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Comment: Re:Key climate-related takeaways (Score 1) 615

by zummit (#39068917) Attached to: Leaked Heartland Institute Documents Reveal Opposition To Science

> 3) make a profit on this "education" and funnel it to their board members.

If they're making so much money, how come my kids' (plural possessive) Charter school has so many fundraisers?

It seems like we're always contributing our time and/or $$$ to retain a music teacher, gym teacher, etc.

Comment: Mojofiti (Score 1) 451

by zummit (#32049896) Attached to: Best Alternatives To the Big Name Social Media?

What about Mojofiti?

You and the Mojofiti(TM) Experience:

* Everything you publish is translated into 28 languages -- Messages, wires, Blogs, etc.
* You read everything in your native language -- regardless of the language in which it was published.
* Communicating without language barriers is cool.

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