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Comment Re:ERROR (Score 1) 386

The pendulum is not swinging back. The Dems have the same policies as the Repubs. It's a shell game. Better to plan on getting out before they start putting up the barbed wire and you get stuck inside. As noted in earlier responses, it is the 21st Century equivalent of the Roman Empire. "Those that do not learn from history..."

Comment Re:ERROR (Score 1) 386

While that used to be true, I think many Americans are waking up. We realize we are living in a police state and abhor the international policies being pushed by the present and previous administrations. I'm afraid we can't do anything about it. Many of us are planning to get out as soon as we can and hopefully the whole thing will come crashing down. It is much too far gone for correction, better to let it die and start over. Sorry about that.

Comment Re:first HP product? (Score 2) 124

Explaining the joke. HP was founded on one product. A bench DC power supply. They (H and P) came up with a clever use of a light bulb in their regulator circuit. The details escape me.

No. The first HP product was an audio oscillator (the 200A). Used to make the movie Fantasia. The light bulb was used for negative feedback, its resistance changing as the current changed.

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