Submission + - Microsoft Fails To Screen Over 100 Fake Windows Store Submissions

An anonymous reader writes: Over 100 fake apps and games have been discovered in the Windows Store, all using popular names to trick users into downloading them. Some are free, but most are priced at $4.99 and others go for up to $28.99, in a clear attempt to generate as much revenue from ignorant Windows 8 and Windows RT customers.

Comment Re:1 2 3 4 I declare flame war (Score 1) 976

One more aspect that I forgot to bring up: the nifty thing about guns is that they're often very efficient deescalation tools. A guy with a knife faced with a gun and a threat to shoot will likely retreat. The same guy threatened to have his arm dislocated will likely just laugh in your face. It's no coincidence that vast majority (IIRC, over 90%) of defensive gun use does not involve firing it.

Comment Re:Real Science? (Score 1) 70

If they want a professional space product using AVR, then there are many many boards that can do this, or they can design their own. Arduino is specifically designed for learning projects. Sure you can buy Arduino and then dump the dumbed down programming environment, but then why not pick a better or cheaper board? It seems "Arduino" is used by a lot of people as a synonym for "8-bit processor on a board that has ADC and GPIO".

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Submission + - Google's New +1 Sharing Has Some Issues, but It's Not a Privacy Problem (

Lauren Weinstein writes: Google made some significant changes to the way sharing works on Google+ today, and all day long I found myself being pulled into conversations discussing the topic, some of whose participants seem upset to the level of semi-ranting ("semi-ranting?" Is that anything like "semi-pregnant?" But I digress ...)

Comment Re:1 2 3 4 I declare flame war (Score 1) 976

Trying to dislocate an arm of an attacker - who is likely to be physically stronger and/or bigger than you - is a fairly risky proposition. It requires one both to be in a good physical shape, and to be trained to do this kind of thing. Handguns, in contrast, are accessible to pretty much anyone regardless of their physique, require minimal training to be effectively used in close range self-defense, and are highly efficient in the intended goal (incapacitate the attacker) in most use cases.

So, why wouldn't you use a handgun in self-defense (to remind, we're talking about an actual assault here, not "someone shoved me"). In demanding other people to do so, you're effectively asking them to take on higher risk - significantly higher for most - for the sake of less harm to a person who just tried to inflict grievous harm on them. The only possible ethical rationalization for such a thing that I can think of is a religious belief in absolute, unconditional sanctity of human life, but I think it's reasonable to assume that most people don't share it.

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Apple promo hints iPhone 6, iPad 5, iPad mini 2 release date Sept 6th
Stabley Times
Apple is strongly hinting that the release date for the iPad 5, iPad mini 2 and iPhone 6 is coming on or shortly after September 6th, offering a promo to college students which gives them a fifty dollar iTunes gift card with the purchase of an iPad or iPhone until...
Apple files for stay on ITC ban for legacy iPhones and iPadsApple Insider
Apple Tweaks Font in iOS 7 Beta, Bloggers Go WildWall Street Journal
Apple requests stay on sales ban affecting older iPhones, iPadsCNET (blog)
Mind Of The Geek-TechCrunch-Washington Post
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Google Finally Brings Voice Calling To Hangouts, But Not To Its Mobile Apps - Te (

Headlines & Global News

Google Finally Brings Voice Calling To Hangouts, But Not To Its Mobile Apps
Some Google fans were mighty miffed when Google removed the ability to make voice calls from inside Gmail, but now the feature is back, flying under Google's Hangouts banner. Instead of just being able to place calls from within Gmail though, users can...
Google Adds Telephone Calling Back To Gmail And Integrates It Into HangoutsHot Hardware
Google Hangouts Can Now Do Voice Calling; Not Yet Available for Mobile ... Headlines & Global News
Outbound calls from desktop Gmail are back, with free calling to the US and ... Engadget
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Feed Engadget: Revamped Google Maps for Android rolling out with new discovery, navigation twea (

Google showed off its new maps UI for desktop and mobile back in May, and now the update is slowly rolling out for Android 4.0.3+ devices. At its event Google said this new version is bringing a more personalized experience, while the changelog reveals new navigation data with "live traffic updates, incident reports and dynamic rerouting." Ratings, reviews and other info have also been pushed to the front in an effort to help users find out more about local places, and on tablets an "Experience" feature should bring enhanced indoor walkthroughs. Assuming you haven't already booked your own ticket to the desktop beta, check out Google's PC-centric video preview after the break, or our hands-on impressions here. The description is live in the Play Store, but you may need to go another route if you'd like to snag the latest APK before the download rolls out to everyone.

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Source: Google Play

Comment Re:1 2 3 4 I declare flame war (Score 1) 976

My first thought was "I better tag my house" because even though I don't actually have a gun, I would like any potential thieves to think I do.

You really don't. Knowing that you're armed would reduce the risk of being robbed in your house, yes, but it would also increase the risk of being burgled. Firearms are expensive enough per ounce of weight to make them very lucrative targets.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 353

Your long post clearly demonstrated how unwieldy the use of MPG for fuel consumption is. Instead of converting wholesale to L/100km, let's just simply use G/100miles ("G/100m" for short) and see how much simpler your post would be:

e.g. Consider a trip of 300 miles in a variety of different cars:

15 MPG SUV = 20 gallons consumed = 6.6 G/100m
25 MPG sedan = 12 gallons consumed = 4 G/100m
50 MPG hybrid = 6 gallons consumed = 2 G/100m
100 MPG research car = 3 gallons consumed = 1 G/100m
300 MPG super-car = 1 gallon consumed = 0.33 G/100m

Gee, anyone can immediately see that the biggest savings come from SUV->sedan, saving 2.4 G/100mi (~40% savings)

However, even going from 1 G/100m research car to 0.33G/100m concept car, you are still saving 66% of your fuel.

That's where your final analysis is wrong, you are using the same base (6.6 G/100m) to calculate the savings, when, instead, you should be using the consumption at each step as its own base. Even using MPG units, going from x MPG to 3x MPG means you save 66% fuel (i.e. 100MPG -> 300MPG), regardless that you started with only 15 MPG (which is irrelevant when you got to a 100MPG car).

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Comment Re:Neat, but unsafe. (Score 1) 353

A motorcycle is a very small surface area to act over, with a significant amount of gyroscopic stability. Go ride by a semi holding a sheet of plywood next to you. The XL1 has a fair amount of siding be hit by wind.

Also, motorcycle tires have a rounded contour and tread up the sidewall, because they lean. A four wheel car cannot lean into a situation. A gust of air will push a car sideways; a cyclist can lean into it without a problem.

Comment Re:Mario Andretti on a chip (Score 1, Insightful) 353

BTW, I drive a six speed manual without traction control. I drive a lot better than most because I dont expect my car to pull me out of dangerous situations I get myself into.

I am a completely mediocre driver

And here in lies the problem. What if the computer fails and you find yourself in a situation where your driving ability is the only thing that can save you.

Well you die.

This is why things like emergency braking, losing control of the rear wheels and stopping with a blowout needs to be tested. You get blow a tyre at 80 KPH, Traction control wont help you if you cant drive. This is exactly what I'm talking about, the driver aid does not help your reaction speed, it does not make you a better driver. It just coddles you and tricks you into believing you have a higher skill level than you really do (as if the Dunning Kruger effect wasn't enough). As I said, what happens when that system fails or you have to drive a vehicle without them (or more likely, accidentally turn traction control off, I see a lot of drivers do this when fiddling around with the GPS/Radio)

You'll also notice I left out ABS (because this is a good system) and electronic traction control (which is debatable) and focused on technologies that overtly make drivers complacent like parking asist.

BTW, in case you missed it in the first post, I avoid dangerous situations rather then rely on my car to compensate for my lack of driving ability.

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Comment Re:"commercial piracy" (Score 1) 97

We don't need "rampaging armies raping and enslaving and murdering everyone in their way". We have the CIA (Al Qaeda) and KGB (or whatever they call themselves now) for that, and it's outsourced to the locals. Your 'modern society' is a crumbling facade. When the rulemakers refuse to live by the rules, then all bets are off.

Comment Re:Pumped hydro (Score 1) 120

some states do not even have hydro-power. Some thing to to with being flat

That doesn't make it impossible. Water towers already exist in many cities with particularly flat geographies. You can resort to pumping water up off-peak, and turning (very small) turbines when power is needed.

And batteries aren't necessarily the best option. Liquid-sodium solar-thermal power plants are quite compelling. Compressed air seems to be practical, and could perhaps be less expensive than batteries on a large enough scale.

Comment Re:Better question (Score 2) 171

No. Technology does fix social problems. But it also creates new problems. It does not simply change or amplify existing problems. The new social problems that emerge are *fundamentally different* than old problems. Industrialization did solve old problems (Eg: low economic power of women) and the problems it created were of a new kind (Eg: uprooting of cultural communities).

> Take away guns and people use knives.

I am aware of all the US gun vendor propaganda. None of the recent single-person perpetrated mass murders (Colorado, Arizona, Newtown) could have happened with knives. I am in India. We have a lot more people and have a lot more undiagnosed mental illness around (if that is what you mean by underlying social problem). No ones goes to a shrink here, even though we are in a greater social turmoil, with all the change around us. People are still less educated and the police are ineffective. Yet, we don't deal with people going postal, because guns are hard to get and you don't get far with knives (also harder to make rap videos and movies romanticizing untrained people who can solve problems with knives). The two knife attackers in China caused limited harm compared any massacre in US. Yes, people do throw rocks when rioting. But that is a much different problem. We have economically impotent and disaffected young men too, but the window of opportunities within which they may express themselves through violence is much more limited.

If US was a gun free zone, it would not have had much problem with urban gangs. It might have other problems, but not urban gangs. Historically, knife wielding gangs (as brigands) could only operate with force in the wild, not in urban environments. Let's move away from this topic that attracts emotions.

Currently, the relationship between the government and its citizens in indeed changing. And it is entirely due to technology changes. Digital snooping is suddenly cheap. Big data is suddenly cheap. Technology does not overlay social problems. Social problems (or benefits) are a direct consequence of technology. For instance, the only reason US jobs are being exported is because of the emergence of cheap travel & shipping and the Internet (shipping of information products), not because of selfish business men. Colonial era only happened because of the emergence of better shipping technology.

Just like organisms are a mere manifestation of DNA, social problems are often (although not always) mere expressions of technology application.

Submission + - Why Developing Web Applications Require ASP.NET?

An anonymous reader writes: Asp .Net MVC Development is the latest in-thing in the world of web applications development. The demand for this particular deployment environment seems all pervasive and ever increasing. Below, we have pointed out a few of the most important and resourceful features of this particular development environment, which should be considered prior to opting for a web application development process. Please read ahead to know more.

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Submission + - What you should keep in mind before choosing a desk for your administration offi (

Ramawood11 writes: What you should keep in mind before choosing a desk for your administration office? Over the past couple of decades, there’s been a massive change in the interior décor of the offices. Until the 70s and the 80s, offices usually had a few mattresses where a ‘munim’ would sit with a typewriter, and a pen and paper. These days, offices are unlike what they were back then. Today, there are special designers for office that transform the office into marvelous structures with the use of interior decoration and ideal office furniture.

Submission + - Smartphone with root access

frustratedjumpingpea writes: Is there any smartphone on the market which provides full root access by default without the need of "rooting" the device or flashing it with mod ROM? I want to buy a smartphone which works just like my linux laptop at home so I can "su" or "sudo" for root access, but I don't want to run/install third party softwares which I am not sure I can trust for "rooting" the device. This "no root" situation has held me back on upgrading my phone for many years, which is getting very frustrating. Will the new Ubuntu OS Phone provide root access by default?

Comment Re:When you ride at night, (Score 1) 413

Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is illegal throughout all of California (where I live), unless specifically posted

Learn to read.

Indeed, you should. There is no specific posting requirement. It is generally legal throughout all of California, unless specifically outlawed by a municipality. How that municipality chooses to inform people is up to them. So you're pretty much exactly wrong.

Here's the real problem: you've been starting fights with people for doing something perfectly legal, laboring under the false belief that they were breaking the law and OMG! Now you, understandably, feel like a douche, but instead of saying, "Hey, you know, i really should check, and if i was wrong, well, i wish there were a way to apologize to those people i was hassling for no good reason, but live and learn—I stand corrected," you're doubling down.

This way lies madness. Repent.

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