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Comment: "repeatable independently verifiable reproduction" (Score 1) 350 350

Good luck with that. If anyone ever succeeds in LENR, the only convincing evidence will be a working industrial plant. Nobody in their right mind would release sufficient details to fully replicate before that... this would be a world-changing discovery of incalculable value. Trade secret at all costs.

Comment: Re:Any suffiently advanced tech... (Score 2) 986 986

Have you read the report? Power input was monitored. At this stage, either this is the most elaborate scientific/engineering hoax in history, or he's stumbled upon something novel. It happens. Unfortunately, the exact inner workings (fuel composition, ...) are being protected as a trade secret.

Comment: An unschooled perspective (Score 1) 470 470

Approaching this empirically, with a couple of 50-year intervals:
1912-1962 general relativity, discovery of DNA, yada yada
1963-2013 quantum chromodynamics, I grant you that... and supersymmetry or some such shit, various biotech engineering feats working out the details
There does seem to be a trend towards application of established theories (essentially an engineering exercise) as opposed to new fundamental discoveries.

Comment: SAP policy of age discrimination? (Score 2) 441 441

Though SAP is German, and this brilliant fellow is based in India, they should be careful. These kinds of statements suggest a more widespread policy of overt age discrimination at SAP, which is illegal in the US, among other countries. SAP should release a statement disowning this rant. Imagine: 'My experience is that race X is generally not as productive as race Y, so I prefer not to hire anyone of race X'. Also, gender F tends to go on maternity leave and not come back, so I prefer to hire gender M. Unacceptable.

Comment: Re:Try Forty Instead of Four (Score 1) 524 524

1972 - parents working as teacher and nurse, moved into their first house with a modest mortgage (in Canada, I should mention). Lots of free time, not tons of money, but enough, and already had a cottage/camp, which boggles the mind
2008 - grim... looked like my employer (small startup) was about to fold, was picked up for a dime by a billion-dollar company
2012 - fixing up my first house (bought last year at age 40 cash-only). Still w/ the same company that acquired the startup. Daughter and wife are healthy and happy.

1972 -> 2008 worse
2008 -> 2012 better
1972 -> 2012 about the same

+ - Cold fusion: It's Real. What are the ramifications?->

ztexas writes: Interesting points from last page of the slides:
Anomalous Heat Evolution Effect is repeatable by the nano-metal-D(H)-gas loading method
  High energy density (>800eV/Ni-atom) power lasting several weeks or more, with negligible radiations (to be confirmed by scale-up exp.)

There have been many unverified/unrepeatable claims, but this seems very credible. What are the ramifications of eventual commercialization of energy production from Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)?

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Flamebait Headline (Score 1) 1010 1010

Nicely said, from another math/cs/physics/engineering type. Wish I had mod points for you. My wife is terrible at maths... fine with arithmetic and the most basic algebra, but I fail to see how making her struggle with factoring quadratic equations helped her (or society) in any way. One of the most brilliant programmers I've ever met is a terrible speller. Perhaps he should have been denied his high school diploma?

Comment: Re:Don't worry they have already copied it (Score 2) 547 547

Wow, only took a few minutes for judgmental dude to jump in, and get modded up +5 insightful. That's what I love about Slashdot. Many employers (especially small companies) allow for personal use within certain restrictions. Many personal details can be left behind from work-related tasks such as registrations on intraweb sites, HR forms, and travel sites (including personal credit card to charge business trips later refunded). It's a valid question. But I feel your need to judge. In fact, I am doing it right now. Maybe you are at work right now. Are you stealing the company's electricity to charge your phone?

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