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Comment Re:totally government spin (Score 1) 668

There are many more suspected cases this year than suspected cases last year. The number of confirmed cases was not reported for last year, so the BBC used the numbers given, a direct comparison to the year before. They have reported cases for both years. There is provably more measles this year than last. There is some argument about how much more, but that's not important to the story itself.

Plus, BBC didn't lie. They were given official numbers, and wrote a story around them. The numbers weren't faked, and even if you disagree with them, the BBC wasn't complicit in coming up with them.

Comment Re:The Greatest Lying Mouth of All Time(tm) (Score 1) 276

We have a lot of rights, but they've been largely neutered. e.g., what good is the right to free speech, if your speech can never affect public policy?

The rights of American citizens haven't been neutered. There are all still there, none have been repealed. There is no guarantee that any one person can get a legislator to change her or his mind, but you still have the right contact them to express your views. You also have the right to organize. Legislators are more likely to be moved by many people expressing the same view than if it is just one person.

What good is the right to a trial by jury, if you have to risk the rest of your life in order to exercise it?

Like George Zimmerman? No matter what they charge you with, they still have to prove it in a court of law if it goes to trial, and there is no guarantee for them either.

Voting, freedom to travel, and all the usual ones.
1 - Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.
2 - Right to keep and bear arms in order to maintain a well regulated militia.
3 - No quartering of soldiers.
4 - Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. (Yes, I acknowledge the controversy. Criminal justice still has to play by the usual rules.)
5 - Right to due process of law, freedom from self-incrimination, double jeopardy.
6 - Rights of accused persons, e.g., right to a speedy and public trial.
7 - Right of trial by jury in civil cases.
8 - Freedom from excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishments.
9 - Other rights of the people. ...
+ all the many rights extended by various federal laws.

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LED Bulb
From the above data it seems, is now an OLED at 500cd / m ^ 2 under at least 20,000 hours of operating time.

led projector presentation LED Flexi Strip
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  the semiconductor crystals from the ultraviolet to the infrared light of different colors, the stronger the current, the stronger the glow . LED light-emitting principle different from the traditional UHE, UHP lamp, which light-emitting process does not produce a lot of heat, so life can reach more than 10,000 hours
LED Module
With the growing popularity of projection equipment, in everyday life, LED projector new projector market share is growing. Here to serve you a brief introduction of the projector some conceptual knowledge.

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Comment Re:Forgot what Snowden said? (Score 1) 62

>and you guys are even worse; you hack and monitor even your staunch allies.

And you don't? Sorry, that's not really a question. We know you do.

You spout a lot about hypocrisy, but it appears you misunderstand the word, or perhaps the context. It would be hypocritical to say "Chinese Hackers Launch Zero-Day.. AND THAT'S A BAD THING WE'D NEVER DO", and then go ahead and do exactly the same. It's not in the slightest way hypocritical to say "Chinese Hackers Launch Zero Day" if they did. It's just reporting news. Just as the Chinese government media report anything bad they can possibly find to say about the west. Simply reporting news is NOT, in any way, hypocritical. It would only be hypocritical if it was to be reported, and then claimed that we don't do the same.
The irony here is, that by saying "you guys are even worse; you hack and monitor even your staunch allies" when you do exactly the same, you're the only person being hypocritical. You're saying the US is "worse" because it "monitors its allies", yet China does exactly the same. Cue, hypocrisy.

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Journal Journal: BBC Sport - Luis Suarez: Liverpool reject Arsenal's £40m bid for striker

Liverpool have rejected Arsenal's improved offer of just over £40m for Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez.

The unusual bid, understood to be £40,000,001, was designed to trigger a clause in the player's contract, but Liverpool have turned it down.

Under the terms of Suarez's deal, the club are duty (

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Comment Some movies I would like to see (Score 1) 1029

I do not get chance to get to go to the cinema very often except when I visit HK, but I have to say i really enjoyed the effects in Pacific Rim even if the story was written by a three year old. Even so, I am bored of endless violence and pessimistic future scenarios. When can we have some movies that take a more optimistic approach to the future. Let's see some Bucky Fuller, Bill Mollison type scenarios. The other thing, is please stop wasting money an celebrity salaries. The world is full of aspiring young actors with far more talent than Nic Cage or Russell Crowe. Save the money and spend it on interesting plots instead please.

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Comment Re:But nobody can exaggerate how crappy (Score 1) 105

The sad thing is, those same folks who are unable to uninstall their AV and finally give up and pay $60 for the subscription are the ones who are going to open up that attachment that seems to be from Aunt Sally that says "omg you have to see this so funny!!!" which will probably brick their machine when they don't head the warnings from the AV that the file is unsafe.

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Comment The Best Defense is a Good Offense (Score 1) 105

One of McAfee's clients, the Department of Defense, has used the $1 trillion estimate to argue for an expansion of cybersecurity, including 13 new teams dedicated to cyberwarfare.

Clearly the DoD, when its job would clearly seen to be Defense, should march first towards cyberwarfare. I mean, who cares that the US Government's handling of cybersecurity is a joke? Nah, we need to attack those Chinese hackers now and hard. Because surely we can use highly paid, low in number hackers in the US--but only those that can hold onto a security clearance, not do drugs, and stomach actually working for "the man"--against a population 3x the size and with salaries a fraction of the cost per hacker with clearly a regime more interested in getting things done and looking the other way than simply finding yet another excuse to bloat the departments budget--presumably because that's handle different in China (ie, political and personal maneuvering to get funds with little focus on "reports"--although on second thought, that sounds awfully familiar).

But, then, I guess maybe the DoD is just really stupid? They think they can defend US computers with cyber-soldiers and cyber-tanks? They don't understand that a well constructed computer [fire]wall or access [panel] is basically indestructible (although there's always DDoS attacks)?Nah, it's hard to believe they're that stupid.

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Comment Re:And LibreOffice is already merging improvements (Score 1) 238

I wonder when LIbreOffice will finally merge back with OpenOffice.

Never, the LibreOffice licence doesn't allow it. Good thing too.

...Especially considering how much they are just copy/pasting features and bug fixes.

That is FUD and you are either an ass or just stupid. Hard to tell which is the greater offense.

Whoa, what have we got here today? Oracle astromods or Apache astromods? Hard to tell.

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Comment Re:Cyberwarfare? (Score 2) 105

Other countries and organizations are trying to hack into the US (so they say.)

We are fighting them on our own electronic turf - "they" being primarily North Korea, China, and Russia (so they say.)

The objectives are to protect the personal data of the citizens of the United States (the NSA is doing quite enough spying already, after all) and state secrets (which is why they're so pissed at Snowden since they spent all that money trying to stop China from getting shit and he just handed them a laptop. Doh!)

It will never end.

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a1119607 writes: LED projector resolution

LED projector resolution representation method is to use the screen of horizontal pixels times the MR16 number of vertical pixels. The resolution LED projector LED projector does not refer to resolution of the signal can be received, but to their core light engine (LED chips, LCD panel, LCOS panel, etc.) of the physical resolution. Although the projector can usually receive a variety of resolution signal, but when the signal is higher resolution than the physical resolution of the projector, the screen will be significant loss of detail. Common resolution and expressed as follows:
T8 Tube
SVGA: 800x600 economical projector common resolution

XGA: 1024x768 mainstream business and education projectors resolution adopted

SXGA +: 1400x1050 images and other high-end professional applications for high-end projector with a resolution of LED Flexi

480p: 852x480 low-end home projector with a resolution of

720p: 1280x720 or 1280x768 midrange resolution adopted home projector

1080p: 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 high resolution adopted home projector

LED light source

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Comment Re: Play Nice (Score 1) 238

Unfortunately Not quite true. We've fought the MS bandwagon for many years - standardized on Thunderbird and Open Office - however calendars with Lightning and Caldav have just never worked reliable. It appears to work - however it does not scale to reasonable workloads. It does not take too many calendars with a few entries to start causing pauses and issues in thunderbird.
Further to this, the simple features are just missing. Setting calendar permissions? Ligntning doesnt support it - even though caldav does. Finding available calendars on the server - not supported - even though its supported by almost all Android phones via caldav. Also there are serious issues with invites, issues with resources - no good meeting scheduler. Furthermore - tasks are missing some quite simple features - so much so, that most of my staff found them unusable, and either use another tasking program, or use appointments as tasks instead.

We tried very very very hard to like Thunderbird with Ligntning. Thunderbird and a good IMAP server is excellent (we like cyrus - with multiple servers around the globe) - however the calendars jsut arent up to it.
Office 365 - well, the mail is no where as good as what we had, however, calendaring and tasks work (90% of the time in typical MS fashion.)

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Comment Re:How about they just stop doing stupid things? (Score 1) 391

The default in VS I think is Any CPU which I'd bet 90% of people don't bother changing.

VS Express 2012 still seems to be x86.

Compiling was probably the wrong term, that's part of it, but you need to actually test your stuff on ARM, and it's a chicken and egg thing, Windows RT never went far enough for it to be a serious development target, and because it was never a serious development target it never went anywhere. I certainly agree, MS's plan was to make the future both ARM and x86.

I don't think it's that people didn't want Windows on this form factor, I don't think people care what OS it is, as long as it works and works with the software they want. And Windows RT doesn't do that. And never will.

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Journal Journal: Best Leather Louis Vuitton iPhone 5 Case

The front lit of the leather Louis Vuitton iPhone 5 Case works like the device perfectly though with magnetic closure feature. It protects the iPhone 5 well when you open the lid and puts the screen to sleep when you close it. The front cover also can fold and work with the ribs on the back of the hard shell to form a stand for the iPhone.

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Journal Journal: How to Find Affordable Single Mom Health Insurance

The most affordable health insurance available is group health insurance. Although the premiums for the coverage that they offer are lower than the amount the single mom would pay for individual health insurance to cover herself and her family, few single moms would call it affordable. Perhaps a bet (

Comment The true cost is technological impedance (Score 1) 72

It's not all a matter of dollars and cents. Patents effectively block others from using technology/methods which fall within the scope of the patent, regardless of whether or not it may be the most efficient/commonsensical way of doing things.

Here is a description of the Eolas patent :-

The '985 patent, originally filed Aug. 9, 2002, involves a program embedded in a Web page--or "hypermedia document," as the patent language calls it more generally. Here's an excerpt from the patent abstract's description of the technology:

The present invention allows a user at a client computer connected to a network to locate, retrieve, and manipulate objects in an interactive way. The invention not only allows the user to use a hypermedia format to locate and retrieve program objects, but also allows the user to interact with an application program located at a remote computer.

Interprocess communication between the hypermedia browser and the embedded application program is ongoing after the program object has been launched. The use is able to use a vast amount of computing power beyond that which is contained in the user's client computer.

Eolas sued all the big companies such as Apple, Google, Yahoo, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, Office Depot, Staples, Playboy, Sun, Blockbuster, Citigroup, eBay, Frito-Lay, J.C. Penney, JPMorgan Chase and Adobe.

To dodge the patent, Microsoft changed how IE worked.

It is good that the companies ultimately decided to fight the patent, and won. If the patent was allowed to fester, in the case of IE the alternative proposal was to require users to click on a dialog box for every ActiveX control that appeared on a page. Similar changes would probably have been required in respect of webpages maintained by the other companies. If you visit any of the websites run by any of the companies sued, it is likely that the way you access their functions would be different from what it is now (and probably require more clicking and/or be more annoying).

Submission + - How to Vist Beijing:4 Day Beijing Classic Tour (

An anonymous reader writes: Highlights for this Beijing Tour:Convenient for you to visit all the palaces mentioned above.
Scenic sports including various kinds of sightseeings, modern architectures, traditional construction, and the up to date Beijing Olympic Stadiums.
Have a glimpse of the Chinese emperor`s tomb.

Comment Re:derp.... (Score 1) 270

Most sensitive to what? A high fat, high calorie diet maybe. Salt, however, is NOT causative agent of heart disease. Your body naturally regulates sodium levels and readily excretes what it doesn't need. It's what we've been doing since our ancestors were swimming in the sea. The anti-salt movement is all about scaremongering and not about rational science.

Comment Re:How are the Chinese doing this? (Score 1) 62

Probably because he hasn't worked for them (but plenty of people are more than happy to tell you it's widespread and unstoppable apart from giving the NSA another trillion dollars). Also i think i would prefer the Chinese having all my data than the US, because china is a lot less likely to use it against me (not hand it over to the mpaa to sue me or something). Of course if i was a billion dollar defence contractor working on top secret weapon designs for the US, or a Chinese citizen, i might have a different view point.

Comment Re: Sidebar the differentiator - really? (Score 1) 238

NeoOffice could use Apache OpenOffice generous license for pretty much the same reason LibreOffice has been taking it: GPL software is not welcome in the Apple Store.

What we are seeing now is that Apache OpenOffice will be rhe base for all other suites ... One suite to rule them all, or the lowest common denominator, if you prefer to see it that way.

NeoOffice is GPL and is not in the Apple store; just thought I'd add that, as your post seems to imply differently.

You're right about the fact that NeoOffice COULD use Apache licensed code though. But they seem to have gone off in their own direction and are using a base that's not under current development.

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