Comment Locationless phone (Score 1) 259

Your location is detectable because your phone has a transmitter inside. Unless it is free to operate, it will not transmit, and your location cannot be calculated. It requires power to operate. (For the optimists out there, it also requires not being in airplane-mode to operate.) It requires being in "free-space" to operate.

You are therefore free to decide when, and when not, you wish your location to be known. Perhaps you know someone who can install a power-off switch in the phone (or convert the ringer switch to one). Or perhaps you have a phone which lets you remove the battery, or know someone who can modify the phone so that the battery can be removed. Or perhaps you wish to carry the phone in a Faraday-cage-style bag or can.

There are options. Of course you'll have to be willing to give up some convenience. They are hoping you'll not be.

Comment confining javascript (Score 2) 238

Javascript should not be given the capability of doing damaging things, It should be confined to a narrow execution context that is limited to being able to do only the things that enhance the experience of that ONE information resource. Dynamic layout is certainly a useful thing. Dynamically changing your system is not. It should not have access. I blame the developers. It doesn't matter if it is mail or web. It might do cute things inside a PDF like give you a calculator for a certain algorithm the PDF is written about. But it should not be able to access even /etc/hosts on your computer.

Comment Re:Encryption? What Encryption? (Score 1) 56

And while it is the governmental ones that scare us for having a potential for abuse, it is those others that have done actual damage to millions of computers and hurt millions of people already — through spamming, identity theft, and spying.

How the hell is encryption going to help with spamming or identity theft?

Comment Re:If the FTC wants to cut bullshit patent suits (Score 1) 92

The FTC doesn't issue patents. That's the Patent Office. They're not even in the same department. The USPTO is in Commerce; the FTC is an independent agency.

The whole point of an independent agency is to provide checks and balances, so that the departments don't feel compelled to cover up for each other and can try to compensate for each other's mistakes. Unfortunately, that can also mean that the left hand doesn't know, or like, what the right hand is doing.

"The government" isn't a big monolithic entity. Even the President has limited ability to interfere with many of the agencies. That has advantages and disadvantages.

Comment Re:Reagan appointee ordered breakup, Clinton dismi (Score 1) 92

Reinventing history I see. The DC Circuit Court that ruled unanimously that the case be remanded was made up of 1 Carter appointee, 3 Reagan appointees, 1 Bush Sr. appointees and 2 Clinton. So blaming Clinton is quite disengenuous since the majority of the justices were Reagan and Bush appointees. Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, the district judge it was remanded to never heard the new case because the Bush DoJ dropped the breakup plans and chose to settle 2 months after the Circuit Court's ruling.

Robert Byrd's KKK membership that he dropped 6 decades ago? Strom Thurmond's fibuster from 1957? What relevance do either of those have to do with anything the GP said? Also what do the CDA and COPA have to do with anything? Especially when both passed with huge Republican support and COPA was defended by John Ashcroft when the ACLU brought a lawsuit against it.

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Comment Re:Old news? (Score 4, Informative) 133

Not sure if that is true. Ordinary stellar nucleosynthesis can only produce elements up to iron, because nuclear fusion of iron or any other heavier element produces less binding energy per nucleon, and thus cannot be a viable means of producing energy for a star. The s-process that takes place in stars prior to going supernova is capable of producing elements like gold, all the way up to bismuth. Heavier elements are produced by the r-process, that is supposed to occur in core collapse supernovae.

Comment You know (Score 2) 133

You blow up one sun and everyone expects you to walk on water!

To those who talk about this encouraging mining remember, the more you have a something the less valuable it tends to be. Sure gold has many industrial uses, but its main value is its perceived relative scarcity. Change that and you will essentially achieve the opposite of the alchemist's dream and turn gold into lead.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: EC Demands Stronger Remedies to Google Search Engine Dominance - eWeek (


EC Demands Stronger Remedies to Google Search Engine Dominance
The European Commission has warned Google that it needs to make stronger concessions in its offer to settle a pending antitrust action that's based on the way it presents search results. The European Commission heads the Executive Branch of the...
In European Antitrust Fight, Google Needs to Appease CompetitorsNew York Times (blog)
Google told to find new solution for European search antitrust rowThe Guardian
The search company could get stuck with a fine of $5 billion if it can't convince ... DailyTech
Reuters-Wall Street Journal-BBC News
all 77 news articles

Submission + - Abney Associates: Could Technology Upgrades Help Stop Welfare Fraud? (

xerxesbeatu writes: Beamte in Massachusetts untersuchen, ob Straf- oder zivilrechtlich Anklage nach einen Bestätigungsvermerk letzten Monat gefunden, dass der Staat $18 Millionen in fragwürdige Leistungen übergeben hatte — einschließlich Wohlbefinden — mit mehr als 1.000 Toten Menschen.

Michigan Gouverneur Rick Snyder unterzeichnet gerade ein Gesetz, um sicherzustellen, dass die Toten nicht essen förderfähig sind.

Forderung nach "Anspruch Reformen" stattgefunden haben, aber Melissa Threadgill, einen Master in Public Policy-Student an der Harvard Kennedy School of Government, argumentiert, dass was wirklich gebraucht wird, Daten-Reform ist — Upgrades auf Datensysteme, die Jahre veraltet sind.



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Comment Re:Something wrong with this picture! (Score 1) 175

Finally, another red herring: Why must PV factories use self-produced electricity to manufacture PV cells and panels?

A red herring, but not even a particularly convincing one. It's perfectly possible to power a PV factory with PV. Nothing electrically or mechanically prohibits it. Eventually, it will happen, if you wait long enough. It doesn't even require on-site electrical storage, if the silicon wafers are purchased from somewhere else. That's the only process that has to run uninterrupted for more than daylight hours.

Someday there will be a PV-powered PV factory. Bet on it. It's not like fusion will ever work for power generation...

Comment Re:javascript? (Score 3, Interesting) 238

I think you are thinking PostScript. PDF requires that all computations resolve to a well defined value based on information contained within the document (i.e. not turning complete). So then of course Adobe had to add a turing complete language back in.

I don't know if any implementations are stupid enough to implement this(at least without some very careful sanitizing); but(in addition to ramming in javascript and the ability to embed basically anything at all, thanks for nothing 'rich media annotations'), they even added: Launch Actions!

" Launch Actions
A launch action launches an application or opens or prints a document. Table 203 shows the action dictionary
entries specific to this type of action.
The optional Win, Mac, and Unix entries allow the action dictionary to include platform-specific parameters for
launching the designated application. If no such entry is present for the given platform, the F entry shall be
used instead. Table 203 shows the platform-specific launch parameters for the Windows platform. Parameters
for the Mac OS and UNIX platforms are not yet defined at the time of publication."

Your Standards Compliant Solution for executing arbitrary binaries with arbitrary parameters. No need for messy, version-sensitive, exploit code! Combine with javacript and web-interaction support to build documents that search the target's hard drive for interesting things upon being opened... Or(miracle of miracles!) build a PDF that runs the adobe update utility when you open it, you're sure to find something new every time!

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Comment Take A Step Back (Score 0) 238

Re-evaluate the use-case for the whole PDF attachment. I can't think of a single _good_ reason to use it, ever. If somebody tries to give a false reason why it's a necessary format, just explain to them in technical detail why it's bad. I'm hoping that somebody can reply to this with a _genuine_ reason why sending a PDF (Pretty Damn F'ked) attachment to an e-mail is either necessary or optimal. 'It's good looking' sounds like a weak reason.

Comment You Don't (Score 5, Interesting) 238

For a long time, I thought like you, that it was my duty to ward off and protect the "children". After a while, you realize 2 things.

First, it is most likely your duty to inform and educate. Do that. Do it well, do it loud, and do it as often as you can. When someone eventually opens up one of those attachments, it will get around, and peer pressure will make everyone else gun-shy. After a user or two of mine got bit by an attachment, and I had repeatedly warned my users about these things.. I ended up with people at my desk occasionally asking..can you come look at this.. it just looks funny.. it was all about the peer pressure and not wanting to be That Guy who clicked the stupid link.

Second, and I hate to say it, this is what we do, and this is job security. You can't save em all Hasselhoff, if ya did, there would be nothing left to do..
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Journal Journal: Ashes 2013: Alastair Cook senses second England win | Mail Online

Australia have fallen short in sight of the winning post on three occasions during their last three visits to England — at Edgbaston in 2005, Cardiff four years later and now at Trent Bridge — and the limitations of the current squad mean they face a huge task to stop themselves going two down (

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joycemeyer527 writes: I remember the lord saying to me one time, “if you’re gonna be involved with people, you are gonna get hurt but always remember that the healing that you need is living inside you because I’m in you and I’ll always bring you back to wholeness if you trust me.” We can’t have relationships without pain and recovery.

Comment Re:Why are you doing this? (Score 1) 238

I want to say that passworded files will often just ignore the password prompt and display normally, and if a PDF can be read, it can be printed.

It's because there are two passwords; one to open for reading, and another for other purposes. Let me open Acrobat and tell exactly...

  • Four security methods: None, Password, Certificate, Adobe LiveCycle DRM
  • Password uses AES256; encrypts all, all ~metadata, only attachments
    • Require password to open: Y/N
    • Require password to print: Y/N (if Y then select output resolution)
    • Require password to edit: Y/N (many options)
    • Enable copying of text, images, etc.
    • Enable screen readers

The certificate security seems to support that too. It's a complicated cardhouse, and I wouldn't want to become responsible for hacking it. Not as a volunteer, at least (no "thank you" if it stops a virus, but all the blame if it breaks someone's workflow.) Generally, if a PDF is signed or certified or encrypted, it's off limits. I do sign PDFs now and then, and I have seen workflows where *every* PDF is signed (the government does that.) Those are not something you dare to hack - those are often multimillion contracts awarded to your company.

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Journal Journal: College Football Betting – 2013 Kansas Jayhawks Preview

Last season was the first year in Kansas for head coach Charlie Weis who previously coached at Notre Dame where he saw his fair share of failure as well. The team is moving on from the disappointing Dayne Crist era this season, and is hoping to become a legitimate sports betting choice for college f (

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