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User Journal

Journal: My Top Songs of the Day

Journal by zwoelfk
-- 20030920 --
  • Olga Tañon - Como Olvidar
  • Olga Tañon - Caramelo
  • Count Basie - One O'Clock Jump
  • Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing
  • Shakira - Inevitable
  • Duke Ellington - It Don't Mean A Thing
  • Fiona Apple - Criminal
  • Alejandra Guzman - Diablo
  • Juanes - A Dios Le Pido
  • Eminem - Stan

Journal: Useful software (as a user) 2

Journal by zwoelfk
This is a list of some of the software I find helpful and use often. Everything I list won't be Free or Open-source software, however, it is all software that I recommend. Feel free to add your own suggestions or experiences.
(I will update this list occasionally.)

* FreeBSD An open-source version of BSD Unix. Excellent all-around. My first choice.
* Mandrake A Linux distribution. Easy on the user. Good support system. Good update system.
* RedHat A Linux distribution. Well supported. I'm not a fan of RPMs, but they are widely available and used. A good baseline system for testing/compatibility.
* CygWin A Linux-like environment for Windows. Works very well. Gives you most of the power/tools for working/developing on linux under Windows. This is a must-have. XFree86 works well, and has a root-less mode for seemlessly integrating X apps on the Windows desktop. A port of KDE is also available and works very well.
* LUFS A user-space local mounting system for remote files. Supports mounting via FTP and SSH! This is a must have! This completely eliminates the need for sftp and ftp clients.
* OpenSSL and OpenSSH Open implementations of SSL/SSH libraries/clients/servers. Friends don't let friends send their passwords cleartext! (i.e. via FTP)
* Mozilla Firebird My preferred browser. At the very least use a browser that supports tabs! Also -- Why don't all window managers support tabs in every window by default?! Err.. maybe when I get some time I can work on that.
* OpenOffice Includes WRITER, CALC, IMPRESS, DRAW and Database User Tools. Very good product. Has decent compatibility with MS products. Handles most users needs very well. Please don't pirate MS Office. Use this instead.
* PuTTY SSH Clients for Win32. Very useful for machines where CygWin is not installed. Small size. Open Source (MIT License). I keep this handy on my Windows utility disk.
* HP16C Simulator for the HP16C RPN calculator (Windows or Palm versions) Good replacement for the default calculator app.
* The Gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program. Lots of features. Not yet a replacement for Photoshop, very good for most things. A Windows Version is also available.
* ImageMagick Open Source image manipulation tools and libraries. A must have if you need to convert images or manipulate batches of images. Very good.
* VIM A very good (improved) version of the venerable VI text editor. When I was sixteen at my first big job programming simulations on a Sun Sparc using VI was a requirement -- and now after so many years, editing in anything else seems so very slow and uncomfortable in comparison. Even if you're an emacs user or someone who prefers fancy gui editors, some proficiency in VI will come in handy. Give it a try!
User Journal

Journal: *** Add your OT comments for me here ***

Journal by zwoelfk

There have been a few times that I'd like to comment to someone
personally here - either an off-topic remark based on something
they mentioned, or perhaps a comment on their sig.
Either way it doesn't belong in the thread. And since I can't
add a comment to a user's journal without them having first
made an entry --

I will make one here for myself, in case someone wants
to leave an OT comment for me.

*** Feel free to cut and paste this text to your own journal ***

The Tao is like a glob pattern: used but never used up. It is like the extern void: filled with infinite possibilities.