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Comment Re:Silly me (Score 1) 459

The real lesson here (if there is one) is that the folks who are attempting to make a living giving career advice to young people haven't changed significantly in many decades.

That's half of the lesson: the other half is that it is unfortunately repeatedly necessary career advice, many people failing to grasp the difference between formal and informal language & behavior before reaching adulthood.

It is, unfortunately, too often necessary to remind people of this, and the real question is if Gen Y will deal with the fact that this is a long-term and rather ubiquitous memo.

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Comment Re:Get Past The Bucks (Score 1) 190

America's Cup

The history and prestige associated with the America's Cup attracts not only the world's top sailors and yacht designers but also the involvement of wealthy entrepreneurs and sponsors. It is a test not only of sailing skill and boat and sail design, but also of fund-raising and management skills.

It's still sailing at its best and sailing is one of the most graceful and productive things we've ever done. The yachts are elegant, no matter your hatred for the rich who own and sail them.

If you are speaking of the yachts in this race, I tend to agree. If you are speaking of yachts in general... I find some utterly ugly.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Informative) 190

Actually i watched some of the races in the run up to the cup and found it pretty interesting. The boats are sailing at as high as 50MPH with hulls nearly fully out of the water. There's tons of telemetry and the announcers are doing a decent job of explaining what's going on - it's actually fun to watch and you can see it takes a great deal of skill. Scoff if you want but I for one found it interesting, adding all of this telemetry really does add to it I think. It helps too that the boats are so damned advanced and fast!

Comment Re:How much RAM? (Score 1) 197

My router, provided by ISP and that I'm forced to use no matter what, does a lot of things already but not quite everything. What I want most is a ssh server with screen sessions. Eventually I'd hope to be able to wake the big PC up. Some "personal storage cloud" (bullshit for stuff that I can access from outside), even just some data on the computer's flash but 100% accessible, would be nice.

Comment Re:"miniscule" (Score 0) 190

Okay, from what I'm reading here, this sounds like a gross over-reaction and a lot of rich old people taking shit way, way, way too seriously

Seriously, who gives a shit about yacht racing? It's an aristocratic hobby for east coast snobs with too much money and not enough good sense. Meanwhile the world is just a few steps away from military action in the middle east that could easily escalate into another massive war and possibly even a world war if it draws in Russia, Iran and Syria on the one side and the United States, Israel and NATO on the other. Ellison and his friends sure do have a fucked up sense of priorities racing their damned yachts in the midst of an international crisis. A pox on all their houses I say.

Comment Re:Case for culling the human population (Score 1) 196

Do you have something against democracy? If the vast majority wants some profits to be shared so that people can live, the rich minority has to comply, or to install a dictatorship.

Beside, redistributing wealth is not socialism. I did not talked about seizing machines and move them to public ownership.

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ramsanjanna writes: Home Loan balance transfer is a product which gives the benefit of reducing your interest rates, EMI and tenure if there is any increase in interest rates of home loans. It is the product which each and every bank offers to their customers who have availed a loan already.

Comment Re:the answer is no (Score 1) 85

I live in a city where suburban sprawl happened a long time ago (maybe like 2 decades). The city and local companies are still giving incentives for families live in the suburbs (they would give a free grant for ~10% of the purchase price).

The result: all the suburbs have now become ghetto's and are getting worse, the police simply doesn't even patrol entire swaths of the suburbs because they are too large and out of fear for gang fights. The center of the city has gotten a lot more cleaned up and/or empty, mainly filled with high-class students and older people are slowly relocating out of their paid-off family homes to renovated apartments in what used to be 'the projects'

Comment Re:This needs to be taken out of their hands (Score 1) 225

How about the Japanese government []? "The murasoi fish â" similar to a rockfish â" was contaminated with 254,000 becquerels (Bq) per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of radioactive cesium, according to a study released by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., the Daily Mail reports. "

And how is a fish caught off of Japan not a local, known problem? They have banned fishing in the effected region, and banned exports from same. When radioactive fish starts making Russians or Californians sick, then start talking about the UN.

found radioactive tuna chilling out in California

Did you read that study? The "radioactivity" was traces of cesium at a level of radiation measuring 40 times lower than the fish had from natural potassium. How in the world is that dangerous?

Oh, and you know, the disaster was awhile ago, so I'm sure radioactivity has dropped since then. Unless, you know, it increased 8 fold [] instead...

I hope you are kidding. This story is about a serious, ongoing leak. I would assume that there would be high levels of radiation measured since it is, you know, leaking.

taking responsibility.

I'm pretty sure the Japanese people will be taking care of that, since they are currently the only people in the world affected by the tsunami and all of it's effects - they have quite the motivation to move back into their homes.

Where is this magic UN cleanup crew, anyway? Why haven't they ridden into Chernobyl? I'm sure the much poorer Ukraine would roll out the red carpet.

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Journal Journal: NFL Betting – NFC East Clash On Sunday Night Football

Romo showed sports bettors once again why he cannot be trusted as he threw key interceptions in important games last year which is a big reason why they missed out on the playoffs. His weapons through the air include Dez Bryant and Miles Austin again and now that this team is beginning to become mor (

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The Phoenix Suns and Michael Beasley reached an agreement to terminate his contract. The move will cost the franchise $7 million, a $2 million savings from what Beasley would have been due had he simply been waived. (

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An anonymous reader writes: The Stanford Law Review is hosting a discussion of big data and privacy. Among other things, there's commentary on Google's hiring of Ray Kurzweil, how people will use big data to stalk one another, and the suggestion that companies should have to run their consumer research by human subject review boards.

Feed Engadget: ASUS briefly posts Fonepad 7 ad that reveals dual front speakers (video) (

ASUS can't stop tweaking the Fonepad, it seems. Just a few months after boosting the specs of its phone-and-tablet hybrid, the company has inadvertently posted (and retracted) a video ad for yet another refresh, the Fonepad 7. You'll be disappointed if you were expecting a more substantial update this time around, though. As Android Community notes, the biggest change to the Atom-powered slate is the addition of dual front-facing speakers. After that, the visible upgrades are limited to a 5-megapixel rear camera (up from 3.2MP) and an integrated contact interface for calls and text messaging. There aren't any clues in the promo as to when the Fonepad 7 will launch, although the timing hints that we could learn more at IFA.

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Source: Android Community

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The Green Bay Packers met the San Francisco 49ers last year in the playoffs and although it went the 49ers’ way last time, the Packers are ready to get revenge. The 49ers are still dealing with some questions on offense and don’t appear to be in midseason form just let. The Packers are dealing w (

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jones0462 writes: Life changes every day, and sometimes so do your choices. Trouble is, once you ‘sign and drive’ you are obligated to that loan! Or are you?

Comment Re:Aversion (Score 1) 111

I'm not sure about the "supposed to" so much; so far people and I just do what seems natural to us, but I think I know what you mean.

If one could know that the Kinect is locked down then I'm all for it just 'cuz it's a nifty toy at the least. What these folks have done with it is way cool whether one wishes to use it or no.

My laptop cam has a light also but I'm not sophisticated enough to rest totally assured that the software I use reports correctly as to whether it and the microphone are on or off - offhand, I don't even recall if the light is wired directly in circuit with the cam so it can't be spoofed. Drat, like I really needed something more to look into right now.

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Comment The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Score 3) 322

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was first done as a radio show. Though I love the books, and the original TV show, they still didn't best my fond memories of the radio broadcast. It's probably just nostalgia, but it sure feels like it was the best way to bring Douglas Adam's vision to life. The movie sucked, not DA's fault. There's a reason they didn't release it until after his death. Do you know where your towel is?

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An anonymous reader writes: In this video, the Health Ranger interviews John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Hoodwinked and The Secret History of the American Empire. Here, Perkins discusses his history as an economic hit man, how the U.S. controls and manipulates the economics of developing nations, how U.S. agents organize revolutions or assassinations of world leaders, and how U.S. corporations actually run the whole show.

Comment Re:open source office suite will never succeed (Score 1) 72

It would damage their eternal belief that Microsoft is on the brink of destruction.

They did just purchase the failing smartphone business from Nokia for 7 billion dollars. I mean, they could literally light the 7 billion on fire, but it would be less spectacular.

MS Office is pretty slick, minus the GUI. Excel is both made by and undone by VBA and really has no peer, but Keynote outclasses Powerpoint and Word is nothing special. Visual Studio is great - when you are working with MS's languages and targeting Windows. I'm not in love with Explorer on any level... not even in Windows 7, which added the crazy Libraries concept, but more power to you. PowerShell is cool - if you have to admin Windows machines. Windows/Office isn't horrible to work on day-to-day, but I'm amazed that it isn't further ahead given the cash these guys make with it. It seems like they completely lose years of development every once in a while, like "Longhorn" and Windows 8.

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