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Comment Re:OLPC served its purpose (Score 2) 111

Speaking from my experiences training teachers in Haiti in Sugar...

As far as source code goes, press Shift+Alt+V. It's also available on the dropdown menu for the Activity. Maybe that feature was added after you gave your XO to India (thanks for redonating it so volunteers like me can get it into the hands of kids who need it); maybe it just wasn't included in the minimal guide. Yep, sometimes it's not a hardware or software issue; it's a lack of documentation.

Mesh networking is great! Students can use it to chat, send each other photos, and edit documents together - like collaborating on a Google Doc, but offline. Most classrooms in the 3rd world don't have WiFi obviously, and there's no signal if you're sitting outside under the trees. The fact that children can connect their computers with the touch of a button and no extra infrastructure is one of the best things about the XOs.

Sugar's got its quirks and disadvantages, but I'm still astounded every once in a while when I come across a new activity...the people who worked to develop these tools had a great vision in mind and it shows in their work.

Comment The OLPC Underground (Score 5, Interesting) 111

When I emailed OLPC last year, I didn't expect a response and I didn't get one. Instead, Project Rive's XO laptops came from the Contributors' Program, which is run by volunteers for volunteers. 10 computers go down in someone's suitcase, instead of 10,000 being sent to a government. This "unofficial" effort has long been doing a much better job than the official guys, because we give schools the support they need - from solar setups to curriculum. Unleash Kids launched several programs in Haiti this year. We're using the original XO-1 computers, with new tools like a customized version of Sugar, the XSCE school server, and Internet-in-a-Box. Yep, the computers themselves are still being used years later, and there's a community working to find new uses and users. There's 2.5 million XOs out there, built to last longer than the latest tablet. No matter what happens to the big guys, Unleash Kids and others inspired by the OLPC vision will continue

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