Comment Re:Spin much? (Score 1) 365

How did "The increase in temperatures has not been statistically significant to the 2 sigma level (although it's very near that standard)" get warped into "The temperature has been declining for 15 years"? The 2000's are still the warmest decade on record and 2010 is the hottest year ever recorded in nearly all of the major temperature records.

Comment If you go w/ Oracle (Score 1, Interesting) 372

Based on a rumor I heard about a local mega-development firm, make sure you build your app with the flexibility to swap out DB implementations and make sure the Oracle sales guys *know* it. Prices change drastically when they know you're not locked in. As for PostgreSQL, from my experience where I'm sure you'll lose out is with tools and a development environment.

Comment Oracle is a huge waste of money (Score 1) 372

I'm not very familiar with PostgreSQL but I can tell you that Oracle is a giant money machine. To do anything with Oracle is complex and so it takes "experts". Usually people who talk about how Oracle is the one and only true solution are people who have spent their life making a lot money off of "solving" complex solutions that didn't really need to be that way to begin with. My advice is to stay as far away from Oracle as possible.

Almost all of the junk they sell to execs is designed to sound fancy but is usually a lie. Guess what a "personal Oracle cloud" is? A machine that sits in your server room that everyone else calls a server. It's just junk designed to cost more money.

Comment Re: Stock Price Comparison (Score 1) 240

But I think all of what you're saying sort of proves the point. To make a comparison, Microsoft was just like CP/M. Sure, they were the king of their time, but they didn't have the vision or ability to see it through to what PCs would be. Now, part of that obvious was a matter of the technology that was available. But as you state, WinMo "sucked for making actual phone calls". But, that's the primary function *of* a phone, smart or not. It's the same reason PalmOS stumbled, as it too focused first on what it knew (PDAs) and was unwilling to seemingly jump ship and piss off its established base. But, sometimes that's precisely what you've got to do to create a new market, which is exactly what smart phones are. Of course, the best thing to do is to keep supporting both products and try to gracefully push people to the new product line. You'd think with the Win 9x/NT consumer merging, they'd know this simple fact. Of course the other catch is sometimes you have to keep supporting a product of some sort of the original line because it's still popular. :)

Submission + - luan van tai lieu tham khao (

An anonymous reader writes: luan van, tai nguyen tri thuc viet , noi chia se kien thuc, tim kiem , tai tai lieu, ho tro lan nhau giua cong dong
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Journal Journal: Snowden Lambastes the UK as Having More Big Brother Practices Than the U.S.

Edward Snowden, now world-wide infamous whistle-blower who is a former NSA employee, recently shared that the top electronic eavesdropping agency in the U.K., known as GCHQ, is far more intrusive in their spying roles than even U.S. NSA agents have been known to be. Reported on the professional blog of the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin, it is likely that Snowden will need the most reputable Hollywood Criminal Attorney if he is ever extradited back to the United States.

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Submission + - 10 hewan darat tercepat di dunia (

An anonymous reader writes: Cheetah adalah mahluk hidup tercepat yang pernah hidup di daratan, bisa mencapai kecepatan 112 km/jam sampai 120 km/jam hanya pada lintasan sepanjang 460 m (500 yard). Kemampuannya berakselerasi juga tidak bisa ditandingi mahluk hidup apapun. Cheetah bisa mencapai kecepatan dari 0 km/jam sampai 110 km/jam hanya dalam waktu 3 detik.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Nokia Lumia 1020 announced; advanced 41 megapixel camera at $300 contract ... - (

ZDNet (blog)

Nokia Lumia 1020 announced; advanced 41 megapixel camera at $300 contract ...
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best camera in a phone ever released and it will be available soon on AT&T. Are consumers seeking even better photography and willing to shell out the money to go to a Windows Phone device? Matthew Miller.
All Windows phones can now have Nokia's mapping and transit appsCNET
Nokia Lumia 1020: focus on camera misses the big pictureThe Guardian
Zooming in on the Lumia 1020's camera apps and featuresTechRadar UK
Times of India-Capital Technologies-Trefis
all 1,253 news articles

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 1) 385

It's a great setup. I'm using a spare laptop for that. Unlike newer DVRs, it doesn't try to tell me what I can record, how long I can keep it, or insist on phoning home and wiping everything out if home won't answer. It also doesn't complain if I want to save something off or burn it to disk.

Comment Re:locking? (Score 2) 372

postgres uses MVCC, similar to oracle.

oracle uses an undo log and postgres a redo - the difference being that oracle is faster for multiple updates (and may be quicker to restart after a crash), but postgres doesn't suffer from running out of log space with large transactions, and rollback is very quick.

both postgres and oracle perform far better under locking scenarios than sqlserver.

recent postgres also have some very smart stuff if you use serializable isolation mode; supposed to be better than any other DB.

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Journal Journal: Los Angeles DUI Defense Lawyer

Los Angeles DUI lawyer Jonathan Franklin is ready to help you! Call this former prosecutor at the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin!

Comment Re:Too bad someone didn't figure this all out (Score 1) 146

Im gonna say you are half correct. Doctors are buying MU certified electronic records systems for two reasons.

1. The government believes they know what is meaningful in healthcare. As part of a 600 billion dollar stimulus they committed 29 billion dollars on a first-come first-serve basis to general practices and hospitals in order to adopt electronic systems they deem to be meaningful.
2. Medicare will reduce reimbursements if you are not using an electronic system certified ONC-ATCB. 2% this year, then 3% next year and so on.

Here is where I disagree. The push for MU certified EHR's has not helped to create more jobs and EHR software vendors. ONC-ATCB, CCHIT, and Electronic prescribing certifications are very costly. Smaller companies with tighter budgets have been squeezed out of the market, and those lucky enough to be bought out have seen their staff and products suffer attrition. So the market is not being saturated with more shitty software products. The market has the same shitty products and is being under-saturated with higher quality innovative products during this meaningful use money-grab.

Doctors are buying up these systems under the impression that the cost of ownership over 5 years is practically nothing because the government will give them meaningful use money. I never thought MU would be solvent through 2019, and I happen to know doctors who have received letters from the state where they practice advising that they dont have money to pay them for MU at this time. So the docs absorb this cost up front, some may never see any money, and once the MU program ends, they are stuck in a subscription contract paying over 600 dollars per month per physician for a shitty EHR that is more of a hindrance than a tool the treat patients and run a business.

What's even crappier is as some of these systems are sunset, if the provider attested for meaningful use, then they must maintain their records for up to 9 years for audit; or be forced to pay back the MU money they received. The vendors that have bought out and terminated products do not have to offer a comprehensive migration path for their patient records and have no responsibility to maintain those systems as long as the doctors need to keep them for audits. That is bullshit! Back in the day, if the doctor switched brands of tabbed manilla folders this was not a problem. It doesn't end there though. When they are pigeon-holed into a new product it costs a lot of time and money to train staff. Training is often around $125 per hour, and usually runs about $3000 total for any decent training.

If the governments head wasn't up its own ass, they would have committed 29 billion dollars to small vendors and startups to produce more innovative EHR's and drive competition in the market to create these more inter-operable systems.

Oh, and IMO, CCHIT really isn't an inter-operability standard. I think of HL7, CCD, CCR and things of that nature when I think of standards. In my free time I write software to help doctors get their data out of their old system and into their new system as seamlessly as possible. I have a SOAP based model I have coded from the bottom up for data conversions in these systems, which i recently added some exposed methods for interfacing. That is what they really need to make these systems communicate with each other. Take HL7 to the next level... maybe they can call it HL8. :)

Comment Re:It's not the science (Score 1) 365

So as a Marxism* denier but a climate change believer what is your proposed solution? To me the free market solution is to impose the full cost of using fossil fuels on their use (including an amortization of the future costs of the global warming that causes) and see who wins. I see no entity other than the government to impose that cost. I realize determining all those external costs is difficult but it would result in a more real market.

* I'm just using your terminology, not agreeing with your characterization.

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Journal Journal: Trying It Out Is The Only Way To Tell If Horse Betting Is Right For You | Online

However, betting on horse racing isn’t for everyone, with some people that prefer to stick to the major sports rather than betting on something they don’t know well. In order to find out whether betting on horse racing is something for you, you have to at least try it out. It doesn’t hurt to (

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Submission + - Subway Surfers (telecharger gratuitement) (

mas3od writes: Subway Surfers est un jeu pc d'Arcade. Le joueur prend le rôle d'un adolescent moyen vandaliser un bus métro, et est capturé par l'inspecteur et son chien. Le joueur doit fuir la police, qui court après lui / elle. Le but du jeu est de courir aussi loin que possible dans un univers de jeu sans fin en évitant les obstacles générés aléatoirement qui nécessitent que le joueur soit saut et esquiver les trains venant en sens inverse de manière précise.

Submission + - Laser Pointer is dangerous? (

Messi Alice writes: Palestinian who lives in Barkhor beads have a 5-year-old child, children like to buy toys, whenever I see a new toy in the hands of other children, it always asks his father to give him also bought one, and will shun Palestinian beads the child to buy him a new toy, but these days, yet a Palestinian beads to buy a new toy to his son confiscated, which in the end is how it happened?

Ba Chu told reporters a few days ago he bought a laser pointer to the children, small toys, and pens look similar, can emit red light cast on the wall became a red dot. That night, the child holding the laser pointer to buy a new home, every corner of the irradiation. “He suddenly put me as a target irradiated laser pointer, red eyes took me a few times, just started feeling nothing, after a while children I feel a bit sore eyes, some tears, and finally to the clinic to do a deal, and later I took his new toy confiscated. “Ba Chu said.

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the Tibetan Fukang Hospital Ophthalmology Zhaoshi Wu, Zhaoshi Wu told reporters, laser pointer laser emitted through human cornea into the lens to reach the sensitive part of the retina, which would damage the eye. In addition, after a long time as dazzling beam also affects the optic nerve and the central nervous system, people dizziness and even nausea. Therefore, never use a laser beam at people’s face or eyes, neither with high reflectivity mirror laser light reflected from an object.

Submission + - the flip-flops heel is too thin too much (

An anonymous reader writes: Since have so many pairs of shoes, the flip-flops have some "research" and requirements, so they have made special unique rough in the shape of tapered heel (cone), and high-heeled flip-flops are waterproof. Waterproof platform is high heels ahead, under the feet, soles padded high position.

The hoster of explained: "women go out to walking a lot every day, so is the key of the shoes, the heel is too thin too much, wear long feet hurt very much, so we choose the rough flip-flops, has the solid support. Want to wear high heels, and worry about the foot stand too high, go hard, might as well have picked a piece more waterproof platform flip-flops, has higher effect, it's not easy walk tired, kill two birds with one stone."

Comment Wow. (Score 1) 372

We go on Slashdot from repeating that IT is like a janitor's job, to discussions about the idiosyncrasies of different databases and the specialties required therein.

Is there a middleground wherein an IT janitor can do his job AND properly maintain a database? Because that seems the question.

The vendor/author/distribution/licensing of that database seems irrelevant.

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Journal Journal: Chicago Cubs present top draft pick Kris Bryant -

And Kris Bryant couldn’t stop smiling as his parents watched as he was introduced as the Cubs’ possible third baseman of the future Friday morning at Wrigley Field. The No. 2 overall pick of the baseball draft signed a contract this week with a club-record $6.7 million signing bonus. (,0,878986.story)

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Journal Journal: Yasiel Puig uses interpreter to pick up women, says ESPN | For The Win

According to a report on ESPN, Yasiel Puig’s interpreter was “reprimanded by stadium security” for trying to help the Cuban sensation meet women. Deadspin has the video. Here’s a transcript of Pedro Gomez’s report: (

Comment Re:He Should Be Executed (Score 2, Insightful) 284

You sound like he should be burned at the stake, even. Why not. But death penalty is useless, and insanely expensive in the US (which doesn't even prevent innocent niggers from being executed regularly)

I don't know why it still exists in a handful of first world countries. Just abolish it : if anything this tends to prevent backwards comment like yours that call to murder in a legal way.
I'd also rather have war criminals, dictators etc. not face execution when tried. E.g. the likes of Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Richard Perle et al. should face trial by a international court and imprisonment in my book, but I don't want to kill them. ICC doesn't do it for instance. Killing prime ministers etc. is hairy, this can even give them an exit way like Goering who managed to commit suicide before getting executed.
Life imprisonment is a good enough sentence and even then the maximum sentence could be life imprisonment with no possibility to be freed before 30 years.

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Journal Journal: Nets Are Said to Have Struck a Deal With Kirilenko -

Andrei Kirilenko, a player so versatile that he is frequently likened to a Swiss Army knife, agreed to terms on a two-year contract, according to multiple people with knowledge of the deal. He will make $3.18 million next season and holds a player option for 2014-15. (

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