Comment Re:MORE DISINFORMATION (Score 1, Insightful) 234

The Taliban has already attempted a bombing in New York City. Thankfully the bombing failed. The terrorist was captured, put on trial, and convicted. I believe other Afghans have been checked up on for possible misdeeds as well.

Besides trying to overthrow the Pakistani government, and retake Afghanistan, there are now hundreds of Taliban fighters in Syria. They are becoming a menace across the world. They might even make it to your land - Canada.

Al Qaida declared war on the US and took the Taliban with them for the ride. Have you ever blamed them for any misdeeds or murder?


Comment Re:Why are they called cells? (Score 3, Informative) 234 provides some background.
Ireland is really a great place to start in terms of operational cells and how the UK was able to 'buy'/'spy' their way in once a few members where connected.
If the enemy get in deep, internal security structure can be persuaded to hunt their own cells.
Cells were great for sneaker net but with todays cell and net use - its getting more tricky.

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Alfred6gi writes: Reading Glass World has a huge selection of men's reading glasses and women's reading glasses, fashion reading glasses, slender travelers folding and compact reading glasses, reading glasses for computer use & various branded eye wear accessories.

Comment Re:Always been at war with Eurasia (Score 1) 234

It is a bit primitive. The "US is a sole superpower", "Russia lost power", etc.

The US and Russian are still capable to destroy each other several times over.

"something good" would be promoting education and development in the region. That's what it really needs. No one would mind it.

Comment Re:Embrace and extinguish (anonymity) (Score 2) 78

It is depressing. When I started using the web, an email address was important, but you could post on guestbooks (gasp!) without being forced to give it up. Later, email became your login handle and password reset tool, so you were forced to give it up. Back then it was not so natural to create 4 or 5 addresses, and the mental burden was similar to being asked by a stranger what your cellphone number is.
Now, you're like one question away from needing to give not your home number, but your PERSONAL number. It must be a cell because texts are a given. We all know how cell tech is built for GPS monitoring.

Exposition done, I created a hotmail address for someone**. We had to give a phone number or a secondary email address. For older people who you're helping out, which happens to me often, this is a pain because they do not have one. Hotmail wanted a phone, and we were forced to give them THAT. I felt cheated. At least they let you give a non-cellphone number with a voice-based reset system.

This morning I clicked on a link to open a Google App ID or something similar for work and they wanted to "verify" my identity to even let me read someone else's project. Google doesn't play around and they forced a cellphone-only choice. I imagine that in some poor countries, this becomes a pain. The depressing part is that people don't beat around the bush for identification steps. I declined, and every one of these traps makes me use Google less and less.

**I don't know what happened to the ol' password-reset link of days past. That predates security questions, but the latter seem of dubious use because they're easy to guess and rarely customizable.

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Journal Journal: Test

What can I say? Test Always great stuff from Staci!! (

Comment FACTUAL REPORTING (Score 3, Insightful) 234

Thank god. The CIA makes SURE that the TRUTH is out there! Like, way, way out there...

In Dec. 2012 it was reported Said al-Shihri, supposedly an "al Qaeda number two", was killed.

It was the third time, according to "official sources", informed by Intelligence, the US reported they'd killed him

And another Three-fer was Abu Yahya al-Libi, which the US claimed to have killed 2 times before they yet again claimed to have killed him in June 2012.

Damn! This US intelligence is SO GOOD it kills "Al Qaeda" guys THREE TIMES!

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A leading ballet teacher of the National School of Dance of Portugal and former prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre, told Victoria: “You are a real academician, something I have always lacked and I wish I had in my possession.” I participated in this conversation when we were on a trip to a ballet competition in China.

When a former or acting ballet dancer with rich professional experience obtains a university teacher’s education, the students will really benefit. Time is such an important non-renewable resource, both for parents and students, that using it wisely or wasting it can really make a big difference in the future of a dancer.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch and Other Wearable Smart Devices: photos - Wall Street (

Wall Street Journal

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch and Other Wearable Smart Devices: photos
Wall Street Journal
J.K. Shin, who leads Samsung Electronics, presented the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch at the IFA consumer-electronics show in Berlin Sept. 4. The touch-screen watch weighs 2.47 ounces and comes with a 1.9-megapixel camera in the strap. A built-in...
Samsung aims to redefine future of smartwatchesUSA TODAY
Samsung Galaxy Gear: Is this what we really want out of a smartwatch?Fortune (blog)
Galaxy Gear smartwatch apps keep you fit, social, ...CNET
Bloomberg-VentureBeat-Los Angeles Times
all 1,764 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Microsoft Wins Jury Ruling in Motorola Patent Case - New York Times (blog) (

Business Recorder

Microsoft Wins Jury Ruling in Motorola Patent Case
New York Times (blog)
SEATTLE — Microsoft said on Wednesday that a jury in federal court had decided in its favor in a dispute over Motorola Mobility's licensing of so-called standard, essential patents used in Microsoft products. Bits...
UPDATE 1-Microsoft says wins patent trial against Google's MotorolaReuters
Brand champ: Microsoft-Nokia bests Google-MotorolaUSA TODAY
Jury sides with Microsoft in patent battle with MotorolaThe Seattle Times
TechCrunch-ZDNet (blog)-CNET
all 19 news articles

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Feed Engadget: ASUS unveils budget X102BA laptop with 10-point touch and AMD inside (

ASUS' new Zenbook UX301 and second-gen Transformer Book a little too rich for your blood? You'll be glad to hear that the company has announced what appears to be a more down-to-Earth ultraportable, the X102BA. As suggested in rumors, the laptop is ultimately a rival to Acer's 11-inch Aspire V5. While the X102BA sports a smaller 10.1-inch touchscreen, it uses the same 1GHz Temash-based AMD processor and should offer both healthy battery life and quicker-than-usual integrated graphics. The base 2GB of RAM and 320GB hard drive won't impress anyone, but ASUS is sweetening the pot by offering a free copy of Office 2013 Home & Student with every model. The company isn't providing launch details just yet; still, we wouldn't be surprised if the X102BA is priced well within the budgets of returning students.

Filed under: Laptops, ASUS


Via: AnandTech

Source: ASUS

Comment Re:Oh yes, store the waste (Score 1) 74

The real danger of nuclear power is the almost unfathomable cost of a reactor accident

Well, the Fukushima accident was quite fathomable. About $10 billion though it might go up a little with the new leak problem.

Imagine for a minute the implications of a Fukishima type accident at a US site on a major river.

Well, that probably would be less just due to the much cheaper value of US land.

Every city downstream of the accident would have to be evacuated.

Or they could just tell people not to swim in the river or drink the water for a few weeks. Maybe not eat the fish for a while.

The small neutron cross section means that you CANNOT burn them up in a reactor.

But it also means these particular isotopes aren't poisoning your fission reaction in the first place. So no reason to take them out of the fuel rod unless you have a better use for them (say in nuclear batteries or RTGs).

Comment Re:Clean energy (Score 1) 142

Free Energy (if it ever happens) will so fundamentally change thinking that it's hard to conceive of the results. Pollution would be a good thing. You'd then mine the atmosphere for elements, and combine them as you see fit. Yes, with 100% free energy, you could pump trillions of tons of air through cleaners, and make cars out of the pollution (though likely, that wouldn't happen exactly that way, but it'd be at least possible, and with "free energy" economically viable. Cleaning the air is trivial with unlimited free energy. You wouldn't need a space elevator, and space travel would be free. Though free energy says nothing about storage or transport efficiencies. But make a free energy plant on the moon, then use that as a satellite to launch other actions from. Fly to the asteroid belt, shoot asteroids at the moon, and mine the craters. You could shoot them at the earth, but the atmosphere would ablate them, and the risk of injury is higher.

Comment Re:Isn't this what you would expect from a Creator (Score 1) 164

I'm a Bible-thumping Christian,* but I think Douglas Adams was on to something when the God in the Hitchhiker universe declared himself so openly that faith was no longer required, and instantly disappeared in a puff of logic.

Now, I'm not saying Adams was literally correct, but a God that asks us to have faith and a God that is so visible that faith is not required seems like an odd juxtaposition.

*Don't assume my reading of the Bible lines up exactly with any particular liberal or conservative reading of the Bible.

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Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 322

We are in agreement. When I recommend the show to people, I tell them to start with season 2 after reading a summary of season 1. Season 1 should only actually be watched by die-hard fans of the show, much like the last season of Highlander or the entirety of Star Trek: The Animated Series.

Comment Fear (Score 4, Insightful) 234

We're supposed to be afraid of these douchebags? We're supposed to fear their engineering "prowess"? Is that what this is supposed to mean?

They make underpants bombs that won't even work under the best of circumstances. I grew up in the Cold War. I feared Russian engineering, because they actually could lob a *nuclear* tipped missile over the North Pole or from a submarine (they never solved the "launch from under water" thing, though). And the both the Bush and Obama administrations were calling these underpants bombs "sophisticated." Bullshit. Complete, utter bullshit. You know what's sophisticated? Over-the-horizon radar. ICBMs. Nuclear submarines. Tsar Bomba even if it was impractical.

What is not sophisticated: IEDs. ANFO bombs. Flying planes into buildings. These are not sophisticated. These can be pulled off by people of average intelligence and just enough insanity to believe in their bullshit cause.

"But they have a world-wide network of engineers!!!1111ONE@#$@#$R"

What a lot of crap. All the engineering in the world isn't going to help you if you can't implement your "master plan" and the only logistics that they seem capable of is ground fightin' and IEDs. Bring down drones? There are governments that have been throwing money at this problem and Iran got just *one* drone to show for all their work, and it's even disputable that they got it by jamming GPS (which is possible if you've got a loud enough transmitter and a crappy enough receiver). That's not much of a return on investment.

When all you have is a bunch of mentally-ill (because this kind of religious devotion is mental illness) engineers and suicidal foot-soldiers, you really don't have a lot of bright people. You have dolts. Dedicated, but not too bright. Because if they were bright... well... I'll leave you with this apropos quote:

"Daniel Dravot: You are going to become soldiers. A soldier does not think. He only obeys. Do you really think that if a soldier thought twice he'd give his life for queen and country? Not bloody likely."



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aspose_seo writes: This Technical tip explains how to concatenate multiple TIFF images using Aspose.Imaging for .NET. Sometimes you need to concatenate a TIFF Image into another TIFF image and Aspose.Imaging supports this feature of concatenating multiple Tiff images. This article exhibits the TIFF image concatenation feature of Aspose.Imaging for .Net API. We will use TiffImage and TiffFrame classes to concatenate multiple TIFF images. We can use both standard methods, from file and from stream, to concatenate TIFF images. First, we will create a copy of the destination image to avoid any alteration to original image. Source images could be concatenated directly to the original destination image; it’s depending upon the requirement. Then we will create instances of images and load images from local disk. Now we will copy the active frame of source image using CopyFrame method of TiffFrame class and add that copied frame in destination image with the help of AddFrame method of TIffImage class. Finally we will save image back to local disk.

[C#] //Create a copy of original image to avoid any alteration
File.Copy(MyDir + "sample.tif", MyDir + "Testconct.tif", true); //Create an instance of TiffImage and load the copied destination image
using (TiffImage image = (TiffImage)Aspose.Imaging.Image.Load(MyDir + "Testconct.tif"))
                        { //Create an instance of TiffImage and load the source image
                                using (TiffImage image1 = (TiffImage)Aspose.Imaging.Image.Load(MyDir + "sample1.tif"))
                                { // Create an instance of TIffFrame and copy active frame of source image
                                        TiffFrame frame = TiffFrame.CopyFrame(image1.ActiveFrame); // Add copied frame to destination image
                                        image.AddFrame(frame); // save the image with changes.



'Create a copy of original image to avoid any alteration
File.Copy(MyDir&"sample.tif", MyDir&"Testconct.tif", True)

'Create an instance of TiffImage and load the copied destination image
Using image As TiffImage = CType(Aspose.Imaging.Image.Load(MyDir&"Testconct.tif"), TiffImage)

'Create an instance of TiffImage and load the source image
Using image1 As TiffImage = CType(Aspose.Imaging.Image.Load(MyDir&"sample1.tif"), TiffImage)

' Create an instance of TIffFrame and copy active frame of source image
Dim frame As TiffFrame = TiffFrame.CopyFrame(image1.ActiveFrame)

' Add copied frame to destination image
save the image with changes.


Overview: Aspose.Imaging for .NET

Aspose.Imaging for .NET is an image processing & manipulation component that allows developers to create, edit, draw or convert images in their .NET application. It allows developers to convert image files to PSD, BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF formats. Moreover a set of pens, brushes and fonts can be used to draw images or add new elements & text to existing images. Aspose.Imaging for .NET works well with both web & windows applications. Moreover, it adds the support for Silverlight platform.

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Comment Re: Who cares about the polygraph? (Score 1) 213

Re: Everything is on computer networks that a person wanted to type/search for. Chatrooms may give some insight but people can be trolling/trying/sucking up to become a mod or really just like the topic and hold back from anything too personal.
Images and comments on web 2.0 can be selected or rejected to build a brand or project quality or fun or prove a connection to some short term fad.
The internet allows a person to relax, think and search before committing anything down or to be very creative..
As for older family or even other family of the same age opening up online about the complexities of another family member....
Some are not online, may only use google or web 2.0 for hobbies and networking with community groups/shopping/hobbies/looking for fiction.
That pretty clear picture presented in the digital world can all be a front/joke/friend building/a collaborative fantasy.
As for friends who are not in their neighbourhood anymore - thats why the US gov did work nation wide to find real people. Cities, small country towns, dusty roads.
The insights and huge gaps in a persons past can be slowly worked out.
As for the Russians, once they have a list of people on a project/team of interest to them- they too will look. The bars/club/gym/book shop/cafe/hobby until a real person falls into place.
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An anonymous reader writes: Yesterday morning everything went wrong. I boiled my breakfast egg too long, forgot how to tie and even came late... So at night I was talking to a friend about this day and he programmed a little website for me, which reminds me of all the things I always forget. I think it wasn't a great work but if there are some more people than me who need this kind of website I'll ask him to improve it.
It's a nice, funny thing if you don't want to disgrace yourself. The directory of tutorials also includes things like sew a button, manage stress, calm a baby and some more. If you have ideas don't mind to submit them. Just type in what I was asking: "May (you) help me?"

Comment Re:Lots of people signed up from StackOverflow (Score 1) 78

I was looking for the Stackoverflow comment to post my concern* I never cared for openid until I found no other option to sign up and post a question there.
What are we gong to use at Stackoverflow after myopenid croaks? I don't use SO enough to care going there to ask or looking through a faq.

* Slashdot really needs a free-flow forum, because it's annoying having a question you can't ask elsewhere... or risk getting your question closed at the stackexchange sites. I've mulled this over before in another /. thread and the cons are that commercially Dice Holdings wouldsee it removing eyeballs away from the moderation and commenting on articles here.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 4, Informative) 234

Drones are far from cheap. Wikipedia puts MQ-1 Predator unit cost (as of 2010) at $4.03 million. How is that cheap?

F-15 Eagle: $30 million
F-14 Tomcat (Top Gun): $38 million
F-18 Hornet: $41 million
F-22 Raptor: $139 million

That's how it's cheap. Throw in the fact that when you shoot down a drone, you don't lose a pilot that cost years of expensive training that could easily run into a fair fraction of a million dollars to replace, and drones are as cheap as dirt.

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