Comment Re:infecting game developers as well (Score 1) 384

Using a tried and true story-telling formula in games is perfectly reasonable. It has to be stretched out some to compensate for the fact that games are generally a lot longer than movies (that is, more highs and lows between the beginning and the end to keep the excitement flowing.)

That's not the problem with modern AAA games. The problem with modern AAA games is that they're not just following a general formula or outline, they're actually to the point of basically cloning each other. All of them are essentially "earth toned hyper-realistic soldier simulator FPS." At least the ones people are usually talking about when making these claims (and justifiably so in a lot of ways.. COD, BF and similar consistently top the bestsellers lists. Of course the fact that people keep buying them suggests that perhaps this is what "we" want, for a suitably large sample of "we.")

Comment Re:Better plots? (Score 1) 1029

And even Back to the Future had the sub-par part III.

Sub-par is being very kind. Very hard to imagine that 2 and 3 were shot at the same time. Sort of seems like they put all the good stuff in 2, and the rest in 3. Which is pretty sad, because even 2 wasn't as good as the first (which also suffered in a few minor ways, but fortunately not too many).

I... like parts of part 3. It was kindof fun, but overall not terribly memorable. I wouldn't say it's bad, but it's nowhere close to the first or second in the series.

The second movie, while not quite as good as the first, I just loved for the audacity of having McFly follow himself around again in 1955, putting a whole new layer of plot atop the events we already knew. Plus, all those future gadgets REALLY tickled this 14-year-old's fancy. I wanted that flying Delorean. I wanted that hoverboard. The self-drying jacket, self-tying shoes. I wanted the future!!!!

And it was Elijah Wood's first movie! Hehe.

Comment Re:Ethics versus Legality (Score 1) 309

I do realize that many of my ideas are hard. I could work them out better, but I'm realistic enough to know that they'd never see widespread adoption, so why bother.

The US justice system doesn't work. It doesn't deter anyone. It doesn't rehabilitate anyone. At best, it punishes, though not in line with the crime (a small drug possession charge can land you in jail longer than rape). So what's the point? Nobody agrees, and vengeance seems to be the number one use. So I've tried multiple times to try to better optimize the justice system.

The problem is laws are for the little people. CEOs steal billions, and people like Ken Lay have clean criminal records with no convictions. You don't have to worry about speeding tickets if you take a helicopter to work (mayor Bloomberg).

I don't think it great. But I think it's better than what we have now. Prison doesn't work. I read a study that indicated that the less time someone served, the lower the recidivism. So less prison reduces crime. So eliminate prison as a catch-all. Only send people there for capital crimes, and otherwise, fine them appropriately for the crime. Corporations kill with only minor fines, so why should people be treated as second class citizens? Leave the law with clear guidelines, but allow discretion in setting fines to ensure harsh punishment for bad acts, while not requiring overly harsh punishment for relatively minor ones.

Assume it could work, how do you think it should be done. That's a better starting point.

Comment Re:Congrats, Unknown Lamer... (Score 3, Interesting) 135

I think most newbies just use the hand dandy printer wizard. I set up Ultimate Linux for one guy and he later bought a printer. He called me about what to do with the cd that came with it and I told him to pull the pdf off of it and then throw it away. I explained to look for the picture of the printer on the settings menu and about 2 minutes later he was happily printing away. Even I don't use cups page anymore. I will say that if you own a canon printer it prints about 3 times faster on a mac than on linux. I love the printer but I'm starting to hate canon. Next printer will be from HP. Canon can suck my dick.

Web Interface is Disabled

The web interface is currently disabled. Run "cupsctl WebInterface=yes" to enable it.

Comment Re:The day human beings become rational ... (Score 5, Interesting) 1029

Storytelling was recognized as formulaic as far back as Ancient Greece by Aristotle in his book Poetics. He knew then that most people like their stories to end up with the suffering hero redeemed, the villain punished for his misdeeds, forbidden love triumphant, etc. Therefore, that's what the moviegoers have paid for year after year, and that's what Hollywood continues to deliver today. It sells.

I think the problem is pretty simply a glut. Thanks to modern media and communications, and extra thanks to cheap filmmaking gear, everyone is constantly exposed to endless variations and combinations of these stories. Flip on the TV and there are dozens of movies waiting to stream into your brain. Even if a few are decent, most don't even rise to the level of Sharknado or Snakes on a Plane. And with so many choices, we lack the editorial reviews and critics we might otherwise use to keep out the dross.

When you see a movie that's truly new and novel, it sticks with you. Sometimes its a good story or came from a good book, sometimes it's a great actor, sometimes it's a new special effect or cinematography trick, or sometimes it plays on our childhood memories. Of course success quickly breeds imitation, and within months there are 58 variations on the theme, adding to the glut. And when the producers tire of the imitators, they release an official sequel or three, and eventually add a "reboot" or "remake" of the originals that captured our imaginations so long ago. They snazz it up, apply extra-modern graphics, bring in Daft Punk to record the soundtrack, hire sexy-fresh new kids to be tomorrow's stars, and retell the same old stories.

Spielberg knows his problem is not that his next movie will have trouble competing with the current releases. It's that he's really competing against our fondest memories of classics such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Shindler's List, Star Wars, Jaws, Casablanca, Snow White, and Toy Story, all of which are still busily crowding themselves onto our cable channels and Netflix queues. So other than the fact that he's got a billion dollars in the bank already, he's completely screwed.

Comment Re:Congrats, Unknown Lamer... (Score 2) 135

"Find a computer with an install of any of the major linux distributions, fire up a web browser, and point it to http://localhost:631/"

In the main, that works. However, it should be noted that support for CUPS-HTTP-ADMIN varies from distribution to distribution, and even from version to version.

What I find (seriously) annoying is that if CUPS-HTTP-ADMIN is enabled, it's always defaulted to localhost only. That may be fine for a desktop... but in case no one ever told the CUPS folks (and the folks creating server linux distros), sometimes linux is used on servers.

To that end, here is my own cheat-sheet on getting CUPS-HTTP-ADMIN on the LAN:

# add the following to cupsd.conf

# to the Listen section, attach port 631 to all NICs
Port 631

# place outside of any other sections, enable Web Interface
WebInterface Yes

# place outside of any other sections, disable HTTPS
DefaultEncryption Never

# to <Location />
Allow all

# to <Location /admin>
Allow all

# to <Location /admin/conf>
Allow all

Yes, it's in shorthand. No, it's not super-duper-secure. Because I have yet to see CUPS-HTTP-ADMIN be an actual attack vector. No, this is obviously not for a public facing linux box.

PS, don't forget to open up TCP 631 on whatever firewall is on your linux machine.

Comment Exactly. Check my recent comments (Score 1) 1029

about another Hollywood story.

Movies that don't suck would be great.

And I don't just mean "indie obscurity." I can watch Apocalypse Now or The Last Emperor over and over again and appreciate each in a new way every time. There are dozens of others that I feel the same way about. The first Star Wars trilogy. The first Indiana Jones films. Doctor Zhivago. Lawrence of Arabia. Even The Ten fucking Commandments—and I say that as an atheist that hates Charlton Heston (just to prove that it's not about subject matter, or star power).

But (to recall another recent /. story), every time I go to a film lately, I feel as though I've already seen the film two dozen times, with characters carrying slightly different guns, wearing a slightly different-colored superhero suit, etc. Informal film discussion with my wife after the screening has turned from in-depth discussion and debate into "slightly better than Spiderman, slightly worse than Iron Man," followed by "yup, agree."

We shouldn't be able to make easy linear comparisons like that that seem to offer no further opening for discussion.

It's not even that Hollywood won't "take risks" any longer—they've just fallen prey to the same investor-centric disease that the rest of the economy has. A modest film for a modest profit is not good enough. It's "total earth-shaking blockbuster worldwide $1bn potential or bust."

But when every film that gets made is shooting for the "top grossing ever" formula right out of the gate, there's precious little variation or nuance involved. You've got 5 or 10 films to emulate, or even half that number that are the "surest bets."

Nobody goes to a film because they want a "sure bet." If that's what we wanted, we'd just stay home and watch Apocalypse Now one more time (which is precisely what people are doing, I'd bet).

Submission + - So planen Sie Ihre eigene Hochzeit (

bredaeva writes: Die Ehe ist eine große Sache, wenn Sie nicht wollen, um zu sehen, das Paar erschien unerwartet, vielleicht die meisten Menschen Kulisse für eine Weile zu betrachten. So, wie sie ihre Hochzeit einzigartig, unbegrenzte Design, viele neue Menschen kommen in den Hochzeitssaal Gehirn Probleme, vor allem Mädchen, Kindheitstraum ihrer Hochzeit, und nun wahr machen können wahr werden zu tun? Aus der aktuellen Sicht, die Möglichkeit, ihre eigene Hochzeit mehr als die folgenden zwei Arten umgehen: Zuerst suchen Sie eine Hochzeit Unternehmen Brautjungfernkleider Hochzeiten sind sehr umständlich Aktivitäten vor Ort, Quetsch-Arbeit sehr viel, und jeder ist "das erste Mal, keine Erfahrung," denken Sie an zu viele Dinge, gepaart mit begrenzten Energie, oft ratlos und fragte sich, kommen und gehen, wie alle Anti- Hochzeit Unternehmen zu kümmern, erwarten, dass diese Profis zu geben, sich eine ganze Stil der königlichen Hochzeit von Prinzessin Diana. Aber die Realität ist zu sagen, dass die ganz China hat mehrere Hochzeitsplanung Unternehmen hat seine eigene Originalität? Kopiert werden, um mit dem gleichen Formenbau Mondkuchen zu kämpfen, dann machen Kekse, ich fühle mich gut Mongolei wagen, eine neue Kaki machen. Ich habe einen Freund, der die Hochzeit Unternehmen, verwendet, um den Tyrann Sie nicht wissen, den Trick zu sehen zu tun hatten, setzen Sie Ihre gesamte Charge gelegentliche kleine Shexiang ein ganz, schließlich schmeicheln Ihnen oder von der etablierten Routine zu ihnen. Brautjungfernkleider Zweitens, ihre Planung Finden Sie einen Freund zu helfen oder Zeiger Hochzeit Unternehmen, es zu tun. Die Idee ist nicht schlecht, aber nach allem, nicht jeder hat diese Fähigkeit, Ideen oder Unternehmen überall, Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, dass wir Geld, um zu verdienen. Die meisten Menschen haben eine gute Idee des Gehirns, oder haben eine trübe Konzept, oder wünscht, ein Verfahren zu haben, aber die Realität ist immer noch möglich, einiges an Weg zu gehen, setzen eine Idee in jemand anderes gehen kann verstehen, Die Details des Programms durchführen können, ist sich selbst, wenn nicht eine professionelle, tun Sie es nur Ungleichheit Trauung, von der Schönheit des Geistes, der sehr weit. Also am Ende, wie planen Sie Ihre eigene Hochzeit ist es? Der beste Weg ist, um wirklich wissen, wie man wirklich die Fähigkeit von Fachplanern, und sagte dann zu ihm Ihre Ideen klar dachte so nett, so nett, und welche Wirkung. Dann Planer planen nach Ihren Vorstellungen an Programmen, einschließlich der Planung und die Einzelheiten der Durchführung des Programms Umriss schreiben. Dann nehmen Sie Blick auf wedding Programm, mit detaillierten Schritte, natürlich ist es nicht schwer, es zu tun, so dass selbst wenn Sie eine Hochzeit wollen und können Sorgen und Mühe.

Feed Engadget: Sony PlayStation 4 waltzes past the FCC (

Sony's PS4 dev kit passed by the FCC roughly a week ago, and now its consumer-oriented counterpart has passed through Uncle Sam's offices. Not only do the federal documents show the consoles' polished exterior, but they once again note a "max clock frequency" of 2.75GHz, teasing just what kind of horsepower sits inside the black trapezoid. Though there isn't much more to note in the agency's files, a duo of system labels marked with "Made in China" and "Made in Japan" hint that Hirai and Co. will be manufacturing the hardware in both those territories. Mark Cerny's wunderconsole won't be hitting store shelves until later this year, but it already has the appropriate paperwork to make the trip stateside.

Filed under: Gaming, HD, Sony


Source: FCC

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Dolphins are so intelligent they have individual NAMES and call for each other . (

Daily Mail

Dolphins are so intelligent they have individual NAMES and call for each other ...
Daily Mail
Dolphins have names for each other and call for each other just like humans, say scientists. They use specific signature whistles for family members and social companions - the only animal species apart from ourselves known to do this. A study of wild...
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Climate change will pus the Iberian lynx toward extinction, say scientists
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The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), the world's most endangered feline, will be extinct within 50 years unless conservation efforts are modified to take into account the effects of climate change, according to a new study. Published in the July 21 edition of the...
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Digital Trends

Deja Vu: LG and Samsung both the first to sell curved OLED TV in the US?
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Once again, Samsung and LG are going tit for tat as they move their respective curved OLED televisions forward. Developments over the past few hours seem strangely reminiscent of those witnessed earlier this year at CES 2013, when both South Korean...
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Comment I just saw "Wolf Children" the other day... (Score 1) 1029

It was amazing. Easily the best movie I've seen in a few years, at least. I think almost everybody in the theater cried at some point.

And it only got one showing at one theater in my city, and the room was maybe 2/3 full, if that.

But I guess it didn't have any explosions, it wasn't about a sappy romance, and it didn't feature big-name actors saying witty one-liners, so it's relatively unknown.

Hollywood could definitely use a shakeup.

Comment Re:Canonical's business model. (Score 0) 267

Wait, who apart from some neckbeards who live in their own universe every suggested you shouldn't install X on a server? There are definite advantages to a GUI for reasons of ease and discoverability and even if you don't use it often, having that functionality immediately available is a lot more useful than not having it at all.

Comment Re:I guess it's time we all moved to Iceland (Score 1) 216

Many of the European nations complaining bitterly about US spying have extensive domestic spying and surveillance programs themselves, and they keep large databases on their citizens. I don't know about the situation in Iceland, and Iceland is a nice place, but I'd not jump to conclusions over it.

Submission + - Render Background of a worksheet and Convert Large Excel file to PDF (

aspose_seo writes: The long awaited version of Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.5.1 has been released. The new release includes a useful feature to get icon sets, data bars or color scales objects used when adding conditional formatting to a cell or a range of cells. They have also added support for rendering a worksheet’s background in an output HTML file. The component also supports parsing custom views and scenarios while converting from one Microsoft Excel file format to another.

Moreover, they have improved the Excel to PDF rendering feature. It sometimes took more time to convert large Excel files to PDF. The product now does not take much time to convert large Excel files to PDF.

In this release, several important issues have been addressed. For example, issues around reading and writing Microsoft Excel (2003 – 2007/2010) file formats, rendering and calculating PivotTables, rendering charts, rendering image files from charts and exporting to PDF have been resolved. An improvement is also made to Aspose.Cells for .NET’s formula calculation engine.

They have made a few enhancements and fix some bugs regarding edit cells where there is large dataset in the worksheet in the web based Grid control provided by Aspose.Cells for .NET. They have also fixed a bug in the acwmain.js file for certain features and operations.This release includes few enhanced features and plenty of bug fixes as listed below:

        Get DataBar and ColorScale objects used in the conditional formatting
        How to get/read the Icons used in the conditional formatting for a cell
        Support Worksheet Background (Excel to HTML conversion)
        PivotTable.RefreshData() does not Refresh all PivotTable fields
        Parse Custom views in XLS to XLSM conversion
        Parse Scenarios in XLS to XLSM conversion
        XLSX to PDF conversion is improved
        Converting a 60MB Excel file to PDF/A – OutOfMemoryException issue
        Workbook formulas now work
        Header image is now getting repeated in the PDF output
        Problems with Auto-size for the Textbox
        Language changes is resolved in XLS to PDF conversion
        PivotTable date formats wrong when there is more than one value item
        Some of the files generated through Aspose.Cells are producing errors are fixed
        PivotTable in the PDF output is now corrected
        Array formula(s) lost on Save is fixed
        Aspose.Cells removing the CustomUI14.xml file from the Excel workbook
        Chart axis values changing is fixed when saving from XLSX to PDF
        Negative number missing minus sign at web with Pie chart is fixed
        Chart labels and Legend difference between version v7.0.3.2 and v7.4.3.0 is fixed
        Recursive Reference errors are fixed after calling Workbook.CalculateFormula
        Apply Aspose.Cells.SortOrder to tables with an Array Formula
        File corruption issue is resolved on Save
        Files generated from a template file that contain a slicer need fixing
        Issues with Smart Markers with grouped data is resolved
        Aspose.Cells causes an Excel file to become corrupt is now fixed
        Copied cell values are different in target than the source is now fixed
        Array formulas are now calculated fine
        Issue f with creating a chart whose data source referenced in the other workbook
        PDF Generation improved with conditional formatting and Array formulas

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Cells for .NET documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Cells for performing different tasks like the followings:

-Set Background Picture for a Worksheet:

-Converting Excel to PDF Files:

Overview: Aspose.Cells for .NET

Aspose.Cells is a .NET component for spreadsheet reporting without using Microsoft Excel. It supports robust formula calculation engine, pivot tables, VBA, workbook encryption, named ranges, spreadsheet formatting, drawing objects like images, OLE objects and importing or creating charts. You can also create Excel file using designer spreadsheet, smart marker or API and apply formulae and functions. It supports CSV, SpreadsheetML, PDF and all file formats from Excel 97 to Excel 2007.

More about Aspose.Cells for .NET

- Homepage of Aspose.Cells for .NET:

- Product Overview for Aspose.Cells for .NET:

- Download Aspose.Cells for .NET:

- Online documentation of Aspose.Cells for .NET:

- Demos of Aspose.Cells for .NET:

- Post your technical questions/queries to Aspose.Cells for .NET Forum:

- Receive notifications about latest news and supported features by subscribing to Aspose.Cells for .NET blog:

Contact Information

Aspose Pty Ltd
Suite 163, 79 Longueville Road
Lane Cove, NSW, 2066
Phone: 888.277.6734
Fax: 866.810.9465

Submission + - SIM cards have been broken

gwolf writes: After unbelievably many years, while mostly anything on a cell phone has been hacked, rooted, tweaked and b0rken, there was one piece that still was regarded as secure: The SIM card. But, Forbes reports, Karsten Nohl has proven them vulnerable, making millions of phones vulnerable. Oh, yes, remotely vulnerable to Java code execution. Nohl will present his findings in the Blackhat Security Conference, to be held on July 31.

Submission + - The Tyler Group: UK's Green Investment Bank provides funding for £1.2m bio (

An anonymous reader writes: Source Link:

The Equitix-managed Energy Saving Investments (ESI) fund, which the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) is a cornerstone investor, is to provide £576,733 financing for the installation of a biomass boiler at the Tomatin Distillery near Inverness, Scotland.

GIB is providing half of the £1.2m investment, with a further £600,274 coming from the Equitix Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF). It is being made in partnership with manufacturer of UK wood pellet biomass Balcas.

UK Green Investment Bank CEO Shaun Kingsbury said, ‘I am pleased to be able to announce our first Scottish investment. As well as significant emission reductions, the project will provide a boost to the local economy. We have a strong pipeline of investments in Scotland and hope to be able to announce further investments in Scottish distilleries, as well as other projects, very soon.’

The ESI fund makes up a chunk of GIB’s investment allocation into energy efficiency – one of its priority sectors. GIB awarded the competitive fund mandate to Equitix to invest £50m, to be matched by private investment, in order to drive investment into small-scale low carbon infrastructure in need of under £30m of financing. Equitix also established the EEEF to make investments into energy efficiency.

The boiler to be installed at the Tomatin Distillery will produce steam needed for the production of whisky. It will run on Balcas’ sustainably sourced wood pellet fuel, cutting emissions by over 96,500 tonnes from the previous oil-fired boiler as well as reducing electricity costs for the company.

The Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore said, ‘The first Scottish deal is a landmark moment for this ground-breaking Edinburgh-headquartered institution. It demonstrates that combining Scotland’s expertise in the financial and green sectors with a strong transaction team in London, can deliver significant benefits for businesses and local communities across Scotland.

‘With the bank confident that more Scottish investments will be announced in the near future, I am certain that UKGIB will play a hugely important role in realising Scotland’s enormous green energy potential, ensuring that we are at the centre of the UK’s low carbon economy.’

The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable said, ‘By funding a new biomass boiler, we are helping Tomatin to become more energy efficient and high-tech. This money will also help secure local jobs and support the local supply chain.

‘Despite tough international conditions, whisky exports have done very well. The industry is to be applauded for its achievements. I want to make sure we continue its success as we rebalance the economy and create wealth outside of the south-east of England.’

Submission + - Canvas Prints (

canvase writes: Canvas n decoration style the fashionable and the appealing.

Submission + - The Old Reader Database Snafoo (

An anonymous reader writes: TheOldReader (a popular Google Reader replacement) has had some major issues leading to what appears to be a complete outage. The holding page at currently reads;

"Sad news

After storage migration that we performed on Saturday our database servers started experiencing much higher load and it looks like this resulted in multiple SSD drive failures on several servers at the same time. Unfortunately some of those servers were part of the same database shards, so we lost some of the data.

We have started restoring data from our latest backup, and we will then be applying incremental changes since the time that backup got made to ensure that the database is in the most consistent state possible.

This might take a while. Hopefully the site will be back online some time later this week. We will post more details shortly in a blog post."

Lets hope that uses aren't dependent on the service to receive updates from their blog.

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Comment Re:Art, not science (Score 1) 1029

Movies used to be a form of art, not a form of science. And the science is not there to make a good movie, but how to extract as much money as possible.

You've got to be shitting me. Since when? Shakespeare knew his crap was formulaic fodder to fill the cheap seats. Dickens got paid by the word, and it shows when served compiled into one tome instead of delivered serially. Where is this mystical, altruistic past where 'we did it for the art, man!'?

Comment Re:It's all the PIRATES' fault! (Score 1) 1029

Have you been to a theater lately? I've been to several this year and find the theaters are pretty empty. Even World War Z was, at best 25% full on opening day. A couple of years back when Ghost Rider came out (I love the comics and my ex loves Nicolas Cage) we were the only people in the theater.


Submission + - Obat Penyakit Kanker Serviks Herbal (

An anonymous reader writes: Obat Penyakit Kanker Serviks Herbal => Ace max’s yaitu produk kesehatan kelas premium teranyar berbentuk jus dengan rasa yang beri kesegaran dari alam, dikarenakan memiliki kandungan xanthone suatu kandungan antioksidan super yang tedapat dalam kulit manggis, digabungkan dengan ekstrak daun sirsak yang amat populer dengan manfaatnya mengusir kanker serta beragam penyakit lainya.

Comment Re:Ding Ding Ding (Score 1) 143

The user experience for any of these solutions is awful, even if you pick up a dedicated USB monitor. Here's a snip from the winner of the latest MakeUseOf roundup:

Video and general usage is very laggy, though subjectively didn't feel as bad as Mini-Display. You can even draw directly into Photoshop, smoothly but albeit with a noticeable second delay between touching and having the line appear

There are portable monitors like this one that offer an actual video connection. Emulation will never work for serious usage or even watching youtube, and the existing iPad doesn't have a way to communicate other than USB or WiFi, so it's boned either way.

If Apple ever offers an iPad with a Thunderbolt connector, that's a different story.

Comment Where is the capitalism? (Score 1) 1029

What's counter-intuitive is that, if Hollywood sucks pond water, yet people still want movies, why any number of other things haven't occurred:
  • More alternative locations challenge Hollywood. Sure, Sundance: but why haven't festivals begotten more local challengers?
  • More amateur auteurs, given the lower barriers to entry for hardware.
  • More traditional stage productions.

I suppose its a time/money/advertising thing, but this craptacular economy seems like it should be freeing up some time to explore for some folks.

Submission + - Les 15 plus belles robes de mariage de films

myloveforus writes: De robe lisse de Bella Swan pour over-the-top robe de Carrie Bradshaw, les choix de mode de ces épouses étaient inoubliable. The Vow (2012) Screen Gems / La collection KOBAL Qui a dit que les robes de mariage ont toujours besoin d'être blanc et le sol longueur? Dans The Vow, Paige (Rachel McAdams) opte pour une robe rose bustier, embelli qui tombe juste au-dessus de ses genoux. Fun, sexy et totalement adapté à un mariage non traditionnel! Steel Magnolias (1989) TRI-STAR / LA COLLECTION KOBAL Quand nous pensons Steel Magnolias, il est difficile de ne pas penser mélodrame. Mais nous nous souvenons aussi de Shelby (Julia Roberts) hors-la-épaule ROBE DE MARIÉE qui était aussi chic que la femme qui le porte, avec un voile jusqu'aux coudes. Romeo + Juliet (1996) 20th Century Fox Une histoire d'amour classique ne nécessite pas toujours une robe de mariée haute couture! Jouer Juliette Capulet, Claire Danes mettre une touche moderne sur le personnage emblématique, vêtue d'une robe sans manches élégant pour leurs noces secrètes. Bien sûr, ce n'est pas le choix le plus extravagant, mais Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio) ne pouvait toujours pas détacher ses yeux d'elle. Sex and the City (2008) New Line Cinema / LA COLLECTION KOBAL / BLANKENHORN, CRAIG Il n'est pas surprenant que Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) et Samantha (Kim Cattrall) se sont penchés aussi fabuleux que jamais à leur amie Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) presque-mariage. Mais personne ne pouvait surpasser Carrie elle-même, qui a volé la vedette dans une robe Vivienne Westwood et magnifique voile plumes. L'étiquette de prix sur cette robe magnifique? Près de £ 7000! Le parrain (1972) PARAMOUNT / LA COLLECTION KOBAL Il est seulement approprié à présenter une ROBE DE MARIÉE show-arrêt dans l'un des rassemblements familiaux classiques du cinéma. Nous avons toujours admiré (Talia Shire) magnifique robe de Connie Corleone, qui était aussi sophistiqué que sa famille était puissant. Love Actually (2003) Universal Studios Avec son décolleté plumes et pure silhouette, (Keira Knightley) la robe de mariage de Juliette était douce et jeune — tout comme elle. Nous ne pouvions pas imaginer une sélection de garde-robe mieux adapté pour son mariage inoubliable, qui comprenait un spectacle de la chorale de surprise de 'All you need is love . So sweet! Le mariage de mon meilleur ami (1997) TriStar Pictures Nos curs étaient douloureux pour Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) dans Le Mariage de mon meilleur ami, mais nous n'avons toujours pas détourner les yeux de la mariée rougissante (Cameron Diaz) sur son grand jour. Dans une robe bustier dramatique avec une jupe et un chignon classique, Kimberly Wallace était le centre d'attention pour une bonne raison. The Princess Bride (1987) MGM Elle a peut-être eu des cauchemars au sujet de son mariage imminent du prince Humperdinck, mais Buttercup (Robin Wright) ressemblait à un rêve dans sa robe à manches longues et d'une couronne ornée. La majestueuse robe était une pièce emblématique de The Princess Bride, même si Buttercup et Humperdinck n'étaient pas en twue vélin ... euh, le véritable amour. Bride Wars (2009) New Regency Pictures / LA COLLECTION KOBAL Liv (Kate Hudson) et Emma (Anne Hathaway) ont peut-être été en désaccord dans une grande partie de Bride Wars, mais ils avaient une chose en commun: leurs belles robes de mariée! Entre volumineuse robe de tulle de Liv et Emma de couleur crème, la sélection d'une épaule, nous avons eu le meilleur des deux mondes de la mode en cette chick flick léger. Père de la mariée (1991) TOUCHSTONE / LA COLLECTION KOBAL Avec une fille que belle, il n'est pas étonnant George Banks (Steve Martin) était réticent à la marier. Cette robe de dentelle détaillée pourrait avoir beaucoup de choses, mais une grande occasion appelle à une grande robe. (Et s'ils ne sont pas visibles ici, nous ne pourrions jamais oublier les baskets blanches perles qu'elle portait en dessous!) The Sound of Music (1965) 20TH CENTURY FOX / LA COLLECTION KOBAL Maria (Julie Andrews) est une institutrice qui aime s'amuser dans une grande partie de The Sound of Music, mais sa ROBE DE MARIÉE est toutes les affaires. Doté d'un col haut, manches longues et petit détail, il est clair que Maria a choisi une robe grave pour correspondre à son homme sérieux, le capitaine Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer). My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) IFC Films / La collection KOBAL Ian Miller (John Corbett) a déclaré qu'il était préférable de nouvelle femme Toula (Nia Vardalos): Tu es comme un gros gâteau givré Mais Toula a réussi à arracher son bouffi, robe de mariage détaillée — jusque dans les gants de dentelle! — Tout en conservant son charme décontracté. Quatre mariages et un enterrement (1994) POLYGRAM / CHANNEL 4/WORKING TITRE / LA COLLECTION KOBAL L'intrigue de Quatre mariages et un enterrement devient un peu compliqué, mais nos pensées sur (Andie MacDowell) la robe de Carrie sont simples: on adore! Les détails de dentelle et encolure échancrée ya des touches gracieuses, et la perle des bijoux de Carrie termine le look gentiment. Mamma Mia! (2008) UNIVERSAL / PlayTone Les fleurs, les bijoux, les boucles d'or, le bronzage — tout sur (Amanda Seyfried) mariée le regard de Sophie représente l'île tropicale où son mariage (presque!) a lieu. Et bien que ses demoiselles d'honneur et de sa mère (Meryl Streep) aspect brillant, la mariée vole définitivement le spectacle. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 (2011) Summit Entertainment Twi-hards partout attendaient ans pour le mariage de Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) et Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), et la robe de mariage n'ont pas déçu! Chic et simple avec un beau dos de dentelle, nous ne pouvons pas penser à un choix plus élégante pour une occasion très attendue.

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