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The golden rules:
Know your limits
Know your vehicles performance limits
Know your vehicles foot print on the pavement.

I couldn't agree with this more.

If you want to test your cars limits, go to the track (or at least to a place where you'll bother absolutely no-one else). Honestly, track day is the most fun you'll have with your clothes on.

Comment Re:One problem (Score 1) 353

Yeah, rear wheel drive done properly is not the homocidal axe murderer type car that some people fear, and others (including myself know and love).

Take a big beemer or merc for a drive and understand how rear wheel drive can and should behave. Yes if you're talking massive massive power (AMG or M5, etc) then it will demand respect, but power levels that would see a front wheel drive basically become un-drivable are no problem. I actually have to be quite a dick to get my 5 series to step out. Why? good chassis balance, well sorted suspension and massive rubber on it.

Comment Not quite sure about the revolution (Score 2) 70

A cheap computer not necessarily maketh a cheap satellite.

There is lots more than that; solar panels, batteries, regulators, rotation / positioning thrusters, antennas. Then there is temperature management and the housing of the whole thing.

I guess the low power consumption leads to low weight which in turn leads to a cheaper launch cost.

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An anonymous reader writes: The Unsinkable webinar by Sonia Ricotti is coming up and it is entitled The 3 Step proven Formula to Bounce Back... Instantly When Life Knocks you Down

Comment Re:1 2 3 4 I declare flame war (Score 1) 976

Since you keep making sweeping and ridiculous statements, you should probably cite case law to support your position. The problem here is simply that you are the one who doesn't give a damn what the actual law is in any given jurisdiction, and this actually varies substantially across the United States. Go ahead and cite your sources, and I'll gladly reply with plenty of cases where self defense using a gun against an unarmed assailant was considered justified. In short, you're trying to convince others that your fantasy world is reality. Grow up.

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Knowing how to find a niche and choose a Profitable one is a a expertise that varies based on which kinds of internet marketing you have in thoughts. (

Comment gung ho.. (Score 1) 196

The only physical machines I have are my laptops. And even they run Workstation or Fusion for development work. Servers? Pretty much everything is virtualized, except for storage boxes running FreeNAS.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: NASA's Rover Curiosity Begins Extended Exploration on Mars - eWeek (


NASA's Rover Curiosity Begins Extended Exploration on Mars
The Curiosity rover is heading out for a close-up look at a rock outcrop on Mars that's 5 miles in the distance. NASA's Mars Curiosity rover is beginning a long-awaited, 5-mile-long journey across the terrain of the red planet to begin exploring a rocky area...
NASA's next Mars mission would sniff out 'biosignatures'USA TODAY
NASA announces plans to search for life on Mars in 2020The Space Reporter
NASA to Search for Life on Mars in 2020PC Magazine Angeles Times
all 163 news articles

Comment Re:We need a new class of 'ultralight' cars (Score 1) 353

Ten air bags plus associated electronics, power everything, leather, half a dozen cupholders, navigation system, 10-speaker gigawatt sound system, etc. etc, all add WEIGHT. My 26-year-old t-Bird gets better mileage than a lot of cars today because it's weighs less. It, however, didn't come with the "bubble-wrap-the-entire-world-for-the-children" option that newer cars come with. It doesn't even have air bags, so I *wear my goddamned seat belt*.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: HTC new Windows phone to hit US market on July 19 - Focus Taiwan News Channel (


HTC new Windows phone to hit US market on July 19
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, July 10 (CNA) Taiwan's HTC Corp. will begin sales of its new smartphone running the Windows Phone 8 operating system in the United States on July 19, the company said Tuesday in a letter to customers. HTC's first Windows phone featuring...
First Sprint Windows Phone 8 Device, HTC 8XT, Launches July 19PC Magazine
Sprint's first Windows Phone 8 smartphone, the HTC 8XT, goes on sale July 19 ... Computerworld
HTC 8XT, Sprint's first Windows 8 phone, drops July 19CNET
Engadget-TechnologyTell-TechRadar UK
all 42 news articles

Feed Techdirt: Making Mobile Video Streaming Better By Operating In The 'Unused Spectrum' Of Co (

The streaming video experience on many mobile phone networks frequently flat out sucks. A YouTube video that would never trouble your home wi-fi connection sputters to a near halt before dividing its time between buffering and coughing up bursts of unsynched video and sound. And while having Netflix available on your phone seems to be a technological marvel, it's pretty useless in the wild. Plus, many phone data plans have been capped at very low levels, making streaming a full movie potentially very expensive.

Thanks to the entertainment industry, you can't even temporarily download a streamed movie to watch it later in order to bypass lousy connection speeds or data overages. This includes streaming services where the buffet pricing allows you to watch the same movie dozens of times consecutively, if that's your thing. A buffered copy is an infringing copy (in their eyes, but not a key court's), even if the temporary file deletes itself after consumption. The entities behind the TPP push are still hoping to subject buffered copies to licensing, even though the key Cablevision ruling in the 2nd Circuit said that such copies are not infringing.

As it stands now, the entertainment industry is unable to set up its toll booth on buffer copies, but that hasn't stopped it from trying. Between the ongoing push for buffer licenses and differing IP laws in various countries, providers of streaming services have played it safe by not offering a "download and view later" option. Even a self-deleting, single use file would be considered a violation of copyright law.

Fortunately, Dr. Shivendra S. Panwar has devised a workaround process that should satisfy both rights holders and mobile users.

Streamloading is Dr. Panwar's term for his new fusion of streaming and downloading. He hopes it will help wireless carriers get more mileage out of their bandwidth, while also helping data consumers watch more videos on the go.

The technology works by bisecting video into two layers. First is a base layer, which streams during viewing, then there would be a higher layer, which the user would pre-download from some high-bandwidth location like the home or office. While the higher layer would be useless on its own, and thus in compliance with intellectual property laws whose aim is to prevent free sharing, it would nonetheless comprise about 3/4ths of the total data.

Because the streamed base layer would be necessary to unlock the viewing experience while still constituting only about 1/4th of the data, effective and lawful streaming on the go would require fairly low bandwidths. The low bandwidth required to stream the content would mean that data-heavy movies and TV shows would be watchable on your phone even in zones of spotty coverage.
It seems to be a rather elegant solution and one that you would hope would satisfy rights holders. Of course, we've seen the entertainment industry throw the brakes on other technological advancements, especially if it sees the new innovation to be potentially pirateable and short a toll booth or two. See also the ongoing Aereo battle, in which TV broadcasters have claimed the very inelegant process deployed by Aereo (in order to comply with every possibly applicable section of copyright law) is actually evidence that Aereo's service is infringing. Checking and double-checking your processes against IP law only gets you so far. After that, you're subject to the entertainment industry's version of the "heckler's veto."

Panwar has high hopes for this process, which would operate in an area still untested by copyright law. It looks like a win for consumers and possibly even streaming services, but I'm not sure wireless providers will like it as much as Panwar believes they will.

I see this as a triple win scenario. Carriers are facing a bandwidth crunch. The 4G LTE systems are not keeping up with demand for data. ATT has said publicly that they might run out of capacity this year. A crude way for them to control demand is to raise data charges, which would drive away customers. Anything delivering quality data at a lower cost is good for the carriers. That's the first win.
Carriers may talk a lot about "bandwidth crunches" and "data hogs," but it's all just a sales pitch with slightly apocalyptic undertones ("running out of capacity;" "stressing our infrastructure") designed to keep customers strapped into low limit data plans with high overage fees. It's been basically a way to print money from day one. Finding a way to move less data over their networks will make you a friend of the people, but wireless providers' reactions will range from indifferent to antagonistic as a more efficient process cuts into their cash cows. About the only way to sell them on this is to tie the delivery system exclusively to one of their favored, net-neutrality-violating services and portals so they can deliver "preferred" data without further taxing their undertaxed infrastructure. "Delivering data at a lower cost" has been going on for years, even as service prices continue to increase.

Other than that, the process looks like it could make mobile video streaming a rather enjoyable experience, rather than a tedious near-slideshow that sucks for everyone involved but your wireless provider.

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Comment Re:"commercial piracy" (Score 1) 97

By that logic, all laws are "piracy", since they take money and weapons to enforce. When it comes down to it, it's impossible to have any laws if you don't ultimately have the threat of force to back them up. And if you have no laws, the strongest people will conquer the weak, set up kingdoms and empires, and make laws, just like they did in the beginning.

Comment Re:We need a new class of 'ultralight' cars (Score 2) 353

Formula 1 race cars are designed to shatter upon major impact. It take the energy and throw it away from the driver. At the very least, the carbon-fiber monocoque (tub) that the driver sits in will be the last line of defense .

Did you know that during his high-speed crash at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2007, Robert Kubica was subjected to more than 28 times the acceleration of gravity? This meant that his body effectively weighed two tons instead of 73 kilograms. Millions of spectators expected the worst, but thanks to the strict safety precautions in Formula One racing Kubica suffered only minor bruises.

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Comment Re:We need a new class of 'ultralight' cars (Score 2) 353

For instance, if you have a very rigid-bodied vehicle and a crumply-bodied vehicle, you'll most likely experience more acceleration in an accident with the stiff bodied vehicle, as the crumply vehicle takes more time to come to a complete stop.

This crash test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety speaks for itself

I know which car I'd rather be in

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Comment Re:who is better a CEO who wants a new BMW or GOV? (Score 1) 490

who is better a CEO who wants a new BMW or the GOV?

The CEO, sadly, because he knows he has to convince me to give him my dollars.

The GOV will just take them by threat of violence.


Don't pay our extortionate rates and you dont get health care. That isn't convincing, that's the same kind of coercion you accuse the govt of.

The difference is the government has to appease the people once every 3-4 years.

Now I'm from Australia, I pay $1350 in the Medicare levy (socialised medicine, the levy is 1.5% of my income) and another $850 for better hospital cover. So a total of $2200 for top hospital cover PER YEAR. In the US a single person younger than me can expect to pay US$700-800 PER MONTH for average care.

The only issue that I have with the system is that because I'm over 30 and earn over the A$84K threshold I have to get private health to avoid extra levy's and surcharges. But I earn $90K a year and pay $2.2K for health care.

Single payer really does work better because the govt's inefficiency is less of a cost than the private sectors profit motive.

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steve534 writes: The companies are always on the lookout for the cheapest and the best customized computer accessories. Mostly this quest is a little difficult; however, if you use a little help then you will notice that the whole internet market is full with companies who have the best and the cheapest products in the market.

Comment Re:one small problem (Score 4, Informative) 171

The 2nd amendment is because we didn't have a standing military at the time,

That is false two respect. First, the US Army as a force in being predates the Constitution, which is where the 2nd Amendment is found.

The U.S. Army as a permanent institution began on 3 June 1784, when the Confederation Congress approved a resolution to establish a regiment of 700 officers and men. Intended as a force to assert federal authority in the Ohio River Valley, the regiment deployed at a string of posts along the Ohio where it functioned as a frontier constabulary during the last years of the Articles of Confederation era.

Congress adopted this tiny force after the reorganization of the government under the Constitution in 1789. Responding to the outbreak of Indian war in the Old Northwest—and especially to St. Clair's defeat in 1791, the worst setback at Indian hands in the army's history—the government expanded the military establishment to over 5,000 in 1792. Organized as the “American Legion” and commanded by Maj. Gen. Anthony Wayne, the army defeated the northwestern tribes at Fallen Timbers in 1794. During the same year, in response to European threats, the government launched a program of seacoast fortifications and added a corps of artillerists and engineers to build and man them. -- more

Second, the 2nd Amendment rights were not intended to be time limited.

II. A Permanent Right

Some people suggest the justification clause provides a built-in expiration date for the right. So long as a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state (or so long as the right to keep and bear arms contributes to a well-regulated militia, or so long as the militia is in fact well-regulated), the argument goes, the people have a right to keep and bear arms; but once the circumstances change and the necessity disappears, so does the right. 12

This reading seems at odds with the text: The Amendment doesn't say "so long as a militia is necessary"; it says "being necessary." Such a locution usually means the speaker is giving a justification for his command, not limiting its duration. 13 If anything, it might require the courts to operate on the assumption that a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state, since that's what the justification clause asserts. 14


Having those firearms at that time served a legitimate need.

They still do. Besides, whether you recognize it or not, if you are an American man you have almost certainly been a part of the militia.

Sec. 311. Militia: composition and classes

(a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
(b) The classes of the militia are -
(1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
(2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.


Nice to see that you're pretty much completely ignorant of the reasons behind the 2nd amendment.

If I have more to learn I don't think you have anything to teach. What you "know" about the matter seems to be wrong.

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An anonymous reader writes: Mix well all the ingredients and left it for half an hour. After that make your desired shape cutlets and heat the oil in pane

Comment Re:When you ride at night, (Score 2) 413

Actually riding on the sidewalk is much more dangerous.

As i said, whether it's dangerous depends on a lot of things. There are plenty of places in my area where there are long stretches of sidewalk without driveways or crosswalks. There are people who ride at more or less a walking pace, which incurs no more danger than walking itself. There are places such as open beachfront areas where there are enough cyclists on sidewalks that drivers are conditioned to look for them. There are places where a roadway is grooved, or has badly placed drainage grates that make a sidewalk a safer option. And so on.

I'm a regular bike commuter. I generally avoid sidewalks, unless trails are routed over them. My post was primarily to correct the misinformation that cycling on the sidewalk is illegal; this is one of several commonly held myths about cycling law (another one, absurdly, being that cyclists must ride on sidewalks). In some places sidewalk cycling is illegal, and some places it's dangerous. It is not, however, universally both of these.

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"Day of the Elephants" is an amazing non - fiction book. Roland Deah overcame obstacles and lost a life 99.9% of us take for granted. His story will move the young and the old. Learn More about this best seller at Be ready to have your life transformed (

Comment Re:lack of unions and workers rights (Score 1) 541

Solutions that work in ethnically homogeneous countries containing ten million people don't work in ethnically diverse countries with three hundred million people. If you can't understand scale, I can't help you. By your logic, we could all be Switzerland, producing private banks and watches, and all be incredibly wealthy. The real world needs oil, and steel, and all sorts of things that the Swiss don't bother themselves with.

Comment Re: florida's governor is a criminal (Score 1) 238

I stand corrected. I'll admit I actually do not know anything about what the laws are on gambling, I just assumed they were breaking them. Regardless, the only point I really hoped to make is that these "internet cafes" are not internet cafes.

There is no demand here for internet cafes like those found in other countries -- I've seen businesses like that start and fail many times. People bring their own devices and expect to use free wifi. I even see many homeless people bring in netbooks to McDonalds, buy an oatmeal for a dollar, and sit down to use the free internet connection.

Submission + - Tips Atur Keuangan Saat Harga Kebutuhan Naik (

minachan writes: Naiknya harga bahan bakar minyak (BBM) subsidi mau tidak mau turut menyeret harga kebutuhan pokok lainnya. Mau tidak mau Anda dituntut lebih bijak lagi dalam mengatur keuangan Anda. Anda tentu tidak mau bukan, keuangan menjadi kacau karena naiknya harga kebutuhan ini.

Berikut adalah beberapa tips yang bisa membantu Anda dalam mengatur keuangan menghadapi kenaikan harga-harga kebutuhan, di antaranya:

Comment Cafe owner was running a gambling den (Score 3, Interesting) 238

Before you jump to defend the internet cafe owner, read his complaint. The "internet cafe" was a disguised gambling den.

1. Their computers all carry a "Game Display" programme.
2. Buying internet time entitles the user to participate in sweepstakes where they can win prizes. The more time you buy, the more chances you get to join the sweepstakes.
3. The "Game Display" was expressly created to, in their own words, "instill in the patron a sense of excitement and entertainment".

Yes, the law is overly broad and should be reworded, but in this case it did not get the wrong victim.

Having said that, the politicians appear to be equally dirty. There is some suspicion that this legislation was about politicians covering their butts and keeping legalized gambling interests happy.


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