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Comment Re:Early detection doesn't always improve outcomes (Score 1) 123 123

You may have an anger problem. Also, reading comprehension: he said that this test is likely to detect tumors that do no harm to you, but medicine being medicine, any tumor is likely to be treated so aggressively as to cause harm to you thru side-effects. That makes great sense.

Comment Re:wkipedia guidelines (Score 2, Informative) 138 138

No the author has ignored the terms of the license and stolen their work. To be okay, he would need to have given its authors credit, and said that it is licensed GFDL/CC and so you too can use it. He can charge for a reproduction if he wants, cost is not relevant; but freedom and acknowledgement are necessary.

Comment Re:How does this bill make a difference? (Score 1) 439 439

Telephone companies like unlimited local etc. calling because they've found that tracking each little usage of a minute here, fifteen minutes there, for all of their subscribers is not worth the cost of the bureaucracy and systems needed. They are then renting the line, not any physical good that can diminish, like water or electricity. It's much the same situation with ISPs. Their tiered plans have rates ridiculously profitable, and if those rates were brought back to something reasonable for the cost involved, flat plans would still be attractive for everyone involved.

Comment Re:Not so difficult (Score 2, Interesting) 300 300

I was recently watching Hulu and saw an ad for what I first thought might be Firefox. Turns out it was Chrome, which is too bad (we already know Google can advertise). It seems like the perfect space to advertise for Firefox or, better yet, a Linux distribution. You know people there are somewhat tech savvy, and frankly for whatever your friend says, having professionally-produced advertisements on respectable places like Hulu stamp "Ubuntu" into your consciousness means a lot for acceptance.

Comment Re:Don't bother (Score 5, Insightful) 811 811

You don't understand addiction if you think it something to be fought with logical persuasion. And you are probably normal in saying to ditch him, but really, I'm disgusted by how callous people are today. Friendships and relationships involve a little inconvenience, not just saying, 'well, I told him it's a bad idea, fuck him!'

Comment Joke (Score 0, Offtopic) 682 682

Look at some of the other awful shit this esteemed publication has put out:

The People's Republic of China claims to have invented the world's first completely unhackable operating system. The project, known as Kylin, is supposed to keep the evil running dog imperialist pigs from stealing all those glorous technological secrets that have made China the centre of technological development. Or at least those that its workers have used their superior technological skill to half inch from foreign servers.

Comment Re:I must not understand what they're trying to do (Score 2, Informative) 137 137

This is a VM integrated graphically into the Win7 GUI. FTA: "Most of the features called Windows XP Mode are really features of the new Windows Virtual PC." Their "virtual application support" for the top Win7 editions just makes it more convenient.

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