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Comment Re:The best bug is the one not written (Score 1) 95

Except that pretty much noone spends that time or resources to do that. It's more fun to continue adding features into the doomed architecture. Or start over... again.

If you design a software with a certain feature set insecurely, it's often difficult to keep those features when re-goaling for security.

A depressingly large majority of all software hasn't been coded with best-knowledge tools and APIs in mind. Not even those of the time of writing, but particularly not the one of the current time!

Comment The best bug is the one not written (Score 1) 95

Spending resources on 'finding the next Heartbleed' bug... I fail to see the advantage of finding it by a coordinated search as opposed to someone just stumble on it (as long as the bugs are reported responsibly of course).

Software can't be made secure afterwards, it must be the the primary goal.

Comment Re:Stupid, trucks cause the problem (Score 1) 554

Except that is betting on that peak oil (or whatever) will happen gradually, over a decade or more. If, perhaps due to economical, political or technical reasons, there is a sudden sharp increase in oil price neither market nor society will not have time to adapt.

The countries then still sitting on a huge investment in obsolete gas hungry fleet of vehicles will lose so hard. Many european countries has realised this, thus the high tax on gas to create an artificial incitament.

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