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Comment That sums up the problem with the left (Score 1, Troll) 226

That sums up the problem with the left, actually. The left wouldn't care about a pedo ring involving their anointed candidate, just like they didn't care of Bill's frequent flights on the "Lolita Express" to the pedo island. The reason why Clinton is mentioned in Pizzagate is because the "conspiracy theory" originates in her emails published by Wikileaks.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 586

He defeated Clinton who had been building her career up for this election over the course of 30 years, had unconventional, "ethics be damned" style support from mainstream media and DNC, raised a ton more money, etc. He picks up politics a year and a half ago and beats Clinton by a margin not seen since Reagan. He also beats the openly hostile press, both parties' establishments, and well over a dozen of other primary candidates, and does it with one third the money and people of the opponent. And then armchair politicians like you go to Slashdot and post drivel about him not knowing what he's doing. Enough already. The dude is pretty darn smart. He knows _exactly_ what he's doing.

Comment And women elected in these (Score 2) 266

And women elected in these will forever be branded as "diversity hires" and never given credit for anything, even if they deserve it. The only thing that "affirmative action" shit like this accomplishes is it creates deeply seated prejudice. It may be hidden, but it's there, and people don't forget. The only way to avoid this is by promoting strict, unyielding meritocracy.

Comment Did they miss the part about (Score 1) 742

Did they miss the part about there being a huge trade deficit in their favor? That basically means that in any kind of real trade war they'll automatically be on the losing end. This is nothing more than preemptive grandstanding and a skilled negotiator like Trump sees it for what it is. He will aim to narrow or eliminate the trade deficit, which is what we should have been aiming for all along.

Comment FB was VEHEMENTLY against Trump (Score 1) 470

And news of Clinton's transgressions and Wikilieaks revelations were quite obviously suppressed. It's not just FB either, Twitter did that too, and so did Reddit and Youtube. Google has banned "clinton health problems" from autocomplete, among other things. FB executives made no secret whatsoever out of where their loyalties lie. A little Google birdie told me Ruth Porat (CFO of Google) wept during weekly company meeting after Clinton defeat, and levels of SJW activity (and therefore Trump supporter suppression) have markedly increased inside Google after Trump won the election, despite being already crazy high in the months prior. Don't fucking be telling me that the big tech companies or mainstream media helped Trump in any way whatsoever. He won against all odds because people who are tired of all this bullshit used their right to a confidential vote.

Someone on the internet joked that if Trump walked on water, healed cripples and turned water into wine, the headlines would be: "Trump can't swim", "Trump takes jobs from doctors" and "Trump is a raging alcoholic". That's not far from the truth. I hope this is obvious to everybody. Give the man the benefit of the doubt. He has no other reason to run for presidency than to do good for this country. His version of "good", but "good" nevertheless. Don't believe the propaganda, he's not "literally Hitler". You'll all be fine (except for immegal aliens with criminal records, you guys can start heading to the border as we speak). The country will be fine. Just do your part to, quite literally, make America great again.

Comment What's really stunning is this (Score 1) 355

Clinton has been building up to this election over the last 30 years, and had Bubba as her advisor, a charismatic dude who won two presidential elections, and, if you watch his older videos, used to know how to connect to the "common man".

Trump has picked up politics as a hobby 1.5 years ago, and first defeated 17 other Republican candidates in record time, and then defeated Hillary by a landslide with half the money and half the staff (but 10x the rally attendance). That's pretty badass no matter how you slice it. So I think he's smarter than people give him credit for.

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