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liakat writes: There are different reasons for an office fit out – upsizing, downsizing, maximising office space, moving, or just a simple makeover to give your premises a “fresher, cleaner, newer” feel.However, downtime during a renovation can be costly to businesses and eat into budgets.

Comment Re:Give back the $$ they extorted? (Score 1) 72

But that's not what happens. Instead, the troll buys up the patent before a single widget is produced. Then they stick it in a filing cabinet and hope someone accidentally steps in it. But they don't jump right up and try to ink a deal, they sit back and wait for the poor soul who stepped in their patent to start making real money, THEN they strike.

Sometimes the trolls even help the 'inventor to file the patent. In that case, they obfuscate the language of the patent as much as possible to minimize the odds of the above mentioned poor soul seeing the trap and stepping around it. Meanwhile, they keep hammering away at the patent examiner until the patent is accepted.

That would be bad enough, but then they also pull dirty tricks like interpreting the patent so broadly that it defies reason but demanding just a bit less than the cost ti litigate in the hopes that the victim will take the pragmatic route of paying the extortion.

Make no mistake, they are thieving scum. If not in the patent business they would likely be selling 'accident insurance' or scamming littl old ladies door to door.

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Ask yourself, "Why does it have to be so darn hard,
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Isn't it especially discouraging when we need to go
back and tweak the squeeze page whenever they aren't
producing the leads we want?

I used to wish I could shave those long hours, down to a few minutes, with one swipe of my Katana so I could either build more lead generating pages, or simply get on with living my life.




To Your Success,

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Comment Re:I would, but... (Score 1) 276

"One more metadata tag in some disk drive in Utah."

PROTIP: Utah isn't going to exist much longer thanks to the NSA. There's already talk across usenet and various forums of a full-out armed assault on the state to crush the lie that is the Mormon religion, and anything that upholds it, right down to the NSA funding.

If you live there, GTFO now before a bunch of talking heads with guns takes it out and anyone that thinks of agreeing with it.

Comment Re:DVDs only live for 7 years (Score 1) 122

> For born-analog content, always keep the original physical copy.

And if, for whatever reason, you CAN'T retain the original copy, oversample the bejesus out of it, store it with the most lossless compression you can, and sample it multiple times, in multiple ways, with multiple scanners/digitizers/capture cards.

Case in point: videotape. If your goal is to merely capture a copy to casually watch years later, and you don't mind having a digital copy that's demonstrably worse than the analog original, just about any cheap one-click capture card will do. BUT... if you want to stop the clock and capture a copy that doesn't visibly look worse than the original, compress it to MPEG-2 it at a MINIMUM of 6,000kbps VBR, at 720x480 (or 540, if it's PAL). Yes, we all know that VHS is low-res. The problem is, it's also noisy, and noise doesn't compress well. If a 720x480 video encoded with VBR and the maximum DVD-compliant bitrate available looks as good as the original VHS, consider yourself LUCKY. Regardless, never downsample the vertical resolution. Horizontal resolution with VHS is open to debate, but your vertical resolution is known and definite -- 480 (525) if it's NTSC (or 60hz PAL-J), and 540 (576) if it's PAL.

Now, we get into my #1 beef with Blu-Ray -- its despicable lack of compliant encoding options for 480i60 and 540i50 source, so there's really no way to profoundly oversample VHS, yet retain casual "stick in the disc and hit play" usability that can be watched directly in a Blu-Ray player, but someday used for restoration efforts.

If you REALLY want to capture a videotape and preserve every possible nuance for future restoration efforts before the tape degrades further, horizontal oversampling of VHS is mandatory. If Blu-Ray supported a hypothetical 1280x480 resolution with 4:4:4 chroma (remember, with VHS, your vertical resolution is your "good" resolution... it's 480 or 540. It's your horizontal color resolution that completely sucks. Chroma-encoding variants that split color between 2 scanlines will ALWAYS visibly-degrade VHS captures. Don't do it. )

In a perfect world, there would be a near-line archival video format designed for videotape captures that directly sampled the full-bandwidth FM signal coming off the tape (preferably, at 3 slightly different trackings... spot-on, plus one slightly "off" each way). A few times, I've tried to work out the math and figure out what kind of insane sample rate would be necessary to try magnetically sampling the tape straight-on, with multiple overlapping rows of microscopic read heads, and sufficiently-high density, to literally map the flux of every flake of oxidized metal on the tape and allow future offline reconstruction by digitally simulating VHS's diagonal read path, so that even if the original tape were destroyed, a future restoration could be performed against the digital copy. I have a hunch that something like this is actually do-able now (and probably would have been do-able a few years ago, had multi-terabyte hard drives been affordable), but I've never even read speculation online about such an archival device.

The point is, if your goal is to someday do color restoration, resolution-enhancement, or whatever, taking advantage of analog's tendency to keep surprising us with ghostly hints of lost detail that we'd always assumed were gone, you need a profoundly-oversampled copy with basically NO lossy compression (or oversampling so profound, you can downsample away the artifacts). Why do you need so much oversampling depth and detail? True hardcore restoration and after-the-fact re-synthesis is going to depend upon what are known as "higher-order artifacts", and those are precisely what get mangled by any kind of lossy compression. Remember, lossy compression is designed to throw away bits in areas where your eyes won't notice detail. An algorithm looking for subtle field-ripples as evidence that a pixel nearby is supposed to be intensely red instead of brownish-orange won't see them if some earlier compression algorithm threw away the rippled fuzzy noise and averaged the pixel out to brownish-orange.

The moral of the story: it takes more than mere framerate and pixel count to make Nyquist happy. Nyquist is a MINIMUM, not a LIMIT. If you're scanning movie film, and your final video doesn't look like you're viewing the film through a microscope and can clearly see every last crystal of grain, your resolution isn't likely to be high enough for future archival restoration efforts.

Comment Re:How are the Chinese doing this? (Score 1) 62

Yeah because there are all those reports from western peoples families, that their loved ones were abducting by the Chinese government while they were on a holiday in china. On the other hand there have been many stories of people being stopped entry to America because of something they wrote on the internet (no abductions that i know about at the airport, but i wouldn't like to be snowden or assange walking around over there) and if America finds you in a country they don't like (and are alot bigger than) they can throw you in guantanamo bay.

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Learning English can be very funny if you know how effective ways in learning English. Even adult English students can master English in a very short time if they know them.

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An anonymous reader writes: Kista yang dibiarkan tanpa penanganan medis akan berbahaya kepada kesehatan reproduksi wanita. Penyakit ini tidak pandang bulu menyerang siapa saja dalam kategori umur. Pada umumnya menyerang wanita dalam ketegori umur 20-30.

Comment Re:Another European example; Iron Sky (Score 1) 1029

Oh, I agree that Iron Sky does fall flat after a great start. Still, it's at least as good as the dreck that Hollyweird has been producing while starting a much more original premise.

WAoVW, sadly, is just not my cup of tea. OTOH, Wikipedia shows that 1966 saw some other great films from a variety of genres: "The Blue Max", "Fahrenheit 451", "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", "Modesty Blaise", "Is Paris Burning?", "Murderer's Row", "A Man for All Seasons", "A Time for Burning", "The Velvet Underground and Nico: A Symphony of Sound", "Way...Way Out", "What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?", "What's Up, Tiger Lily?", "The Wild Angels", "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree". There was something out that year for virtually everybody.

For me, the point is that mainstream Hollywood has largely lost its creative spark. The films that used to be made that provoked us to think or told us an original story just aren't getting the funding from the big studios these days.

Personally, I would far rather spend a $8 to watch Iron Sky on Netflix online than drop $15 or $20 to take my wife to a theatre these days.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Nokia phone shoots ahead - Boston Herald (

Boston Herald

Nokia phone shoots ahead
Boston Herald
NEW RESOLUTION: Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop shows off his company's Nokia Lumia 1020 in New York yesterday. With a 41-megapixel camera, it records more detail than other camera phones and even tops point-and-shoot cameras. 1.
Nokia Lumia 1020 Review: The Camera Phone KingGotta Be Mobile
Stop Complaining! 99.7% Windows Phone 8 Apps Are Compatible With 512 MB ...
Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera vs. iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and HTC OneLAPTOP Magazine (blog)
Stabley Times-International Business Times AU-AEG India
all 42 news articles

Comment Targets Alone Prove that it was the Chinese (Score 2) 62

The targets alone prove that this was the work of the Chinese because there's no money to be made in attacking either of these groups. The criminals are in it for the money and they wouldn't waste zero days on military groups in the Philippines or some offshoot of the Falun group of religious people. Furthermore, everybody knows that the Chinese government employs hackers, it's now documented public information, so there's no obvious political value in staging a false flag operation to make it look like it was the Chinese because that cat's already out of the bag. The only government on the entire planet that would perceive any value in attacking either of these groups is the Chinese government.

Comment Re:tis already a cluster - 64 cores (Score 1) 98

It depends. If you can get them on a board that can address 32GB or more of memory directly then they'll be able to handle a lot of tasks that GPU cards just cannot touch without a lot of waiting around to be fed data or careful design of those tasks to get them to fit into the memory of the GPU card.

Comment Re:half the Gflops, 64 cores, 80% lower cost, 5 wa (Score 1) 98

Faster than serial ?! Of course! I only meant to compare it to a traditional parallel procssing environment. And you can definitely write a simple parallel algorithm for any O/PDE that will work on GPUs. What I meant was that there are an awful lot of claims about how wicked fast GPU processing can be. Some people tout it as much faster than traditional computing. This can be true, but to get a GPU to actually perform at that level, it requires particular structure to your data. Unstructured meshes are known to be particularly nasty. Doesn't mean you can't compute anyway. It just may or may not be any better than traditional methods.

I don't mean to poo-poo GPU computing in general. I admittedly haven't followed this field closely in a year or two, so it's possible there have been some newer agorithms for unstructured meshes that have improved the situation. And without knowing more about your particular problem, I won't speculate and tell you how it should or shouldn't work. Maybe you figured out a decent implementation on your own. In which case, publish it already!

Comment Re:Not quite a troll (Score 1) 72

"At the time he started development, there were under 100 total websites on the entire planet."

Yea, uhhh, the wayback machine says you're full of shit, buddy.

And if you knew what you were talking about, you'd have already used the wayback machine as a source for your info.

PROTIP: 1993 saw well more than 100 websites, you lying shill.

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Comment Re:But now people in the US try to avoid it (Score 2) 270

And of course other try to over simplify the situation by claiming that processed food is required for us to be healthy.

It is not. You know what food contains half the iodine you need in a day. A potato. Each one real baked potato a day, maybe a glass of milk if you so desire, include some sea salt, which does contain natural iodine along with other trace minerals. In fact mined salt also contains trace minerals, but they are removed, and then the iodine in added back in, albeit in higher quantities.

This is not to say the fortified salt is not incredibly beneficial. In a world where fresh food is in short supply, a world that existed up to the end of WWII, such things were essential public health issues. Of course we now live in a country, the US, where fresh food is pretty much universally available, and it is only our choice to eat highly processed food that makes such supplements important. For instance potatoes, one of natures perfect food, has a bad reputation so we only eat french fried. We all try to pretend to be rich, so we eat a lot of meat, which has no fiber or vitamins or minerals.

As far as jam is concerned, the purpose was to provide year round access to vitamins. Fruit is not going to keep, but jam will. The purpose of pectin is to allow you to make jelly, which is based on juice, not fruit. So again we are dealing with a less nutritious product. Jam is, by definition, added pectin free. Just like sea salt has not added iodine. Or an Apple has no added sugar. This is important because it is often the concentration that causes problems. For instance the arsenic in yucca can be dealt with by letting it soak overnight.

Finally salt is used as a preservative. It is a natural product that allows things, like jerky, to be labeled preservative free. It is what allows us to have cold cuts. Many processed food contains large amounts of salt for this reason. Sugar is also a preservative, which is why it is added to jams and jellies. I know this is not what you said, but it what people are actually talking about.

So really this is just a bunch of copy from the processed food industry, which makes a pretty penny by telling us that we cannot possible survive on fresh vegetables and fruit.

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Comment Hold the bus (Score 1) 98

GPUs hit a wall with applications that need significantly more memory than you can fit on the device with the GPU cores. You spend so much time feeding them via the bus from main memory that after a point you'd be much better running the stuff on a far lower number of CPU cores.
So for some stuff they are very good, but for other stuff they are just not suitable at this time.

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Comment Re:*happy campers* (Score 1) 121

To be fair, Star Control was a strategy/action game, and Star Control II only used the combat aspect from its predecessor. Unfortunately for SC3, the one common feature of all three games (the melee) was broken beyond belief in SC3, so much that they had to add a key (F11, F12?) to force the enemy to stop running away all the time.

Comment Re:The contents, not the container (Score 1) 122

Other things to consider are whether, on rewriteable media, the media may contain shadows of deleted data that may be of historical interest, and even on write-once media, whether the software you are using to copy it is copying everything it can, if there might be, e.g. stenography in a redbook CD Q channel.

I expect such concerns would only be relevent to certain special cases.

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Journal Journal: Jimmy Anderson: 'I don't feel sorry for Australia. We want to win 5-0' | Sport |

With a second series of five Tests to start in Australia in November, there is an argument that establishing a winning lead at the earliest opportunity in the home series would give the England selectors an opportunity to rest pace bowlers such as Anderson, whose fitness is likely to be key to the t (

Comment Judge a man by his acts (Score 3, Interesting) 72

They did release a browser. they did offer licensing.

Right after another browser had been released, two years prior, incorporating the very same elements Eolas patented. What the inventor of this prior browser freely gave to the world (he declined to patent it), Eolas tried to keep for themselves by patenting it.

Lets talk about specific facts instead of hand-wavy personal feelings.There was prior art.

One piece of prior art in particular, the Viola browser, invented by Perry Pei-Yuan Wei, an artist, software engineer and then a student at the University of California at Berkeley. That browser dates back to 1991 and its plug-in capabilities to 1992, nearly two years before Eolas filed for its patent.

Since you are referring to the state of the internet at that time, lets hear from Tim Berners-Lee himself how it was like :-

Berners-Lee described Viola as “an important part of the development of the web.”

The jury was shown an e-mail from Pei Wei to Berners-Lee dated December 1991 — almost two years before Doyle’s invention — which read in part: “One thing I’d like to do soon, if I have time, is to teach the parser about Viola object descriptions and basically embed Viola objects (GUIs and programmability) into HTML files.”

Later Tuesday, Wei would testify that he had demonstrated interactive elements working in the Viola browser to Sun Microsystems in May 1993 — several months before Doyle claims to have come up with his invention.

Berners-Lee described how the web community at that time wasn’t focused on patents or even money — Wei simply put his invention online for free.

If you read the decision of the US Federal Court of Appeal, it is clear that Eolas was aware of the invention of Viola because Pei Wei himself told them on 31 August 1994. Eolas went to Pei Wei's website and downloaded and read his paper. They went ahead anyway and filed their patent on 17 October 1994.

As for whether or not the Eolas patent was obvious, it was so obvious it was even mentioned in the 1991 letter to Berners-Lee.

So. If you rush to patent something obvious that was already shown by someone else, so that you can use the patent to sue large numbers of companies for money, what are you called?

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