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Comment I for one welcome our Netflix Originals overlords (Score 2) 49

If you make movies available for decent price on a wide selection of platforms, pirates will be those who are unlikely to be your customers anyway. Current attitude make pirates out of parents who can not justify $100 for babysitter, tickets, gas, parking and a small popcorn just to watch a two hour non-kid movie. Longer term, folks will just find something on Netflix/Amazon/HBO rather than taking legal and malware risk digging up torrents. And never go back to traditional studios that make them wait months to rent a movie everyone is talking about.

I am not even considering gazillion games and upcoming VR entertainment that is competing for the same leisure time as movies.

Comment Approval vote + public financing + tax credit (Score 1) 597

No system can choose a good president out of two horrible runner ups we need real power for third parties/independent candidates. Plus, give $100 tax credit for each election. Will entice poor voters to participate in each local election and then rich will join out of fear of how poor will vote.

Comment Chromebooks (Score 2) 284

I can not guarantee that this is the best fit for the original poster, as I did not personally try running a VM on those. But in general Chromebooks are great Linux laptops for those who value battery life/form factor/versatility over raw power. ChromeOS is great for web browsing, movie watching and, these days, Android apps/games. Then for everything else, you can run Crouton or dual boot Linux from USB. All in all, that's a lot of different uses from a single unit of hardware.

Comment Immigration policy is not hate speech (Score 5, Insightful) 1055

Being welcomed to a country you are not citizen of is not a human right. We can consider pros and cons to ourselves vs humanitarian benefits of admitting a particular immigrant of from a particular country where terrorism and other crime is more common than in US.

Refusing to have a rational discussion on this subject without accusations of hate and racism is how we got Trump.

Comment Cry me a river (Score 1) 306

Uber drivers undercut and killed Taxis with rock bottom rates, now they want more money? Sorry, but you are stuck with what no longer regulated market will bear. If Uber, which is not making much profit, raises driver pay, they will have to raise fares and then customers will take Lyft or drive.

The only alternative is to offer more premium product like fancier cars, better certified drivers, snack and beverage service etc.

Comment User error (Score 1) 117

I don't know, what would you call a bundle of Microsoft Excel templates so that interested users can possibly find it? Fraud seems to be too sensationalist, the real problem is that actual office is not available and less relevant results thus bubble up to top. An informational message from Apple would easily solve the problem. Of course an actual deal with Microsoft to resell Office would be even better.

Comment Absolute or asymptotic? (Score 1) 260

If you are waiting for businesses to not use even a single shred of paper, the answer is probably never, and there is no good reason to. There are still people riding horses and in some cases, like mounted police, it makes practical sense compared to cars or motorcycles. If nothing else, we can't cleanse our behinds with LCD screens.

If the question is using huge amounts of paper for everyday business collaboration, that's out for at least the last decade. The holdouts are either bureaucratic government agencies or businesses where record keeping is such a tiny part of the whole operation that it's not worth worrying how it is done.

Comment Macbook Pro already runs Windows (Score 1) 315

Just run Bootcamp and shrink MacOSX partition to almost nothing. No need to wonder if you like this specific hardware and can accept the price point. On the other hand Windows land has many more form factors and features to choose from, though I am not sure if there is an exact combination like Macbook Pro.

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