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Comment For two reasons. (Score 2) 100

Musk is the only man that is actually building shit to help society and further humanity while making a profit.

The other two are simply hiring others to make money off the masses for personal gain. Bozos and Zuck have done absolutely nothing for society, in fact many would say that have done the reverse.

Comment Re:If confirmed, does this make it realistic? (Score 1) 477

Yes and Yes. and if we find a way to make a LOT of electricity, 10,000,000Kw of power into one will produce 1000N of thrust assuming a linear scale up.

      What is needed is to see if the drive will actually scale up.

The other thing is, now that it is proven to actually work, refinements can be made to the whole design to increase efficiency that may give us even more thrust per KW of electrical energy.

Comment It is an engineering defect. (Score 5, Interesting) 176

They dont backfill the BGA chip so it freaking cracks solder balls. They should fix the phones for free.
Mine started having it, so I did the online trick of a reverse bend and then took it to the apple store for a trade in. got full value because it was perfect looking and functioned perfectly at that moment.

Now I dont put my 7plus in a pocket at all. a holster or in a jacket inside pocket. no pants pockets ever

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