Comment Re:Vaccination... (Score 1) 668

Idiot 2.0

Certain diseases are deadly for new born babies. Don't wait. It could kill your kid.
Vaccines are safe. Diseases are not.

Simple solution is for governments to tie child benefits and education subsidies to vaccination schedules. No vaccinations = no benefits and no free education.

In Australia liability insurance for child care operators already prevents them from taking on any children that dont have immunisation certificates.

However the anti-government nutbars will complain to high heavan about the "gubbermint" interfering in their lives and their wallets. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if there was a significant crossover between the anti-gov'ers and the anti-vaxers. Nor would I be surprised to find the majority of them are on welfare.

Comment Re:More to the point... (Score 1) 437

Actually a lot of species die out all the time, "We didn't kill them all.." - George Carlin.

Most creatures will be relatively fine, they'll just move a little higher.
It's purely humans that will be drastically affected with our cities and ports etc. We're probably the largest quantity of species with the most habitats that will be
wrecked. We can't move cities. Bears don't care if they poop a little further op.

Comment Re:How is this different from a carving? (Score 3, Insightful) 258

Yeah, you probably would.

Think if you were handy with a paint brush and drew Disney's copyrighted characters on a T-shirt and tried to sell them, I bet you will receive a letter from a Disney lawyer.

I am aware of one person who was a Disney fan and drew Lion King characters on her own shirt - no money or sales involved - and she was denied admission to Disneyland on the basis of what she had drawn on her own shirt with her own hand for her own enjoyment. ( It was damn good work if I say so myself - not offensive at all ). Meanwhile kids were getting into the park wearing all sorts of offensive shirts...

I do not know if you were drawing a lion, at what point does the lion become Simba?

Comment Re:Muckrackers (Score 1) 79

when was the last time a major newspaper or network broke a political scandal that wasn't sex.

Do you actually read newspapers, or do you just bitch about them?

Where are they when voter suppression is a fact of life in most of the Southern United states?

Why would I give a rats ass about the Zimmerman trial if I wasn't in that community?

Do you even listen to yourself?

Comment Re:How is this different from a carving? (Score 1) 258

only if you could make an exact replica with your skill and try to sell it. if you try to sell it as the original, it would be forgery. if you try to sell it as your own it would be copyright infringement

How about if I printed an object, then died and didn't leave my heirs any instruction on disposition of the object and they sold it at my estate sale -- ?

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Comment Re:Password policy (Score 1) 146

Don't worry about it. He accused me of being young and naieve about computers (which is interesting, since I code on FPGAs for a living), as if he's some amazing gift to the computing world.

I fucking hate people who talk down strangers like this.

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Comment Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down (Score 1) 384

Some days it seems like they don't ever try any more -- and with a lot of movies about a week or so after you hear about it, you also start hearing about something which is based on almost exactly the same premise which will also be out soon.

Honestly, if they hadn't put the title in the trailers, I couldn't have told them apart.

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Comment Prices are my personal issue (Score 1) 1029

I went to go see Man Of Steel in the theater. The ticket price was 10.50 or something rather then taxes.
That price was actually really decent, figured, not bad for a movie experience.

Then I saw the concession stand. If I wanted two large popcorns, two pops, and a candy bar, it was 26$.

Yes, it was as expensive as dinner for two at a restaurant. Then you take on the movie, plus taxes.
So if a couple goes to the movies, tickets, pop corn, a drink and a candy bar, you're looking at 50$.
That, my friends, is what's killing the movies in my opinion, at least where I live around.
I'd much rather go to a nice restaurant at that price for a good meal and conversation.

If a large pop wasn't 7$, then I might consider enjoying the movie theater experience, at a reasonable cost.
Needless to say I saw the movie, enjoyed that, but didn't buy anything from the concession.
Or I'd go to the drive in, it's about a 40 minute drive, but their food is cheaper, and I get 2-3 movies
for the same price (10.50 or so), plus it's a real treat to have one still around.

Location - Canada, British Columbia, Cineplex/Silvercity

Comment Re:Er.... wifi IS radio... (Score 1) 120

Kindly wipe the aspergers from your mouth and note that further down the page he states, "Wifi occupies the radio frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum between actual radio waves and microwaves".

He is clearly using the term "radio waves" to describe waves in the portion of the RF spectrum reserved for wireless audio receivers, normally modulated either by amplitude or frequency, commonly known as radio.

Comment Re:And now: PLEASE DIE! (Score 1) 668

Please, oh please let Darwin be right at least this one time and let the stupid and gullible die off.

The problem here is that the gullible people are living, its the gullible people's children that could die.

Darwin was right, but Natural Selection (in this case, Artificial Selection) often works by killing offspring rather than the stupid and gullible themselves.

Comment Re:The day human beings become rational ... (Score 5, Insightful) 1029

I'll drop my two cent's worth here...

For a long time, movies have been losing their appeal to me. The "theatrical experience" is not near what I expect anymore.

I am told the movie starts at 7. I arrive no later than 6:45 so I can be seated well before the movie starts. So its already dark in the theater and they continuously bombard me with loud ads, keeping me from conversing with my friends. And I am considered rude for trying to communicate with my friends before the movie even starts? Ok, 7PM arrives. Movietime! More ads. Previews. Yet more ads. Coke, cars, TV personalities. When is the show? Ok, 30 minutes go by - they have screened all their crap and finally the splash screen for the feature presentation. By this time I am wondering just what I am doing here. This was delay upon delay trying to get eat the popcorn I had ( served in a little box ) so I would have to get some more. And the drinks are single served so I gotta pay for another specimen.

Kids laughing. Babies crying. Phones ringing. Lots of distracting lights from texters. The guy behind me taking off his shoes and propping his feet up on the vacant seat right next to my nose. I ask myself why oh why did I do this?

It took several years to delete my old ways, as the old perceptions I had of the theatrical experience had lost its flavor and no longer delivered satisfaction. I felt entering into a theater was just dropping my pants for a financial screwing at the snack counter, and a royal waste of time in front of the screen. If they are going to screen all those ads to me on my time ( time between when they *say* the movie starts to when the movie actually starts ), they should at least compensate me with free snacks.

Many industries abuse their customer base. This is what happens. Demand destruction will not happen overnight, as there is a lot of habits formed over the years that have to be broken. But once broken, the onus is now on the marketer to re-establish the habit if they want to have a viable business model.

It may look like a good business move to go ahead and hike the admission price to $15, surcharge the "silver experience" tickets sold last year, take money from other businesses to run ads to your audience when they came for the movie, mark up the snacks ungodly amounts, and sell dirt-cheap popcorn in little boxes to encourage repeat sales. Consider the demand destruction as your neglected audience finds other things to do. Then make your business decision.

Consider once your customers have other plans, how do you lure them back?

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Comment Re:This news is about 3600 years late (Score 1) 384

I'm going to start watching to see if that phenomenon arises frequently.

I hope you realize that if this phenomenon exists and you spot it numerous times, it's potentially going to ruin your future movie viewings as you'll be consciously aware of it. It's the same for anyone who's spent hours reading tvtropes and hence noticing things in the shows they watch as well and can no longer avoid.

Comment Just like printing a document using GPL fonts (Score 1) 258

I submitted a post to Slashdot back in 2005 about whether printing a document using a GPL-licensed font would make the resulting document GPL.

This sounds like a similar issue.

The general concensus from the previous discussion appeared to be that (a) the GPL wasn't intended to be used for fonts, and using it that way is a bad idea, and (b) the resulting document would probably not be GPL. Of course, nobody is is a position to make any definite pronouncements about it since this issue has never come up in a courtroom, as far as I know.

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