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Comment Re:Price Adjustment (Score 1) 330

Did it suddenly lose value to the owner when the price dropped in the market? The one who purchased it at the previous price seemed to think that that value of the tablet was higher than that of the money payed. Sure you always want to get the best deal, but once that deal is made the purchaser has profited as well as the seller.

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Comment Re:did Zimmerman shoot in self-defense? (Score 1) 1737

Yes, his life was in danger. You can get killed by getting punched in the head and falling to the ground. Given that Zimmerman was found innocent, it would tend to indicate the facts also support his contention that his life was in danger. What facts do YOU have that were not brought up during the trial that would indicate his life was NOT in danger?

Comment Re:UPS (Score 1) 241

FWIW, I'm in the UK, in an area where the power supply is less than brilliant. We don't get many complete outages, but moderate surges and brown-outs seem to be happening all the time if the behaviour of a UPS is to be believed.

The working life of our electronic devices was surprisingly short across the board for the first few years after we moved here, with many formerly reliable devices all failing within a couple of years of the move, including (coincidentally or otherwise) multiple consumer-grade broadband routers. In contrast, in the years since installing a UPS for all the serious gear and at least basic surge protectors for everything else that plugs into a wall socket, we've seen almost no surprising failures of that kind.

Of course we don't know for sure whether it was really the dubious power supply that was responsible, and as other posters have mentioned there are several alternative explanations that would also make sense. But given how many things we saw fail within the window where the power supply was bad, and how few failed before and afterwards, the odds of the power supply being a factor seem quite high in our case.

Comment Re:You can't just beat down the creepy guy ... (Score 1) 1737

"being followed does not create a reasonable belief of imminent threat"

I disagree. I think a reasonable person would fear for their safety when an unknown creepy-ass cracker hunted. them across many streets at night for no reason.

You don't know what is in the other person's mind. Perhaps you are a stranger to a neighborhood and a resident of that neighborhood wants to know what you are up to. A perfectly reasonable and legal thing for that resident to want to know. They are free to follow, free to ask questions. You are free to ignore them, free to continue on home. You are not at liberty to beat them down because you feel uncomfortable for being followed, disrespected for being asked questions.

In my opinion, only an unreasonable person would deny something so obvious.

The only thing obvious is that if you attack the creepy person the law says they have the right to self defense. Seriously, you desperately need a new source of info on the law.

Martin was defending himself against an assailant, a person who committed assault, by hunting him through the night ...

You are severely misinformed, following is not an assault. It was specifically brought up at trial that GZ following TM was perfectly legal. A poor decision, unnecessary, yet still perfectly legal.

... And the outcome of the situation supports the validity of his fear, considering the creepy-ass cracker did, in fact, murder him.

No, the outcome of the situation is due to his misguided idea to beat down on the creepy guy, giving the creepy guy the legal right to use deadly force to defend himself. Without the beat down there would have been no legal right to use the gun.

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Comment Yeah (Score 1) 330

Why the fuck would they do anything?

Price on electronic product fell? OMG!

Yeah, so it was a bigger drop. Each and every Apple product have fixed price until the next one arrive. Guess it doesn't sell as many units as they want it to so they dropped the price.

Stuff that happens.

They don't need to lower the price for someone who have already bought the thing. Wtf is that?

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3. tunggu telpon dari CS kami untuk verifikasi data dan penjelasan singkat., jika 1 x 24 jam tidak ada telpon, hubungi

Comment Gasping (Score 1) 158

Anoxia, something to teach to our kids so that they at least know what they are going to die from. Once all trapped CO2 will be released, the tropical lungs of the planet devastated, and the ocean saturated in co2 (and acid)... Making us struggling for water and gasping for air, in the name of progress, will be the great achievement of mankind : in just about 3 centuries doing as much damages as one huge volcanic activity.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Hackers market to countries' adversaries - Businessweek (


Hackers market to countries' adversaries
Hackers around the world said they are finding flaws in governments' computer codes and then selling them to the countries' adversaries. The business is booming, The New York Times reported. On the European island of Malta, Luigi Auriemma, 32, and...
Hackers Revealed the Price That Nations Are Willing to Pay for Software Flaws ... Headlines & Global News
Greed Is Good Zero Day Exploits EditionForbes
Hackers Sell Vulnerabilities to Nations Around the WorldGuardian Express
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Comment Re:It has a deep tradition it seems (Score 3, Interesting) 217

In plenty of places, you can put a well wherever you like and it'll work. I'm quite sure that's the case on my grandfather's property. There's a lot of homes there with their own wells, there's presumably a big aquifer or the like underneath (I've never bothered to check to see what). So the reason dowsing worked was that any spot was fine.

He did it just because he believed it was how it was done. Of course each time it 'worked' and as such he kept doing it.

What I found interesting about the thing was that it was a 'common man' kind of thing for him and others. He wasn't a huckster that went around dowsing for people, he did it himself, for his wells, and just using whatever Y shaped stick he'd come across. To him, it wasn't mystical, it was just a process one did like so much else in farming and ranching and it was something anyone could, and would, do.

I think that might have something to do with why dowsers keep believing in it. There seems to be a real strong cultural thing that dowsing just works, and so they believe that must be the case.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: NASA's Karen Nyberg releases amazing video detailing how to wash hair in ... - S (

Science Recorder

NASA's Karen Nyberg releases amazing video detailing how to wash hair in ...
Science Recorder
A new video produced by NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg shows exactly how astronauts wash their hair while living on the International Space Station (ISS). The video shows Nyberg describing the steps required to keep clean during missions to the space...
In a Youtube video, Astronaut Karen Nyberg shares how she washes her hair in ... Fox News
Watch: Astronaut washes her hair in spaceLos Angeles Times
Here's How to Wash Your Hair in SpaceMashable World Report
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Comment Re: I'm amazed... (Score 4, Interesting) 1737

That's not the way Greg Palast, who produced the story for the BBC, described it.
But most counties appear to have used the file as a resource to purge names from their voter rolls, with some counties making little -- or no -- effort at all to alert the "purged" voters.

Etta Rosado, spokeswoman for the Volusia County Department of Elections, said the county essentially accepted the file at face value, did nothing to confirm the accuracy of it and doesn't inform citizens ahead of time that they have been dropped from the voter rolls.

"I don't think that it's up to us to tell them they're a convicted felon," Rosado said. "If he's on our rolls, we make a notation on there. If they show up at a polling place, we'll say, 'Wait a minute, you're a convicted felon, you can't vote. Nine out of 10 times when we repeat that to the person, they say 'Thank you' and walk away.

They don't put up arguments." Rosado doesn't know how many people in Volusia were dropped from the list as a result of being identified as felons.

Many Orange County voters never got the chance to appeal in any form. Condrun noted that about one-third of the letters, which the county sent out by regular mail, were returned to the office marked undeliverable. She attributed the high rate of incorrect addresses to the age of the information sent by DBT, some of which was close to 20 years old, she said.

A Republican administration in Florida prevented enough black voters from voting to swing the election for Bush. ChoicePoint deliberately targeted blacks. Over half the purged voters were black. ChoicePoint didn't do a similar analysis of hispanic names, because the Cubans voted Republican. It is well known that the Republican state legislatures around the country have a strategy of Gerrymandering districts to prevent blacks from influencing elections.

Florida was a slave state and a Jim Crow state that didn't let blacks vote at all until they were forced to by the voting right act in the 1960s. They're still a racist, Jim Crow state.

Zimmerman was tried for the killing of a black man by an all-white jury, and as always happens in those cases, the jury found him innocent. When was the last time a white man was convicted of killing a black man in Florida?

P.S. My parents went to Florida in the 1940s. My mother told me that she was riding on a bus, and she saw a pregnant black woman standing. She got up to give the black woman her seat, and pandemonium ensued. The black woman got off the bus.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 194

+1 this.

I started my (pusher, Rotax 912) airplane engine, did a run-up (4000 rpm), taxied out, flew back and shut down.

Only then did I wonder where my fully glass fronted phone was. (I won't name the brand!)

Answer? On the table where I left it. Right behind said chaos that I had unleashed. Well, it wasn't exactly on the table, it was in the corner on the floor having been thrown around a lot. With everything else!

Undamaged, unhurt. Pretty darned impressive.

Comment Re:Typical console developer rant, IMO. (Score 1) 157

Whee, the UI of a game is scripted. That's not exactly a critical application, and it's not like they tried to write the whole thing in ecmascript. And it's not like the gamer market hasnt been well traind to accept and even expect to constantly buy more powerful hardware in order to 'consume' a never-ending string of bugfixes from game launch date to EOL.. Anyone that sets anything up so that his game UI crashing or malfunctioning in strange or unforseen ways is a big problem is an idiot.

"Scripted languages have enormous advantage of being much easier to bugfix than native apps."

This is a strange statement to make. They do avoid certain types of bugs by not giving you enough control to introduce them, of course. But when you hit a bug it's more likely to be a bug in your environment (beyond your control) that you cannot fix. Other than that, what? A shorter text to sort through finding the bug I guess. A molehill beside mountains, in the wrong application.

Comment Surface Pro (Score 1) 330

I'm kind've a MS hater, but for some reasons I'll omit I needed a Surface Pro... I assumed it would really suck. I don't really like Windows 8 or 8.1 yet. IMO it's a nice device, and the future for some windows users. Too expensive for many today, the hardware is nice; battery life sucks, but for most executive types who use MS Office, it's pretty awesome to be able to plug it into a usb3 hub and big monitor at your office/home, and bring the thing minus the externals with you wherever.

Comment Re:Netflix Button (Score 1) 165

We ran out of batteries for the Wiimotes today so my kids are now watching YouTube, Netflix and Hulu on the Equiso I bought at Walmart for $79. It's an Android stick with dual core, Android 4.0, 1GB RAM, uSDHC. It's paired with a proper controller I bought on Amazon for $20 delivered. Sometimes I browse the Internet with it, for training films. It does YouTube, Netflix and Hulu just fine, and you can browse the Internet with it.

We have Samsung smart TVs and media centers and BluRay players of course that offer Netflix in some limited fashion. I'm a big Samsung fan. But this Android Stick PC offers way more of everything and we have control. It has all the apps I've ever bought on Google Play. I could pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, headhpone and mic and Citrix into my Office world if I wanted to. It has the full Internet - Flash even!

Frankly, Equiso sucked until I bought a proper controller for it on Amazon. Their controller was clever, creative, brilliant, and fucking useless. On one side it has media controls, and on the other a full keyboard with a G sensor so it senses which side is up. But it has echo issues on the keyboard that make the keyboard useless for entering passwords, and the optical connection leaves much to be desired. The thing itself is awesome but the controller link absolutely sucks. Fortunately there are third party controllers you can buy for it.

We have Roku and the Android controller app rocks. If you have a vast media library from "sources" then it rocks. I'm old school and not ready to try that path yet. Of course our Samsung stuff has Android apps for Android tablets and phones to control them, but the devices themselves are quite limited in intelligence relative to a proper Android stick. The Samsung Smart TV app marketplace is hilariously feeble.

The kids like some YouTube guy called "pewdiepie" who seems to be the modern George Carlin and I'm as uncomfortable with that as I suspect my parents were with George Carlin. Unlike my parents I appreciate this opening to engage.

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Comment In the case of my grandpa (Score 1) 217

I imagine anywhere on his property would have worked. In total he ended up putting in 4 wells in different locations, spread around, for different purposes. Seems like a safe bet there was an aquifer or the like below all of it. I'm sure he could have chosen any spot, and he already knew the area he wanted it in. He just dowsed for the specific spot.

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An anonymous reader writes: ROBE DE MARIÉE n'est pas nécessairement blanc, exigeant même la mariée est coiffe un corps blanc, a commencé avec la reine Victoria époque, quand le blanc représente le bonheur, puis renforce le sens de la sainteté et de la fidélité, entraînant Mme remariage ne peut pas porter robe de mariée blanche, robe de mariée blanche a tenu même formé une position élevée. Avant cela, la Grèce est aussi la robe "blanc" pour la mariée, la couleur la plus commune, mais pas strictement au corps blanc; époque romaine, la mariée devra faire face à Phi fil jaune: robe traditionnelle chinoise rouge pour le prélèvement sur les lieux de bon augure; au début du XXe siècle, noces d'argent est l'état d'affichage Akira de la dignité royale, montrant mariage prennent leur couleur, il n'existe aucune exigence particulière de porter plaine mariage en vain. Avec la tendance de l'évolution du monde, le mariage en plus de blanc, ivoire, beige et autres couleurs traditionnelles, mais aussi de plus en plus populaire ces dernières années, forfait mariage rose, comme rose, orange, bleu clair, violet clair, vert clair et la lumière gris argenté, très doux et agréable à l'il, si vous osez essayer, vert foncé, rouge violacé, violet foncé, décoré en robe rose, la formation des couleurs riches, la robe, l'effet est grand là, comme le plus populaire, bien sûr, de l'ivoire ou une robe de mariée blanche, chargé fleurs de soie rose, papillons, ajouter de la couleur. En fait, ROBE DE MARIÉE n'est pas important ce que la couleur, la condition la plus importante est de faire correspondre le teint de la mariée. La peau asiatique jaune foncé, portant une robe de mariée blanche sera terne, ivoire usé serait nature plus harmonieux, bleu, violet et jaune ne sont pas coordonnés, mais orange, rose, vert clair avec correspondance de couleur jaunâtre. Quant à la peau la peau rose, ou en bronze, vêtus de blanc aurait fière allure, surtout la dernière, il sortira un honneur différente des autres. Deuxièmement, le choix du style de mariage Robe longue traditionnelle et la manière, et la généralisation de la jupe comme un parapluie, beaucoup de filles sont désireux de porter, peuvent être portés dans le studio de prendre des photos, bien sûr, mais le salut dans le registre, il semble trop facile, trop longtemps trop jupe Peng nous fera paraître très court et lourd, donc sur le jour du mariage, souhaitons sélectionner une petite tente sur le sol une petite jupe, ou la longueur de la cheville et a été robe de coupe A-Droite; Comme pour les jambes de confiance, mais vous pouvez essayer essayer minijupes ou une jupe, etc, s'il est facile personnage chaleureux, portant des ensembles de pantalon blanc met en évidence le fait que le style personnel, différent. Il convient de noter, jupe en queue de poisson est la plus commode et la plus difficile de s'habiller bien, si pas particulièrement friands de la jupe en queue de poisson de la mariée, sinon, aucune considération. Une autre remarque est que le style, beaucoup de styles sur un cintre est belle, très belle à porter sur mannequin, sauf que c'est l'Amérique, n'est pas adapté pour tout le monde, alors essayez est nécessaire, la taille ne rentre pas changer la forme du corps et le style et le tempérament de la jeune mariée ne correspondent pas, il sera particulièrement laid. Par exemple, le jeune et petite, porter beau mariage de style princesse; grand pour porter des lignes épurées et lumineuses; obèses ne peuvent pas porter robe décolletée et le corps droit. En outre, le tempérament est également très important, pas aussi sexy type de robe Xiaojiabiyu; astucieux type de pile pas trop décoratif, chaleureux et animé de type ne jouent dame. Porter des vêtements avec leur propre incompatible, non seulement ne peut exprimer un propres mérites et son tempérament, mais aussi de voir des gens portant des gens, partager l'artificiel. Troisièmement, le choix d'autres facteurs ROBE DE MARIÉE Il convient de noter que si l'église lors des mariages, pas trop robe de mariée décolletée, il est irrespectueux de la performance du clergé, en particulier certains de la cérémonie, le couple aurait dû se mit à genoux, bras exposées seins nus de la mariée à genoux à Saint- comme avant, ce serait trop ne respectent pas l'église, ironiquement. Veuillez noter que la jeune mariée, est d'utiliser la longue queue ou la queue courte, souvent limitée par des facteurs environnementaux externes. Si les rituels de l'église, a tailing bien de vue, mais la jeune fille fleur à être plus âgés ou pas assez de puissance pour la mariée ramassé la queue, et même déclenché; flotteur est un autre problème, parce que des dizaines de mètres de queue, voiture ordinaire simplement forme, même si à contrecur bondé, descendre la longue queue sera ridée, moins la décence; plus généralement pas très propre propreté des rues, de sorte que la mariée de porter de trois à cinq pieds queue, était suffisante. Comme pour le mariage d'acheter ou de louer un bon mariage, dépendra de la volonté de la mariée, si elle veut sauvegarder le souvenir éternel, il vaut l'investissement, mais si suffisamment de locaux pour laisser un souvenir, vous pouvez acheter une belle coiffure.

Comment Middle East or just Jordan? (Score 2) 156

Middle eastern countries are a somewhat diverse bunch in terms of overall attitudes. I can imagine quite a large difference in how well women do overall in say somewhere like Lebanon vs Saudi Arabia.

I didn't notice any links in the TFA, but they only really mentioned (vaguely) stuff from Jordan. I don't think Jordan is at the Saudi end of the scale here.

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Comment Pretty damned good pay for time in! (Score 1) 217

$3.8M per year for ten years. Get out, retire young. I would take that deal in a frickin' heartbeat.


Hey, Uncle Sam, I hear you need some replacement bomb detectors. Have you taken a look at my brand of detectors that work by the difficult-to-disprove tachyon flux method? Sure, they cost 50% more, but I guarantee at least one of us won't regret your buying them as I sip mohitos on my private beach a decade from now...

Comment Re:How does... (Score 1) 186

When risk tolerance is low the burden of proof is really on those who want to promote the risky behavior. There is no proof that it is impossible to read a zeroed drive (and it is unlikely there every will be until we reach the point where the uncertainty principle kicks in).

Oh, please. I concur with your point about weighing the relative cost of risk, but this is borderline magical thinking.

Try this similarly absurd argument: "There is no proof that it is impossible to trivially crack all known cryptographic algorithms." Furthermore, there's no proof it is impossible to recover data from hard drives that have been multiply wiped, shredded, and melted (hey, perhaps physics will discover an exception to the Curie temperature effect).

The risk tolerance may be low, but one needs to retain a sense of proportionality. There is no known way to read a zeroed disk. There is no known way to trivially crack AES. Magnetic domains heated past the Curie temperature will randomize/lose their data as far as we know.

There is no guarantee that using a water heater won't cause a BLEVE, but the risk has been mitigated. I think I will just embrace that risk in order to have hot water. Much the same with zeroing disks before releasing them.

Besides, as Schneier frequently points out, security is only as strong as your weakest link. It's much easier to compromise a human than to attempt to invent some new nanodomain technique to steal some fighter design. And that's before we lower the standard of confidentiality to the level that applies to a random person's medical history.

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An anonymous reader writes: Witchcraft is a generally misunderstood craft. During the times of old, witches are accused of all sorts of demonic and despicable acts that seem to ignite the flames of imagination of thousands of people as being the villains.

Comment Re:No Obligatory XKCD (Score 1) 106

I think modern developers have a very fuzzy idea of what "business logic" means. I model business logic all the time in my databases, completely without the use of stored procedures (or even custom functions for the most part). Just the fact that you use a foreign key constraint happens to be business logic, and it *absolutely* belongs in the database.

This idea that a database is just an adjunct to the application only works for startup companies or lightweight web applications. Once you have a mature company doing anything of any real complexity, you will end up with such problems as

a. databases being accessed by more than one application.
b. databases that outlive application (or several applications)
c. enough tragic "oops" moments from the application team that the company finally hires a real DBA and/or data architect to make sure that no matter what, the data has trustworthy characteristics and integrity on its own.

Yes, data IS more important to a company than your application. Get over it. Just like the money in the bank (and who it belongs to) is more important to the bank than its tellers. It's just a fact of life.

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