And it is used by the Air Force... I just noted that the first military link in the google search came up with this... and as the Air Force is the one spearheading the 'cyberwarfare' initiative in our military, it made sense that the Air Force would be the maintainer of military assets within the Tor network...

Comment Re:And if they do this, we have to do that, and... (Score 1) 433

good let someone else do something for a change.

Let iran and syria claim the west was scared. the USA has literally marched and rolled over countries in the blink of an eye.

The full on assault of Libya, and Iraq took 14-20 days. and we rolled over their defenses with minimal to no losses of our own. Do you honestly think iran would last longer than 30 days againist a full on military strike?

The problem is not the initial strike and devastating military blow but the aftermath. the long term engagement planning. the USA simply doesn't plan for more than 6 months into the future. It is why we keep getting bogged down into quagmires. We remember the revolutionary war and bam George washington was president, and we had a constitution. What is often forgotten is the articles of confederation lasted for the better part of ten years before we got it right and we didn't have Britain, or France breathing down our backs trying to "help" us. while the French supported us we forced the british out we started the fight and we finished the fight. you can not build nation from the outside it must be built inside. these muslim countries don't want freedom and democracy they want Ayatollah's and dictators.

Stay the fuck out of syria. Let them use chemical weapons on each other. Islam is heading for a full on civil war between shia and sunni's. It is going to make the Spanish inquisition the protestant reformations look peaceful. Stay the fuck out of the area and let them kill each other. You can't change their mind so you might as well not get your hands bloody.

I think what you are trying to say is that the US military is really good at devastating an enemy's infrastructure, but that the US government is inept at nation (re-)building.

The US should only be getting in wars that it intends to win via annihilation of the opponent's military capability. The US hasn't yet mastered the art of regime change, so it should avoid it. I don't mean this as an insult, Russia can't do it either. In fact, killing part of population and then attempting to convince the survivors to do what you say during an occupation may just not be a tractable approach to nation building.

With the US's currently capabilities, it's really a binary choice: completely destroy or leave alone.

Comment I am Epic Founder -- fingerprinting (Score 1, Troll) 223

Epic blocks loads of fingerprinting scripts which is quite effective in terms of general surveillance that goes on. To otherwise make your browser is un-fingerprintable is very hard to solve unless you block Flash which effectively "breaks the internet". It's no more/less fingeprint-able by the way than any other browser -- and in general you're much safer since we block the known companies that do use fingerprinting. If you're Edward Snowden and you're being targeted, well that's a different story!

Comment Re:you know hell has frozen over (Score 1) 531

The relevant bit is the absolute-fuckton of money they get for being a (according your the jist of your post) grassroots organization. It's pretty unreasonable.

IIRC, the people who dug out their accounting books have found out that more than half of their funding comes from member dues and individual donations. You may consider the people who donate so much to them unreasonable - or perhaps the fact that so many people are willing to do so unreasonable - but I don't see what this has to do with them being or not being grassroots.


MIT's Inflatable Antennae Could Boost Small Satellite Communications 52

coondoggie writes "Researchers at the Massachusetts's Institute of technology say they have developed an antenna for small satellites (known as cubesats) that can fold into a compact space and inflate when in orbit. The inflatable antenna lets a CubeSat transmit data back to Earth at a distance seven times farther than that of existing CubeSat communications."

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I Have a Bit of Time

    Drive for 25 minutes from downtown, the freeway will take you to delightful village of Howick. Taste the food of stroll around the charming specialty shops. Explore the uniqueness of All Saints Church and the historical village Howick. If you want to go outdoors then relax at Buckland’s beach- a great spot to enjoy fish and chips, enjoy ice- cream with action of water. If you are a golfer then go and enjoy the panoramic views of Hauraki Gulf while playing Golf at Howick Golf Club.

I Have a Plenty of Time

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Comment Re:Legal immigration (Score 1) 443

Another reason it seems you are not serious is that your questions are backwards. I've heard of lots of Americans moving to Australia and hating it. Moving *away* from something will bring misery. Moving *to* something will work much better. You don't know where you want to go, it'll likely not work out. Already stating that the obvious choices (England and Australia) are unfit also indicates a lack of genuine commitment.

For me, I moved with about $10,000 and did just fine. But I'd started looking for a job after permanent residency was awarded, but before I moved. I had job offers before I moved. I'd also looked at job sites before deciding where to go, to gauge the market.

Once you pick a place you want to move, the way to qualify differs. Australia has a skilled migrant worker program, and the UK closed their equivalent. You must have a job offer to get residency in the UK. There are usually a pile of immigration "experts" that claim they can help. I didn't use one, and didn't have any trouble.

If I move again, it'll likely be to Spain. I've given up on the "must have English as the only language" rule. I've no idea if you must pass a Spanish test to get citizenship in Spain, I think you do in Australia and the UK (for English), and I also looked at some other EU countries, and most required proficiency in the official language for citizenship. I wouldn't move anywhere I couldn't stay forever. What's the point.

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Comment Re:Guess who is funding Tor? (Score 2, Interesting) 236

"A cell phone left on in a soldier's pocket during an operation led to the death of a half dozen marines when enemy combatants used the signal to figure out when they were leaving base... and they planned an ambush."


You won't find one. Another example; Stealth bombers are really great at being stealthy until they're over the target and open the bomb bay doors. Then they're as visible to radar as flying barns. Which is why usually, ahead of the actual strike, a HARM missile is deployed. It's not actually a missile though, but rather a high altitude bomb that, when released, deploys a parachute and sits over the target looking for active radar signatures. When it finds one, off goes the parachute and on comes GPS-guided death. Well, as it turns out, the frequencies used for radar are the same ones used by microwaves. A fork jammed into the security interlock, door removed, and microwave pointed upwards... looked exactly like a radar site. $10 microwave meets $50,000 bomb. And once the bomb has blown up your $10 microwave, you can flip on your actual radar sites, lock on to the stealth bombers, and shoot them down with relative ease. You won't be getting a citation for that either... partly because that er... problem... has been fixed with newer electronics, but mostly because stuff like that being on the internet really is a matter of national security.

So no, no citation for you. But you can feel free to google for 'operational security' and 'cell phone', and note that every branch of the military has rules about this sort of thing. Those rules weren't created because of an abstract hypothetical... like most rules in the military, they were purchased with blood.

Comment Re:Bull (Score 1) 204

I think you may be drawing unintended semantic distinctions—I would not say that a "process" of evolution would be any different than a "mechanism." It happens, it happens in a way, that way is predictable. (Excepting of course for the stochastic realities of quantum randomness.) I did not mean to suggest there is some agent picking the exact direction of evolution, only that, if an organism's functioning is not based around some mechanism whose behaviour is primarily predictable, then evolution has nothing to optimize, and would be impossible.

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An anonymous reader writes: Testing laboratories are important in detecting and providing treatment for any medical condition. Different techniques are used for detecting different types of STD’s. SCL Lab Dubai offers the latest and the best techniques for STD Testing Dubai.

Comment Re:Other than a few uber nerds (Score 1) 236

I'm not imposing anything on anyone. Far from it - I'm saying if people want to be left alone, then leave them alone. Unless you already have evidence they're committing a crime, then nothing they do is yours or my business. OP was saying "if you have to hide, stay off the internet". I'm saying that premise is offensive, primarily in that he's suggesting that people who "have to hide" are the same as people who "want to hide".

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: NASA launches robotic explorer to moon, orbiting craft will study lunar ... - Wa (

Washington Post

NASA launches robotic explorer to moon, orbiting craft will study lunar ...
Washington Post
NASA's newest robotic explorer rocketed into space late Friday in an unprecedented moonshot from Virginia. The LADEE spacecraft, which is charged with studying the lunar atmosphere and dust, soared aboard an unmanned Minotaur rocket a little before...
NASA rocket launch to the moon visible to East Coast tonightCNET
NASA robotic spacecraft lifts off to probe lunar dustReuters
Rocket launch lights up East Coast, sends NASA probe on moon
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Virgin Galactic successful in test of SpaceShip Two - New York Daily News (

New York Daily News

Virgin Galactic successful in test of SpaceShip Two
New York Daily News
Virgin Galactic announced Friday that it has done a second successful test run of a supersonic craft designed to boldy go where few tourists have gone before — outer space. The SpaceShip Two, or SS2 as it is being called, soared to 69,000 feet and eclipsed...
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Succeeds In Second Rocket-Powered FlightForbes

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