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Comment Re:Innovation in cars (Score 1) 134

Traction motors in Tesla cars still have reliability issues - designing a compact motor capable of dynamic loads is NOT trivial. And even then Tesla motors tend to overheat if you use them hard enough for 10-15 minutes - you get a "Thermal throttling" message and lose a significant amount of power as a result. This is not a problem for regular Teslas unless you drive them on a racetrack, but it will become a problem for larger vehicles.

Then there is a question of cooling. Tesla uses a rather simplistic propylene glycol coolant loop that is cooled by the air conditioner or heated by a specialized heater. Direct evaporative cooling and in-battery heaters would allow to save quite a bit of complexity.

Really, Tesla is the first serious EV maker and there are STILL tons of areas for major improvements. It's not comparable to classic internal combustion engines that we've been fine-tuning for the last 100 years by hundreds of different companies.

Comment Re:Try to do some math (Score 1) 1140

Incorrect. The VA budget is 5%, without it the army budget will be around 20%.

That alone is about half of the entire military budget. It's also not like you have a choice to buy foreign military gear, it all has to be designed and made right here, at great expense.

Why? Germany buys foreign arms, Israel buys foreign arms, Finland buys foreign arms and even China buys foreign arms. What's so different about the US?

And then you have a false dilemma - the choice is not between paying 25% of the budget for the army and getting children blown to pieces but between paying 25% of the budget or paying a lesser amount.

Comment Re:UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 1) 1140

There probably should still be military and National Guard. Perhaps with total compulsory military education, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers who gave us the Second Amendment.

But anyway, spending more than the next 8 or 10 militaries _combined_ makes no sense whatsoever. And anybody who really wants to invade the US already has the capability to turn it into radioactive wasteland anyway. The converse is true, the US has the capability to turn any other country into radioactive ash.

Comment UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 3, Insightful) 1140

So what if the UBI reaches 100% of the federal tax? It will replace Social Security (25% of the budget), safety net programs like unemployment insurance (10%) and partially Medicare/Medicaid (25%). That's 60% of the budget that will be replaced by the UBI.

The rest is military (24%) and "everything else". Military should be curtailed, but we probably want to keep the "everything else" stuff since it includes funding for NASA, NIH and education and other stuff.

So yeah, UBI is definitely doable but it will require significant adjustments in multiple programs.

Comment Re:But gender is a social construct (Score 1) 200

Several Millennia of the 'binary' gender/sex of Male / Female physiology is not whimsy to the deliberate cognitive dissonance of a microscopic representation of humanities edge cases as measured along the same time frame.

Several millennia are also whimsy to democracy, rule of law, vaccination, MRI, X-Rays, internal surgery and computers. And I've noticed that you're not even defending your position that there are only two "genders" anymore.

Now you've moved goalpoasts now.

Just as a hint, there's no surgery that will enable you to produce sperm if you're a woman, and no surgery to enable you to bear a child to term is you're a man. *NONE* And even you know why.

The key word here is "yet". There are attempts at uterus transplants already and there are *NO* reasons why sufficiently advanced surgery won't be able to get trans-females to bear children. It'll take some time, though.

Oh, and not every woman can bear children and not every man can produce sperm. So do we have four genders now?

Comment Re:But gender is a social construct (Score 1) 200

No, it's not. Male and female skeletons form partially overlapping continua, so there are plenty of ambiguous cases. Especially when chromosomic gender (i.e. XY vs XX) is different from hormonal gender (i.e. what the body actually LOOKS like). That caused quite a few problems in sport, when it turned out that some "females" actually expressed male hormones ( http://www.bbc.com/sport/athle... ) and as a result had significantly different body structure.

And never mind that there are people with hermaphroditism, XX-males, women with male genitalia and so on.

So yeah, let me repeat for you: "You are mentally ill if you think that you can pigeonhole everybody into a nice two-valued selection box".

Comment Re:But gender is a social construct (Score 0) 200

Thousands of years from now, when archaeologists are digging up our remains and examining the bone-structure, they are going to identify the remains as male or female by the subtle differences unique to each and identify the person as 'male' or 'female' based on their physiology.

And sometimes they misattribute the gender, since it's not always possible to tell the difference.

Gender is not a social construct. Mental illness on the other hand is.

As exemplified by you.

Comment Re:Only as safe as the sandbox (Score 3, Interesting) 167

Java bytecode confinement is fairly safe. But the security model for the sandbox was a disaster, basically full of "become root" classes because it relied on poorly thought-out "code access security". Rust's security model is much simpler - it was not designed to contain untrusted code, but to make sure that trusted code is not going to blow up.

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