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Journal Journal: Copyright Law In The Philippines

Know the works covered by Philippine copyright law and how copyright holders can exercise their moral rights. http://bit.ly/2gSk6sX

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Journal Journal: Does A Warrant Of Arrest Expire?

There are many speculations revolving around serving a warrant of arrest. Learn more about serving a warrant of arrest and the conditions when an officer execute a warrantless arrest. http://bit.ly/2g3YpHv

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Journal Journal: Sellers Violate Consumer Law Due To Deceptive Sales

Winning a prize for a raffle you have not joined raises a red flag as you can be a possible victim of deceptive sales, which come in many forms. If you have to pay, then it is not a prize. http://bit.ly/2fev8ez

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Journal Journal: What Are The 4 Elements Of Bigamy

Does signing a marriage contract hold a man responsible for the crime of bigamy? Are there requisites of valid marriage that should be met to consider subsequent marriage valid or invalid? http://bit.ly/2fkIaFs

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Journal Journal: Partition Of Co-Owned Property

Have you inherited a land from your parents and named as co-owner of the property? Article 494 states, that "No co-owner shall be obliged to remain in the co-ownership." http://bit.ly/2dTb4e0

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