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Comment Re:meanwhile, in Russia... (Score 1) 369

You're wrong. Snowden chose publicity as his defence, so not NSA, nor FSB could have easily "disappeared" him without repercussions.

What repercussions? Son, in case you hadn't noticed, Russia is a world superpower and has been adopting a stronger and stronger military stance ever since Putin seized control.

Tell that whole "public" business to Alexander Litvinenko, whom Russia not only assassinated him, but did so in a purposefully highly visible, slow, unpreventable way.

Nevermind you're assuming a Russian Snowden would have even had a chance to go public before he was killed or captured. The only other country I can think of that is as bold about their clandestine ops is Israel. Russian Snowden would get a bullet to the brain and written up as a street crime and the world wouldn't blink a single eye.

Comment Re:Oh yes, store the waste (Score 1) 74

You recall correctly. I should add a disclaimer here as I do not wish to misrepresent my knowledge of the situation. I am not a nuclear engineer, I am an electrical engineer. I have some knowledge of physics, chemistry, and thermodynamic that applies to power plant operation but no intimate knowledge of Fukushima or any specific nuclear reactor, just general knowledge of how they work. With that out of the way...

Fukushima is (or perhaps more accurately, was) like most every nuclear power plant operating today. The reactor core is made of metals, which will begin to melt at somewhere around 2000C, and concrete, which will decompose at about 600C. The normal operating temperature is likely to be in the 300C to 450C range. Should cooling be lost the reactor temperature will rise. Even with the fission stopped by the control systems the fission products will still decay and produce a non-trivial amount of power. No cooling and the temperature will almost certainly rise to the point where the materials holding it together will fail.

Fukushima required active cooling to prevent this melt down. They had the primary pumps that ran off the steam from the reactors. There was emergency cooling that ran off electricity. There was most certainly a system or several for the conditions in between the two. With the primary pumps down because the reactor was not operating there was only the secondary systems operating. These needed electricity to operate. The tsunami knocked out the grid power and the on-site backup generators. What remained was battery power.

When the batteries ran out things got hot. Hot enough to disassociate water and melt most steels, over 2000C. The water not only boiled it broke down into hydrogen and oxygen. With all this stuff breaking down because of the heat the fuel would fall away from the control systems and pile up on the bottom of the reactor. It piled high enough that critical mas would be reached with the enriched uranium and some fission would occur. This makes things hotter.

This pile of hot fuel would burn through the metal and concrete until it melted and mixed with enough of that metal and concrete that it no longer had critical mass. My use of the words "runaway reactions" was a poor choice. The fission that occurs after loss of coolant didn't runaway like the "China Syndrome" myth but it was most certainly uncontrolled.

Modern reactor designs avoid this meltdown by using things like convective cooling, gravity fed cooling, unenriched fuel, and materials with more favorable thermal qualities. I've been doing some self study on molten salt reactors and there are some very nice safety features. One is a "freeze plug" that will melt and drain the liquid reactor fuel into tanks designed to prevent fission, and can be cooled with passive methods should temperatures get too high. Another safety feature is that the liquid fuel will boil away before the containment materials will melt. This is a last resort safety as we don't want radioactive gases floating into the atmosphere but this would be preferable to uncontrolled fission boiling away all the coolant and burning its way through the containment structure.

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Comment Re:So it has come to this (Score 3, Insightful) 531

I'm a firm believer in individual gun rights, and therefore I am most assuredly not speaking against our shared core beliefs on this topic, but I believe that historical accuracy is critical when discussing these matters. The term "well regulated" does not imply a standing army. Instead, in the context of the language of the period, it means "disciplined" or "well trained."

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Feed Engadget: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) reaches the FCC (

Samsung has already run the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear through the FCC; the company might as well complete its trifecta with the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition), right? Sure enough, the 10-inch slate has just been approved by the FCC as the SM-P600. This is a WiFi model, so there are few surprises in the filing -- the most exotic feature is the already known support for ANT+ sensors. Nonetheless, those wanting to try Samsung's latest flagship tablet will be glad to know that there's one less hurdle ahead of its American launch.

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Source: FCC

Feed Google News Sci Tech: NSA defeats many online security measures - Sydney Morning Herald (


NSA defeats many online security measures
Sydney Morning Herald
WikiLeaks fights global surveillance. The US National Security Agency (NSA) is winning its long-running secret war on encryption, using supercomputers, technical trickery, court orders and behind-the-scenes persuasion to undermine the major tools...
NSA defeats many online encryption effortsComputerworld
Edward Snowden leak shows spy agencies break Web encryptionNDTV
NSA uses supercomputers to crack Internet encryption codesZee News
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Facebook's privacy policy won't be finalized for another week - CNET (

Economic Times

Facebook's privacy policy won't be finalized for another week
The social network has faced backlash over language changes to its privacy policy during a review period. Does this mean it'll do some more wordsmithing? Dara Kerr. by Dara Kerr. September 5, 2013 9:21 PM PDT. Follow @darakerr. After a review on the...
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Comment Re:Who leaves money in a paypal account. (Score 2) 443

Failing to use it reduces your customer/client/whatever base

So I risk alienating a potential customer and their money, thus should accept paypal and risk having that customer send me money that I quite possibly will never see?

Doesn't sound like too much of a risk either way as both end up with me not getting paid, so might as well go the least effort route.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Japan's DoCoMo Surrenders to iPhone Demand - Wall Street Journal (

Wall Street Journal

Japan's DoCoMo Surrenders to iPhone Demand
Wall Street Journal
After years of losing subscribers to rivals, NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan's largest mobile carrier, plans to start carrying Apple Inc.'s iPhone this autumn, people familiar with the company's plans said Friday. This marks an about-face for DoCoMo, which has more...
Apple Said to Near Deal With Japan's DoCoMo to Sell IPhone (1)Businessweek
Apple Said to Near Deal With Japan's DoCoMo to Sell IPhoneBloomberg
Good news for Apple: Japan's largest mobile carrier, Docomo, will start selling ... VentureBeat
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Comment Re:Note that it's against the rules (Score 1) 164

Only in theory. In practice, they'll reverse your edits if you're anonymous.

"They" will revert vandalism and other inappropriate edits regardless of whether you are logged in or not. Likewise "they" often keep good edits from editors who are not logged in. Feel free to provide links here to reasonable edits (as diffs) that were reverted just because you were "anonymous", and I'll probably be able to tell you exactly why they were reverted. (Disclosure: I am a frequent editor of Wikipedia - registered with a different name there to what I use here.)

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Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 278

>. I should be able to charge whatever I want to license the patents I own.

Except that these patents were promised to be FRAND and hence were included in the standard implemented in hundreds of millions of routers and videos. Turning around and extorting based on those is breach of contract, plain and simple, which the jury agreed with.

Don't you think FRAND patents should have restrictions on them or should, say Nokia, be allowed to charnge $10B dollars for licensing patents related to your phone being able to talk to millions of 3G GSM towers around the world?

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Comment you seriously need to back up that claim (Score 2) 607

how do we know that the session keys are chosen securely and not divulged with steganography somehow? I know that products have existed which did exactly that, revealing part of the encryption key in the encrypted data stream (and I know that because the vendor was fairly open about the practice).

If you're going to make such a massive claim, you need to back it up. Name the vendor/manufacturer and equipment, or I, and every other slashdot reader, will consider this bullshit.

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Minyak atsiri (essensial oil) adalah cara yang bagus untuk menjaga kesehatan dan kecantikan sehari-hari. Berikut 10 jenis minyak (

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Comment Re:I hate the new interface (Avid user for 10+ yea (Score 1) 331

Correction. I just checked, and I have 223 groups at Yahoo!Groups.

Another thing I don't like about the new UI is that the urls for the pages are different now. That's going to take a while to get used to and to learn the new syntax.

One thing I do like about the new format is the look of the group home page. However, I can't see how to edit the backdrop image. hunt hunt.

Comment Re:Still scapegoating the black democrat (Score 1, Insightful) 588

The post isn't scapegoating anybody but stating facts.

By 2012, more debt was added during Obama's presidency than both of W's terms.

Obama promised to end both wars and close Guantanamo. None of those happened.

Obama signed the warrantless wiretap extension in 2012 after claiming he would end the practice in 2008.

His presidency has seen programs like PRISM vastly expanded beyond what W started.

Lastly, the saber rattling and threats of military strikes against Syria is clearly happening during his presidency.

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