Comment Re:Getting tired here (Score 4, Insightful) 236

We have had 30 years of whispers, books, magazines and talks by past experts. We seem to have a generation of experts who seemed to allow their allowed hardware and software encryption to fail on a global scale.
So every new story adds to work mentioned in the past. In 30 years this would have been amazing news.
Getting all this crypto and telco news now is going to allow some very creative people to release some new software and hardware.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation, FFS. (Score 1) 417

Why is what a small minority of US residents think such a problem? I think it's more of a problem that proponents of so-called "climate change" can't make a credible argument and are reduced to spurious argument from authority fallacies. If climate change is really as bad as claimed, then your rhetorical incompetence is endangering us all.

Comment Re:And, um, (Score 1) 176

I thought about something similar a good bit in the 1980s when the Army was fielding Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE, cell phone for the field). It seemed a bit too centralized and fragile for my liking. Take out a few antenna sites and lose much of the comm for a whole division.

The idea was to make traffic analysis useless by drowning any listener in phony communications between nodes in a mesh network. You'd just scatter little relay nodes all over the battlefield.

The encrypted messages would look the same whether they were real or phoney. This was before GPS was online and you could also use signal timing to locate your troops the same way PLRS was proposed to. You'd have units trade the radios/nodes around so you couldn't identify them by key up signatures.

Figured that robots were a bit much at that time (and frankly, we didn't have the small enough compute power for a mesh system like this), but considered putting some of them on either wild or trained animals so they'd move and you couldn't easily see which were phoney because they were stationary for too long. Now robots would be do-able.

I tend to agree this may be the way things will proceed.
Now the doors are open to armed autonomous robots to do a lot of jobs.

Drones can be pretty sophisticated in behavior now and you don't have to write letters to their mom telling them why they won't be coming home.

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Comment Re:the government is spying on ME (Score 1) 123

It's ok friend you come to Russia! We got lots of PUSSY, DRUGS AND MONEYS!!!! You member of anonymous? We hire on SPOT! no questions. Even give you license to kill 5 people a year... We don't care... This is Russia!!! We land of glorious freedoms! Come, I show you. You meet famous ex-nsa man! He show you too. Now has many different PUSSIES to choose from plus bide to cook and clean... all state funded welfare for government spy workers.... it not ugly pussy... trick you like that... those for stupid people, no skill... You come visit.... Be guest, we give free list of credit card numbers when come and even programmer... you must give back, honor system.. programmers very expensive, so in demand! You not show anyone, all be good....

Yours in Moscow,

Comment Re:a few hours for one key would be good (Score 4, Informative) 236

This is good only if you work under the assumption that you will not disturb any entrenched interests. As a European who works for European companies with US competitors, I can not assume that no one will ever spend a few hours to know what is inside the mails I sent to my boss.

This is not an hypothetical case. In my last job we were in direct competition with IBM and were exchanging crucial pricing information through email. There has been precedents of ECHELON being used to gain economic intelligence (google "echelon airbus boeing" to learn about that)
User Journal

Journal Journal: Telexfree review

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but lot have happened and so it very important you take your time to read this no bias review on the telexfree opportunit (

Comment Re:Sorry.. (Score 1) 184

MS has back peddled on a number of issues surrounding what they will collect with the Xbox One. When the were called out on privacy concerns, they were slow to respond and vague in their answers. If a cell phone camera were to be abused, it is far less likely to produce a video that can end up on than a camera pointing at your couch that has a motor to point and track movement in a room.

And at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. MS crossed lines that offend wives. Whether those wives are rational or not is totally irrelevant. irrationally refusing to allow an Xbox One in their home is just as bad for MS as rationally refusing to allow and Xbox One in the house.

Comment Re:See what I did here? (Score 1) 236

It's a really good solution! It protects privacy, it's supported/maintained by really smart people who want to protect privacy, and (when using the most current version) gives the user strong privacy.

No, it doesn't, can you not read the title of the web browser you're using? Ignorance is exactly WHY its a shitty solution to the problem. People think it magically makes them safe when it does no such thing.

Who cares who else uses Tor? Who cares whether it creates protocol problems? Who cares whether pedophiles or botnets use the system?

Lots of sensible people. Those same people are smart enough not to put private shit on the Internet int he first place, which you clearly seem to ignorant to do. What kind of stupid response is this crap? Do you like spam? You want to use a network thats so plugged up with various forms of spam that you can't get a packet through to a useful host?

Tor won't solve your privacy problems, you think broadcasting them on a public network is a good idea. No amount of software will prevent you from doing stupid shit to give away all of your privacy.

The important bit, the one that has value to *me*, is that it can hide my identity.

There is no 'astroturfing' here, just your ignorance. Its not hiding you, you just don't get it yet.

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Comment Re:Electric Company (Score 1) 2

Since in networking, fair billing is generally considered to be 95th percentile of the data rate (not volume), that would amount to a fixed billing (since the connection only goes so fast).

The power company fairly charges for amount rather than rate because they have to burn fuel based on amount. ISPs have to deploy capacity based on rate but it costs the same when it is idle most of the time as when it is fully utilized.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Rocket launch lights up East Coast, sends NASA probe on moon trip - (


Rocket launch lights up East Coast, sends NASA probe on moon trip
An Orbital Sciences Minotaur 5 rises into the night from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in Virginia, sending NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer into space. A new kind of rocket that was assembled from ICBMs launched a NASA...
NASA rocket lifts off from Wallops Island, Va., facility on way to moon orbitWashington Post
Nasa's LADEE Moon probe lifts offBBC News
Liftoff! NASA Moon Probe Launches from Va. to Hunt 40-Year Lunar
CNN-CNET-Delmarva Now
all 346 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Facebook in fresh privacy row with new policy - GlobalPost (

New York Times

Facebook in fresh privacy row with new policy
Facebook is drawing fire from privacy activists again, after unveiling a new policy which could turn users' data and pictures into advertising. The new plan would "dramatically expand the use of personal information for advertising purposes," said a letter this...
Facebook Uses Your Photos In AdsDaily Gadgetry
Facebook Delays Controversial Privacy Policy ChangeHuffington Post
Facebook delays its privacy policy update till next weekTopNews United States
Law360 (subscription)
all 96 news articles

Comment Re:Other than a few uber nerds (Score -1, Troll) 236

Why are you using Tor for online banking? They already know who you are.

Everything you've listed as being private except online banking doesn't belong on the Internet. If you're hiding your self from your bank, there are so many other fucked up things in your world that continuing to reply is clearly a waste of time.

If you don't want people to know those things, Tor isn't the solution. Not putting it on a public network in the first place is.

Tor is a shitty solution because of ignorant statements by ignorant people like you. If you want privacy, get a clue and act like it.

Comment Re:See what I did here? (Score 1) 236

The important bit, the one that has value to *me*, is that it can hide my identity. It can hide the identity of people who are afraid of oppression, it can hide the identity of whistle blowers, it can hide the identity of people asking for help.

Actually, no, it can't. You're thinking of i2p, not Tor.

If you're confused, you need to read up on the major flaws and vulnerabilities in Tor that allow the NSA or enough controlling entities to de-anonymize anyone using Tor. In fact, the more Tor exit nodes, the easier it is.

The tremendous spike in users using Tor could be both in reaction to the NSA news, or proactive from the NSA ramping up their use of Tor to more-rapidly de-anonymize the traffic coming across those exit nodes.

Comment Re:It's old, too. . . (Score 1) 417

However, people studying climatology (call it bunk or pseudoscience if you will) are measuring similar values regarding climate. As they don't have as much geologic data to use, they can only trust their data back as far as it was recorded, which puts a completely different time window on it.

And a much weaker reliability on it.

Maybe I misunderstood you and your giggling was due to the whole issue being inconsequential on the geologic timeframe; but to dismiss something that may be affecting us now because it doesn't match up with what has happened during the period in which HSS isn't even a blip on the timeline is to miss the point -- if you're driving a car and it's going through all sorts of dips and turns, all it takes is a bit of over-correction and you're off the road. Messing with climate COULD move us from being in an Inter-glacial period to being at the end of the last glacial period this world ever sees (unlikely, but possible).

So what's the point of overstating our confidence in climatology data and modeling while simultaneously claiming considerable uncertainty to the chicken little level in what happens? Both can't be true.

Comment Re:Guess who is funding Tor? (Score 4, Interesting) 236

According to consolidated financial statements and reports of the Tor Project for the year ending December 2012, US Federal agencies are responsible for nearly sixty percent of funds received by the project. Tor has taken a defensive stand against this, but who knows?

Tor was created by the US Air Force. Surprise, surprise, they still want to fund it. Sooo, why did they create Tor? Well, as it turns out, we've got this massive high speed satellite and ground network we use for military purposes, which basically amounts to a compartmentalized version of the internet. And within that, because soldiers are away from home for months or years at a time, they decided to offer internet access to them. Often they're on board carriers, or deployed in places where a direct hookup isn't really feasible. And they want to make sure that all that traffic isn't pouring out at locations that can be easily monitored... because as much as operational security is drilled into soldiers, loose lips sink ships and all, they're still human. They can screw up.

So they needed some way of giving them internet access without making it pathetically easy for foreign powers to simply tap a couple key routers and see everything any soldier browses (Facebook anyone?)... Enter Tor.

Tor has over 13,000 exit nodes all over the world. And it's expensive to monitor every node. Not only that, but you have no idea where in the Tor network the traffic originated from -- is this J. Random Soldier, or Closet Gay Guy Looking At Porn? Noooobody knows. It wasn't meant to be high security. It's not meant to be totally anonymous; It's meant to make it difficult for small-time players like, say, Iran, to spy on our soldier's personal communications. Because this has happened, and it has killed people; A cell phone left on in a soldier's pocket during an operation led to the death of a half dozen marines when enemy combatants used the signal to figure out when they were leaving base... and they planned an ambush.

So Tor will be funded by our government for the conceivable future, and they have a vested interest in maintaining the security of the network to the point that it would cost an adversary more to 'break' the network than the intelligence value of the soldiers' personal internet browsing.

Does this worry me? Nope. Tin foil hat time? Not a chance. Don't use Tor for high value communications. But then... that goes for the public internet as well. If you want to secure high value communications, you build your own VPN, and then add code to have it transmit/receive at a constant rate to deter traffic analysis. Which, coincidentally, is what most financial institutions these days do.

Comment Re:Other than a few uber nerds (Score 0) 236

Am I supposed to be impressed at your reply? Did I hit a nerve?

I said nothing about people who want privacy.

I'm a firm believer in privacy, I'm not just no so retarded that I use PUBLIC NETWORKS for PRIVACY and then bitch about it.

You're ignorant of well known and cited reports about Tor usage.

Tor is a shitty solution to wanting privacy. Instead of ranting and ruffling around trying to look cool on slashdot perhaps you should get off your ass and act in that place called 'the real world' and stop voting for assholes who erode our privacy in far more damaging ways.

My new status? Whats that, I'm a foe of some douche on slashdot, OMG I'M GONNA GO CRY NOW. Seriously, grow up, get a clue, get out of your fucking moms basement and do something in the real world, judging by your UID you're what ... 40ish and you're still to stupid to realize that you have no privacy on a public network?

You utterly fail to understand why you have no privacy in the first place, you want to broadcast to strangers ... in secret.

For fucks sake, Tor was designed by the fucking US military, how stupid do you have to be to not realize they planned for ahead for dealing with public usage?

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Comment Re:well (Score 1) 236

Bruce Schneier himself advises avoiding elliptic-curve, as being intellectually tainted by the spooks. []

I didn't see any such recommendation in the linked article. However, there is a comment in this article in which he does make such a statement. Schneier seems to have reversed himself on advocating the use of elliptic-curve ciphers.

Comment Re:Toy? (Score 1) 479

Your definition is at odds with the accepted perception of toy. For example, say I have a real decorative samurai sword. Obviously it is only there for personal amusement, or possibly to help repel a home invasion. Now, if someone comes over and asks me, "is that a toy?" under your definition I should say yes. However, it is obviously irresponsible to answer in that manner because the likelyhood of this curious person cutting his fingers off trying to pick it up has just increased significantly.

Calling dangerous objects toys is almost as irresponsible as treating them like toys.

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Comment Re:At G-20 Obama To Putin (Score 1) 123

Nah how about...

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Comment Re:Hand Sanitizer (Score 1) 212

It can certainly upset the ratio among hundreds of bacteria species in the gut.

Another recent study showed blood cholesterol went way up in fat people who ate (fatless) meat, while it did not for vegan volunteers. They traced it to gut bacteria that processed carnitine and turned it into something that got absorbed and turned into cholesterol. Eat a lot and these bacteria multiply. The red meat itself may be a major cause of cholesterol, thus making "eat lean" not as good as you might think.

Another study found certain gut bacteria actually stimulated a nerve that went to the brain that induced stress, which in turn leads to abdominal belly fat, which in turn correlates with both heart disease and Type II diabetes insulin resistance in cells. More research on this chain is sorely needed too.

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Comment Re:Macintosh's ease of use (Score 0, Troll) 170

Your first link is not the app store, though. That would be the online Apple Store, you know like

That's nice. What about the second link, the one that shows that the app store can and does have malware in it, approved by Apple? The only reason Parallels Desktop isn't available in the app store isn't because Apple is concerned about security but because of an arbitrary restriction that everything purchased online be in a self-contained .app file. Whoopie.

Both you and the other guy abjectly refused to notice that link, instead focusing on the first one -- as if Apple's requirement that online purchases be self-contained somehow is a bar against security breaches or behavior like that under discussion.

But you know... whatever. You can't argue with fanboys; No matter what you say, they'll take the most insignificant thing and say "See! See! This tiny little bit right here is wrong! You spelled the product name wrong! That means everything you said must also be wrong!"

And yet... I'm the troll...

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