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Comment Re:Typical government efficiency... (Score 1) 345

The entire problem here is the people writing the checks are ".gov". Government contractors are there to cash checks first, if there's time left over, they may give you something useful. (It usually falls to sub or sub-sub contractors to get to where any real work is done.)

The sad thing is, anyone in the payroll office could walk to their local Office Max, and there on the shelf (for mac or windows) find software that can do much more than the 60 year old COBOL system they've been using. For a few $$$ even. The real work comes from getting all the records from the old system into the new system.

(been there, project abandoned instead of handling the conflicts in merging systems)

Comment Re:Farts in their general direction. (Score 4, Insightful) 445

If its all encrypted its safe, but i agree it could be a bad day when they decide to ransom your data with higher prices down the road. It also sux when you are off-line and want a file.

I prefer not to have a monthly bill to access my stuff. ( sure, you could depreciate out your hard drives and come up with a "monthly equivalent", but still.. )

1. You're delusional. Encryption is NOT a magic spell that keeps anyone but you out. I don't care if it's 65536-bit, no. Cryptanalysis is at a level you could not possibly comprehend.

2. Booth was a coward that shot a great man in the back of the head while seated in a theatre. And like your sig says, I don't give a flying fornication what you think of that.

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Babawale24 writes: Berkeley, United States — President Barack Obama recently stated the United States was not taking sides as Egypt's crisis came to a head with the military overthrow of the democratically elected president.

But a review of dozens of US federal government documents shows Washington has quietly funded senior Egyptian opposition figures who called for toppling of the country's now-deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

Documents obtained by the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley show the US channeled funding through a State Department programme to promote democracy in the Middle East region. This programme vigorously supported activists and politicians who have fomented unrest in Egypt, after autocratic president Hosni Mubarak was ousted in a popular uprising in February 2011.
For details click the url

Comment Re:Farts in their general direction. (Score 2) 445

No it isn't. I can buy a 3TB hard drive that will last for at least the next five years for like $100. Dropbox charges $10/month for only 100GB of space, which works out to 1/30th the space at $600 for five years. With a hard drive, I always have access to my data, even if my internet connection goes out or I am in a location without a connection.

<cynicism>Hard drives are guaranteed to not fail for at least 5 years? News to me. Even ignoring premature failure, most warranties these days are 1-3 years.</cynicism>

On the other hand, assuming you've got local backups, I mostly agree with you.

Comment Re:I think... (Score 1) 304

I've done webdevelopment for years, there are things wrong with Javascript, there are things wrong with many languages. And if you stick to the subset people call 'the good parts' it's not bad.

Your argument about untyped code is a non-argument, it has never been an issue. It's a matter of programming style. With most styles of programming you'll never encounter a problem.

What it does do is create a performance ceiling, because untyped is hard to optimize for a VM.

But that is what asm.js is for now, for the performance critical code paths.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Latitude and offline maps sacrificed at altar to Google+ - ZDNet (blog) (

Toronto Star

Latitude and offline maps sacrificed at altar to Google+
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: The search giant continues its streak of puzzling decisions as its location service and maps functionality fall victim this time. Chris Duckett. By Chris Duckett for Null Pointer | July 11, 2013 -- 04:31 GMT (21:31 PDT). Follow @dobes. Google overnight...
Google Seeking Android Developer Input in New SurveyseWeek
New version of Google Maps arrives for Android, on the way for
Google to 'retire' Latitude in favour of Google+ location sharingNDTV
Curbed (blog)-PCWorld
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Only Alaskan Dog Breeds Are Purely American; DNA Analysis Revealed - Headlines & (

Headlines & Global News

Only Alaskan Dog Breeds Are Purely American; DNA Analysis Revealed
Headlines & Global News
A DNA analysis revealed that only the Alaskan Inuit sled dogs—Eskimo dog and Greenland dog—are purely Americans. The rest were from other countries. (Photo : Reuters). A DNA analysis revealed that only the Alaskan Inuit sled dogs—Eskimo dog and...
American Dog Breeds Hail From Pre-Columbian TimesNational Geographic
DNA traces the ancient roots of American dogs to (blog)
Dogs With American Roots RevealedDiscovery News
NPR-Huffington Post-Phys.Org
all 9 news articles

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Feed Engadget: Your digital game library will be accessible from any PlayStation 4, says Sony (

The digital games you buy on your PlayStation 4 will apparently travel with you, virtually, when you move from console to console. Sony R&D senior team leader Neil Brown detailed as much at Develop today. "You can visit your friend's house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library," he said. Paired with the console's "Play As You Download" functionality, Brown promised that users will be able to instantly jump into their full library of digital games from any PS4 after signing in with their PSN ID. "This makes a digital library a practical option in the real world," he added.

PlayStation 4 games are planned for digital launch alongside physical, thus making an all-digital game library a more possible goal. Should you purchase a physical copy, you can take the Blu-ray with you from console to console; the game will automatically install on the console's HDD, though you'll still need its disc in the tray for the game to play.

Filed under: Gaming, Software, HD, Sony


Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Comment Re:Wow, did he ever call it: (Score 1) 1448

From 2004:

The fanatical Left will insist that anyone who upholds the fundamental meaning that marriage has always had, everywhere, until this generation, is a "homophobe" and therefore mentally ill.

Nailed it except for the part about marriage having some fundamental meaning, everywhere, until this generation. That is fiction unless it's about procreation, in which case it wasn't necessarily then and isn't now.

And the part about wanting equal rights is an aspect of "the fanatical Left", unless one is so far right that they can't see the centre anymore.

Comment Well, I can tell you're not an Android developer. (Score 3, Informative) 289

Fragmentation on Android is a huge problem. Each device manufacturer has their own slightly different version of the OS, each with its own set of issues and incompatibilities. Sure, they only crop up when you try to do specific things... like, say, open a Bluetooth socket.

(I am an Android developer responsible for testing my company's product on dozens of different tablets.)

Comment Re:Article itself is a waste of memory (Score 4, Insightful) 407

The market decided long ago that fewer programmer hours was better than users waiting a few seconds everyday for their device to GC.

No, actually, that's not what happened. As the summary and the story itself (both of which went unread apparently,) point out, one of the most successful systems to emerge in the market recently, iOS, is not a GC environment.

Over here you may learn about iOS memory management. Without getting too far into that wall of text one discovers the following:

If you plan on writing code for iOS, you must use explicit memory management (the subject of this guide).

Ok, so your claim that GC is the only viable solution for contemporary application development is demonstrably false. Lets look some other assertions:

programmers are inherently bad at memory management. Memory will leak [if programmers must manage it].

First, the vast number of iOS applications not leaking shows that a non-GC system doesn't necessary have to leak. At least not badly enough to compromise the viability of the platform, which is the only meaningful criteria I can think of when it comes to the market.

Second, why assume programmers are inherently bad at a thing when that thing has traditionally been exposed via terrible, error prone, demonstrably awful mechanisms? It seems to me that among widely used tools we leaped from 'systems' languages with truly heinous MM primitives (C/C++) directly into pervasive GC systems. Aside from Objective C+ARC there just aren't enough good non-GC systems to make broad generalizations. Thus, you may be right about programmers, but you can't prove it, and I doubt it.

Finally, what proof is there that pervasive GC is better at not leaking than a good explicit MM system? Anyone with an Android system and a bunch of apps will quickly discover that pervasive GC does not eliminate leaks.

[some phone] comes with a whopping 2GB of RAM

Goggle Glass has 682mb of RAM. There is always a new platform into which we much fit our software and the new platform is usually resource constrained, so there will never be a day when questioning the cost of GCs is wrong. Maybe the wearable you eventually put on will have 8 GB of RAM. The computers you swallow or implant or sprinkle around the lawn probably won't. The fact the next generation of phones can piss away RAM to greedy GCs just isn't particularly informative.

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Comment Alternatives (Score 1) 445

There are a few alternatives that come to mind if you're like me and adhere to the philosophy that "data that doesn't exist on hard drives I can clone or shoot, either doesn't exist, or exists in the hands of my enemies"...

Where seamless sync isn't an issue, FTP/SFTP can work well. FreeNAS and NAS4Free do this with a great back end file system, but UnRAID, while not free, does do a pretty good job of performing a similar tasks if you have a hodgepodge of hard disks lying around. In all three cases, you're looking at a dedicated OS install.

OwnCloud is a good sync app and browser based file portal. The Android app for it is still very much in beta though and doesn't always sync everything you want it to.

Ajaxplorer is a great browser-based file manager, and they have a desktop sync client in beta. It's gotten a LOT prettier in this last release and has great user management tools, as well as a public folder system for collaborative efforts.

Both OwnCloud and Ajaxplorer run on a LAMP stack; the Turnkey Linux project and Bitnami both offer builds for both applications to make things relatively simple if you've got the hardware or a VM at your disposal.

Tonido will do desktop sync a la Dropbox with a point-and-grunt Windows installer; 2GB of sync is free, 100GB of sync is $29/year.

Looking for an inexpensive server to put it on? I had a great purchase experience from the guys over at ServerWorlds; it's possible to get a properly spec'd IBM x3550 from them for less than $500 using backplanes that will use off-the-shelf SATA drives in a RAID-1, and it'll fully support ESXi if you want. eBay is also a fountain of such things.

If home internet is too slow and/or untrustworthy to the point where you trust a colo provider instead, GoRack (the only colo center I could Google that gives actual pricing information) seems to be willing to power and shuffle data to your server for some $50/month or less. Clearly Dropbox has the edge here as far as availability and uptime as opposed to a single x3550 (along with the convenience of not having to manage your server), but if you load up the server with a pair of 2TB drives, the only offering Dropbox has that can compete with that is the business package that costs some $800/year.

Depending on your level of expertise, what you've got at your disposal, who you trust, and what you can spend, there are more than a few options besides dropbox.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 161

In my opinion this is a good compromise between the two other options. It would expose vulnerabilities while keeping consequences for criminal hacking.

As I said: "white hat hackers" are one of the primary reasons we have security holes in the first place; their activities create the economic incentives for companies to release software with security holes in the first place.

This is your opinion. Again, you see the world as black or white which leads you to the prosecute everyone/prosecute no one extremes.There are actually three three options;

You just don't seem to grasp that, although "white hat hackers" helping fix security holes has a short term benefit, it is one of the primary reasons those security holes exist in the first place. Why should a company bother spend lots of money to make my software secure if it can just release it and pay a fraction of what I would pay for quality control to cheap "white hat hackers", and at the same time be shielded from public humiliation by law?

The only way to get companies to pay more attention to security is to raise the risk and the cost of releasing insecure software. Banning "black hat hacking" and allowing "white hat hacking" decreases risk and decreases costs of releasing insecure software, and that is exactly the wrong public policy.

I'm sorry if that argument is too subtle for your simplistic black-and-white world view.

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Comment Re:As someone who uses GNOME 3... (Score 1) 181

I agree. Apple's handling of their switch from GCC to LLVM is a good example where they kept both for a while is a good example of how distributions could have handled this better.

Some distributions btw didn't switch.For example Knoppix went from KDE 3 to LXDE. On the other hand distributions like Fedora, Arch, Mandriva forks or Gentoo did the right thing in following the "latest and greatest". Their users expect that. Ubuntu was really the tricky case and they sort of did their own thing with Unity.

As far as Wayland... that's going to be very dicey. Wayland has an X11 built in so there is no good reason not to switch to Wayland. The big issue is going to be going with Wayland only compiled applications. I suspect for the Linux world that's going to happen mainly on applications where performance matters. But Gnome given their focus on touch (where latency really really matters) are going to have to be among those. So it wouldn't shock me if Gnome 4 or Gnome 5 is Wayland only.

Submission + - How Do You Start a Blog Create a Blog (

billdad83390 writes: Once you install the software for the theme and layout that you will be using, you must choose your domain name. You should also choose tags at this time so that you can be searchable through the search engines that most people use. You will have to manage all of the user and reader accounts and try to migrate toward those that add substance to your blog. You want to accomplish ahving something that a reader should have enjoyed and that covers all of the topics and ideas that you have featured. You should have conversations that engage that reader and show in an SEO search or RSS feed on Facebook or on Tumblr.

A decade ago, one of the main decisions online businesses had to take was whether to start a blog or a website. This all changed with the advent of the SEO. Indeed, now it is not uncommon to see a website with its own blog and even a forum, says They use the static websites for the basic information like product prices, contact details, etc. The blogs on the other hand are great for handling all the other aspects including niche SEO, obtaining statistics in consumer demands through blog commenting, advertising new products or limited promotions. Thus, it is not that surprising for blogs and websites to now walk hand in hand online.

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Comment The problem isn't COBOL it is bad management (Score 1) 345

The problem isn't COBOL is is bad management. I think that really says it all. You have to manage a project and that means you have to have support at a high enough level that the impacted departments get their marching orders in agreement with the master plan. Otherwise you are doomed if you have to fit the solution to the middle management tier's "requirements" because their "requirements" are that everything stays the same so their jobs and departments are unaffected by the new solution. That's not going to happen in a ground up re-implementation.

Comment Re:Worth the tradeoff.. (Score 1) 566

You shouldn't have several concurrent TCP connections to the same host. Most browsers won't open more than two.

Fast Open is an experimental draft with security flaws and packet duplication problems.
Fast Start hasn't taken off since it was demonstrated 15 years ago.
CRIME also applied to plain old HTTPS. That's been fixed. HTTP 2.0 has different header compression than SPDY that is explicitly designed to counter this attack.

Comment Re:Cobol is self-documenting (Score 2) 345

I will say that I was pleased to discover that my old software (my very first program, written with one of my NCO's - and it's not clear from the comment, but that wasn't anywhere close to my just happened for convenience) was still being used more than 10 years after the fact, although I do admit that I was a bit dismayed as retrospect it wasn't all that impressive :p

Comment Re:Real War (Score 1) 253

The pilot is a single point of failure per plane.

Drones introduce a single point of failure shared by the whole squadron or even a significant portion of the the air force.

You mean they fly drones without redundant links? That would be surprising if true.

You can implement redundancies and safeguards but at the end of the day technology causes things to scale, it means your capabilities get larger but it also means your vulnerabilities get larger with it.

Jamming, losing master encryption keys, there's a lot of big vulnerabilities involved with a drone fleet that can really hurt you against an advanced opponent, it's wise to keep some human pilot backups.

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LaurelBracey writes: In quite a few cultures max detox pro isn't used that way. I really do understand. They're attempting to help. That's more like it. I fully have no feeling one way or the other about this estimate. It is many customized info. Max detox pro isn't booming. I may want to estimate that not many men and women find one max detox pro like this. I feel as if I'm living in a virtual reality game. Is there anywhere else leaders notice transcendent max detox pro clues? It shouldn't give you a good picture as though moving forward, a neat time was had by everybody.

Comment Re:IOS has the same problem (Score 3, Informative) 289

Two quick statements, and then the rest. First, I agree fully with your comment. Second, I disagree with your subject line entirely, since the OP was describing a completely different problem than the one you're addressing.

I agree that OSes need to be EOL'd and that there's nothing wrong with companies doing so, but that it would be far better if they wouldn't take steps to obsolesce devices before their time by making it more difficult than necessary to continue using a perfectly functional device. That said, wouldn't you agree that there's quite a big difference between EOLing your iPod touch almost two years after it was no longer on sale, and what we see with many Android phones, where they're effectively EOL'd while they're still on sale? That's the sort of problem the OP was talking about, rather than the one you discussed.

Your iPod touch:
  Last available for purchase in September 2008
  Came with the latest version of iOS at the time of purchase
  Capable of running the latest version of iOS until June 2010

Contrast that with T-Mobile's Android offerings, all of which are available for sale today, yet only two of them (the Nexus 4 and the Galaxy S4) out of the fourteen listed will be running the latest version of Android when you open the box of your "new" smartphone. Some of them support upgrades, of course, but not all of them, and many of those that do offer upgrades only upgrade as far as 4.1.2, which hasn't been the latest version of Android since last November. I'm sure if I went poking around hard enough, I could probably dig up some 2.3 phones that are still being sold as new today too.

So, yes, while both Android and iOS make it more difficult to use a perfectly functional, older device than it should be, the problem being addressed here is an entirely different one that Android bears.

Comment Re:Farts in their general direction. (Score 1) 445

True, but I think that sort of thing can work. For example, I use Evernote and have it sync between my Windows laptop, iPad and iPhone.
If Evernote goes away, I'll still have all my notes, and a way to create new ones. All I will lose is the ability to sync.

Will I store all my data in the cloud with a single service? Hell no! But I'll use it however I gain the most from it.

Comment Re:India's developers are largely of poor quality (Score 1) 157

I can understand systems administrators. They have to think on their feet, and they need to know how to resolve things quickly. It's not like some coding project where they can delay or make up deadlines or something. Something is down, it needs to be resolved right now. People who are just fucking around will simply be fired since people have to work.

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