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Journal Journal: Backup Software Windows

When Microsoft launched its Vista OS, is has been consistently been receiving unsatisfactory reviews from end users and IT professionals. Many of these reviews concentrated on its unreliability. This is why Windows backup software programs are now being encouraged for all users of the operating syst (

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Journal Journal: business loan with bad credit

Bad credit need not always be a hurdle for achieving one's dreams. You can obtain a business loan even when you have a bad credit score. There are several independent finance agencies offering a business loan with bad credit. Go Visit : (

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Journal Journal: Better Lifestyle at Old Age- Assisted Living Sacramento

We understand the needs and support required at old age. Assisted living Sacramento offers programs for independent and assisted living. The programs are such designed and maintained that the residents of our retirement home lead a convenient and enjoyable lifestyle. These programs free you from the limitations of a regular life of domestic chores and the hassles of maintaining homes and properties. Whether you need a daily visit or lim

Comment Re:Sounds iffy (Score 2, Insightful) 237

No, it was a totally solid study. From the article:

paragraph 1: "A landmark federal study"
paragraph 2: "After a year of monitoring"
paragraph 3: "Although the results are preliminary"
paragraph 4: "Drilling fluids tagged with unique markers were injected more than 8,000 feet below the surface"
paragraph 8: "The study marked the first time that a drilling company let government scientists inject special tracers into the fracking fluid"

See, fracking is totally safe. A single "landmark" study proves it. When the fracking was 1.5 miles deep, after one year, no bad effects were observed. Also, this was the one study allowed by any drilling company.

Sheesh, what are you people concerned about?

Comment Re:No more ocean water cooling in CA (Score 1) 189

Then there is the little detail that many of our power plants use ocean water!

Well, they WERE designed to use ocean water. But California's State Water Resources Control Board has ordered them to stop using ocean water, in a phased plan starting soon and finishing by 2024.

Last I checked, California was REALLY broke, and this will cost billions, so I question whether this is really the time. But the costs will simply be passed along to the people of California who will just have to pay more for power.

Also, the power plant operators prefer to mitigate the harm to fish by just putting screens over the water intakes, rather than by scrapping the ocean cooling and switching to fresh water. This was not permitted.

Wow, I'm pretty strongly pro-environmental and I think that's nuts. I've heard of requiring things like mile(?) long inlet/outlet pipes to avoid thermal pollution near the shoreline, but requiring them to switch to fresh water (in dry-as-a-bone California no less)? That's crazy.

Comment OpenCL not obsolete. OpenACC generates CUDA/OpenCL (Score 2) 198

OpenACC may be higher-level(easier to use), but it still generates CUDA/OpenCL code. Your wording sounded like "OpenCL support is gone." I want to correct you on that. OpenCL is the future and wraps CUDA also. If you code for CUDA, you can only target CUDA hardware. If you code for OpenCL, you can target not only AMD, but also CUDA hardware. That was the point of the OpenCL spec in the first place. OpenCL can also transparently take advantage of the local CPU cores. OPENCL has one drawback. OpenCL does not support all types. It is highly constrained to certain kinds of types relevant to graphics/3D. There have been some kludge patches to make CUDA/OpenCL work with string types (i.e. parallel grep with CUDA), but these aren't well suited because the hardware was not intended for that and it requires a lot of moving of memory from the main motherboard memory to the graphics card memory which wastes a lot of time. String parallelizing is better done with mechanisms like OpenMP. OpenMP can support any kind of types and crunch with them and OpenMP is designed to co-exist with MPI(RPC-like many computer parallelism).

Start learning OpenCL, OpenMP, MPI, GNU & boost library parallelism. To make it easier try running golang opencl examples:
apt-get install mercurial meld
hg clone -u release
cd go
cd src ./all.bash
#Put this into your ~/.bashrc:
export GOROOT=/home/youruser/yourgo
export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin
mkdir -p ~/goopencl
cd ~/goopencl
mkdir -p ~/goopencl/pkg
mkdir -p ~/goopencl/src
export GOPATH=/home/youruser/goopencl
go get
go get
cd /home/youruser/goopencl/src/
go run rotate.go -i="i.png" -o="o.png" -a=15

Submission + - Ladbrokes Bingo at Internet Bingo Sites (

jormungandr25591 writes: Each bingo playing site have what they call their number one jackpot prize. For instance, the Cleopatra Chest on Winner-Bingo has over 1.5 million pounds of prize money waiting as pay-out for one lucky person. The jackpots vary with each bingo site but a site like has all the details from top brands like Sun Bingo, Mecca Bingo, Comfy Bingo, Jackpotjoy and others. The size of each jackpot within a gaming site changes hence you would want a site that has an eye on things to keep you updated.

Submission + - Obama for America Chief Scientist Patented for Ireland

theodp writes: It's widely-acknowledged that analytics were key to President Obama’s 2012 win. Behind Obama's Big Data Victory were quants like Rayid Ghani, the campaign's Chief Scientist, who had been at Accenture Data Labs prior to joining OFA. It was at Accenture, Slate reported, where Ghani developed the expertise that was tapped to persuade voters to reelect President Obama. Interestingly, a USPTO search reveals that some of Ghani's expertise is covered by pending and issued patents assigned to Accenture Global Services Limited in Dublin. Accenture switched its country of incorporation from Bermuda to Ireland amid a crackdown on tax havens by the Obama administration. Hey, maybe that's why the White House is going nuclear on certain patent holders! Ghani, by the way, is now running Data Science for Social Good, a program funded by Google CEO and Obama advisor Eric Schmidt at the University of Chicago, where the President once taught.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: FCC Backs Plan to Update a Fund That Helps Connect Schools to the Internet - New (

New York Times (blog)

FCC Backs Plan to Update a Fund That Helps Connect Schools to the Internet
New York Times (blog)
WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission voted on Friday to overhaul and possibly expand its E-Rate program, a $2.3 billion effort to provide schools and libraries with up-to-date telecommunications service and equipment, including...
FCC votes to bring faster internet to US schoolsRegister
US FCC moves to reform E-Rate subsidy for Internet at schoolsReuters
FCC moves to bring faster Internet to schoolsVentureBeat
eNews Park Forest-Multichannel News-Broadcasting & Cable
all 19 news articles

Comment Re:Did it work? (Score 0) 49

Comment Relatively Painless = GPU Libraries (Score 1) 198

Always awesome to see GPU computing getting Slashdot love!

Do I have to learn CUDA/OpenCL — which seems a daunting task to me — or is there a simpler way?

You do NOT have to learn CUDA or OpenCL. You can use libraries or compilers. GPU libraries tend to give better performance than GPU compilers (e.g. OpenACC) and tend to be able to handle more algorithms. That is because compilers are simply not smart enough to do things as well as expert programmers who meticulously hand-tune kernels and put them in libraries. Any number of libraries are available. There are many poorly supported libraries out there, so you may have to search around to find good ones. I suggest one below.

What, currently, is the most painless way to start playing with GPU programming? Surely there must a be a 'relatively painless' way out there, with which one can begin to learn how to harness the GPU?"

My colleagues and I at AccelerEyes have dedicated the last 6 years of our lives to trying to help people find exactly what you're looking for - "a relatively painless" way to harness the GPU. The result is our ArrayFire library for CUDA or OpenCL. I know it's uncool to toot one's horn, but the GPU computing community is small enough that people know each other and we're all working together to build out the ecosystem. There are many different contributions to GPU computing by many different groups. Our group's specialty in the ecosystem has always been the "relatively painless" contribution coupled with great performance. The reason people like our stuff is because we do nothing but work on squeezing out the most performance possible. Then we wrap up those kernels into convenient library calls that can be plugged in like math functions to your code with much less burden than writing the CUDA or OpenCL from scratch.

Happy to answer any further questions you may have about specific libraries, compilers, or GPU programming approaches. We eat, drink, and breathe everything CUDA/OpenCL.

BTW, we also encourage learning expert CUDA/OpenCL development. It is tough, no doubt about that. It is time-consuming and for many developers is not worth the added development complexity and lengthened development time. It sounds like you are probably in the boat of not caring about becoming an expert in low-level details, rather just wanting to get better performance to achieve a goal and be done with it. Is that correct?

Perhaps a Visual Programming Language or 'VPL' that lets you connect boxes/nodes and access the GPU very simply?

Labview does not have good support for GPUs. Many ArrayFire users are building custom Labview blocks so that they can program the GPUs more simply. I can connect you to some of those users if you wish (just shoot me a note to

I'm unaware of another graphical box/nodes package that supports GPUs.


While I'm at it, I know this post is going to be read by many expert CUDA/OpenCL developers out there. If you're interested in writing CUDA/OpenCL code daily, we're hiring (see my email above) :)


SpyIndiaGen writes: Spy Bluetooth earpiece set is a set of concealable wireless earpiece and a microphone. spy wireless earpiece set is a product of Spy India (P) ltd. which is the leading company of India that produce spy cameras, audio devices, earpiece, cards and many more all over India.

Submission + - Lose Weight In A Week (

yoduforo writes: Fast Weight Loss Train #4 Hit The Gym: Lots of people dread this word, and some individuals even worry it. A house health club is an efficient funding for some people who don't want to go to a public one. Try incorporating a mixture of power coaching as well as cardio workouts. All gyms ought to provide and allow you to use the tools properly. In order for you you can even work with a private trainer who will provide help to together with your weight loss program and offer you an exercise routine to comply with.

Methods to reduce weight quick is a matter of nice concern not solely among the youth, however among every one across the globe. You may be availed quite a few exciting advantages. You may simply remove out your shirt in extreme scorching with throughout you with no really feel of shame or take pleasure in in swimming pool with others. You can even keep your self healthy and free of illnesses. Certain issues should be taken care of in order to be in shape and make your life actually a present to cherish over.

If you break down the food consumption into bigger numbers the metabolism rate will enhance helping you in quick weight loss Exercises are wholesome however unhealthy workout routines usually are not. You can't develop a six-pack or eight-pack physique form hastily. So always begin slowly, however constantly follow the routine. Thirty minutes for easy workouts will not be a giant deal. It will absolutely remodel your physique right into a more healthy and fitter one. You possibly can begin with easy workouts. Then slowly increase the extent of issue and the time spent for train. Enjoy the workouts.

Trying to lose weight at the moment would not must be as tough as some individuals make it to be. It all depends upon the way you select the do it. You must determine which exercise will best go well with you.

Submission + - Pedicure throne (

spavision writes: Spa Vision the leading supplier of premium spa equipment offers complete manicure and pedicure solutions to all types of spa and salon.
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Journal Journal: Beverly Hills Criminal Attorney

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Jonathan Franklin and the Law Officers of Jonathan Franklin will provide you with qualified legal counsel.

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Submission + - Animation and Multimedia Courses (

Cmtes writes: The 3D Animation Film making course of CMTES is dedicated towards developing the learner to generate 3D Animation films. Students are given training right from the basic traditional animation to the sophisticated 3D animation and film making.

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Comment Re:Where is the Dutch equivalent of Snowden (Score 0) 49

Going back to the wiretapping, it also has been common knowledge that its a unhealthy ammount in The Netherlands, but for some reason it has never upset people enough,...

I'm sure there must be a reason or two.

Why Theo Van Gogh Was Murdered
Dutch pledge Islamist crackdown
SPIEGEL Interview with Hirsi Ali: "We Must Declare War on Islamist Propaganda"
Violence in Holland: Jihad Behind the Dikes
Dutch anxiety over ‘Sharia triangle’ police no-go area in The Hague
Netherlands, Germany alarmed over Islamist extremists

Comment Re:GPU programming is pain (Score 1) 198

In other words: If you're trying to use C/C++/C#/Java/Pascal/æ to write highly parallel code... YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

You don't use those languages to write highly parallel code. You use those languages to sequentially control a GPU to get it to execute programs in parallel.

Big difference (really).

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Journal Journal: NBA Rumors: Cavaliers considering amnesty bid on Miami Heat's Mike Miller

he Miami Heat recently used their amnesty clause on Mike Miller, meaning that any team with salary cap room can place a blind bid on him. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the teams considering making a bid for Miller. (

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