Comment Re:Way to hammer that last nail, Timothy (Score 1) 1737

(A) YRO is an initialism for 'your rights online'. This has nothing to do with your rights, nor is it online.

YRO may be an acronym for that, but clearly you haven't been paying attention to how it's actually been applied over the past 15 years, which as I stipulated, has not been 'News for nerds.'

(B) It does not fall under the category 'Stuff that matters'. Perhaps a fraction of the Florida populace care about it, but it absolutely is an irrelevancy.

Clearly the people who submitted it feel differently and...

(C) Timothy posted it, hence it was Timothy who held the hammer in his hand and proceeded to drive in that last nail. Fuck Timothy, fuck Slashdot, and fuck irrelevant cap like this.

...timothy agrees with them. He's an editor. Determining what and what does not matter to the majority of his readers by his judgement is specifically what he is hired to do. And if you don't like his editorial choices, you don't have to read them. Seriously. You can go under settings, click the exclusions tab, and filter out his posts entirely. Or filter out topics you don't want to read about, like say, the Zimmerman trial. Or, as you seem inclined to do, stop reading /. entirely. No one is going to miss your pissant whining.

Comment Re:Why is this on Slashdot? (Score 2) 1737

This is not a conservative victory. This is the court doing its job to find the truth and making rulings on the law and the disposition of alleged criminals.

Regardless of how well the court did its job, if you believe that a story like this has no political aspect to it, then I've got a bridge to sell you.

Comment Re:He Should Be Executed (Score 1) 284

"but it's another thing to execute a person without trial."

Osama was executed without trial.

What's your point? That we did it once so we should have no problem doing it again under different circumstances?

The US does not represent freedom in any form.

That's quite the hyperbole. Osama bin laden wasn't promised any freedom by the US: he wasn't a citizen. And anyway, there's quite a bit of room between "killing someone who admitted to attacking you" and "no freedom whatsoever.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 3, Insightful) 1737

I'm missing some huge aspect of the case that I can't seem to find anywhere. There's a few big questions on my mind.

1. Why is everyone so upset that evidence about Martin's background that Zimmerman couldn't have known was kept out of court? It seems like since he couldn't have known, it didn't affect the situation at hand and therefore shouldn't be considered. But I might be missing something about why the victim's background is relevant in any case where the murder isn't premeditated.

2. At what point does getting out of your car and pursuing somebody become an aggressive act? We know for a fact that he followed Martin, there can be no doubt given where he was parked and where the body was, yet this is still considered self defense? I'd appreciate some help with that.

3. The stand your ground law was mentioned several times throughout this case, although it doesn't seem to have directly caused the not guilty verdict. What I'm wondering is why that law didn't give Martin the right to stand his ground when Zimmerman pursued him?

And a smaller question, relating to the attitude of the above poster. Unbiased reporting is gone, and has been for a while, but this didn't seem that over the top to me. I'll admit, I've only read a few dozen articles, but I'd appreciate if you explained this sentiment to me. Not that you're obligated to, responding at all is nothing more than a favor to me and anyone else who is confused about the same things.

I'm not trying to step on anyone's feelings here, but honestly the verdict doesn't make any sense to me so I'm looking for some help. I'd appreciate it if there isn't any racism (if the explanation includes justifying things by saying he's a young black male in a neighborhood full of young black males, it's probably racist) or truth manipulation (like saying it must have been self defense because at the time Martin was shot he was on top). This isn't a court of law and I don't expect answers that sound like they're coming from a lawyer from one side or the other, I'm looking for honest, unbiased answers to help me understand this verdict. Everything I've been able to find suggests that Zimmerman was in the wrong and murdered Martin, and I haven't heard any reasonable explanation from people who have felt it should go the other way, everything seems to open with Zimmerman being justified following him because he was a young black male.

TLDR? Explain why this verdict isn't just racist without coming off as racist yourself.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score -1, Redundant) 1737

Try to get your facts straight.

It doesn't really matter as far as my point is concerned. LA could have slid into the ocean right after, or went right on as if nothing had happened... it has no real bearing on what happened to OJ's career. But kudos on pointing that out. +1, informative. But... -1, redundant too...

Comment Re:I'm not an expert (Score 1) 125

The Australian Government has been sucking up to the USA since PM Harold Holt begged LBJ to allow Australian troops (including conscripts) to serve in the Vietnam War. The "Reds under the Beds" election campaigns, and the domino theory, were very effective for the Liberal Party. Many good men died for their re-election. Labor fell into the same abyss.

Comment actual evidence (Score 2) 176

So I work for a telco, and I used to work in the NOC. I got all the alarms for all the equipment all over the country and would call out techs to fix it or fix it myself when there was a problem. After a particularly bad day a few years back I read that there had been some elevated solar activity that day. We always knew that solar activity effected our equipment, after all our giant nationwide network was basically a huge copper net for all those stray electrons. But I realized that now I had a large dataset to play with.

To my surprise there was actually a NASA space weather website with large datasets you could download that would show solar output over time. So I dumped all this into a database along with logs of our alarms. Without getting into all the details of it, I found that we indeed did have spikes when solar activity went up but there were other spikes as well. Realizing our #1 cause of equipment alarm or failure was electrical storms, I then filtered out all alarms that were resolved as "Storm related" by the repair tech and re-ran my report. There, clear as day were 2 graph lines that were very similar in their trajectory. Solar activity and our alarm activity. It wasn't perfect but I'm no research scientist but it was compelling enough that I took this to my boss, very excited. He was impressed "That's really cool!" I was giddy... then he looked up and said "well?" and I was like "Huh" and which point he made the obvious point that I had missed in my excitement "there is absolutely nothing we can do about this. You just wasted several hours of your time... it's still really cool though!"

Ah well... but it is a fact, solar activity has a direct impact on copper networking equipment. Even our fiber optic networks had an increase in alarms, I suspect because the routers and such are metal and plugged into the electrical grid.

Comment Re:Moral of the story (Score 1) 1737

oh, poor George got punched! The real fact is that if there were no guns at the scene, GZ would've gotten a beating and both men would still be alive.

The age of taking a beating and chalking it up to experience died half a century ago. Now, we have a sociery where you can HAND someone a beating...and then sue them for making your fists hurt.

Comment Re:Oh grow up (Score 0) 569

You talk about the median but then compare using the mean for some reason. The median of the numbers you gave is 5, which is by definition representative of those numbers.

You really need to check out what Median means. Specifically, "the median is the numerical value separating the higher half of a data sample, a population, or a probability distribution, from the lower half. " So if the lowest number is 1 and the highest number is 100, the median is 50, even if the set is 1,1,1,{...},1,100.

It is the difference between median and mode that I'm trying to illustrate here; It's much more likely you'll be below the median than above it given current personal wealth distribution in the United States.

Comment Re:Remoteability question restated (Score 1) 122

It's something the wayland developers do not consider to be a feature worth implementing at this time so the only answer you'll get are guesses as to how it may be done later. I wish the wayland people would discuss their thing on it's own merits instead of pretending it can do everything that X does better when it really has different aims.

Comment Re:I'm amazed..this is on slashdot. (Score 4, Insightful) 1737

To anyone who is upset that this story popped up despite not strictly relating to computers, three things:

One: why didn't you stop it?
Two: Slashdot's motto isn't "News for linux, news that linuxes." Other nerds have different interests in you. You should realize this by now.
Three: If you don't care, go back in your browser. You do not need to click on every link on slashdot! DO NOT CLICK ON THE ONES YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT!

Comment Re:Does anyone know (Score 3, Insightful) 1737

GZ: "Hi, neighborhood watch. Do you live around here?"
TM: "I'm going to attack you now."
GZ: "Holy shit, my face is getting pummeled and my head is being slammed into the concrete. I should defend myself before I die."

Just saying, that is a possible way that questioning a high school student could turn into legitimate self defense.

Comment Re:Due Process (Score 2) 1737

That was for sure my feeling on the OJ case. I thought he was guilty (and sure do now after his book that Chris Rock accurately predicted) but had I been on the jury I'm pretty sure I would have voted to acquit. The prosecution fucked up the case, and there was reasonable doubt.

This is slightly different, what with self defense being an affirmative defense, but same basic deal: Doesn't matter what you think happened, matters if it was proven to whatever standard the court instructs you is required.

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Comment Re: Moral of the story (Score 1) 1737

Provided the weapon is concealed, then yes. If you're brandishing the weapon - that's something else entirely.

You should note that Zimmerman was not following Martin with his gun out. Martin didn't even know he had a gun until he attacked Zimmerman, or so the story goes.

Beyond that: You'd have to know some of the laws regarding a CCW to have a CCW. Walking around with a brandished firearm will almost universally get you in some serious trouble. (I don't know the laws in Florida, etc.) The ONLY time the gun comes out is if you are literally willing to kill someone. Because if you're not willing to kill them and they are also armed, then you've escalated it and one of you is likely to die. It's very bad news, and they're pretty specific about how these situations are supposed to be handled.

Comment Re:Does anyone know (Score 0) 1737

The law is bullshit because there are no requirements other than the ability to say that you were seriously fearing for your life.

We have the right to defend ourselves here as well, but there are actual requirements involved. Seeing a black person wearing a hoodie is not sufficient to give us legal right to use lethal force. That man would have to be engaged in a forceable felony or represent a real threat.

As passed, there's a ton of situations where one could technically claim the right to use SYG where common sense would dictate otherwise.

Comment Re:No, you grow up (Score 2) 569

I hear what you say but honestly I'm like the guy you responded to. I make about 60 grand a year and live pretty well, especially once I got my kids grown and out of my house. I've always had a job though so I've really been blessed. I was on employment one time in the last 35 years for about 11 weeks but other than that it was all full time employment. Where I live generally there is plenty of work and anyone who wants a job has one although it isn't always what they like nor high paying. My son started working right out of high school at a hardware store then a chicken processing plant then a cold storage warehouse where he has worked his way to supervisor at the ripe old age of 28. I can tell you that without Mexicans and other Central Americans this place would have a labor shortage. A severe one. I hear people bitching about illegal immigration but without it businesses would be hurting.

Comment User pays. (Score 1) 174

Economic rationalism says that the intelligence agencies who get the benefit should pay the cost. That provides a healthy rationing mechanism. It has been routine for decades for law enforcement agencies to pay telephone interception costs, but at an actual cost level with no profit margin. Sure it our tax dollars moving in a circle, but it holds up transparency and accountability.

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Comment Not all show trials go the way the media (Score 5, Insightful) 1737

or officials want. Juries tend to see through the attempts to impose social justice over legal justice. This trial became a farce when the prosecution was allowed to change their charge on the fly, worse they almost got totally into silly land on trying to change up the charges.

Now comes the fun part, will the Feds get involved directly and attempt a hate crime charge?

Zimmerman was an over reactive wanna be cop that created a situation that got out of his control. Frankly if Tray had survived I would have expected him to use the same defense. Still witnesses and crime scene evidence were not in favor of the prosecution and the local sheriff was right in not trying to field a case that could not be one.

We the people won, both Zimmerman and Martin lost. We won because the law was upheld. Martin paid the ultimate price and Zimmerman will pay the rest of his.

The tragedy beyond this one death is the number of people who died and their cases will never be given the same attention.

Comment Re:Due Process (Score -1) 1737

It's better to let a guilty man go free then to put an innocent man behind bars.

How could he be innocent? He was a WHITE (hispanic) against a BLACK (drug dealer). Obviously the WHITE guy has to be guilty. What other evidence do you need, he was WHITE? Even Obama said that the BLACK drug user was just like a son to him. If he's WHITE, you must convict!

Comment Re:Moral of the story (Score 1) 1737

The facts that Zimmerman was only acting in self defense. You know, the facts that the jury used to serve justice.

Juries don't find people innocent. They find them guilty or not guilty. The latter means that the defendant could not be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It does not necessarily mean they thought he was innocent.

User Journal

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Comment Jurors usually follow judicial instructions (Score 4, Insightful) 1737

Remember that they looked for people who hadn't followed the leadup to this a ton. Not everyone gives a fuck what is in the media. Also it turns out in most cases jurors do a reasonable job of following what the judge tells them. The judge tells them what evidence they can consider, and what is required for a charge, and they usually listen to that, at least reasonably well.

The system is far from perfect, but they really do try and get people who have little to no knowledge about a case beforehand, and they try to instruct those people as to what is and is not to be considered.

Also the prosecution screwed up their case at several points, and that makes a big difference as well.

Remember that while the rest of the world (that was interested) was following the media accounts, the jurors were following only what happened in the courtroom.

Comment Re:Why is this on Slashdot? (Score 1) 1737

It's related to the earlier story where an IT guy was fired by the AG office because he called them on not revealing exculpatory evidence during the discovery process. They also photoshopped Zimmerman's image into black and white to make his nose look less severe than it was.

I think the OP was pointing out that Slashdot, while catering to people in Information Technology, still caters to, achem, people. We may have a certain slanted view on the world as a community, but widely publicized events will still be discussed, however tangential they are to our interests. Politics is something everyone has to deal with... and so... unsurprisingly, they talk about it wherever people gather.

It's normal. And yes, I'm aware of the irony of calling a bunch of nerds "normal"... :)

Comment Re:The Real Story Behind Wayland and X.org (Score 1) 122

What I'd like to see built as a replacement for X11's network abstractions

Sockets - been there since before the first official release.

passing arbitrary messages back and forth with the remote application.

Is ssh what you are looking for? X thinks it's all local and ssh feeds the remote stuff to and from the local display, using those sockets that have been in there for years.

Comment Re:Due Process (Score 5, Insightful) 1737

IMO, GZ was only guilty of pushing his luck. While laws permit a non-LEO person to patrol territory and talk to people, this is not all that wise - GZ presented lots of evidence to that; it may be that his ordeal is not over yet, unless he leaves for Peru on the first airplane.

A LEO in the same position wouldn't need to explain why he was there, following potential burglars - it's his job. A LEO would be in real time radio contact with his partners and managers. A LEO would not need to shoot because he'd never allow a suspect to come behind him and so close. If it came down to blows, a LEO would be strong enough to defeat TM without killing him; an LEO carries a baton, and Taser, and handcuffs, and pepper spray in addition to the firearm. On top of that, any aggression of TM against the LEO would be illegal, short of some major violation of TM's civil rights.

This means that GZ should have left the policing to the police officers. They are better prepared, and their hands are less tied, and if they do kill a perp then they, barring an obvious crime, won't be facing the DA. This is the only thing, IMO, that GZ did wrong. Perhaps that gun under his belt made GZ feel protected, invulnerable. Such feelings are known to occur. An unarmed man will seek to avoid confrontation; an armed one may just barge in and have it all - just as this case illustrates.

This means that if you carry a firearm, your duty to avoid conflicts only gets stronger because it can easily escalate into a homicide. If you are wise and logical, like Spock, you may do good if you carry; but at every point make sure that your actions are not only legal, but also safe. For example, do not leave your car to go where you don't really belong (after strangers who, in your own opinion, are on drugs and up to no good.) However if a criminal tries to carjack you, or to break into your home, a gun will help because in these situations you have no other options - neither short term, nor long term.

Some lament that bad boyz need to be shot and killed by vigilantes, as it was common a few centuries ago. But the fact of life is that the laws do not permit that. The laws explicitly say that you shall fear criminals, and you shall avoid them. In some way it is wise because you do not know who is and who isn't a criminal. Only when someone breaks into your home you could be reasonably safe; but still check - it could be SWAT, after having house numbers mixed up again. The cost of shooting a person is very high; one might say that after shooting someone you might just as well shoot yourself, all things considered. GZ was this far ->.<- from getting an effective death sentence.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 5, Interesting) 1737

Real life isn't the moivies; warning shots are generally illegal. You can only use lethal force if you have justification for killing someone; if you fire a warning shot, that's still lethal force (since a warning shot can kill someone, though it's less likely), but the fact that you fired it as a warning shows that you didn't believe killing was justified.

Comment Re:Political agendas (Score 4, Insightful) 1737

"Due process" does not include the media, nor the will of politicians. Due process was violated when this went to trial after all those who had to proper authority and jurisdiction did their jobs and said that there wasn't a case against Zimmerman. Yet their authority was usurped by powers that are biased and not neutral.

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