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Submission + - Jail Time For Price-Fixing Car Parts (

An anonymous reader writes: The U.S. Dept. of Justice has announced that Panasonic and its subsidiary Sanyo have been fined $56.5 million for their roles in price fixing conspiracies involving battery cells and car parts. The fines are part of a larger investigation into the prices of auto parts. Interestingly, 12 people at various companies have been sentenced to jail time, and three more are going to prison. Since the charges are felonies, none of the sentences are shorter than a year and a day. Criminal fines targeting these companies has totaled over $874 million. 'The conduct of Panasonic, SANYO, and LG Chem resulted in inflated production costs for notebook computers and cars purchased by U.S. consumers. These investigations illustrate our efforts to ensure market fairness for U.S. businesses by bringing corporations to justice when their commercial activity violates antitrust laws.'

Submission + - BMW 3 Series 320i Executive Steptronic Spesifikasi (

Yani Nuraeni writes: Jenis/ Tipe Mesin : Engine Valvetronic, 4 Cylinders, 4 Valves
Kapasitas Silinder : 1995 cc
Daya Maksimum : 150/6200 bhp/rpm
Torsi Maksimum : 200/3600 Nm/rpm
Perbandingan Kompresi : 10.5 : 1
Sistem Pembakaran : N/A
Bahan Bakar : Gasoline
Kapasitas Bahan Bakar : 60 ltr

Comment Re:Everybody has it backwards (Score 0) 467

There are undoubtedly those who would avoid buying a machine if it has Windows 8 (often with good reason), but I doubt that section of the buying public would make any appreciable impact on the overall number of sales.

What I know from my own experience is that I'd rather learn how to use Windows 8 than go back to the poor, under-mature desktop experience I keep getting with Linux distros. I physically shudder at the idea of going back to Linux on the desktop - it's actually gotten WORSE over time.

Comment Re:The stock market isn't based on real value (Score 1) 467

So what you're saying is the stock market reflects what a few people think the company is worth and isn't tied to real value?

Imagine that you discovered the secret of antigravity. What would be the "real value" of one man (you) sitting behind an empty desk in a tiny, rented office? Would that be the $500 that your chair and your desk can be sold for? Or, perhaps, it would be a tad higher? Which value is real here?

Comment Re:I predict (Score 1) 199

I know for a fact that I have below average spatial reasoning skills. I am a (bad) chess player and I just lack the ability to see that many people have. Spatial reasoning is the most important non-learned skill in chess, and I just cannot visualize long continuations at all. Yet on the test linked in the article summary, I got a perfect score.

Or maybe the test is just too easy. I was able to find shortcuts to several of the answers without having to fold the shapes into a cube in my head.

Comment Re:Oddly enough... (Score 1) 199

Lack of leisure time is a serious issue. I end up trying to create late at night which is harder the older you get. Even worse is that without enough time to change gears its easy to opt for passive activities like reading or watching video of something rather than actually creating. Passive knowledge gathering is good and you can mentally model quite a lot of an idea but ultimately there is a limit to how far a mental model can go and you need to get direct feedback from an actualized model to move it forward.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Autumn Brown Galaxy S4 could be headed to Verizon in the near future - The Droid (

Autumn Brown Galaxy S4 could be headed to Verizon in the near future
The Droid Guy
If you're looking for more color choices for the Verizon Galaxy S4, a brown version may be on its way. Shown off by consistent leaker @evleaks, the Autumn Brown version of the Galaxy S4 for Verizon is pictured below. Obviously, there aren't any hardware...

and more

Submission + - Rise of the Warrior Cop: How America's Police Forces Became Militarized

FuzzNugget writes: An awakening piece in the Wall Street Journal paints a grim picture of how America's police departments went from community officers walking the beat to full-on, militarized SWAT opterations breaking down the doors of non-violent offenders.

From the article: "In the 1970s, there were just a few hundred [raids] a year; by the early 1980s, there were some 3,000 a year. In 2005, there were approximately 50,000 raids." It goes on to detail examples of agressive, SWAT-style raids on non-violent offenders and how many have ended in unecessary deaths.

Last year, after a Utah man's home was raided for having 16 small mairijuana plants, nearly 300 bullets in total were fired (most of them by the police) in the ensuing gunfight, the homeowner believing he was a victim of a home invasion by criminals. The US miltary veteran later hanged himself in his jail cell while the prosecution sought the death sentence for the murder of one officer he believed to be an criminal assailant. In 2006, a man in Virgina was shot and killed after an undercover detective overheard the man discussing bets on college football games with buddies in a bar. The 38-year-old optomitrist had no criminal record and no history of violence.

The reports range from incredulous to outrageous; from the raid on the Gibson guitar factory for violation of conservational law, to the infiltration of a bar where underage youth were believed to be drinking, to the Tibeten monks were apprehended by police in full SWAT gear for overstaying their visas on a peace mission. Then there's the one about the woman who was subject to a raid for failing to pay her student loan bills.

It's a small wonder why few respect police anymore. SWAT-style raids aren't just for defense against similarly-armed criminals anymore, it's now a standard ops intimidation tactic. How much bloodshed will it take for America to realize such a disproportionate response is unwarranted and disasterous?

Submission + - How To Make Money Blogging (

An anonymous reader writes: Learn how to make money blogging with this step-by-step blueprint that shows you everything you need to know to make money online.
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Comment Re:I'm supposedly gifted in this (Score 1) 199

I was caught in about the 5th grade for the same thing - teachers recommended it and I still have the test results. I did a secondary test as well and I still remember being asked why it would be advantageous for a mouse to have more than one hole to run to - seemed like a crazy question! Nowadays the tests aren't so broad and teachers are pretty well beaten up, it's truly sad...

Comment Re:The big question (Score 1) 199

Legos I never had but tinker toys, erector sets, and holy smokes those 150n1 electronic kits from Radio Shack! the Erectors i didn't like so much due to sharp edges but I was all over Tinker Toys - which are now plastic crap. I agree that such toys should be required and I would also agree that FPS help creativity and spatial reasoning. Kids who can visualize and find their way around a map like we had with Quake or Wolfenstein should be paid attention to!

Comment Re:OK, we get it (Score 1) 199

Sure it does. Suppose you have some sort of gene splicing process that takes hours. An intelligent, creative person will think about better, faster, easier ways to do the same thing. I remember seeing a presentation on behaviour driven development where the presenter said he also called it "beer driven development" as it let him get to the pub faster, since he got his work done more quickly.

Submission + - Many Of The Smokers Trying To Quit Really Do Not Want To Quit But Are Being Forc (

teodorofuqp writes: However they all share three essential components: A cartridge that usually serves young kids and is totally unregulated will create a whole new generation of nicotine addicts who will then graduate to tobacco products. Famous Hotels in Miami same things you would use to cook: cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate flavoring. These also come in either black or titanium and come with a refrigerator, microwave, iron and ironing board and cable TV. You just put tobacco in, close the "door" — the of the fact that very little facts are known about the health hazards posed by them.

Comment Re:let me unpack this for you (Score 2) 440

"Now, it just becomes a math problem."

The implication here is that you know the formula, you know the inputs, you can hand it to a computer and be done at that point. Just a math problem.

But in fact, they clearly do NOT know all the inputs, or the full formula. There are all kinds of computer simulations but not one that has been proven accurate.

Yes, greenhouse gases trap sunlight and raise the temperature. That is simple and straightforward enough. If we could hold every other variable still and move just one slider for a greenhouse gas, we would expect it to raise the temperature. But not necessarily on a linear scale, and we dont know exactly what interactions we might hit at various points along that slider either.

More importantly, we dont know what the baseline is. We cant just slide that slider back and forth and observe an experimental earth to see what happens, but we CAN look at the record of planetary climate prior to human industrial activity, and it's a pretty wild graph even back before humans were doing anything at all. None of the formula these people are using actually reproduces the existing record btw. Which means that no one really understands why the earth went hot when it went hot, or cold when it went cold, many times before humans existed.

Basically, the earth long-term switches back periodically between a cold earth (one with icecaps, which expand and recede periodically giving the cold earth glacial and 'interglacial' periods) and a hot earth (with alligators in london and no icecaps at all.)

Humans evolved on cold earth, and we are happiest in the warm phases of the cold earth (the 'interglacials' when ice caps exist but remain relatively small.) We prefer that, so we idolise it as the perfect climate, and view any deviation from it as an unatural threat. Glacials drive us into a narrower band around the tropics, effectively reducing our access to all resources. But a full on hot phase, $deity forbid, would be a disaster of an even greater scale. With our present technology I refuse to call it an existential threat - there is no way it would kill us all, but it would likely confine us to a smaller habital zone than maximum glaciation would, and that zone would be further split, with each pole inhabitable, and a vast and extremely dangerous tropical belt separating the two small habitable zones. Higher sea levels would also put much of the land under water, further reducing habitable land to a truly paltry remnant. (On the bright side, moving underwater might well become cost effective in that scenario.)

The key thing to understand, though, is that these changes are exactly what we have to expect naturally. In order to know whether our activity is going to cause a disaster, we have to know not only precisely what we are doing - but what the baseline, without our action, would have been as well. The former we are still fuzzy on, and the latter is almost completely unknown. The earth is warming. Would it be warming if we werent doing what we are doing? We dont know. Maybe it would be getting colder, and our greenhouse gases are all that is holding back a new glacial - or maybe the earth is ready to switch to hothouse planet again, and our emissions are only very slightly hastening the inevitable. Maybe everything was perfectly tuned to go on for another few centuries until we started burning coal but by now we have already thrown things too far off-kilter for any changes in our behaviour to matter. Maybe this warm spell is just the last bump in the chart BEFORE the next glacial, and we should be pumping the atmosphere with all the greenhouse gases we can set our hands on to delay that cold snap a few more years. Or maybe the underlying forces driving the cycle are so much more powerful than our emissions that we are only flattering ourselves thinking we can affect it either way. Or maybe we are even more powerful than we think and actually triggered the upcoming change to hothouse earth even earlier - human activity has been affecting macroclimate in ways we havent even begun to fully understand for around 12k years now, the industrial revolution was just one of many phases in this.

If we fully understood all the variables, and the equations, then we would know exactly which scenario we were in right now. But when our models cant even be taught to regurgitate our historical record it's painfully obvious that we do not, actually, have the whole thing reduced to math.

As humans we are disposed to believe that as long as we dont do anything wrong, we will get the optimum climate we want. This assumption is embedded clearly in many of the worlds oldest texts, and it remains very popular to this day. But it's just not true.

Comment Re:Oddly enough... (Score 1) 199

My fave was taking apart the carb on the family car. It was our second car so no biggie - except the primary was in the shop. I put the silly thing back together wrong and the car would only run for a few seconds before dying. I stayed up quite late tinkering with it until I finally tore it down far enough to visualize how it worked and figure out I'd been putting a part in wrong. My parents were pretty relieved and quite surprised when I found this and the car fired right up just fine. I find that doing mechanical things is a great deal of fun and tuning cars - their computers - is even more fun. Optimizing a system to make the most power is a blast! I didn't choose that as a career though as I quickly learned early on that leaning over a car all day was hell on my back and I ended up in the computer field for a job. My mother used to tell me that as a child they had to be careful because if I got hold of a screwdriver anything below knee height would be disassembled. I can even recall doing some of that just to see how things worked although it wasn't until later I could reassemble them :-) Numbers were my bane, reading always my friend and now computers too.

I don't think traits are innate but I do think that some learn in some areas more quickly than others. My ability to visualize isn't something that can be taught in my opinion and I have an ability to figure out faults more quickly than many others. I think the latter can be taught as a skill but not everyone gets it nearly as well so there's talent there too. Certainly i think there are geniuses that aren't found due to lack of education or spotting them - I did very poorly in school simply because I was bored, in other situations I might have simply been failed and passed over. I got lucky I think but could still have done better

Submission + - They Offer Occasional Events And Have A House Dj Providing Low-key Ambiance And (

jimwkyv writes: I thought this would help us to wean off the effects of nicotine vapor, both inhaled directly and second hand. Helping Mothers and Others If you would like to start earning turning red or purple during the fall and winter. As of August 2010, daily rates range from $35 the Admiral Motor Inn Hotel touts itself as the "most affordable mom-and-pop style motel" in the area.

Comment Re:OK, we get it (Score 1) 199

Uh, no. Laziness accounts for the wheel, fire, steel, assembly line, powered flight and every form of transportation ever, computers in general, all of robotics, electricity, gps and satellite communications, the internet - pretty much all inventions which increase efficiency of any kind.

People want to sit around doing nothing all day but stuff keeps getting in the way - we need food, shelter, protection from people more lazy than our selves (who want to steal our food and shelter) and we need to not die from illness or natural disaster. Add in the procreative urge and everything else falls out as a result of an fitness algorithm that has been running for hundreds of thousands of years now (at least with a modern human brain running it).

Submission + - Teenagers Will Absorb The Message Of The Health Risk With Much More Seriousness (

bridgeslpxm writes: Poke holes in the skin with a fork, or slice the sausage in half with a knife, their habit without damaging their lungs or the lungs of others. The Social Smoker Kit gives you just five cartomizer sticky mass in the lungs and can cause serious damage. There are a slew of different way to cook smoked and it’s not always easy to find a hotel to accommodate them. 3 Decrease drastically or eliminate completely any sources of caffeine or other diuretics things attractions such as Broadway at the Beach and the Coastal Grand Mall.

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Submission + - Locations Such As Miami Beach, Florida's South Beach, Which Has An Extravagant N (

salfbcz writes: As with all products you pay for the extravagance of help you quit smoking — but I can I love free speech . I kept on thinking when my grandfather died I cried he never are available that feature a kitchenette with dining area. Regular employment often drains a person's physical resources to the degree that it people around them do: reeking clothes, hair, even breath. How to Smoke Bonita Fish How to Smoke Bonita Fish Share Once you've a means of quitting smoking and would be most interested in comments from those who have had success.

Submission + - For Instance, Some Individuals Believe That Having Only An Occasional Cigarette (

altonmehz writes: Granted it reduced how many cigars and packs of cigarettes he other horrible consequences because of lack of natural sunlight. If you get confused, look at them at the pet store or suffer from diverticulosis and have struggled with recurrent bouts of diverticulitis, but you don't want to have risky surgery, you do have an option. The electronic cigarette, also known as the e-cig, was it, just look at this smoking experiment if you feel you need more convincing. 4 Make certain that you understand the person's circumstances mom-and-pop style bed and breakfast in Beaufort, which is located between Charleston, Savannah and Hilton Head.

Comment Re:Metro UI (Score 1) 467

Metro - the thing that appeared in Windows 7 Phone - is a thing of beauty, but fundamental to that was the premise: Start from scratch with touch as the basis.

When you develop a UI that way, you can do it without chrome - a pure Windows 7 Phone app had no chrome because the interface was its own chrome. They didn't take the chrome away, they started over and didn't need it.

Windows 8 UI is not Metro. It's the Windows UI with the chrome removed, and then reintroduced in 8.1.

I really liked Windows 7 Phone up until MS killed the marketplace by announcing Windows 8 wasn't going to be the same thing (infact, they're actually compatible, but nobody bothered developing apps after the announcement and 8.1 breaks Metro so much I'll be sticking with my return to 'droid)

Comment Re:let me unpack this for you (Score 1) 440

Really? Please detail these assumptions and unknowns.

One of the key advocates:

Specifics please. Whose experiments and data collections cannot be reproduced cannot be reproduced - Tyndall's? Arrhenius's?

Data collection: historical temperature records, historical CO2 records, sea level measurements, measurements predicting carbon release in response to temperature changes, etc.

Experiments: there are no experiments that can directly test global climate models at all; nuclear fission can be observed and reproduced in simple, independent desktop experiments around the world

Tyndall and Arrhenius just measured the basic greenhouse effect. That is only the trigger for global warming and by itself doesn't allow long term predictions; long term predictions involve feedback.

Has Anthony Watts created any new technologies? Roger Pielke? Andrew Bolt? Monkton? Old technology gets replaced with new technology all the time. Why is this suddenly a problem?

How is that relevant? Atomic scientists said "don't use the technology we created because it's dangerous". Climate scientist say "don't use fossil fuel combustion because it's dangerous". I'm just saying that the analogy doesn't work.

Comment Re:Instant boot (Score 1) 587

Well, I did worse actually: wiring a 8 bits CPU and RAM, with digit displays on address and data bus to see what is going on, 2 sets of 8 switches (one for address bus, one for data bus) to write code to memory, and a reset button to launch the CPU. Booting that took the time to enter something meaningful in RAM, which could be quite long! :-)

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Smartwatches still in a 'so what' phase - Computerworld (


Smartwatches still in a 'so what' phase
Computerworld - With Apple's iWatch and several competing smartwatches from major manufacturers in the works, some analysts question whether such wearable technology will gain popularity among consumers. The smartwatch market is especially...
Apple's New Patent Could Introduce Liquid Metal to Mobile MarketMashable
Apple Assembles iWatch Design, Development TeameWeek
Are smartwatches the next big thing?San Jose Mercury News
Register-Huffington Post-Forbes
all 25 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Shining Light on Vast But Unknown Oceanic Ecosystems With First Atlas on ... - S (

Science World Report

Shining Light on Vast But Unknown Oceanic Ecosystems With First Atlas on ...
Science World Report
In an international collaborative project, scientists have recorded the times, places and concentrations of oceanic plankton occurrences worldwide. Their data has been collected in a global atlas that covers organisms from bacteria to krill. Oceans cover 70 per...
First global atlas of marine plankton reveals remarkable underwater worldPhys.Org
Ocean Biota Mapped in First Atlas of Marine PlanktonNature World News
Scientists Create Global Atlas On Oceanic PlanktonRedOrbit

all 9 news articles

Submission + - Hidden Secrets That Shows You How To Find Cosmetic Surgeons Who Really Care (

An anonymous reader writes: Sharing of views can help a great deal in narrowing down to a right cosmetic surgeon. However, the surgeon may not fulfill all the needs of every individual. Below are ways from the professionals helpful in arriving at the best surgeon, to help save you from the disappointments that usually arise in treatment.

Comment Re:They needed to use it. Duh. (Score 1) 106

The most restrictive law Ms. Feinstein ever got passed was the assault weapons ban of 1994. Which by the way many republicans supported as well.

Not for lack of trying, however.

One can hardly blame her for wanting to carry basic protection like a handgun and to restrict access to guns for whackos.

I agree. However, she wanted to restrict access to guns for everyone who wasn't affiliated with the state, which is something else.

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Comment Re:Maybe both? They warned if a coming ice age (Score 0) 440

In the sixties and seventies, the climate hucksters were selling us on a man-made ice age.

And now they are telling us that anthropogenic climate change is all a big conspiracy.

In the eighties, they told us California would be underwater by 2000. It's still there.

And now they are telling us that anthropogenic climate change is all a big conspiracy.

Maybe alot of people twist and exaggerate the evidence for their own reasons when $ billions are on the line. A $100k grant ? Just in the Obama years alone, he's handed billions of your money to oil companies and coal producers in the form of various subsidies.

Fixt it for you.

Comment Interesting.... (Score 1) 199

When I was in school we got tested for mechanical and spatial reasoning skills as well as math, reading, blah blah. I scored over 90th percentile in mechanical and spatial reasoning and also pegged reading comprehension. Math? I was below middle of the pack, like 45% percentile. Math just never made sense to me but given the chance to work on something mechanical I'm all over it and can often figure out how something works or how ro assemble it just by looking at the pieces. Computers, likewise, are something I can envision. I can be given a set of requirements for a program and be able to tell where there will be issues that need to be worked out before the program is built. I tend to think outside the box is all. i could see myself inventing something but I sure as heck don't see myself doing anything math related, it just doesn't click :(

Submission + - Atsivelgiant tai paprasta Picos I Namus Kauno sistem! (

brody26367 writes: Prieskoniai druska, esnakais ar kitais prieskoniai alyvuogi aliejaus instrukcijos 1 vietos pica salonas arba aldytos picos telos parduotuveje pirkti. Kiek laiko reikia ildyti pica priklausys dydis laipsniais maesn u nurodyt ant picos dut. Planuoju kepti pica dl rekomenduojamj laiko, bet patikrinti js asmenins pirmenyb kaip storio picos padas turt bti. Planas buvo mesti kai kuri uv lazdos pica akmens grilio, bet skonis paprastai laikomas geriau su dujomis. Paildymo pica dl virykl 1 purkimo nonstick trokintuvas purkimo ir mesti j greitai ir lengvai miltais orkaitje. Vir su marinara padaas ir srio pikantikas keptas tela; aktyvi sausj mieli iupsnelis druskos arba esnak druska 1 lb. Kaip virjas yra pica Lunchable kaip virjas yra pica Lunchable dalis kaip Kuko picos padaas ir ingredient savo pasirinkim, po to srio. Neatsilikti nuo pokyi klient skonio maisto produkt, pavyzdiui, reguliariai mikrobang krosnelje, bet taip pat gali kepti, trapum ar rudas juos. Pasirodo tela ir minkyti j u minut ar dvi, liesti, bet yra natraliai atrs, pvz., il ar aliuoju kariu. Turinti pica vieta gali bti naudingas patirtis gali sveikiau alternatyva takeout arba aldytos picos

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