Comment Finally! (Score 1) 376

Finally we can see that Linux Road Plan that Microsoft claims the open source world has never had.

* Linux 3.11 for Workgroups
* Linux 95
* Linux 98
* Linux 98 SE (one of the better kernels)
* Linux ME (Linus should be ashamed of this one)
* Linux 2000 (aka Linux 2K)
* Linux XP - which people will use for years to come)
* Linux Vista (like Linux ME only worse on a bigger scale)
* Linux 7 (the one they'll get right)
* Linux 8 Metro edition - the first one to run on ARM chips?
which takes us so far into the future that the road plan disappears.

Microsoft always knew that the open source world was derivative - just ripping off the commercial innovators.

Comment Re:Why H8? (Score 1) 6

They should really give the front end of /. a total rework in Ruby of Python, so that the commenting and journal interfaces have some, you know, utility.

Oddly enough a while ago I started reading slashdot on my android phone, just to see what kind of disaster that would be. I remembered how it used to mercilessly crash every blackberry I ever owned, so I attempted it only when I knew I had enough down time to reboot my phone if needed.

Oddly enough, it works and looks good on android. I would never have expected that. In fact, some of the profile stuff actually looks better on android than it does in FF or any PC browser. Granted, I'm not at all interested in typing a message from the touchscreen of my phone, but the page is overall quite usable. I expect the search function is still worthless garbage, but the page itself works.

I should probably write a JE for that, but the three people who read my JEs have already read all of mine from the past week and I don't want to risk alienating them :)

Comment Re:Linus management technique works (Score 1) 1501

The fact Linux is awesome and Linus is an abusive and profane manager doesn't mean the profanity and abuse is necessary to make Linux awesome. ... The fact it's working doesn't mean it can't be improved.

And the wonderful thing is that it's open source, and if you can improve the development processes, you are welcome to demonstrate that you can improve it.

Comment Re:Victim Card (Score 1) 1501

Maybe don't make "stupid fucking mistakes" publicly & you won't get humiliated publicly. Sorry, but if you're going to act like a moron, expect people to ridicule you as a moron.

As someone who doesn't suffer fools lightly, I'm with Linus all the way on this one.

Call it being a prima donna, call it being mean spirited, I call it "having no fucks to give".

Comment Re:Sometimes I wonder (Score 1) 54

I'm just not sure that this 'unregulated system' has existed.

Leading up to the housing bubble and also the wall street collapse (failing of Lehman Bros, et al) we saw increasingly fewer regulations on whatever the financial institutions wanted to do. This lead to the financial houses destroying damn near everything because they faced no consequences for their actions.

Granted, their attitudes of immortality likely came at least in part from their knowing that they had their hands around the throats of everyone in DC and hence would almost certainly not be allowed to fail completely - or at least not before they could deploy their own golden parachutes.

As a remedy, how about we re-distribute power, not wealth?

First of all, the only wealth redistribution that DC is doing that accounts for any meaningful amount of federal expenditures is that which goes up - taking money from the middle class and giving it away to the people of the top echelons in income. That said, if you have a plan for "re-distribution of power", I'm interested in hearing it. If you can offer up something better than Ron Paul / Ayn Rand type hyper concentration of power in the hands of those with the most capital, I'd certainly be interested in seeing someone take a go at it.

Let the States have their own banks, do their own mortgages & college loans.

Can you point to something that prevents banks from setting mortgage and college loan rates to whatever they want? Because I have known plenty of people who have applied for one or the other who would love to know of such a function. Just because the government makes loan money available at certain rates does not mean that every financial house in the country needs to do business at that same price point. You could open Smitty's First National Bank next week and do both of those instruments at 20% (or even higher if you want) and the government will not prevent you from doing so. Granted, you might not get many customers with that offer, but you are welcomed to try.

Submission + - Buying A Folding Bike? - 5 Tips Before You Buy (

An anonymous reader writes: But not all folding bikes are created equal. Folding bike design is a compromise between strength and lightness and sometimes that can cause problems. Here are five things to look out for when shopping for a folding bike:
1: Is it well engineered? Folding bikes have to fold so check that hinge mechanisms are sturdy and well made. Bad hinges can make the bike flex, or can even break. Check the steering post, too, for build quality and rigidity.

Submission + - Daihatsu Xenia Versus Suzuki Ertiga (

cicely07 writes: Mobil keluarga menjadi salah satu segmen primadona. Mobil yang menghadirkan kenyamanan bagi keluarga memang menjadi nilai lebih tersendiri dibandingkan dengan segmen mobil lain yang terkesan lebih mengesankan unsur pribadi. Nah, karena itulah para produsen mobil berlomba sekaligus bersaing untuk menghadirkan produk yang sesuai dengan keinginan konsumen. Salah satunya yang hangat saat ini adalah Xenia VS Ertiga.

Bagaimanapun, keamanan dan kenyamanan menjadi hal yang sangat ditonjolkan. Inilah yang dilakukan salah satu produsen mobil yakni Daihatsu, dengan produk Xenia. Produk terbaru Xenia X-tra Aman X-tra Nyaman menghadirkan kualitas keamanan dan kenyamanan yang lebih baik.

X-Tra Aman
Xenia telah mendapatkan sertifikasi dari ASEAN NCAP (New Car Assessment Program). Standar ini memiliki kualitas internasional. Dengan fitur keamanan yang lebih lengkap, Xenia lebih cocok bagi keluarga Indonesia yang menginginkan mobil dengan fitur keamanan lebih maksimal.

X-Tra Nyaman
Daihatsu Xenia menambahkan beberapa ornament silver untuk memberikan kesan lebih fresh. Selain itu, Xeniajuga meningkatkan kualitas Noise Vibration Level.Kebisingan dan getaran yang timbul akibat perubahan getaran menjadi minim. Sehingga, pengemudi dan penumpang semakin merasa nyamandan tenangdengan kondisi yang nyaman didalam mobil.

Akselerasi Penampilan
Xenia memiliki panjang 4140 mm, lebar 1660 mm dan tinggi 1695 mm, sementara Suzuki Ertiga memiliki dimensi sedikit lebih besar yaitu: panjang 4265 mm, lebar 1695 mm dan tinggi 1685 mm. Body yang lebih besar membuat Ertiga memiliki bobot yang lebih berat. Xenia dengan turning radius kecil lebih cocok untuk jalanan perkotaan yang macet dan sempit.

Dari segi mesin, Xenia hadir dengan kapasitas 1000 cc dan 1300 cc. Di sisi lain, Suzuki Ertiga hadir dengan kapasitas mesin 1400 cc. Kapasitas mesin yang lebih kecil, membuat Daihatsu Xenia lebih ringan daripada Suzuki Ertiga. Oleh karena itu performa Xenia menjadi lebih gesit. Performance ini sangat mendukung Xenia dengan kondisi jalan di Jakarta maupun kota lain di Indonesia yang menanjak dan berlobang. Dari segi eksterior, Xenia aman untuk melewati genangan air dengan kondisi kabin tetap kering.

Dengan pengalaman serta didukung kekuatan brand, Daihatsu Xenia juga memiliki jaringan service dan spare part di seluruh Indonesia. Jadi, pengguna Xenia menjadi lebih mudah melakukan perawatan kendaraan.

Bagaimanapun, pengguna Xenia maupun Ertiga terus bertambah. Persaingan mobil keluarga akan terus berlangsung seiring pertumbuhan keluarga di tanah air. Kualitas, kekuatan brand, jaringan, dan pengalaman akan menentukan nilai lebih kepada konsumen.

Feed Techdirt: Prediction: Eventual Appeal In Key Prenda Case Will Be One Worth Reading (

Joe Mullin has the details of the latest in a long line of setbacks for John Steele and Prenda Law, in which the Ninth Circuit appeals court has rejected Team Prenda's attempt to reduce the bond amount that they need to put up, consolidated the various appeals, and set a briefing schedule for later this year. The ruling is short and sweet and basically is an indication that the appeals court isn't interested in Prenda's usual game of trying anything and everything to create a distraction. But, what caught my attention, and which I hadn't realized before, is that it appears that the three judge panel handling the appeal is headed up by Judge Alex Kozinski -- perhaps one of the most well known and entertaining judges on the bench today. We've written about Kozinski many times before -- and while I don't always agree with Kozinski (to be fair: I very often do agree with him), he is almost certainly the most entertaining, both when speaking live and in his rulings. And, equally as important, he's one judge who really does seem to make sure he really understands what's going on, beyond the superficial level that we've seen elsewhere. Given that, the Kozinski-fanboy in me is already anticipating the turns of phrase that Kozinski will spin in any eventual ruling involving Prenda... District court judge Otis Wright's original ruling against Team Prenda was impressive, as many folks have acknowledged, but there's an opportunity here for Judge Kozinski to produce a sequel that will be a delight.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Apple investigates electrocution-by-iPhone report - BBC News (

Apple investigates electrocution-by-iPhone report
BBC News
Apple has said it will "fully investigate" reports that a woman was electrocuted in China while trying to use an iPhone while it was recharging. The 23-year-old's brother has given an interview saying that her family believes she received a shock when trying to...
Report: Apple probing death linked to charging iPhoneUSA TODAY
Can you be electrocuted by your smartphone?CNN
Apple to probe reported iPhone shock deathXinhua
South China Morning Post-The Guardian-Los Angeles Times
all 193 news articles

Comment Re:polite - yet cutting and informative (Score 1) 1501

People who'll call you a fucking idiot People who'll call you a pusillanimous carbuncle with the intellectual capacity of a particularly forlorn used condom People who won't really tell you whether you've fucked up or not, but will often go away thinking you've failed, and acting upon it, without giving you the chance to learn from your mistake or even show you you made one, all under the guise of "politeness" or "professionalism"

Well, these three options are too limited. Another group would be people, who can *strongly* but politely get the point through without looking like a socially handicapped imbecile. And another group of people do not point out any flaws, but smack you in the face, give you a wedgie and rip your head off with a chainsaw without even telling you the reason.

Feed Engadget: Xolo Play T1000 brings Tegra 3-based phones to India (

Tegra 4-based phones may be all the rage lately, but many in India haven't even had a shot at the Tegra 3 -- not very fair, we'd say. Xolo is addressing that deficit by launching the Play T1000, which brings the Tegra 3 to the country for the first time. The quad-core processor adds a gaming-friendly spin to what's otherwise a close cousin of the X1000 we saw back in March. Both phones share a 4.7-inch 720p LCD, 21Mbps HSPA+ and an 8MP rear camera; the T1000 cuts the (thankfully expandable) storage down to 4GB in return for a sharper 2MP front camera. Pricing may clinch the deal for some Indians, however. The Play T1000 is available now for 15,999 rupees ($268) off-contract -- a price low enough to make us wish there were plans for a US release.

Filed under: Cellphones, Mobile, NVIDIA


Source: Xolo

Comment Re:Evolution Too Slow For AGW: (Score 1) 158

There are lots of things wrong with that analysis. It assumes that species only adapt to climate change by evolution, but they can adapt by migration. It confuses global mean temperature changes with local changes. And the rate of evolution is not fixed, it is driven by environmental change: more change means a faster rate of evolution. In fact, extinctions are a primary driver of evolution. In addition, for millions of years now, every 100000 years, global mean temperatures change by about 3-4C in a few thousand years, and over large regions, they change by 10C or more in a few thousand years with regularity; if the bleak picture you paint, we'd have one mass extinction after another.

As for the P-Tr extinction event, nobody knows what caused it or how it relates to climate change. There have been many rapid changes in temperature and rapid changes in CO2 in earth's history, and some correlate with massive extinction events, others appear not to. Picking mass extinctions out of the biological record and using them in climate change arguments is dishonest and unscientific.

Finally, you make the usual implicit error of people who propose action on climate change, namely you assume that this is under our control and that the best course of action is to control it. There isn't a governmental power in the world to keep places like China and India from burning fossil fuels or to keep the population from increasing; what can stop carbon emissions and population growth is technological and economic advances, precisely the things that the economic interventions proposed by global warming activists threaten.

Comment Re: False Flag (Score 0) 509

there's been too many bad precedents already allowing corporations to get away with everything. one in the opposite direction certainly won't turn the tide against corporate favour, and it would be fought and appealed to death anyway, but this case is possibly at least one that apple's traditional entourage of lawyers might not have had much experience with so it's probably more likely to get further than any kind of patent or copyright infringement where apple can just open up their standard templates for court documents.

Submission + - Fashion Boutiques On Wheels (

An anonymous reader writes: Those of us that live in cities in the United States have had front row seats to food truck phenomenon. During the luncheon hours it’s easy to find any number of vans and trucks selling tacos, Thai noodles, falafel, BBQ, and of course ice cream—last week there was even a van parked in front of Forbes New York HQ selling doughnuts.

But trucks patrolling the streets of American cities are not only slinging hash, they’re hocking fashion.These unique entrepreneurs are taking a proactive approach to making sidewalk shoppers look good.

These days a number of cities boast vans and trucks that sell clothing and accessories. Around Chicago, on-street fashionistas may run into Fashion In Motion, a mobile shopping boutique run by Gina Crater-Lilja. “When you come home from work, a lot of women don’t have time to shop,” Crater Lilja told The Daily Herald. “So to fill that need for women who love the opportunity to get stylish clothes from a boutique, and do it on a lunch break, we decided to do this.”

In Boston, one entrepreneur that’s made a business put of a boutique on wheels is Emily Benson. Following her college graduation, a love of fashion mixed with inspiration from New York City’s food truck culture and Benson decided to move back to her native Boston to set up her own business. Her fashion truck – which she appropriately calls The Fashion Truck – first hit the streets in June of 2011.

All apparel and accessories Benson sells are under $100, according to her site, and she has begun offering a monthly class on how to make a profit as a “mobile retail business.”

In Pittsburg, Cailey Breneman decided to go mobile due to her boredom with malls and shops. Last month shekicked off her new business – a van full of apparel and accessories called Roadie – in the city’s Strip District. Breneman offers vintage and contemporary clothing plus accessories. When her vehicle is parked she lays out the clothing on racks so people can browse.

New York City’s Harlem neighborhood is also getting on the mobile boutique trend. Fashion entrepreneur Nneka Green-Ingram has laid claim to a spot on 125th Street and Lenox Avenue to park her Celebrities Mobile Boutique. Every item Green Ingram sells is between $5 and $30 and she also offers $40 makeovers.

Former owner of Soho’s The Garment Room, Tiffany Nicole McCrary has set up a mobile outpost in the latest of many hip Brooklyn neighborhoods to rollerskate its way into the spotlight. In Bushwick, across from the now legendary Roberta’s Pizza restaurant, the $10 or lessMobile Vintage Shop has been hocking vintage garb, receiving attention from local newspapers in the process.

Comment Re:GG (Score 1) 194

Ditto. I though Gorilla glass was rated on the hardness scale as being between 7 and 9. Apparently it has the same hardness as sapphire. While a grain of sand is enough to scratch it, I didn't think brass keys could. So where in the hell are all these scratches coming from. There not noticeable unless I look for them with the screen turned off. And when I find them, I can fell them with my fingernail along the groove.

User Journal

Journal Journal: It Works Body Wraps

Do you want an affordable, non-invasive way to go from flab to FAB? Do you have loose skin, stretch marks or cellulite? Are you seeing too many signs of aging creeping into the picture? Our #1 selling product the Ultimate Body Applicator (body wrap), Firms Tones and Tightens your skin anywhere you apply it and It Works! Target your arms, legs, chin, neck, back fat, tummy, breasts and more. Wear for 45 minutes and see instant results or progressive results over 72 hours.

Comment Re:This is not new... (Score 1) 78

From TFA:

Poulikakos's team spent 4 years trying to budge their floating droplets from a standstill. Finally, they conceived of a chessboard-style setup with multiple vibrating plates, each generating its own sound frequency. By varying the frequency that each plate emits, they can move the acoustic field and the object trapped inside. Their new design, described online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, can precisely control the lateral movement of liquid droplets while keeping them floating smoothly in midair.

Its the lateral movement and fine control that's new, not the levitation.

Submission + - petite robe noire (

huainian writes: Venez trouver la petite robe noire pour la fête dans la dernière collection de Style classique jamais démodée qui rehausse le glamour féminin.

Comment Re:About time (Score 1) 1501

For as much as I respect Linus for the work he's done, his outbursts are getting old and are not funny anymore

In my opinion, the above is some high way to miss the point (one doesn't expect Linus' outburst to be funny, does one now?)
Now, some quotes to see exactly what is the point, in Linus' own words:

So as far as I'm concerned, the discussion is about "how to work
together DESPITE people being different". Not about trying to make
everybody please each other. Because I can pretty much guarantee that
I'll continue cursing. To me, the discussion would be about how to
work together despite these kinds of cultural differences, not about
"how do we make everybody nice and sing songs sound the campfire"

Do you think you might be interested in *that* kind of discussion
instead of the "you are abusing me" kind of discussion?

In other words: "Kernel, MF! Do YOU speak it?"

Comment Re:Ok but if that's your attitude (Score 1) 1501

Don't whine if people do and development slows.

You might want some people from Intel in on the kernel development. They have some of the best in the business at optimization. If you want to tell them all off that's your prerogative, but don't then cry if they say "Ok, we will leave."

You say that like Martians replaced Linus' brain last week, and this is all new.

Intel has developers working with Linux out of their own self-interest, not as a community service project. If they feel its not in their best interests they will leave, but not one instant sooner and not for any other reason.

I should also point out that Linus didn't "tell off" anyone from Intel, except to say, in response to a demand to change his mode of management, "No." He also did so politely, in contrast to many posters who seem to imply that Linus tyrannically suppresses anyone who disagrees with him. As I've seen him do regularly, when not confronted with what he perceives to be carelessness or stupidity when it comes to the management of the kernel source itself, he has responded to opposition succinctly and politely, intermixed with humorous deflection. He has, perhaps ironically, not responded rudely to the request to cease being rude.

Submission + - Dazzle Technolab-Content Management System Companies india (

An anonymous reader writes: CMS or Content Management System is web based application to Manage and develop the web based content,to help non technical user to manage the collection of dynamic web pages and other web functionality.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 1) 1737

It is not credible to say that Trayvon was thinking "Hey, there's a man chasing me, but I don't fear him. Even though I am running away from him, I don't fear him. Even though I hid from him and complained about him to a person on the phone, I don't fear him. What the heck, maybe I could just kill him? Yeah, hey, let's just do that for no reason whatsoever." Nobody does that, ever. When you're hunted, then run away, then hide, and the pursuer approaches you, you feel fear and you are right to defend yourself.

That is the only believable story and Zimmerman's story is obvious nonsense. "Yeah, sure, I had a gun and hunted down the kid. Sure, I chased him when he ran, then I tried to find him where he hid. Yeah, but *THEN* you see, then I totally stopped all that and was leaving him alone when *SUDDENLY* and for no reason he attacked me!" Mmm hmm. They must have found the six stupidest women in Florida to believe that claptrap.

Comment Re:Professional != Tantrums (Score 1) 1501

He has created and curated an amazing thing. Kudos to him. Few people have the dedication he shows. I respect his achievements immensely. He's in the top 5 contributors to modern computing in my books.

That doesn't make it respectable to be an asshole though. The world has enough assholes. Being the smartest asshole still makes you an asshole.

Maybe he couldn't have done it any other way. Maybe he could have. Don't think we'll ever know. I still wouldn't hire him, and there's no risk he would have ever been looking to work for me anyways.

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Journal Journal: Professional Martial Arts Weapons

Buki Yuushuu manufactures Nunchakus (Nunchucks), Children s Nunchackus (Nunchucks), Bo Staffs, Children s Bo Staffs, Escrima kali sticks, Kamas, Viper Kamas, Pro Flying Kamas, and Children s Kamas for both retail and wholesale sales. (

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Journal Journal: North Carolina State Assistance For Single Mothers

For some single moms, paying the mortgage is a daily challenge. For others, finding a way to go back to school to better their family’s situation is the biggest problem they face. Regardless, if you are a single mom in North Carolina, there are state resources you can turn to when you need a littl (

Comment Re:Victim Card (Score 1) 1501 don't realize that the very act of claiming somebody else is using the victim card is...using a victim card...

I am not sure where you took that conclusion from, but I suspect is from your ass. This is not even a fallacy, it is simply a completely illogical statement. Not letting someone play you for a fool by attempting to play the victim is very different than playing victim yourself, my friend. Please, come back to this argument when you realize that.

Submission + - Cari Uang lewat (

Eldi Yusufi writes: Cari Uang lewat — hallo sobat, saya Eldi Yusufi sebagai Admin Mas Eldi akan memposting tentang Cara Cari Uang Lewat Ekiosku, wah semakin hari semakin banyak peluang untuk mendapatkan uang atau bisnis di dunia maya contohnya saja yang saya posting hari ini yaitu Ekiosku

Comment Re:Linus management technique works (Score 2) 1501

I don't think profanity and abuse is necessary. The Postgresql team has produced decent software without much profanity or abuse (see their mailing lists archives: ).

Once a project has a culture of abuse it's hard to change it esp in an OSS project. There aren't that many people with the knowledge, desire, skills and reputation to lead the project - you get the knowledge by being part of it, and then you might get the culture too ;). Add in a nonabusive temperament and the ability to convince others to be nonabusive and it's just easier to stick with Linus than to find an alternative ;).

But yes this may reduce the number of contributors. Not many people _need_ to work on the Linux kernel and put up with abuse.

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