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Comment: Re:Self-signed is no good. (Score 1) 660

by zxaos (#30809916) Attached to: What's Holding Back Encryption?

Unfortunately, although you do point out the benefits of having even a self-signed cert, the average user is going to go the page see something that looks like either an error or a "you are being hacked!" message, depending on how much they read and how much they know (particularly if they're using firefox). That's the point when the average person is going to hit back or go to a different site completely.

In short, until browsers change their behaviour when confronted by a self-signed cert they will never gain widespread acceptance and use with a non-technical crowd.

PC Games (Games)

+ - Champions Online Lifetime Offer Pulled

Submitted by Schadrach
Schadrach (1042952) writes "6 days before the offer was due to be yanked by their own communications, Cryptic has pulled the lifetime subscription and discounted 6 month subscription offers. This was done after a sudden notice of "We're almost out, grab it if you want it now!" leaving only a few hours to grab one before they ceased offering them. During this time, several people had billing server issues as well. People are understandably upset.

Links to coverage of the issue on other sites below:"

Comment: Re:Wow, you must work for FOX News. (Score 1) 3

by zxaos (#29195381) Attached to: Champions Online subscription sale ends early.

Actually, of several places where this information was posted, the ONLY place that mentioned limited numbers was the forum. Every other source, including their own frontpage and the actual product listing, made no mention of the limited number, only the limited time. Seeing no mention of limited quantity on their own store would obviously lead me to searching their forums to see if it was limited.

Please try to know a little more about what you're talking about next time, before you make snarky comments on /.

Role Playing (Games)

+ - Champions Online subscription sale ends early.-> 3

Submitted by Ifandbut
Ifandbut (1328775) writes "Cryptic previously announced that they would be selling life-time and 6-month subscriptions to their new game Champions Online until September 1st. These subscriptions included, among other things, access to the Star Trek:Online closed beta set to begin latter this year. However, early this morning they posted that they were running out of these subscriptions, and a few hours latter there were no more to be had.

This has created a uproar in the Champions Online community, including a 64+ page post of angry consumers many of whom have now canceled their pre-order. Alot of people were waiting until Friday to buy the subscriptions due to pay-day. And many more, including myself, were unable to purchase one this morning before work due to website maintenance.

This brings up a few questions for me:
1. How do you have a limited number of virtual items?
2. If there were limited amounts that you could sell, why only give a few hours notice that you were running out and why was there no mention of this in the original news announcements?"

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:And yet.. (Score 2, Informative) 247

by zxaos (#28058273) Attached to: Palm Kills Community Before It Begins
It should be noted that the "Please-Trust-Us-Not-To-Steal-All-Your-Personal-Data-That-Is-Being-Proxied-And-Modified-By-Our Servers-Including-HTTPS-Traffic" system is designed to save battery life by doing encryption on RIM servers instead of the device. It should be further noted that this is an option that can be disabled so that people who it makes uncomfortable (like you) can have it performed on their device. Seems like FUD to me.

Comment: Re:Adult Gaming? Hah! (Score 1) 343

by zxaos (#27916741) Attached to: On the Advent of Controversial Video Games
I'd characterize that as largely true with one notable exception - the second DLC pack (The Pitt) offered a pretty ambiguous moral choice that didn't result in positive or negative karma for either of the two main possible outcomes. The choice was definitely not clear-cut, and contained lots of room for interpretation as to what the morally "better" choice was. I have been sitting and working on programming while watching a friend play that content for the first time, and he sat in the pause screen for a good ten minutes thinking about all of the outcomes. Even after he had decided, he felt guilty about the choice he made. Upon discussion, he said he also would have felt guilty but for different reasons for the other choice. You're largely right, but not categorically so.

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