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Comment Re:The Marine Corps Called... (Score 2) 160

It's (generally) bloodless and unarmed, but the basics are all there.

Not really, it's more like politics (lots of talking, some shouting but nothing ever gets done). MBA's like to pretend that business is war because it makes them feel like important generals, not just the douchebag with a nice suite they really are.

Business is not war precisely because it lacks the destruction and death that acompanies war. Even cold wars claim 1000's of lives.

Would it really be such a bad thing to view them as such?

Do you really need to ask that question?

In the mid 20th century we had corporations who practically had armies, we called it Fascism. In the modern day, we call them Mafia's.

So then have them go through the training as well

Yeah right. Good luck with that. They'll never do it.

This kind of "training" is only for the workers. Managers are exempt.

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Comment Re:Something wrong with this picture! (Score 1) 175

You don't even have to look at undeveloped regions to see that "expensive generator" can be cheaper than "grid hookup + cheap generator".

I live in a fairly big American city. A state capital, even. Pretty far from a third-world country (or whatever Peru is - the term seems to be pretty vague, I'm probably using it wrong).

Just yesterday, one of the never-ending road crews installed some pedestrian crossing lights across a road I travel every day to get to work. And guess what? There's little solar panels to power them, because that's cheaper than digging up the road (for a third time) to get a grid hookup.

So if it can be too expensive to build the grid out another ten feet, I have zero problem imagining that building it out several miles in extremely mountainous terrain would be too expensive as well.

Comment Where is the mention of Gold in the real link ? (Score 2) 133

TFA gave a link to , which led to another link at , which I have dl-ed the PDF at but no matter how I search, I couldn't find any mention of the word 'gold' anywhere

Can someone please point us to the real article, please ?

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Seperti dikutip detiksurabaya salah satu warga roomo mengatakan kebocoran gas terjadi sekitar pukul 1.00, dampak dari kebocoran gas ini bagi kesehatan warga adalah lemas, pingsan sampai sesak nafas.

Budi Setyawan selaku Staf General Affair (GA) melakukan mediasi dengan warga Roomo, Minggu (7/7/2013). Budi menambahkan semua warga yang mengalami mual, sesak nafas dan pusing sudah dibawa ke RS Petrokimia Gresik. Pihaknya juga masih belum mengetahui pasti jumlah warga yang dilarikan ke rumah sakit.

Gas Monitoring system for Risk Control

Dari informasi diatas dibutuhkan peningkatan pemantauan terhadap gas, karna banyak resiko yang ditimbulkan oleh gas terutama gas berbahaya dan beracun. Ada tiga kategori utama gas berbahaya yaitu:

        Gas mudah terbakar berisiko bagi pekerja dan fasilitas kerja seperti kebakaran atau ledakan.
        Kandungan oksigen yang sedikit yang mengurangi pasokan oksigen pekerja yang berada pada ruangan sempit.
        Gas beracun yang menimbulkan dampak toksik pada manusia dalam jangka waktu yang panjang.

PT Testindo selaku perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang testing memiliki suatu monitoring system untuk mengidentifikasi kandungan gas berbahaya. Monitoring kondisi gas tersebut meliputi identifikasi bahaya pada lingkungan kerja, kemudian menganalisis bahaya yang ditimbulkan pada plant itu sendiri, pekerja, masyarakat sekitar dan lingkungan. Sehingga dengan menganalisis dampak yang ditimbulkan akan mengurangi resiko kebocoran gas beracun pada lingkungan kerja Anda sehingga dapat dilakukan tindakan untuk mengatasi kebocoran gas kecil sebelum terjadinya kebocoran gas yang terlalu besar.

Monitoring system yang testindo rancang dapat memiliki beberapa kelebihan sebagai berikut :

        Monitoring system kami memiliki data acquisition yang dapat menerima sensor untuk beberapa
        Dapat mengaplikasikan sensor dari berbagai merek
        Dapat melakukan pengukuran baik itu lingkungan kerja maupun proses
        Memberikan tampilan konstentrasi gas
        Mempunyai relay sebagai alarm
        Dapat melogger
        Dapat dimonitor secara terpusat
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QR Code Exploit Gives Hackers Complete Control over Google Glass
The Droid Guy
In the digital age, what could possibly be scarier than having your computer hacked and given access to for malicious reasons? How about a piece of wearable tech that hackers could gain full control of just by simply getting you look at the wrong thing at the...
All It Took to Hijack Google Glass Was a Dumb QR CodeGizmodo

all 57 news articles

Submission + - Apple's 'Designed in California' Ad is Nuts

theodp writes: Over at Fast Company, Mark Wilson is of the opinion that the Designed by Apple in California ad is nuts. Why? 'In what should be a warm, humanizing montage,' writes Wilson, 'people are constantly directing their attention away from one another and the real, panoramic world to soak in pixels. They’re choosing the experience of their products over the experience of other people several times in quick succession. And Apple has a warm voice in the background, goading us on.' And, in case Apple wants a second opinion, Bloomberg describes the ad as self-indulgent and lacking in joy, too!

Comment Re:Why are you doing this? (Score 1) 238

That software cracks the password(s) by brute force. As I understand, there are not too many better attacks against AES. This means that a password like 9~}~w\1[X\3{F968|05|\St3\Ya7Lh~~ is not going to be cracked in this millennium. Besides, it would be entirely illegal to use such software in a business. Cracking of a password may take a second, or it may take a year. How would you integrate that into your mail processing chain?

PDF can be also encrypted with PKI, and with Adobe's own DRM. Those cannot be cracked, as far as I know. You either attack the symmetric cipher, which is usually AES256, or you find a new attack against RSA. If you can do either of those in reasonable time, you have better things to do - like becoming filthy rich and famous. (Or dead.)

Comment Re:Then maybe it's time for some new laws... (Score 2) 259

I don't care what the company does, my government should not be asking for that data in the first place. I expect them to show restraint and abide by the law we charge them with upholding. 'Thou shalt not troll for crime amongst the citizenry' should be an oath every LEO takes. O wait they already do when they swear to uphold the Constitution.... My government shouldn't be compiling lists and connections and vast meta data on its citizenry. Saying 'bad people do bad things' is not an acceptable excuse.

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Comment Re:Old news? (Score 1) 133

How you gonna get page views without incoherent, misinformed rambling?

While this may be true for other classes of readers, I believe the readers of /. would still find interesting the information of "possible collision between two neutron star detected".
But maybe I'm wrong in my belief.

You're no fun any more. /snark

Even I find myself grumpier and older as the time passes (which is no fun, indeed), I'm not grumbling on this account.
Even letting aside the opportunity for me for some cheap karma-whoring, whoever is interested will still find the pertinent information no matter how sensationalistically-inflated the news is reported. So /., keep them coming.

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Comment Re:That does not sound awesome (Score 2) 160

This. The summary was sensationalized, probably to stoke just such a "discussion" as above. Which is too bad because the TFA provides plenty of fodder without embellisment.

While coping with stressful situations is a valuable skill to be teaching the workforce, I found it a bit ironic that one of the things the trainees were criticised for was not working to find the root causes of problems by cleaning up oil slicks instead of finding out how to prevent them, while apparently the management that sent these trainees into this program are content to teach their workers to deal with chaos instead of engineering it off the manufactoring floor.

Also as with any such program that may appeal with to the prejudices of management, this procedure should probably be evaluated against similar techniques in an objective and impartial fashion.

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Comment And to finish the thought... (Score 3, Informative) 133

In case anyone was wondering, Iron (Fe) is the limit to what is formed in convention fusion processes because any element heavier than iron takes more energy to fuse than is produced by the fusion. Iron and lighter fuse with an energy surplus, anything heavier requires an energy input and produces a deficit.

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Comment Re:Something wrong with this picture! (Score 4, Interesting) 175

solar rooftop installations will be stolen

These are for households in rural areas, not Lima. Peru may as well be two totally separate countries, Lima and Everywhere Else. The further you get from Lima the nicer it is.

people will view a thousand dollars worth of stuff on their roof

These are a single small panel, probably worth about $50, and a basic battery, designed to run a few lamps, a radio, charge some batteries, and the like. These people aren't going to be running a central heating plant, refrigerator, hot water heater, etc. We have a house in Paruro, near Cusco. A thousand dollars worth of panels would provide electricity for several square blocks in Paruro, which has been on the electrical grid three decades. In a truly rural community like Misqabamba or Pukapuka a single solar panel would probably serve a couple or three houses.

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Comment Re:Old news? (Score 1) 133

I didn't listen for years. When I listened again, Noorey had taken over. I listened for a week and never tuned in again. It shouldn't even have the name of the same show. Art wasn't about politics and religion. He was about crazy conspiracies and ghosts and aliens and absurd scientific claims and interdimensional stuff and One-World-Government crazy stuff. And he was clearly often just having a laugh to himself as he interviewed nutjobs with their nutjob claims.

Noorey is like one long infomercial where he alternates between promoting books and promoting religion/politics. It's damn gross (as are almost all of the people who came out of it like Howell, and even Simpson and so on).

I still remember the one show in the 90s when a guy called in and claimed to be in a cesna or something, flying toward and then over Area 51 -- live on the air -- and Art played along. The guy got into Area 51 and was going over the base, when he started shouting that he saw a laser and they tractor beamed him or something... then it went silent. Art totally played along, wondering if it was real or if it was a tall tale.. asking callers to report with more information when they had it. It was fucking ridiculous and insane and such a joy, as an adult, to listen to. It made me imagine that's what War of the Worlds must have been like for our grandparents in the earlier part of the century.

OH! I found it on youtube!:

Then, there was the ongoing thing about "Mel's Hole"... a hole on some guy's property that was supposedly infinitely deep and if you stuck a recording device in, you could hear the screams of people in hell being tortured. Dumb as fuck, but working at a tech desk in the middle of the night on a weekend on the twelfth floor of a downtown building that was otherwise dark and unoccupied in the late 90s as a 19 or 20 year old kid . . . the recording of the voices and the discussion gave me chills and I was creeped out the entire night.

It's really kind of sad that there isn't anything like that anymore and probably never will be. Everyone else takes the shit too seriously or mixes in too much religious bullshit or is selling seeds or gold or something dumb. Art was just a pure showman and it showed.


Scientists Silence Extra Chromosome In Down Syndrome Cells 230

An anonymous reader writes "Scientists have silenced the extra copy of a chromosome that causes Down syndrome in laboratory stem cells, offering the first evidence that it may be possible to correct the genes responsible for the disorder. The discovery provides the first evidence that the underlying genetic defect responsible for Down syndrome can be suppressed in cells in culture."

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