Comment Re:Impact on Photography (Score 1) 94

31" is really too small for 4K.

Only if you're further than 25" from it. At any distance closer than that, you'd be able to resolve individual pixels. Until pixels are so small they are invisible, pixel density isn't high enough.

Furthermore, If you sit closer than 31" to a 40" monitor at 4K (as we all would), you'd be able to see individual pixels. So no, the pixel density on a 40" 4K monitor wouldn't be at the limit of normal visual acuity.

Comment Re:The real security theater (Score 1) 226

And it makes you look illiterate. What the GP actually said was:

80-year old grandmother to a four year old presents an equal probability of trouble

Pointing out that there is an extreme end to the age scale of terrorists doesn't demonstrate that people at those extremes have an equal probability of being a terrorist. The 64 year old woman, and the 11 year old kid - are they a representative sample, or a statistical outlier? Because if they're outliers, you've just proved the GPs point for him.

Comment Re:They had the wrong approach (Score 1) 442

This sort of disinformation is a huge part of why it failed. People read this and think "gee, Myria sounds like a smart person. This RT thing is Windows so I'll buy it and put on my Quicken and pirated Photoshop." Then they get it home, find it will not run that, and return it promptly back - then warning off all their friends in person and online.

Nice work! Please do keep on doin' what you're doin'.

Comment Re:Same in Mexico. (Score 3, Informative) 226

Oh for crying out loud, you do realize that "American Carol" along with the "Christian Extremists" movie within it was satire and making fun of people like you who tryi to equate christianity with violence? Ted Kaczynski was a criminal? Are you going to start looking at every damn criminal and see what their background is? David Koresh was a cult leader which precludes him being a christian (see the ten commandments) and the IRA was an armed struggle against british imperialism. The fact that most of the IRA were catholic had something to do with the long history of the british discriminating against catholics. Examples of this would include Quebec and England itself. The British used religion as an excuse.

But again, I would challenge you to show me examples of people that would be classified as terrorists bombing public places like an airport or other terminal in the name of christ. I would also challenge you to find scripture to support such a thing. There is no such text but there is plenty of examples in the Koran by their prophet himself about committing violence the name of their faith.

If you follow the example of Christ as a fundamentalist, you will not commit violence but if you follow the example of Mohammed as a fundamentalist then you will kill in the name of your religion even if it means committing suicide. Suicide is considered a terrible sin in Christianity so that would preclude a suicide christian bomber.

Going back to David Koresh, he and his followers basically self-imulated themselves in their own compound. I would hardly compare that to a bomber attacking a public place.

Comment Rippoff (Score 1) 550

When I get a better experience on a $120 tablet from Wal-mart why not.

The surface tablets were marketed as being 100-200 dollar devices, and no word about being locked down as bad as they are.

A guy even wrote an x86 exe stack for the RT but microsoft cant? thats pathetic.

I'm sure there are reasons, but at least try!

Comment What happens when we have to drill deeper? (Score 1) 237

So what happens when the shallow water supplies run out and we need to use the ones that are thousands of feet below the ground? Sure, it's currently economically unviable to drill that deep... but it was also economically unviable to frack just 10 years ago.

I just can't fathom the stupidity of knowingly polluting a source of fresh water that our grandchildren will almost assuredly need to rely on some day.

Comment Re:But... but (Score 1) 442

The Surface RT is identical hardware to the Asus Transformer Prime. It's speculated that WinRT was developed on the Prime. When Surface RT released the Transformer Infinity was already out six months and had a 1920 x 1200 display. Not quite the iPad level, but you also don't need to be a hardware enthusiast to notice that difference either.

Submission + - Bad Breath- Halitosis Discovered (

An anonymous reader writes: People in america spent Dentalgeräte huge amount of money on toothpastes, chocolate mints, lozenges, gums, as well as mouthwashes, just about anything that guarantees fresher inhale. Unfortunately, absolutely no toothpaste, lozenge or even mouthwash may cure poor breath. All it may do is actually mask poor odor but cannot prevent or even cure aching throats, chewing gum inflammation or even tooth rot.

Considered through many like a minor health condition, bad breath could be distressing as well as socially awkward. We all pretty much have skilled bad inhale through the life. It's not difficult to cope with it whenever it happens occasionally however it can be a real issue in long-lasting complicated cases because of various illnesses and medicines.

Many individuals are not aware they have bad inhale Zahnsteinentfernungsgeräte. This happens because the cells within the nose that have the effect of the feeling of odor actually turn out to be unresponsive towards the continuous flow of poor smell Dental Handstück. For those who have bad inhale, you should be informed, or you might notice the actual negative result of other people when you're just in order to close. It is simple to self-diagnose a poor breath. Sometimes poor breath is actually noticed by an embarrassing or sour taste inside your mouth. You are able to lick your own wrist, let this dry for some seconds as well as smell the region, or cup both hands over the mouth area and sniff your personal breath. If you want a 2nd opinion, ask a buddy, family fellow member, your dental professional or your physician.

On the morning when you're flying via your get-ready routine and also you realise you have less compared to fresh inhale, simply consume an pear or even mix 1 teaspoon associated with honey along with 1 mug of tepid to warm water, gargle with regard to 30 mere seconds, rinse; job congratulations. You also provide the fallowing choices: brush your own teeth as well as rinse the mouth area with answer of ocean salt drinking water or along with worm drinking water to which you'll add several drops associated with grapefruit seedling extract or even oregano essential oil. Chewing cinnamon stay, fresh parsley, mint as well as peppermint works perfectly.

Other solution is by using the industrial mouth flushes and mints which i do not really recommend simply because they contain alcoholic beverages, preservatives, sugars, color along with other toxic elements. However, remember that all over provide merely a temporary relief and when bad breath still persist, the real reasons for bad breath must be identified because persistent poor breath can be a sign of more severe dental or even medical issue.

Causes associated with Halitosis, avoidance and remedy

The medical problem "dry mouth" brought on by the unwanted effects of numerous medications or even illness can result in odor difficulties. Saliva is essential to dampen and detox the mouth area by neutralizing acids made by plaque as well as washing aside dead tissue that accumulate about the tongue, gums, as well as cheeks. Otherwise removed, these tissue decompose and may cause poor breath.

Consume more drinking water. Believe this or not really, saliva is the best tool against poor breath. Through washing aside food contaminants and germs, saliva helps you to eliminate smell, too. The older you receive the much more likely you are to obtain dehydrated. Make h2o a routine, because water can help keep the actual bacteria within the mouth to some minimum. Drinking drinking water has lots of health advantages, and stopping bad inhale is one of these.

Bad breath could be caused through certain meals and beverages that people consume for example garlic, onions, spices or herbs, alcohol, diets full of fat as well as meat. When these food types and drinks are broken down, volatile ingredients or chemical substances are soaked up into bloodstream and therefore are carried towards the lungs where they're exhaled within the breath. Smoking may also cause a poor breath.

Bad breath could be a result associated with missing foods, fasting as well as low-calorie diet programs. The early morning bad inhale is triggered largely simply because saliva production decelerates while a person sleep, permitting particles associated with food in order to decompose, and also because of the accumulation associated with plaque as well as dead tissue in a person mouth.

In these instances it isn't difficult to avoid and control a poor breath. To prevent social embarrassment you shouldn't eat garlic clove, onions along with other bad inhale causing food each day before interpersonal events, because sometime it will take more compared to 48 hour for that body to totally eliminate poor odors. Adhere to the guideline; never venture out or meet individuals with completely bare stomach!

Halitosis could be caused through bad dental hygiene, issues with dentures, chewing gum disease as well as tooth rot. Bad inhale often strikes those people who are not properly looking after their dental health. In the majority of cases is related to anaerobic sulfur generating bacteria. These germs breed within the mouth especially beneath the top of tongue, between your teeth as well as tonsil region.

While the majority of bad breath could be banished along with simple hygienic actions, there are instances when dental or health conditions might function as the culprit. When there is a continual odor inside your mouth, see your dental professional. Your dentist can pinpoint any kind of cavities or even tooth rot, or chewing gum disease that could be causing your own bad inhale.

In the majority of cases, your dental professional can treat the reason for bad inhale. If your own dentist determines that the mouth is actually healthy which the odor isn't of dental origin, you might be referred for your family doctor in order to a specialist to look for the odor supply and plan for treatment. On uncommon occasions poor breath may signal a bigger problem, such as; lung illness, sinus an infection, candidacies, bad digestion, constipation, kidney or even liver failing.

The best combat bad smell is avoidance. Since poor breath generally is related to the bacteria within the mouth, a clear solution with regard to bad inhale is great dental cleanliness. It is essential that you should learn how you can practice a great oral cleanliness, how to avoid cavities and how you can to keep the gums who is fit.

Here tend to be some tips which will do wonders for you personally:

oYou must do "oil pulling", first thing each morning and clean and floss your own teeth several times a day time

o To maintain hydrated, drink a minimum of 8 portions of water daily to maintain your mouth area moist

to Eat frequently and staying away from fasting or even skipping foods

o Don't consume garlic clove, onion or every other odor leading to food or even beverages prior to any interpersonal events

to To promote saliva circulation, eat lots of acidic fruits for example oranges as well as chew fibrous veggies

o Seek advice from your dentist for just about any dental problem you may have

o Seek advice from your physician to for just about any medical situation or medications that could be cause associated with bad inhale

Comment Re:OK, That's One (this is a preliminary study) (Score 1) 237

My point exactly. The actual fracking process itself, while it probably needs more study, seems generally pretty benign other than the huge volumes of water used. There are likely creative solutions for that too.

The main problem is with the people who own the operation not doing proper prep and cleanup.

Comment The FED says that? (Score 0) 237

I always trust the FED, particularly after closed door house of representatives discussion of these issues. I don't suppose that the chemicals moved up to the water table where the injection well didn't fail, why would it? Still, there are far too many instances where homeowners were required to leave to preserve their own health.

Comment Re: Slashdot... (Score 1) 442

Odd, that's exactly how I feel about MacOS. I accidentally hit the wrong f button and the screen zooms, or goes to an alternate desktop, or other such "useful" nonsense. It then takes me a while to figure out how to get back, and by then my train of thought is thoroughly derailed. I'm sticking with windows, thank you very much. I'm quite productive with it.

Comment Re:Guesswork (Score 1) 587

eh, TRS-80 Model I with 4kB to present 16GB, that's 4,000,000 times! w0h00 today's memory space is so huge.

8 bit data size with 16 bit addressing, to 64 bit size with 48 bit addressing, 8 times and 3 times.

also, that's 1.77MHz Z-80 to 3GHz six core 1075T AMD, 1700 times the clock speed.

0.25 MIPS Z-80 to 80,000 MIPS, 320,000 times the instructions per second

80kB floppy to 1.5TB disk, 18,000,000 times the disk storage. (yeah, had to upgrade the RAM to 16kB for that TRS-DOS)

Comment Re:Learn to Program an Intel Phi instead (Score 1) 198

Getting stuff to work is one rather important aspect of getting stuff done. Also those Phi threads are big honking general purpose threads with lots of cache and ALU resources, not a highly strung state machine hanging of a matrix multiplier.

There is a small subset of problems that map to parallel threads of SIMD operations. Try optimizing IC layout on a GPU, or evaluating the biases in a crypto function by running the probabilities backwards through the gates. Those are not a problems for GPUs, but they are real world problems that need addresses and take a bucket load of CPU.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Sewing Machine Reviews

Who takes their sewing machine on vacation? If you have to ask, then you just don't understand how dedicated to the love of sewing and quilting some of us are. This Lightweight Favorite has the popular stitches you want, the Janome precision you demand, and the durability you need to tote it from he (

Comment Re:never happen in the states (Score 1) 269

It's because there are multiple companies, but just 1 government. If a company does something bad, they screw up and people can go elsewhere (if there aren't monopolistic lock-ins that they try to legislate into existence). If the government does something bad, there's no other options. Consider that something will _always_ go bad somewhere, and it is better to have a more distributed set of options.

The government is also _bound_ to do things inefficiently, because they are run under rule of law and voted policy; you can't have people using their own judgment and have the liability of just "making things happen" when they represent the people, their tax dollars, and varying interests. This policy-driven model is _good_ for certain things that must be handled with legislative care, but is always going to be more expensive than what private business _could_ offer, pretty much by definition, and again a central point of failure.

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pheng22388 writes: With the latest search algorithms updates implemented by Google, especially the Penguin update, onsite SEO is more important than ever. Indeed, the Penguin update greatly affected marketing strategies and web-sites, and penalised web-sites with content that weren't optimized. One notable update was the fact that the search engines are now much more strict when it comes to duplicate content, greatly reducing the SERP of a website or blog that had been using simple copy and pasting of existing content. Thus, be it for SEO or SEM, fresh content is now more important than ever. It is especially recommended to create content with the proper key-words and key-word phrases density, as highlighted by SEO Studio.

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When planning an SEO campaign, there are 4 specific steps and guidelines that a webmaster has to follow. Firstly, there is the SEO analysis. This involves mostly key-words or key-word phrases research to attract targeted visitors to the website and optimize the conversions. Secondly, there is the SEO optimization. This basically involves on-site or on-page SEO through the use of tags and optimized content. Then comes the SEO site architecture. This refers to how the different pages of the website connect with each other through site navigation, a site map or internal linking. Finally, the is SEO promotion. This is the busiest step where marketers will focus on off-site optimization like link building.

White hat search engine optimization, also known as ethical SEO, is essential for any website. Indeed, a proper SEO reputation is a crucial factor in the success of websites. However, with too many black hat techniques being used, this reputation can only go down. Thus, the objective of a white hat search engine optimization would focus on a natural link building strategies, especially through articles with relevant keywords or keyword phrases on relevant blogs or websites. The reputation of the blogs or websites is also essential since their reputation with the search engines will also affect yours to some extent once you connect to them. White Hat SEO also depends greatly on analytics.

Comment Re:Fire water? (Score 1) 237

It is more effective in that it is the only way economically possible at any reasonable multiple of current gas prices. With pure water, you would pressure out your pumps long before you could fracture the formation. The friction pressure in the pipe would be 10x what it is with the chemicals. Even without the pressure you have to overcome at the bottom of the hole, I want you to imagine pumping 60 bpm (2520 gal/min) through a 3 mile long 4" ID pipe.

Submission + - robe du soir__robes de soirée courte (

lloll writes: Vérifiez l'invitation de l'information de RSVP dès que l'invitation est reà ues de l'hôte ou l'hôtesse demande une RSVP.ils auront probablement inclus cette information.There ya deux options communes pour répondre à une invitation : 1) l'invitation elle-même peutinclure une carte et enveloppe de RSVP ou 2 ) l'invitation indique un numéro de téléphone avec lequel RSVP.

Examinez attentivement l'invitation pour ce type d' événement est organisé et qui est invitée à la event.If elle est adressée à John Doe .alors que John Doe est invited.If elle est adressée à John Doe et ami \"alors vous êtes les bienvenus pour apporter une invitation friend.The peut également indiquer d'autres caractéristiques telles que \" John Doe et à la famille ou M. et Mme John Doe .ce qui indique l'absence enfants sont invités .

robe du soir

robes de soirée courte

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Comment Re:GPU Programming Requires a Different Mindset (Score 1) 198

| This runs counter to the level of abstraction that most CS majors are used to dealing with

That's very unfortunate to hear. I know when I studied CS in the 90's, the foundation was always based on understanding the underlying hardware. My OS class focused on hardware interrupts, protected mode operation, cache and memory hierarchies. The whole basis for strategies and methods of making fast algorithms depends on knowing how the underlying hardware works.

How can you call yourself a computer scientist if you don't understand the different fundamental architectures you run on?

Submission + - Jam+Casio+Beside+BSD-4675+Harga+Rp.552.400,- (

An anonymous reader writes: Jam Tangan Wanita Casio Beside BSD-4675

        Merek : Casio
        Tipe / Kode Barang : BSD-4675
        Kategori : > Beside > Casio
        Gender : Wanita, Perempuan, Cewek
        Warna Dominan : Hitam
        Kondisi Barang : Baru (100% Original Garansi Resmi Casio Indonesia)
        Garansi Resmi : 1 (Satu) Tahun
        Kelengkapan : Box, Kartu Garansi Resmi Casio, Buku Manual (Buku Panduan yang berisi keterangan lengkap dan cara setting Jam Tangan Casio "BSD-4675" serta fungsi masing-masing bagian)
        Harga Resmi : Rp. 678.000
        Harga Diskon :
        Rp. 552.400
        Anda Hemat :
        Rp. 125.600

Comment Re:LFTR (Score 1) 189

No nuclear reactor is directly cooled with river water.

The GP didn't say it was directly cooled with river water.

All nuclear power plants however are just fancy ways of creating lots of steam to drive a turbine, and your beloved Thorium Reactor is no exception.

Wrong. An LFTR can operate at much higher temperatures than a conventional reactor, making the Brayton cycle practical.

That part of the power plant is roughly 40 percent efficient due to thermodynamic limits.

Wrong again. A conventional reactor is maybe 33% efficient, but due to the higher operating temperature an LFTR could be over 50% efficient. It would also make air cooling practical, which is what the GP was saying.

P.S. I admit to cheating - I read the links the GP provided.

Submission + - Prediksi Skor Persija vs Pelita Bandung Raya 21 July 2013 riview (

An anonymous reader writes: Prediksi Persija vs Pelita Bandung Raya — Agen Casino — Prediksi Skor Persija vs Pelita Bandung Raya 21 July 2013 — Menurut Agen Ibcbet melihat kilas balik dari head to head kedua klub ini Persija Jakarta lebih di unggulkan karena dari Lima kali Pertandingan nya dengan Pelita Bandung Raya mampu memenangkan pertandingan kali ini.

Submission + - SEO (

bloomcounty5193 writes: Do you have a website or blog that could benefit from optimization, but do not know how to make your online content pop up in Google searches? While Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, and Amazon are great tools, only a website dedicated to marketing your posts, articles, and content like SEO Studio can increase your conversion rate and rank in search engines, all while protecting your privacy and producing measurable results. Visit SEO Studio today to learn how you can increase your reviews with this canonical company in this advanced and competitive digital age.

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It is now a known fact that a proper search engine optimization is the foundation of a successful website. Indeed, an SEO campaign is essential and even vital for a website to obtain a great exposure and excellent rankings. The most useful tool that web-masters can use to achieve this is targeted SEO key-words. An SEO keyword is basically words or phrases that will allow people to find your website or web pages through popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, as highlighted by SEO Studio. However, developing a list of key-words to optimize web-sites with can be hard and may often require that web-masters consider consulting with a search engines optimisation pro.

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Comment Easy and GPU programming (Score 1) 198

Simply don't go in the same sentence. You inherently need to know a lot about the underlying hardware and programming models to take advantage of that hardware - and none of that is easy. Best advice? Maybe use C# and start with a good sample tutorial. After that, you're going to learn a lot more about image algorithms/etc. That's why I can still make amazing amounts of money knowing how to program for GPU's.

Submission + - Learn Regarding Teeth Whitening Dental Gel (

An anonymous reader writes: Most dental practitioners recommend different types of teeth whitening treatments for their patients dental handpiece who're having issues with the appearance specially the color of the teeth. They'll discuss along with you the choices for teeth whitening treatments which means you could realize each totally. You may also be able to find out which kind of teeth whitening treatment is better for a person.

Of course he'll first assess and assess your problem by carrying out a check-up. He may examine all of your mouth to understand if you're qualified to endure a the teeth whitening remedy. He may also suggest which sort of the teeth whitening treatment will be best for that condition or even color of the teeth. It might be better should you will very first set your financial allowance for the therapy so you can easily make the best decision about the type of treatment to make use of. As you realize, different types of teeth whitening treatments are also made of different costs.

Some from the major options how the dentist will often recommend would be the in-office the teeth whitening treatment and also the teeth whitening house kits. If you've the indicates and you aren't very worried about how much money that you'll have to pay for that treatment if you will get the perfect results, you need to go for that in-office the teeth whitening remedy dental curing light. This remedy is costly but you'll be very pleased with the outcomes. And it'll only take a number of your time because all that's necessary is 1 hour and you will say hello to some new a person. Your teeth will end up whiter instantly plus some people possess claimed which their the teeth became 6-8 tones lighter.

For individuals who can't pay the expensive the teeth whitening remedy, you could choose the home kits that you could get out of your own dental professional or you can just buy one out of your favorite drugstore. These kits include complete add-ons like the teeth whitening carbamide peroxide gel and tray to help you use this immediately as well as easily dental equipment. A good thing about these items is that you could bring all of them anywhere a person go since they're compact and incredibly simple to use.

One thing you can notice regarding in-office the teeth whitening remedy and house kits is they both make use of gel that's the main thing accountable for the whitening impact. The gel is made of hydrogen peroxide the industry good bleaching agent for the teeth. Along with in-office remedy, the utilization of a unique laser gentle is included. This might make the carbamide peroxide gel produce much better results. The gentle will trigger the gel and can enhance the actual bleaching impact. The gel is going to be applied on your teeth and can stay there for some minutes as much as one hr.

With the teeth whitening house kits, additionally they use carbamide peroxide gel that additionally contains hydrogen peroxide. The kit has a tray which will hold the actual gel on your teeth. Kits through dentists may perfectly match your teeth so that your mouth is going to be safe from connection with the carbamide peroxide gel thus reducing the danger of discomfort. Those kits you could buy in the stores possess trays which are made depending on a regular size which means you can't really make sure that they may fit your own teeth as well as mouth. Many of these products recommend that you'll let the actual gel remain on your the teeth overnight to obtain better as well as faster outcomes. The gel in these types of kits possess lower focus of hydrogen peroxide compared to gel utilized in in-office the teeth whitening treatment so that they will slow up the risk of getting teeth awareness.

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Journal Journal: Ways To Earn Money Online

Ways to make money online-- a step by step system that works well. Watch this video two times a day as a workout to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract MONEY !!! Use headsets while seeing. Watch it when just after standing up in the early morning and afterwards once more simply before you go (

Comment Re:Third-party opportunity (Score 1) 216

The people with porn Tumblrs don't need to move, they just need an easy way to be found. Why not a retro, Yahoo-style directory? That's how lots of us found things before search engines got so good. Just start (lawyers permitting) and list all the blogs Yahoo doesn't want indexed, in categories. Sell ads. Profit!

As a person who actually USED Yahoo's original search engine, I think this is a wonderful idea, the law permitting, as you so wisely stated. And that it could actually be PROFITABLE as well is intriguing. BTW, you sig is both awesome and sadly totally correct.

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