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Comment Re:One man's garbage (Score 1, Informative) 74

Can you cite an example of "lots of radioactive steel parts" becoming cars?

The Goiania Incident came close. The radioactive waste was stolen and sold to a scrapyard, and the only thing that prevented it from being recycled into new steel was that the scrapyard workers started dying.

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New York Times

Samsung Intros Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, Note 10.1, Note 3 Phablet
Samsung continues to innovate around its S Pen and gigantic displays, but it's the Galaxy Gear smartwatch that all eyes are on for now. Samsung, as promised, introduced a smartwatch and a new phablet at a live-streaming event in Berlin Sept. 4.
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Yahoo's new logo sports dancing exclamation point
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CEO Mayer refashions Yahoo's iconic marqueeUSA TODAY
How Yahoo Picked a New Look For An 18-Year-Old
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Wall Street Journal

Beijing iPhone Launch Event Fuels Speculation
Wall Street Journal
Between quicker China launches and expanding retail outlets, Apple Inc. has taken a number of steps over the past two years to focus on China, now the world's largest smartphone market. The most recent of these steps is giving the country its own iPhone...
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Nokia turns to gamification to attract developers
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Sony Cybershot QX100 and QX10 'Lens-Style Cameras' fully revealed ahead of ...
With less than a day left until Sony's much-anticipated attachable smartphone lens cameras goes official, details of the pricing, availability and full specifications of the 'Lens-Style Cameras' have been leaked. Sonyalpharumors has revealed full details about...
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Comment Re:Oh yes, store the waste (Score 1) 74

If it's radioactive then it is fuel. It may not be high quality fuel but the decay of those radioactive elements will add to the heat output of the reactor. I recall that it's somewhere between 5% and 20% of the heat output of a contemporary nuclear reactor comes from the short and medium half life fission products. Given that nuclear reactors are already designed to contain radioactive materials for something on the order of decades it seems to make sense to put these radioactive materials into reactors. Not only is the problem contained it adds to the power output of the fuel. We do not have to bury the fission products any more. The so called "need" to bury the stuff is based on an old policy against reprocessing of fuels, which was based on an unfounded fear of diverting spent fuel towards weapons production. Policy makers, engineers, and scientists have realized that making bigger and bigger piles of radioactive junk is a real bad idea, especially if the fear is of someone getting a hold of the stuff to make weapons.

Your estimation on the cost of a nuclear reactor accident also seems to be based on old concepts and old reactor designs. The reactors at Fukishima were generation one and two designs. These required powered safety systems, enriched fuels, and are therefore prone to runaway reactions. Third and fourth generation, and even advanced second generation, reactors do not require power to shut down safely. These newer designs also do not require enriched fuel. If we put the enriched "spent" fuel from older reactors, even if diluted with the fission product "waste", into a modern reactor we'd be able to burn up that stuff and turn it into energy. New designs cannot have runaway fission like old designs. If containment is lost then fission with end. No fission means no more fission products or heat is produced. Without zirconium metals or graphite in the reactor means plain ordinary water can be dumped on the reactor without the fear of feeding or spreading a fire.

In addition I believe the damage from the failure of Fukishima is overblown. It seems to me that the desire to contain the radioactive materials from the damaged power plant is counter productive, they are putting more people at risk than they have to by this policy. I believe they should work on a method of controlled release of the materials into the ocean. The ocean is already radioactive, adding a little bit more can't hurt. Hastily constructing containment pools, and piling up soluble radioactive materials, is just asking for that crap to get released into the environment in the next earthquake, storm, or tsunami.

Maybe they need to find a few old oil tankers, fill them up with all the radioactive crap, float them out to the deepest ocean crevice that they can find, and sink them. What doesn't get diluted on the way down in an unfathomable amount of seawater will get buried in sediment.

Comment Re:open source office suite will never succeed (Score 1) 72

With Windows I can do everything I want, but with Linux I can only do maybe about 80%-90%. Close, but it's those edge cases which tend to burn you and make you question why you're trying to be different - and whether you're being different because you think it's better, or whether you've spent too much time on Linux forums with similar people who've convinced you that Linux is the better option.

I don't want to turn into an intolerant Linux zealot. I still want to retain at least some ability to communicate with 90%+ of the rest of computing users with respect.

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Comment Re:MORE DISINFORMATION (Score 4, Informative) 234

As to the difference between drone attacks and crucifixion, it's very hard for a drone attack to deliberately kill someone in two to three days of agony, while that's the point of crucifixion.

If you burn somebody on 50% of his body, with napalm or conventional weapons, he's going to die in two or three days of agony as painful as anything else he could suffer.

If I gave you a long list of U.S.-supported torturers who were just as bad, would that change your opinion? Start with Pinochet.

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Comment Re:Sorry.. (Score 1) 184

I think you are wrong about it being techies that will kill the Xbox One. It is going to be wives. There is no way that an XBox One will ever be in my house. It is irrelevant whether I want one or not. The minute my wife heard about an always on connection and camera, there was no way she was going to allow one in our home. I have heard several of her friends make the same comments. None of the care about consoles. All they care is that there is never an Xbox One brought into their homes.

Out of curiosity, I asked a couple of them if MS's change of policy was going to have any effect on their stance concerning the XBox One, and every one of them were absolutely clear that there was no way that an XBox One would be in their home irrelevant of any policy changes MS made.
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Comment Re:MORE DISINFORMATION (Score 5, Insightful) 234

I was one of the Taliban's torturers: I crucified people

How do you think they should be referred to?

Well, let's take a look at your facts. According to this story, the Taliban, if that's what this man is referring to, were supported by the U.S. to fight the Soviets. So at that time, they weren't our enemies. They did the same brutal murders (of Najibulla, for example) and the U.S. smiled and patted their heads.

Now they switched alliances and they're "our" enemies.

I don't think dividing the world into "good guys" and "bad guys," depending on whether they're committing brutal murders on our behalf or against it, is useful.

For that reason, I don't think the term "enemies" is useful either. Historians don't use that word.

Comment Re:FACTUAL REPORTING (Score 1, Troll) 234

Damn! This US intelligence is SO GOOD it kills "Al Qaeda" guys THREE TIMES!

So you're saying intelligence can be wrong? Fascinating. Based on my prior reading on Slashdot I understood that it couldn't be actually wrong, but simply used to lie the US into wars. You seem to be giving credence to the report that Saddam had his government lie and behave as if it was still in possession of chemical weapons to fool Iran but got more than he bargained for with a war involving the US.

You might be the most insightful when you don't intend to be.

If there are intelligence problems as you acknowledge, I wonder how much better the US would be if it were to stop intelligence surveillance of terrorists completely as some people have been suggesting. I think I've seen that picture before.

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Comment Re:How do I? (Score 1) 190

Let's put it this way: The Chinese Junk is the best boat ever made. It's harder to sail than a modern sail boat, but functionally superior when handled properly.

I think that you will have to define the functions that you think are important for that to be true. Look at the boats used in the Vendee Globe: planing keelboats sailed by one person. Far, far faster than any Chinese Junk. So, clearly, speed is not a function that you think is important.

Comment How about apps to alert about true issues? (Score 1) 136

Where can I get the app to alert me; if there's a need to evacuate the building? Specifically.... if there's a fire in the crowded theatre; I want an app to alert me immediately, so I can scramble for the door, and get out first: trampling anyone who dare stand in my way.

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Comment Re: Who cares about the polygraph? (Score 1) 213

How do you know the FBI doesn't already have a file on each of us going back 15 years? How do you know they don't just have it sitting in databases and decide to simply look it up when they are authorized?

Take the tinfoil hat off. This is the same US government that loses hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue annually because they don't even have a system to track your W-2 statements automatically for tax purposes. But you think they have a 15 year file with everything online about 300 million citizens? Why bother with that if you can't even make people pay taxes?

Yes, we all think modern government surveillance is creepy and illegal, but let's not give the government more credit for intelligence or reach than it is actually due. The government has neither unlimited money or unlimited access, despite what Slashthink tells you.

Comment Re:Espionage (Score 1) 234

"How is it that any company seems to report on leaked documents for profit rather than turn over documents [which could potentially carry information detrimental to the safety of millions of people] to the proper authorities?"

Because their country taught them to.

Either to fight against the tyranny of governments with secret reports, or because capitalism is the religion of america and therefor leads to a greater good (for someone). Either opinion is equally likely to be true. The only difference being the political leanings of the observer.

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Comment Re:clueless management (Score 1) 72

Was going to mod you troll....but I just tried your example. New writer doc, opened a .bmp file in a photo viewer....ctrl+c...switch to writer ctrl+v and there it is a bitmap pasted into writer.

So exactly what part are you having difficulty with? Are you trolling or is this a real difficulty for you?

As a side note, this method works with .jpg and .png files....I didn't have any convinent files with other extensions.

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