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Submission + - SPAM: 4 Reasons People Should Use VPN Technology | Internet Marketing

schendera writes: Only around a quarter of people use a virtual private network (VPN) when connecting to the web, leaving everybody else vulnerable to online data privacy risks. Reasons to use a VPN: Secure Wi-Fi connections Safe surfing Block online tracking Virtual location A VPN creates a secure encrypted internet connection so you can browse online without
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Submission + - SPAM: 3 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

schendera writes: Over 25 percent of the U.S. population falls into the sociological category of millenial. Marketing to millennials is not as straightforward as it is used to be with other age groups. This post describes 3 key approaches to speak the language of this generation.
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Submission + - SPAM: The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords | Internet Marketing

schendera writes: While the minimum bid per keyword is 5 cents in AdWords, the high cost keywords listed above are nowhere near that. Google can make up to $50 per click from the most expensive PPC keywords. Insurance Loans Mortgage Attorney Credit Lawyer Donate Degree Hosting Claim Conference call Trading Software Recovery Transfer Gas / Electricity Classes
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