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Comment Consider a Spherical Cow (Score 5, Interesting) 503

Ecomonies are not a collection of processes all known. They are a collection of agents, mostly unknown with hidden internal states. Another way of saying this is that gathering information for centralization cost money. Economies process that information at many local and global levels and don't share it past the point of economic efficiency. That's in an idealized system. In an non-indeal system there's even wrong ideas.

A classic example of this is the maxim that the bad apples drive out the good apples. Meaning if you can't tell the difference between a good tasting apple and a bad tasting apple from the look (without tasting it) and if it costs less to produce a bad apple then the good apples won't sell as they are indistinguishable. In order to sell those apples you need to incur some cost. Do something that actually raises the price or lowers the profit like constitute an apple certification board, and set up a set of agents to test apples regularly for different farms, and persuade the consume your certification is valuable by giving away free taste demos. Otherwise there isn't information available to make a decision other than price. A similar thing occurs in how bad (debased) money drives the good (full gold) money out.

You can create systems to optimally manage agent based systems. Interesting there is work now that shows how denying information to consumers can increase econmoic efficiencies as well. This should come as no surprise to people familiar with Braes paradox in traffic control.

One of the core faults of communism is that while it can achieve some good results from linear programming notions of optimality is that it ignores that capitalist economies actually are information gathering systems that are very efficient).

Comment this is stupid (Score 5, Insightful) 136

first, we all know there's a reasnonable correlation between epa estimates and our observed results. It's quite good. Second there's been lots of tests on other standards to show they perfrom good real world estimates. The author is nit picking that a specific set of linear combinations of tests hasn't been correlated. That is if you have 5 test that are correlated with real world measurements and you average them it is true that the average has not been tested but logically we can estimate it's error from the other tests.

who writes this crap

Comment Compare anything to Jackie Chan (Score 5, Interesting) 302

The best part of a Jackie Chan flick is the credit sequence out takes. In them you get to see how they filmed jackie chan jumping off a bridge onto a moving overcraft, how he lept between two buildings and nailed the fire escape, or how they made it look like he sledded off a cliff and grabbed a helicopter landing rail.

answers: He sledded off a cliff and grabbed a helicopter landing rail. No nets. He jumped off the building. No nets. he jumped off the bridge onto the hovercraft. he broke his leg. So they re-shot it with him doing it again this time in a cast that had been painted to look like the tennis shoe he was supposed to be wearing.

Seriously, when you know the guy is doing an insane stunt in a cast, one doesn't really need more and more and more to make it exciting. Watching Iron man plummet from the vacuum of space just isn't very thrilling compared to any dumb stunt jackie pulls off. I really dont' even mind he wears a safety wire when they are spinning him around at the end of ladder on a flying helicopter. it somehow doesn't ruin it for me. :-)

Comment Goodyear says your hypothesis is wrong (Score 2) 132

Here's Goodyears version of the Omniwheel.


It's a spherical tire and uses mag lev. it's just a concept not a prototype but it lacks the things you say are essential.

The contact patch of Any tire is identical. It soley depends on the pressure. pressure*area = weight of car.

His tires have 2 times as many sidewalls as a regular tire so it's plausible they don't have to be as stiff.

Comment VUZE is now malware (Score 3, Informative) 64

I opened up my trusty torrent client, Vuze, to download this and it asked to install an update. I let it, and then bad craziness broke out. I visibly opened all my browsers up, opened up their preference settings, downloaded an installed extensions, and set their default pages and search engine to Yahoo.

Vuze is now malware. beware.

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