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Comment: Microsoft's Sockpuppet SCO already LOST THEIR CASE (Score 1) 286

by zunipus (#34046414) Attached to: Microsoft Charging Royalties For Linux

All any company need do, when threatened by this typical deceitful bullshite from Microsoft, is site the case THEY ALREADY LOST in court, then slam the door in their face and ignore them to death.

The END of SCO (aka Microsoft) case:

SCO loses another round in Unix fight, must pay $2.55M to Novell

SCO loses again: jury says Novell owns UNIX SVRX copyrights

SCO/Novell suit is over, SCO loses

And so forth...

When you can't compete: Litigate.

Comment: Marketing Morons At Work (Score 1) 149

by zunipus (#33111540) Attached to: Microsoft's Ad Team Trumps IE Developers' Privacy Aims

"Microsoft built its browser so that users must deliberately turn on privacy settings every time they start up the software."

Therefore, yet again, the Marketing Morons have managed to screw up something else. By all means treat the customer as a source of cash and nothing more.

Then consider the fact that Microsoft is currently run by a Marketing Moron, Steve Ballmer. This is how companies die.

A Marketing Maven treats the customer with respect. They know the customer pays the bills and keeps the company running and dictates what is good product and what is bad. The customer runs the show.

Comment: The 'Internet' was born as ARPANET. No one owns it (Score 1) 341

by zunipus (#33111392) Attached to: Does Net Neutrality Violate the Fifth Amendment?

This law professor is profoundly ignorant. NO ONE 'owns' the Internet. There is no domain to grab via 'eminent domain'.

Lest people forget, or for newbies, the 'Internet' was born as ARPANET, which was invented and created by the government. It was never given away. There are no plots within it owned by anyone. There is nothing to take over. It is owned by the citizens, who own the government. Any concepts to the contrary are inventions of The Corporate Oligarchy. Nice try 'professor'.

Comment: Re:Put it next to the biplane in the garage... (Score 1) 359

by zunipus (#33005736) Attached to: Last Roll of Kodachrome Processed

"You can still buy and develop other films that are considered superior to Kodachrome."

No actually. I'd go so far as to state your comment is profoundly ignorant. Kodakchrome was a patented film that used permanent dyes that did not fade with time and provided far more vibrant colors than any other color film in history. Read up on it. Do your homework.

Meanwhile, digital is here and you can make just as spectacular pictures with it. And, if stored correctly, digital data doesn't fade with time either. I loved Kodachrome, but I like digital better, thank you.

Comment: Kodak is relieved (Score 2, Interesting) 359

by zunipus (#33005672) Attached to: Last Roll of Kodachrome Processed

Well, Kodak is relieved in a couple ways:

1) Move out Kodak. Your film is dead, or certainly this form. Digital rulz. Hello Kodak Digital.

2) Kodak no longer have to deal with the severely nasty toxic carcinogenic chemicals required to process Kodachrome. The toxicity has been a thorn in Kodak's side for many decades. They're glad to see the end of it, even if we'll miss those nice bright colors, the greens of summer...

Comment: WHO'S $16 MILLION? ARTISTS' $16 MILLION (Score 1) 387

by zunipus (#32896290) Attached to: RIAA Paid $16M+ In Legal Fees To Collect $391K

I hope this wreckless and insane spending by the RIAA and MPAA KILLS THEM OFF. Their funding companies deserve death for their shameful attitude toward EVERYONE but their lawyers.

SCREW THE ARTISTS! (Every penny of the wasted $16 MILLION was earned by the work of artists).

SCREW THE CUSTOMERS! (DRM, Digital Rights Manglement, 'til it HURTS!!! Sue them 'till we die!)

SCREW THE BUSINESS! (2.4% Return on Investment! Looks great on the books. Tax writeoff!)

Idiots on the road to self-destruction.

Comment: Does IE9 Support Web Standards or Dump ActiveX? (Score 0, Redundant) 265

by zunipus (#32783734) Attached to: IE9 Flaunts Hardware-Accelerated Canvas

Do Windows box users still have to wait for IE to catch up with Web standards? Or does MS still FLAUNT its use of non-standard web code?

Does IE9 dump ActiveX? Is that security scourge of the Internet finally dead and gone? Or will IE9 users still be victims of ActiveX malware?

Comment: Marketing As Management Hell (Score 1) 497

by zunipus (#32669122) Attached to: Bill Gates Doesn't Work At Microsoft Anymore

I personally was hoping that Microsoft would at last become of benefit to the computer community. Bill Gates consistently corrupted the computer community in his favor. Having him gone was potentially the moment for positive change at Microsoft. Instead Microsoft fell into the all too common pit of hell known as 'Marketing As Management'. There is no more efficient way to destroy a company than to put marketing into the position of management, which is exactly what Microsoft have with Steve Ballmer. Until such time as Microsoft put someone with an entrepreneurial spirit at the top, expect decline.

Comment: Microsoft Fell Into The Twilight Zone (Score 1) 179

by zunipus (#32613910) Attached to: Microsoft To Add Yet Another Smartphone OS This Year

'Give up all hope, ye who enter here.'

Microsoft have clearly entered their age of dementia. Apparently the idea is to give up on bullets and use buckshot instead. Something is sure to hit the target, right?

I used to think this BS from Microsoft was hilarious. Now I just feel sorry for them. I used to hope that after Gates left they'd turn into a company that was actually beneficial to the computer community. Now I've given up on them. They are beyond the reach of mortal man. They shall not be returning to our dimension.

Comment: The Age Of Doublespeak (Score 2) 528

by zunipus (#32440012) Attached to: Microsoft Talks Back To Google's Security Claims

AKA 'Newspeak' by George Orwell. Black is white. Hate is love. War is peace. Windows is secure.

It's about time the world got off the MS arsenic. Bravo Google. I wish the US federal government would follow your example so we don't get pwned by the Red Chinese hackers (the Red Hacker Alliance) every other week.

I keep track of Mac security over at:

Comment: Did this dope get a GRANT for this BS?! (Score 1) 393

by zunipus (#32350474) Attached to: Scientist Infects Self With Computer Virus

The declining status of science these days is appalling. This is George W. Bush science!

For those who think this claim has validity: What REALLY happened is that a computer CHIP was stuck in the guy (aka he was 'chipped'). The CHIP was infected. The CHIP was then used to infect a PC. You might as well replace the 'human' element with 'hamster' or 'cement mixer' or 'dirt' or 'asteroid', blahblahblah. Someone send this guy back to high school please.

Comment: XBOX: Oops, no profit (Score 1) 295

by zunipus (#31136614) Attached to: Where Microsoft's Profits Come From

Darn again! More swagger about how successful the XBox is. But where oh where are the profits?

Here's how it works: You buy your way into a market and knock out all the competition with loads of spend, spend, spend to promote your product and buy game developers and sell your hardware for less than cost, and eat all the costs from over 50% hardware failure (yes, entirely true!) and in the end, after all the carnage to your competitors, WHERE ARE THE PROFITS? Oh. That sucks.

Comment: BING: Oops, no profit (Score 1) 295

by zunipus (#31136530) Attached to: Where Microsoft's Profits Come From

Particularly telling is the lack of profit from Bing. Propagandists like to swagger about how 'successful' Bing is. But DARN! No profit!

It works like this: Blow advertising dollars for months on end promoting a product, and it will gain market share. But will it gain actual profit? Let's watch what happens when MS stop the advertising bucks.

"I may kid around about drugs, but really, I take them seriously." - Doctor Graper