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tpusha15 writes: Watch TNA IMPACT Wrestling July 18 2013 — 7/18/2013 Online
Watch TNA IMPACT Wrestling July 18 2013 — 7/18/2013 Online
Watch TNA IMPACT Wrestling July 18 2013 — 7/18/2013 Online
Watch TNA IMPACT Wrestling July 18 2013 — 7/18/2013 Online
Watch TNA IMPACT Wrestling July 18 2013 — 7/18/2013 Online
Watch TNA IMPACT Wrestling July 18 2013 — 7/18/2013 Online
Watch TNA IMPACT Wrestling July 18 2013 — 7/18/2013 Online
Watch TNA IMPACT Wrestling July 18 2013 — 7/18/2013 Online
Watch TNA IMPACT Wrestling July 18 2013 — 7/18/2013 Online

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Journal Journal: NFL Betting – 2013 Buffalo Bills Preview

When people who engage in online betting try to assess the Buffalo Bills for the coming NFL season, they’re not going to find many reasons for optimism. There’s just no way to get around the idea that this struggling, suffering franchise will not change its overall trajectory anytime soon, even (

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Thay actuall don't work of the car is not moving and the fan is not spinning. That's the point; Be it air or water, the cooling medium needs to be moving. If the generator is stationary something has to move the cooling medium and that takes energy. Hence the question of how much net energy can coe out of such a system if attempted on a large scale.

Comment Re:still too expensive (Score 2) 261

It is only too expensive if you pay for cable tv. At $5 per movie on itunes plus $10/month for Netflix, we spend about $35 per month watching ~20 hours of TV, and don't have to deal with commercials.

As long as the price is commercial free, I say it is reasonable value. Add in commercials, and piracy becomes much more attractive at that cost.

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tobielmadas writes: Bagaimana Penderita Penyakit Graves 'Bisa Hindari Radioaktif Iodine Pengobatan
Jika Anda memiliki Graves 'Disease, atau bentuk lain dari hipertiroidisme, dan sedang

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Comment Limits aside from heat extraction... (Score 3, Informative) 181

Commercial fossil power stations already drive their stack gas temperature about as low as practical via various heat capture methods, reheat systems, etc. The limiting factor generally is not recovering more energy from stack gasses but the desire to never drive the stack gas temperature below the dew point in that exhaust gas, doing so causes all sorts of negative chemical consequences for the stack itself, pollution control equipment, etc., increasing maintenance cost and reducing equipment life due to aggressive corrosion of stack components and structure. Plants I operated were strictly kept from dropping below dewpoint on the exhaust for this reason, not to mention temperature input constraints for effective operation of some pollution control equipment, you CAN recover more energy from stack gasses, but doing so hits a cost negative and reliability wall. Always remember that waste heat/energy for a utility station equates to large $$$, if there's a practical way to extract more energy from a given amount of fuel, they are likely there as quickly as they can implement it. But the carnot cycle and other less heat cycle related limitation put up a pretty tough barrier to going further, Perhaps this is useful for more "pure" exhaust gas or waste heat streams, but I don't see it happening for commercial fossil power stations

Comment Re: Do good ... (Score 1) 569

There's a difference between knowledge in your head and detailed knowledge written up as evidence. Yeah, I have a general idea of the governing philosophies of the ruling parties of most countries through history. I doubt you had to go put together an economic and political analysis of Venezuela before making your comment about they way they do things. Your premise there is false. I'm happy to have you present your contradictory evidence to my conclusions, though. If I'm wrong, I'll readily admit it if you show me.

the goal of socialism isn't necessarily to have things as a collective, but to provide (and ensure) things for the collective.

I'd have to disagree here. You could have an anarcho-libertarian state with it's members believing that it's the best way to organize for everyone's benefit in that state and it fits a goal of ensuring things for the collective, but you would never call it socialism. Socialism is more about the means to the goal, rather than the goal itself.

There are still some Germans around that would need to talk to you.

If you're familiar with history, you know that the National Socialists were competing with the Soviet Socialists for world power. Sure, they hated each other as part of that competition, but if you look back at newspaper and historical accounts of the time, you'll see that socialism was widely considered to be the modern, scientific way of governing for the future and the Germans were considered just as socialist.

Many Americans (and some very famous ones) considered the National Socialists the future of world socialism. It wasn't until they were on the other side in a war that they lost that retroactively they were written as non-socialist. You have to rely on more contemporary accounts, rather than accounts written by the winners.

(Just a note here, to not be misunderstood, this is by way of explanation. I don't support the ideals of either the National Socialists, nor the Red ones, and certainly don't condone the massive massacres done in their names.)

It's not a coincidence that many South American countries, like Venezuela, act more like the National Socialists. There was a heavy German influence there, both pre-war and after they lost and many fled from Germany.

having things such as public roads are inherently socialistic and very, very few people would argue that (proper) roads are not important to an economy.

There's a long history of private roads, even in the United States. Typically, they are better roads than public roads, so it's interesting that you seem to conflate "proper" roads with public roads. It's also funny you bring this up at a time where despite all the other moves towards socialism in the U.S., roads are one of the few areas where the technocrats are starting to consider privatizing much more as the latest fad in city/state management. Public roads suffer from many of the same issues as public commons, having a difficult time balancing over- (congestion) and under-use (waste), fair payment for them, determining when it's efficient to build more or expand them, etc... Privately owned and managed roads are starting to be seen by governments as a solution to those issues.

we should be systematically looking at what design works for what specific industry or goal

To quote a famous economist, "Markets are flawed, use markets." There is definitely an issue when a central planner believes they have the knowledge (socialist calculation problem) to design what works for an industry, or even knows what the "right" goal is for companies in that industry to pursue. Back to the original corruption level discussion, per public choice economics, that also leads to conflicts of interest related to possessing that power that end well for the politicians, bureaucrats and their cronies, but not for the rest of us.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: New Software Tells Who's in the Forest and Who Isn't - Voice of America (

Voice of America

New Software Tells Who's in the Forest and Who Isn't
Voice of America
Researchers have developed software that can listen to recordings of a rainforest and tell us what animals are there, and importantly, what animals are not. The new technology is free online for anyone to use and conservationists are taking advantage of it.
Pig frog or howler monkey? Software IDs calls of the
Scientists put nature's infinite playlist on iPods to monitor wildlifeArs Technica
Eavesdropping On Nature Gives Clues To BiodiversityNPR
Wired-BBC News
all 17 news articles

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Littleth91 writes: Sited near the water edge of the Kallang River and touching the blue heavens, Riverbay’s stunning profile brings new excitement to urban-resort living at the edge of the city.

Comment Re:Nothing to predict (Score 1) 213

how long do you think you'll stand a chance against armored vehicles with non-lethal sound weapons, lethal automatic weapons, mines, RPGs, airstrikes, Apache helicopters, tanks, HMVs, navy ships firing at you from 5 miles away, SWAT teams, etc...

I think it'd be over pretty fast. After all, the rebellion would have that equipment (if nothing else, it'd come from the military units defecting to their side). And one needs sound logistics to play with those toys for more than a few days. Logistics is easy for a fully armed society in full rebellion to completely disrupt. For example, no fuel means no working armored vehicles or planes.

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Journal Journal: NFL Betting – 2013 New York Jets Preview

The New York Jets have slowly declined the past few years and just like last season will have another quarterback battle heading into the season. While Mark Sanchez is still in the thick of the positional battle, the newcomer Geno Smith is his teammate and competition. While Smith is most likely the (

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 125

I wouldn't. The biggest companies are so big they can do what they want with impunity. Small companies mostly seem to actually give a shit about their customer's opinions whereas the big ones generally seem to say "take it or leave it." If the small companies start to take market share the big companies either drive them out of business or buy them out depending on which is easier at the time.

Comment Re:Player Piano (Score 1) 213

" I know people in the US like to go all hero worship on these people, but lets face facts: For most of them, it's their only ticket to anything that even closely resembles a middle class lifestyle."

As a former active duty military and on-base contractor, I know what you mean. I wouldn't even be that nice about it. There are heroes in the military, but there are also idiots. Some soldiers are dedicated, others are lazy wastes of space. Even one of the 'hard chargers' I served with was useless in our actual field; he just didn't do any work, yet got promoted by the system.

I save me hero worship for the ones that actually deserve it.

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Journal Journal: Hey, Y’all – Got Any Pop In The Icebox?

Dialect isn’t just about how you say things, but also about what words you use to say’s so confusing to have all these different words for the same thing that we’re going to have to take a minute to sit down and rest on the chesterfield. The davenport. The sofa. What words are only use (

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Journal Journal: Miami Heat waive Mike Miller under amnesty clause - ESPN Chicago

The move will save the Heat nearly $17 million in luxury taxes this season and reduce their expected tax bill, projected to be $33 million, by half. The Heat still owe Miller $12.8 million over the next two seasons as part of a contract he signed in 2010. (

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Journal Journal: North Dakota State Assistance For Single Mothers

Raising your kids in tough economic times is always a challenge, but when you are doing it by yourself, it is even more challenging. For single mothers in North Dakota, the state has some programs that can make things a little more manageable. (

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Journal Journal: Diseño Web Movil

Todo el mundo sabe que mas personas estan utilizando sus telefonos inteligentes para buscar pequeños negocios de sus ciudades en la web. Todos los emprendedores deben crear una versión móvil de su sitio web. (

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Journal Journal: Best Commercial Project in World Trade Center Greater Noida

World Trade Center is best ever deal for business owners in Delhi/NCR. With unfurnished and furnished office spaces, this international brand will now be a part of Tech Zone, Greater Noida. (

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wudrufflaw writes: Finding reliable divorce attorneys in Greensboro, NC can be difficult. Call Woodruff Law Firm, PA to find trusted family law attorneys in Greensboro, NC. Family Law Attorneys In Greensboro NC

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 333

That's an assumption, not a statement of fact. If it were strictly true, then every government, everywhere, would simply slowly decline until the next revolution.

Well that nearly always seems to be the case. The law of entropy applied to governments. And even a revolution is no guarantee of stopping the decline. See Egypt. Maybe the USSR was a rare exception since IIRC there was no actual civil war before the change. Even if it is not impossible the odds are not good.

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Journal Journal: Tng quan v bnh Giang Mai

Tông quan v bnh giang mai Bênh giang mai va nhng iêu cân biêt Bênh giang mai không chi xuât hiên cac nc nh Trung Quôc, Ân ô, Hy Lap va cac nc châu Âu ma con bt âu xuât hiên Viêt Nam t thê (

Comment Re:Nothing to predict (Score 1) 213

I don't think we can use rules, laws and regulations to keep them in line. They need to be good people.

Then you've failed. This Machiavelli quote summarizes my opinion of that:

Whoever desires to found a state and give it laws, must start with assuming that all men are bad and ever ready to display their vicious nature, whenever they may find occasion for it.

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Journal Journal: Horse Betting – Splitting Aces

44 and change half if in the mood, has clearly the highest career Beyer of 108 and might be long gone.

Use Manando in an exacta box with Undrafted, Examen and Gervi (

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tobielmadas writes: Periodontitis
Tidak ada kerusakan tulang atau jaringan terjadi selama gingivitis, dan itulah sebabnya banyak orang mengabaikan perawatannya. Tapi melakukan hal ini hanya membantu penyakit untuk maju

Comment Re:Wow, the anti-OSS platoon is out... (Score 1) 1501

Although I dislike you because you're a inflexible, closed-minded zealot, you do have a point. It's even worse at ArsTechnica with its respective coverage of this issue - there now seems to be something of an anti-Linux bias at that place (as well as a bias against anyone who doesn't like Windows 8 and doesn't agree with its changes).

The Internet sucks for intelligent discourse.

Comment Re:What about new talent? (Score 1) 1501

I'm very familiar with the disagreement between Linus and Mauro. Mauro messed up. When Linus called him out on it, Mauro claimed that it was the userspace application's fault (!!!). A livid Linus told him to shut up and follow the rules (don't break userspace!). Then this exchange continued a little more. Mauro is an example of a developer who pushes back against the rules even though he's been in the game long enough to know not to. Swearing at Mauro is one thing, I think Linus should have considered ignoring Mauro's contributions as he has demonstrated a clear lack of judgment.

If Linus wouldn't have been very clear with his frustration, how much longer would that exchange have been?

Here's the exchange:

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