Comment The government inteligencia... (Score 1) 178

Huh??? The idea of grants being served by the "inteligencia in government" -- honestly, it sickens me. What is the inteligence level of a typical person in civil service relative to the typical startup employee or entrepreneur? Oh help me please... I've worked for civil service in the past, and I know the real story.

Honestly, we all know that the "Inteligencia" in government cannot fight out their way out of a paper bag. So, how does it serve the public good for these designers of waste, these perfect jewels of the moric, and even criminaly graphic behaviour, to decide that even one charity deserves funding in the interest of society?

If a tech non-profit cannot sustain itself by garnering public support through donations for it's work in the public interest... dude... it doesn't deserve to survive.

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Comment Almost (Score 3, Informative) 231

The Fosters Group brewery (formerly CUB) in Queensland still brews it. However on my last trip there they said it's one of their smallest production runs of any product passing through the brewery. It's outdone by all other beers brewed there even by import licence like Guinness, and even Smirnoff Vodka beats it by production volume.

Comment Re:Run your non-profit as a for-profit (Score 1) 178

sorry to burst your bubble, but there are laws about how much extra money your non-profit can make, what happens to money made in activities "not closely related to its public purpose", and what can be done with extra money (hint, no bonuses). Consult a lawyer, this is complex subject at state, federal and local levels.

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Comment Why should you survive? (Score 3, Interesting) 178

Why should your non-profit survive when compared to any of the others? The overwhelming majority are staffed with good people with good intentions who work for very little money. The problem is one over-saturation for the market and a donation fatigue from a public that is burned out. There are hundreds of thousands of non-profits in the US alone and every single one of them thinks that /they/ are the most important.

When a business starts to think that they 'deserve' our money we accuse them of entitlement (e.g. Circuit City) and vilify them. A non-profit really isn't any different in that they serve a function that costs money and in order to survive need to take in money. Like a business they can merge, be bought or go bankrupt.

Frankly if more non-profits started to merge it would enable greater economies of scale and efficiencies, just like a business. It would also enable them to spend more money on their mission and less money on overhead. Services from secretarial to bandwidth to phone banks could be shared at greater efficiency across more organizations.

Perhaps my answer seems callous, but the bottom line is that no organization is entitled to survive. Non-profits need to embrace what the business world has done and go through a series of mergers for the greater good. Are your clients better served by your merging with another organization because you are stretched so thin that you are no longer effective?

People typically start and run non-profits because their ego tells them that they can do better than the person already running a like kind service. Society as a whole would benefit enormously if non-profits put their missions before their egos. These warm hearted organizations need some cold blooded business acumen.

Comment Re: Lesson learned (Score 1) 53

Mapping and GIS much much more than GUIs and simple databases. There are a huge number of coordinate systems, projection types, mapping analysis functions, etc. out there. ESRI is a pain, I hate it at times, and suffers from too little real competition, but it also a huge suite of data visualization, manipulation, and analysis tools that will be with us for a long period of time. Replacing SQL Server and Oracle with Postgres is just one small step.

Comment By becoming a for-profit (Score 1) 178

You "survive" by making some fsck-ing profit, darn it. Oh, no, we are too good to "waste" our time earning honest living. We want to save the world.

A Child's Exposure to Technology Should Never Be Predicated On The Ability To Afford It

Earn your money, then buy a kid a computer... Would be better for both of you.

Comment Funny, my first thought b4 reading, sell the best (Score 1) 178

It's kind of funny - before clicking the link to even see what kind of non-profit it is, I thought of a non-profit know that collects old computers, images them, and sells them. That was before I read that the link had anything to do with that. Basic desktops really haven't advanced that much in the last few years, so there are a lot of "old" computers being given away or sold for garage sale prices that are perfectly usable. A sizeable portion of the time, people are replacing computers and the only thing "wrong" with them is a bunch of malware.

So you want to fund giving away refurbished computers? Sell the best ones. Selling one for $250 will fund reimaging / reconfiguring 10 others. Sell one for $125, that will probably cover your costs of five giveaways.

Feed Engadget: ASUS' 31.5-inch 4K monitor priced at $3,799, 39-inch version coming in Q3 (eyes- (

Yeah, we want one too. Here at Computex, ASUS is showing off its new 31.5-inch 4K monitor, which we just learned will cost $3,799. (Oh come now, don't get all sticker-shocked on us.) The photos below speak for themselves, really, but suffice to say, the combination of that 3,840 x 2,160, 140-ppi panel and that matte, anti-glare finish make for some stunning images. And because the bezels are so thin, photos more or less extend from one end of the screen, uninterrupted. Still think you'll have room to spare after taking into account this monitor's big footprint? ASUS is also prepping a 39-inch version with mostly the same specs (except for pixel density, obviously). We've got pictures of that guy too, though we still don't know how much it'll cost. Look for the 31.5-inch model to ship in June, with its big brother following sometime in Q3. And if a $3,800 monitor isn't in the cards, well, that's what hands-on galleries are for.

Zach Honig contributed to this report.

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Feed Engadget: ASUS ROG announces G750 gaming laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M (

ASUS ROG has finally gone official with its new gaming rig. The ROG G750 ties together one of NVIDIA's latest mobile graphics card (specifically, the GeForce GTX 765M) with a stylish brushed aluminium keyboard surround. Since its last gaming laptops, ROG has added an amplifier within the headphone socket to really crank up in-game sound effects and music. We'll be digging for more specs once the press show wraps up.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: New Planet in Town - Guardian Express (

Guardian Express

New Planet in Town
Guardian Express reports that a new planet has been photographed orbiting a star. Unfortunately it is 300 light-years from earth. A light year, as we know, is measure of the distance that light travels in a year, moving at 186,000 miles per second. Light clocks in at ...
Alien planet photo : Super - hot planet spotted only 300 light - years awayChristian Science Monitor
New Alien Planet DiscoveredDaily Beast
Never-Before-Seen Alien Planet Imaged Directly in New
Los Angeles Times-Forbes-Discovery News
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Yahoo steals an idea from Gmail, will begin reading everyone's emails - The Busi (

Yahoo steals an idea from Gmail, will begin reading everyone's emails
The Business Journals
Yahoo is shutting down Mail Classic and moving users over to the latest version of Yahoo Mail, which scans people's emails and send them relevant advertising. By Luke Stangel. Yahoo this week is finally shutting down Mail Classic, and giving everyone two ...

and more

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Look out, fanbois! EVIL charger will inject FILTH into your iPHONE - Register (


Look out, fanbois! EVIL charger will inject FILTH into your iPHONE
Scientists have invented a dangerous new charger capable of infecting iPhones with any malware they choose. Eggheads from the Georgia Institute of Technology claim to be able to hack an iPhone in under one minute using a "malicious charger" called ...
Researchers to Show How To Hack iPhone with USB ChargerThe Mac Observer
Georgia Tech researchers hack iPhone with malicious wall-chargerTechSpot
'Malicious Charger' May Be Able to Hack Your iPhone; 'All Users Are Affected'Headlines & Global News
TechNewsDaily-Infosecurity Magazine (US)-Ubergizmo
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Comment Re:More pertinent information on beer fridge (Score 1) 231

I don't know about Australia, but in the US, you are responsible if you are causing interference in somebody else's licensed band. Even if you didn't mean to, you are transmitting (noise) on a licensed frequency without a license. If it even looks like it might be because you made some modifications to radio gear, you can be liable for a large fine (and depending on the band possibly jail time).

I remember a few years ago a convenience store near Miami's airport was closed by the FCC because they had some dodgy electronics (door opener or bar-code scanner) that was interfering with the air traffic control radio frequency. The FCC forced the store to close (and IIRC shut off the power because they weren't sure of the source device) until they could prove they had non-interfering equipment.

Even the ISM (the so-called "unlicensed") bands, like 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz, are very tightly controlled. Equipment must stay within regulations on channels, power limits, and usage. Your equipment must be able to handle interference from other devices operating within the regulations, but if somebody operates outside the limits, they are liable and must shut down (and face fines, etc.).

Comment Re:Software robot? (Score 1) 231

Sure, but from TFA:

The "robot" is effectively an algorithm that crawls a database of performance stats collected from equipment across the NextG mobile network.

So, it searches *a* database of stats collected from remote equipment. How that information is collected isn't mentioned, but "syslog" would be one way. Even if it was collected directly from remote equipment, that could be done by a simple Perl script and a few modules. Certainly nothing even remotely (no pun intended) special about any of that. I did stuff like that before the "Web" was even invented (yes, I'm old). Still, ultimately, it's just a program. Thanks for the link anyway...

Comment Re:who cares (Score 1) 253

Last I checked Sweden doesn't kill people, not even for suspected sexual assault.

Last I checked, US didn't mind keeping people in jail for more than 10 years outside of any judicial process. Last I checked, Sweden didn't mind handling people the US asked for "terrorist invesitgation". A US senator has called for the death penalty for Assange. Bradley Manning has been detended in conditions that would make everyone raise eyebrows if it was happening in a poorer country. Is it really tinfoil hat wearing to believe that Assange can end up in Guantanamo fairly quickly if he gets out of the embassy?

Comment Endorse a Theme Park (Score 2) 178

The (Alan) Grant Method
  1. Find an eccentric millionaire who is building a theme park on an island off Costa Rica related to your specialty
  2. Agree to visit and endorse the park on the condition that said millionaire fund your operation for three years
  3. Ensure funds are in your account before you get on the helcopter
  4. Pack a large tranquilizer gun, laser pointer and sat phone
  5. ???
  6. Non-Profit!!!

(most of this stuff should be obvious, but the laser pointer is included to help you pass the time making dinosaurs chase after the little red light while you wait to be rescued)

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Comment Re:If you don't understand the right to remain sil (Score 1) 320

Please stop putting words under my fingertips. I never said anything about governments never being bad, or about not protecting important rights. I just asked how protecting the specific "rights" we're talking about is in the interests of justice in modern society. And I notice that you still haven't even attempted to answer that question, and nor has anyone else in this thread.


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Comment Re:He's given up that right (Score 1) 253

Ah yes. Because there is only law in this world. No one, ever, breaks the law from a governmental position. Especially not international law, which does not really exist and that is enforced by no one.

The sad truth is that Sweden already made extra-judicial rendition of "terrorists" to USA, outside of any legal framework.

The cablegate showed many instances where US have shown contempt to international right. (Assassination lists in Afghanistan? Really?) There are exceptions to extraditions : you must prevent extraditions when you think the person won't receive a fair trial. In Assange's case, the suspicion is very high that he won't get one and that there are US pressure in this case.
User Journal

Journal Journal: How To Pick The Best Computer Mouse Style

In a previous post, we talked about how the way you choose and use your computer mouse can affect your typing speed and even lead to problems like repetitive stress injuries. Today we’ll look at some of the options in mouse styles, and provide ergonomic tips on how to use your computer tools to re (

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Comment Re:While you're on ebay... (Score 1) 266

"Since the same mass occurs over a larger area, the 'weight' will be less on the smaller area. And, of course, once the helicopter moves out of ground effect, the weight on the scale will be zero."

That would depend on the size of the scale's platform, wouldn't it? If the scale's platform were slightly larger in diameter than the rotors, then all of the downdraft would be captured by the scale. I didn't read anywhere that he limited the surface area of the scale.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Funny pictures with captions

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Comment Re:Wellcome to the world of non-profits! (Score 4, Informative) 178

Replying to my own comment because I thought of another good point.

Non-profit does not mean you can't make money. In fact, as long as you follow the rules for organization, reporting, etc. you can make money hand over fist. Think about how every private school in the US is able to function and some grow quite fat off of those tuition dollars. If you have a tech-based non-profit that (for example) provides computer programming education to disadvantaged youth, or provides systems and education for the elderly, there's nothing to stop you from doing consulting, selling spare parts, or charging for other services as long as those proceeds are plowed right back into the organization to feed your key mission.

Too many people think that non-profit means you aren't a normal business. You are! You simply have convinced the government that it is in the public's best interest to let you exist free of the burden of taxes.

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