Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 5, Insightful) 1737

Two words explain this attitude historically: "Secret Tribunal." (You can insert the word "military" if you'd prefer three words).

What would have them spinning at 5000 rpm in their graves is Guantanamo Bay, not this trial and public reaction. A public trial by jury is exactly what they designed, and the country was so small and insular at that point that reputations could be ruined far more thoroughly than in today's overpopulated, urban, and largely faceless culture. They absolutely expected mob mentality to be a result, which was why so many of them were members of secret societies. Privacy to speak one's mind may never have occurred to them as a possibility without that. The possibility of a public trial ruining someone's reputation was probably expected, in my considered opinion.

I don't have any primary sources to back that up though.

Comment Also (Score 5, Informative) 1737

Civilians don't get to do "warning" shots. The deal with the use of deadly force is that it either is or is not justified. There isn't a situation where it is justified to "just try and scare them" with a gun.

In the case of something like this, the justification would be that you feared for your life. In most places that allow lethal force for self defense, that is a valid reason. The thing is, just firing a warning shots could show that you really DIDN'T have an imminent fear for your life. You weren't so afraid you felt the need to shoot your attacker, just "warn" them. Thus you weren't really in fear for your life, so no justification.

I am not aware of jurisdictions that allow you to use guns to just try and scare people for various reasons. You can use them to defend yourself and sometimes others, but only in grave cases. If the case isn't grave enough for that, then you aren't justified in using it in any way.

Basically as a civilian in a self defense situation don't draw your gun unless to shoot and don't shoot except to kill. If the situation isn't serious enough to warrant that, then a gun isn't the answer.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 1) 1737

Maybe he did it (you can't really trust the news these days), but if so it is irrelevant. There is a motive why spouses can't testify in your benefit, they tend to lie to help you. Even if you are an asshole and do not deserve the help.

What we do know for sure is that she was a recurring aggressor in domestic violence, not a defenseless victim.

But even if he was the aggressor this time, as a victim you don't go out, get a weapon, come back and fire it everywhere but in your aggressor to defend yourself. That is illegal, and should as well be.

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Comment Not innocent at all; simply found: not guilty (Score 0) 1737

Innocent: no.
Not guilty: yes.
BIG BIG difference.

Anybody who kills should be required to spend time in jail. period. If his life was so much in risk, then serving years in jail would be a totally worthwhile price FOR LIVING. Seriously, even if you are the hero - serving some jail time is a small price to pay. Think about it.

Every cowardly wimp in the USA can now legitimately shoot somebody BEFORE they are beaten up. This is not far from invading Iraq before they WMDed somebody.

Now with no bullying in school, kids will grow up in fear of an ass whooping... I know what it is like to be beaten up; it really isn't all that horrible. You don't die and you do heal... and any permanent damage comes out of the other guy's ass.

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Comment Re:Oh grow up (Score 1) 569

I know exactly what a median is - the middle value of an ordered set. I guess you aren't actually reading the linked Wiki page, but for your given set the median would be 1. Here's Wolfram Alpha if you don't believe me. Again, by definition, exactly the same number of people earn above the median wage as earn below the median wage. The mean would be skewed by an unbalanced income distribution as it's calculated based on the values, but the median is based on the position of the values within the set and so outliers have a negligible impact.

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Robbery suspect leaves own phone at scene of iPhone thefts, Fairfax County ...
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A man smashed a case in a Springfield wireless store and escaped with several iPhones, but the scheme was foiled by one glaring oversight: The robber, police say, left his own Samsung Galaxy at the scene of the crime. Fairfax County police arrested Travis...
iPhone 5 still tops, but Galaxy S4 helps Samsung gain share, analyst saysCNET
Smash & grab iPhone thief caught after leaving his Samsung Galaxy behindApple Insider
Samsung Lining Up New Family Of 4 For Smartphone WarForbes
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Comment Re:Way to hammer that last nail, Timothy (Score 1) 1737

YRO is indeed an acronym for that, and it has been progressively bastardized over the past 15 years. If you're cool with that, fine. I am not.

Clearly your approach of bitching anonymously about it has yielded the results you're looking for. It's YRO, I know what YRO is used for in actuality, and I'll decide whether or not to read a YRO article based on my mood.

Clearly the people who submitted it are fucking idiots and...Timothy is a fucking idiot too.

Demonstrate this. Seriously, provide actual facts to prove that these people have an IQ between 0 and 25. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're stupid; it means that if you have to resort to calling them stupid that you're either unwilling or incapable of having a civilized conversation.

I am indeed inclined to stop reading /. entirely, and I do not anticipate missing your pissant whining.

Good. Fuck off.

Comment Re:Does anyone know (Score 1) 1737

Why did the defense not need to explain how he was able to draw, aim, and fire his weapon while in such a position? This seems like a highly improbable situation that someone would be able to pull out a holstered weapon and get off an accurate shot while they are being beaten nearly to the point of losing consciousness.

It's not improbable.

It's pretty easy to draw from an IWB holster in the standard position while someone is sitting on you, unless the someone is so heavy that you can't life one hip an inch or so. As for accuracy, at a few inches range, accuracy is not hard. Also, I don't think Zimmerman claimed he was nearly losing consciousness, just that he felt that he was in danger of being killed. That's not improbable, either. You can realize you're in a position where you could be killed before a great deal of damage is actually done.

On the question of drawing I posted a more complete answer here:

Comment 'yes' isn't what you think... (Score 0) 1737

Everyone feels they are right, and everyone feels strongly. Is it possible for commenters to keep that in mind?

yes...but that doesn't mean you won't see valid controversy...

Racism is a problem in techie circles and it shows in overt and subtle ways. The proper response to Zimmerman's acquittal is outrage. Yes, of course that is 'IMHO' but my point is that we have to evolve beyond just identifying options and snarkily championing our favorite when it come to social issues (it will help make better designs and more money too ;)

These boards are full of trolls and general sociopathic behavior, and racism is part of it.

Just accept it...the right thing to be is angry at Zimmerman's acquittal. Middle class white people have gotten *more* racist and less nuanced in their worldview in the last 15 years and it's a shame.

Comment Re:Benchmarks, trustworthy? (Score 3, Informative) 82

If by fixed you mean "Intel put a disclaimer on its compiler saying [ICC] may or may not optimize to the same degree for non-Intel microprocessors for optimizations that are not unique to Intel microprocessors", then yes, it is fixed. Otherwise, not so much. I happen to have tested ICC performance against other compilers not too long ago, and it refuses to genereate AVX instructions that are reachable when running on an AMD CPU. The -xO flag didn't help - all it did was turn off AVX altogether. Adding flags that prevent it from generating other execution paths than the AVX one didn't help either; when started, the binary would just generate a clean (but false) error message that the processor doesn't support its instructions, and exit immediately. From this, I concluded that after all these years, they still check for "GenuineIntel" instead of looking at the actual capability flags. In the end, we found absolutely no way to make ICC generate AVX instructions that would be executed on an AMD processor.
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Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 4, Insightful) 1737

Whether Zimmerman is guilty or not, he'll never have another job. He'll always be "that guy that got away with murder", irrespective of the actual, judiciary merit of that position. There have been many people, for example, accused of rape, and were later proved not just not guilty, but totally and irrefutably innocent of the charges. Their lives were still over all the same.

He might need a name change and a relocation but if he wants to he can regain his anonymity in a few months.

The founding fathers knew this -- that's why they advocated jury trials in the first place. It was an attempt to remove this mob mentality from the judicial process, and as a balance against populism swaying the government and giving in to the transient emotional outbursts of the crowd, the mob, the public. I don't think, if they were alive today in the age of the internet and instant communication, they would still advocate that these trials be open to the public...

I'd say this case was a perfect example of why we need open trials.

In the initial case I frankly do think there was a racial bias. Whether or not innocent was the proper finding I think it's hard to justify the casualness of the initial police response. Media oversight was a good thing here.

As for the trial, a trial open to the public actually protects the accused from being convicted by the media!

The media were talking about Zimmerman long before the trial so closing the trial won't stop him from being convicted by the media. But the only way to stop the media conviction from turning into a courtroom conviction via corruption is to keep the trial open to the media.

Comment Re:Why is this on Slashdot? (Score 1) 1737

"Slashdot seems THIS" - "NO - slashdot seems THAT".

Slashdot is like people, since it IS an assortment of people. Slashdot seems like whatever goes against your own beliefs. It's human nature to see people who can't see the merits of the philosophy you've spent spent your life developing as dangerous and obtuse idiots, while those who agree with you are only seeing what is obvious. Except for the ciphers who never troubled themselves to have any philosophy at all.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 5, Informative) 1737

1. Evidence about Martin's background would help the jury assess his character and might speak to his motivation. It looks like they were barely able to get in the results of the toxicology report that showed Martin still had traces of marijuana in his blood.
2. Zimmerman wasn't aggressive in getting out of his car. If he had closed the distance and attacked Martin, that would be aggression, assault. Martin was the one that attacked Zimmerman. He was on top of him throwing MMA style punches when he was shot.
3. "Stand your ground" was never a part of the case, ever. It was part of inflamed commentary. Zimmerman didn't attack Martin.

Race had nothing to do with the case. It was simple self-defense. Martin attacked Zimmerman by surprise, started beating his head against the curb, and was on top of his throwing MMA type punches. Zimmerman's life was in immediate peril, but he was able to pull his gun and shoot Martin. To the extent that race played a part, it was generally working against Zimmerman in that many commentators soft pedaled, concealed, or ignored derogatory information about Martin, as well as exculpatory information about Zimmerman. NBC doctored audio to make Zimmerman appear racist. The media kept referring to Zimmerman as white, when he is Hispanic with a black grandfather (or maybe great-grandfather). Despite the fact that pictures of the grown Martin were available, including ones showing some more troubling aspects of his life, the media kept showing pictures of him when he was much younger and innocent appearing. The media downplayed Martin's troubled history, and participation in fight club type activity, and his interest in martial arts. It goes on, and on, and on. Probably because of Zimmerman's name, the media was out for a lynching of what they thought was a white guy that had killed a young black man. They often got things wrong, and stirred the pot. Even the US Justice department engaged in some troubling behavior.

In Audio Recording, Department of Justice Official Urges Protesters to Seek ‘Justice’ for Trayvon Martin

Based on your flavor of your questions I have the sense that you may have gotten most of the commentary on this case from a particular slice of the web that hasn't always provided good information on this. My suggestion is that you do some reading at this site Legal Insurrection. It has some interesting and informed commentary, by actual lawyers, on the case. Fair warning - you may not like what you read, but it is likely to be much more legally accurate and closer to the truth than what it sounds like you have been reading. The truth doesn't always taste good when it doesn't fit our expectations.

Comment Re:Presumption of Innocence (Score 1) 1737

You have never lived near some OCD SOB who sticks his authoritarian face into everybody's business because of his major insecurity problems. 1000x worse than the grammar Nazis.

Police are screened, trained, tested. They get a lot of benefit when in doubt (arguably more than they deserve but at least some of it IS DESERVED.)

Zimmerman wouldn't have made it into the police force; perhaps that is what made him such a wannabe.

Comment Re:"Three Stooges" Self Defense Law (Score 1) 1737

The most striking thing to me has always been that both actors would have been within their rights, under "Stand Your Ground," to attack the other.

Absolutely not! The one who instigates the conflict is not entitled to claim self-defense under any state's laws, except if they clearly try to disengage and are prevented by the other person(s) from doing so. Questioning someone is not conflict, it's a question. Hurling fists, or even profanities, is conflict.

Here's how it works:
Scenario 1: I ask you what you're doing here, you pull knife, I shoot you: Legit self-defense. If state has SYG no need for me to run away

Scenario 2: I ask you what you're doing here, you pull knife and stab me: Murder by you.

Scenario 3: I aggressively tell you to '"Get the F(*& out of my neighborhood you $^&%$" while charging towards you (assault), you pull knife (defense), I shoot you: Murder or at least Manslaughter by me, because I started the conflict.

Scenario 4: I aggressively tell you to '"Get the F(*& out of my neighborhood you $^&%$" while charging towards you (assault), you pull knife (defense), I put up my hands and try to run away (disengage), you follow me and back me into a corner (continuing assault), I shoot you: Legit self-defense due to attempt to disengage

Scenario 5: I aggressively tell you to '"Get the F(*& out of my neighborhood you $^&%$" while charging towards you (assault), you pull knife (defense), I put up my hands and try to run away (disengage), you follow me and back me into a corner and stab me: Murder by you

Scenario 6: I aggressively tell you to '"Get the F(*& out of my neighborhood you $^&%$" while charging towards you (assault), you pull knife (defense), I put up my hands and try to run away, you let me go: Assault by me if you want to press charges.

It all boils down the the actions. At no time did anyone prove ZImmerman truly started the conflict, either by hostile words or actions, and that's why the jury had to go with self-defense. *If* Martin was the one to start the conflict, and especially if he was on top of Zimmerman (per witness), then he had no right to do anything.

Comment Re:Hogging (Score 1) 361

There is of course software used to look at this stuff but it cannot realistically be run on the dock during a very tight turnaround

Why don't they simply have sensors built into the ship? They can measure stress directly without having to guess, and load up appropriately. Seems an obvious thing to do, so I assume there must be a reason why they don't?

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 194

It really depends on the phone. My Nexus S has been dropped a dozen times without issue. My wife has been through an iPhone 4 and a Nexus III. Larger phones don't seem to like being dropped.

Screen protectors are different... There's all kinds of shit in my pockets that can scratch even gorilla glass. Plus, the screens are oil resistant, which is nice.

Comment Re:"Three Stooges" Self Defense Law (Score 1) 1737

The most striking thing to me has always been that both actors would have been within their rights, under "Stand Your Ground," to attack the other.

You don't understand what "Stand Your Ground" means. It does not give you a right to attack. It just means that you do not have to try to run away if you are attacked. In this case it wasn't applied because it wasn't relevant; per Zimmerman's story he never had a chance to run away after he was attacked.

In a duty-to-retreat state I suppose the prosecution might have tried to claim that Zimmerman had a chance to run away and didn't , so I guess it's relevant in that the existence of the stand-your-ground law precluded the prosecution from trying that line of argument. However, trying to argue that would have required the prosecution to more or less stipulate that Martin attacked Zimmerman, so I doubt they would have tried it even in a duty-to-retreat state.

Comment good advice (Score 1) 1737

Your advice might keep someone out of prison.

The judge tells them what evidence they can consider, and what is required for a charge, and they usually listen to that, at least reasonably well.

I've seen cases where the Defendent gets false confidence b/c of a great performance from his attorney and good non-verbal feedback from the jury only to be sent away b/c of exactly what you describe.

Sometimes, the judges are just morons who behave essentially as librarians or middle managers and they just give the bare minimum of instructions (basically what they are told).

Also, State law can sometimes *mandate* the judge read a form of instructions.

We think of the courts as a safety valve to overrule democracy when it gets crazy, but really they are subject to the will of the people just the same, only usually on a longer can't just fire a judge for incompetence.

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