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Comment: excellent (Score -1) 226

by zugedneb (#46848491) Attached to: American Judge Claims Jurisdiction Over Data Stored In Other Countries

Now, we fucking sleepy europeans can start implementing our own shit for a change.
Also, it would be nice if the US would put a ban on export, and NDA on any and all science and technology made in the US.
That way we may have a reason to catch up in some areas.

But, probably not. We would just start licking japanese and chinese anus even more, making shit is to much communism for our taste...

Comment: Spiritual Prosthetics, Tyranny of the marginal (Score -1) 133

by zugedneb (#46517863) Attached to: New Facial Recognition Software May Detect Looming Road Rage

I find it sad that when we can not make some follow law, or common sense, we seek technology to stop them from rampage, and force everyone else to live with that technology.
This seems to be the coming trend...

As example, in some places in eu, there is pressure to have exhalation test in the car for traces of alcohol, i think it is called alcolock...
Problem is, not being able to fallow common sense (law) to not drive intoxicated is a spiritual handicap. Alcolock on the car is spiritual prothesis. So lobby has success, whenever i start the car in the future, i have to put a prosthetic device in my mouth.

If this thing in the article makes it, I will be constantly monitored, because of the deeds of some minority.

I find this disturbing. Now, I do not like people very much, and have low levels of sympathy for my fellow humans.
Personally, I would rather see this minority, who is the target of these devices, to be identified, and executed by the side of the road.
In that is two flies in one hit: we remove the morons, and do not litter the car with prosthetic devices..

Comment: Democratic governmetnts are their voters. (Score -1) 279

by zugedneb (#46499517) Attached to: The Billionaires Privatizing American Science

Dothing more and nothing less.
If the large masses, who actually decide the winning party, do not give a shit, then neither will the government they voted for.

Now, from what I have seen, the everyday of the avarage dude, is complicated. Having a wife (or trying to find one) and some children takes up most the energy of the avarage man, and I do not even dare to theorize about what issues women have.

At the and of the day the avarage man does not give a shit...

We have evolved into spiritual species... There is the cattle, the majority, that needs the gadgets and enterteinment to escape... And there is those who provide: the enterprenours and the semiautistik, semintrovert peons who develop the technology...

As long as governments are chosen by the masses, they will tend to be as stupid as the masses...

Comment: Witch-hunt (Score -1) 107

by zugedneb (#46001351) Attached to: Analyst Calls Russian Teen Author of Target Malware

this is called witch-hunt.
Identify someone with godlike, impossibile knowledge and nail the fucker. Thusly, the righteous has won.

Say, you can prove that it is barely possibile to have that knowledge at age 17, unless, someone points it out to him. Now, if he is, quite possibly, an adept programmer, he might use this knowledge.
But in russia, all know about brutality of others... I dont think he would dare, not at 17...

Anyways, who will listen to the protest of the rational?

Comment: u are the troll, dude, not feeding one (Score -1) 397

by zugedneb (#45990997) Attached to: Electrical Engineering Lost 35,000 Jobs Last Year In the US

You are making the same mistake as the people who think Computer Science is the same as programming...

As some others did point it out in onther threads, CS is math, programming is not that much...

Now, a master in EE is 5 years of math, mostly. A "maintenance tech" follows blueprints, he does not have to understand them. Electricians do not have to understand electromagnetics, they have to follow blueprints.

I, as EE, understand things... Electromagnetics, fourier stuff, stochastic processes, filter theory and so on...

Learn the difference.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke