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Grigliare le melanzane da entrambi i lati per 5 minuti; spennellarle con un filo d'olio, cospargerle con il prezzemolo e un pizzico di sale. Suddividere sulle 4 piade la mozzarella, (

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Comment Re:It's opt in? (Score 1) 273

But you do have control over how you behave in public and what you tell people who you do not trust. If I had a friend who posted inappropriate things about me on Facebook they would not remain a friend for very long. If I had a friend who was just a blabbermouth, and I still wanted to remain friends I just wouldn't tell him anything I didn't want posted on Facebook for the whole world to see. You don't need to control evey person you have ever met. You just need a bit of self-control over what you tell people and how you act in public.

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Comment Re:Completely And Utterly Wrong (Score 1) 835

You haven't presented 'facts'. You have presented interpretation and insinuation under the guise of impartiality. Persons like that are almost invariably wedded to their particular viewpoint and not worth the time. I'll pick an exemplar of where I think you are particularly wrong. You'll either minimize my criticism or point out that I didn't respond to the remainder of your laundry list. Boring. BTDT.

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Journal Journal: Spizzica in Salento...: Aubergines Boutonnées

Lavez les aubergines et bien les sécher, coupez l'extrémité verte. Faites 4/5 entailles très profondes sur tout le pourtrour du légume et sur toute la longueur (

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Comment Re:IRS Too? (Score 1) 835

That likely varies by province. Some provinces have absolutely outrageous traffic laws; you can have your license revoked and your car seized on a hair trigger, at the discretion (or lack thereof) of hick-ass bumpkin cops.

You'll have your license taken away for a chirp of your tires in some areas of Ontario.

Manitoba is becoming downright oppressive, handing out tickets for "low windshield washer fluid" (I shit you not, do a search for "viu Winnipeg") and "randomly" stopping any vehicles that appear the slightest bit modified (collector cars, etc.).

BC runs condescending ads saying that "driving is one of the most complex things you do all day," and appears to be the model for Manitoba's offensive on any sort of motoring enthusiasm.

Saskatchewan is, um... OK, nothing actually happens there. The rest of the country, I'm not sure, but I doubt it's much better.

South of the border, my uncle received a speeding ticket in the US ... a whole $15! The same ticket would have been hundreds here. You guys may be facing major sociopolitical problems, but we got dibs on ridiculous traffic law.

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Journal Journal: Tips on Manhattan Water Heater Repair

Hot water heaters, like boilers and furnaces are usually set in the darkest, dingiest, and dirtiest part of our homes. They are ignored and forgotten about until the first day we don't have any hot water. If we don't maintain a hot water heater, we may have to purchase a new one before we should. The most common types of hot water heaters used in homes are electric and gas. Electric hot water heaters heat with electric heating elements. When water reaches the desired temperature, the elements

Comment Half right (Score 2) 192

The main fear for nuclear terrorism is not that they build their own bomb, but rather that they get one thru stealing/corruption/or jsut plain buying from the soviet or other state with nuclear weapon. Can you be sure that nuke from ,say , France are as secure as the US one against stealing ? Now repeat the same question with say, Pakistan or India ? That's the real deal. If nuclear terrorism ever happen, it will be that way.

But far more likely before nuclear terrorism will be bio-chemical terrorism which do not need as much facility. VX gas, for example. Or even some changed virus, because some apocalyptic cult want us all dead.
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Journal Journal: Come riutilizzare vecchi pallets – shabby chic in giardino | foto e fornel

Qualche mese fa ho partecipato ad un corso di tecnica shabby chic insieme alla mia amica e ci siamo divertite da morire. Mi ha fatto proprio bene creare con le mani, riprendere in mano un pennello. Non lo facevo da troppo tempo (

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Apple's developer website hacked, personal information 'may have been ... - Vent (

Daily Mail

Apple's developer website hacked, personal information 'may have been ...
Apple's developer website, which has experienced some significant downtime this past week, has been hacked. Apple released the information just a few moments ago in an email to registered developers, saying that sensitive emails, names, and physical...
Apple's developer site was attacked on ThursdayDailyTech
Apple developer site targeted in security attack, still downCNET (blog)
Apple Says Its Developer Site Was HackedWall Street Journal
Macworld-TechCrunch-Apple Insider
all 68 news articles

Comment Re:Neither (Score 2) 273

Sure you can. You can opt out of the government any time you want. Renounce your citizenship and move somewhere else. Well, that's backwards, move somewhere else, then renounce your citizenship.

Now, you may not _want_ to do that, but you _can_ do that.

I think you are missing the point. You don't have to leave the country of your birth and remain in exile for the rest of your life to opt out of Facebook. And of course Facebook does not have the power to send armed men to your home to take all your stuff, shoot your dog, and throw you in a cage for the rest of your life. Or even just kill you if you show even the slightest form of resistance, are rude to them in any way, or they are just in the mood for a little fun. The government has a whole army of people with guns who can use them against you with impunity. Facebook doesn't. Do you understand the difference now?

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Journal Journal: Ragù alla Napoletana | MARITO ALLA PARMIGIANA

La salsa deve “pippiare”, ovvero sobbollire lentamente, qualche bollicina lenta sulla superficie! Facciamo cuocere in questa maniera per 3 ore e poi aggiungiamo le puntine di maiale (

Comment yes, more or less the same, but rare for laws (Score 1) 309

Yes, it's similar in the US. Local courts routinely rule that an ACTION was illegal because it was unconstitutional - that a specific search was illegal, for example. In those cases, they are ruling that one cop was wrong. It's far less common that they strike down a LAW, such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. To do so, they are overruling Congress, the people's elected representatives. The courts rightfully show more deference to the carefully considered acts of Congress than to in-the-moment decisions by one cop.
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Journal Journal: Shop around YouTube converter

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Journal Journal: Semplicemente Manoela in cucina: RICETTE












Comment Shouldn't more sites go offline when hacked? (Score 3, Insightful) 112

Although the outage has been inconvenient, the upside of this is that the users of the system can be pretty sure Apple figured out the extent of possible damage, and also we can be pretty sure nothing else was hacked into in the meantime.

The timeframe seems pretty long but to me it seems like any site that has been hacked should, as a rule, probably go down until the site developers can be sure nothing else will be taken and holes are closed. Yet very few other sites do this, I'm sure to avoid irking customers...

Perhaps it's only really possible for a site like the Apple Developer website where the users can understand the technical reasons for closing a site until it is safe, but it seems like it's a better approach when possible.

It does make you wonder though just what they are fixing that takes this many days to get back on track.

Comment Re:from mars... (Score 1) 111

I can walk down to Puget Sound right now, spend half an hour and collect samples of water, rocks, algae, barnacles, sea anemones, jellyfish, flotsam, scum, sand, and air. If I were to take them to the University of Washington labs and have them analyzed I would have considerably more detailed data about our oceans than we've accumulated about the entire surface and atmosphere of Mars. I'm not really sure how much data you think we have about Mars, but even what Curiosity provides will be orders of magnitude less than that which a competent geologist could provide in an afternoon of sample collecting and a week or two in the lab.

We have sampled a half a dozen sites on the entire planet with stationary probes. We've had three rovers, which have covered less than 60 kilometers in nine years (plus Sojourner's few hundred meters). Just the HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin aboard, sailed thousands of miles, took tens of thousands of samples, and kept scientific researchers busy cataloging and analyzing for years. How on Earth can you imagine that we have more data about Mars than about our oceans? I really don't understand.
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Journal Journal: Consigli di Makeup: Novità ERBORIAN: Herbal Energy BB Cleanser

Il rituale delle donne coreane è uno dei più sofisticati del mondo e si basa sul principio del “layering”, la sovrapposizione di strati di trattamenti in un ordine preciso che migliorano la lucentezza della pelle (

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Comment Re:I agree (Score 1) 312

For casual reading, e-books are fine but for technical materials I prefer hard copy that way there's no fear that the distributor won't change their TOS and I wind up losing a ton of C++ reference material or my favorite books on Roman History.

I like it because a physical book has a way faster seek mechanism (but lousier search) - you can flip forward and backwards though the book far faster than you can scroll through pages.

Plus, it's way easier to flip through a bunch of bookmarks on a physical book than it is on screen - most readers still don't allow showing multiple portions of a book in several split views.

Plus, most screens are just not big enough to hold several reference texts open simultaneously on one screen - I find it easier at times to just print the various pages out and then reference them on the desk rather than try to switch between several reader windows.

Comment Re:Diet and laziness (Score 0) 707

Seriously, put together a 2000 calorie diet that gets 100% of the RDA for all those vitamins and minerals, then come back and tell us about how dangerous and unecessary multivitamins are.

Not only is a vitamin supplement unnecessary, they also dont work.

If you're having trouble getting enough vitamins and minerals in 2000 calories per day (2500 for men) then your diet is really fucked up or you have a serious medical problem.

Bottom line is that apart from A, D, E and K, pretty much all the other ones just wash out of your system before becoming dangerous. B6 and the minerals can also cause some problems if you're taking in too much, but you'd have to work on that.

Here you prove you know nothing about nutrition and biology in general.

You adsorb more vitamins and minerals through the regular digestive process. Even if more of it is "washed out" a lot more is adsorbed by your body.

Supplements do not have a physioactive effect. In fact they have to specifically have to NOT have a measurable physioactive effect to avoid being a controlled drug and being kept behind the counter with the pain killers.

There's a very good reason why multivitamins exist

Yes, because people who are dumb enough to believe that you dont adsorb more vitamins and minerals through healthy food than you do through a pill of questionable effect are there to buy them.

Vitamin supplements are a huge cash cow for pharmaceutical companies. No need to do FDA testing because they have no effect means that they spend penny's on R&D and rake in millions from people with no understanding of pharmaceuticals or nutrition.

Anything you buy off the shelf will have no real effect. The vitamin supplements that are proven to work require a prescription to get and this means you have a serious medical issue that a sugar pill wont fix.

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