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Comment Re:Ministry of JUSTIVE prevents access to INTERNET (Score -1) 70

Punishment is about denying people the things they like.It is cruel and unusual for a reason. People fail to understand that. The phrase cruel and unusual is actually a bullshit thought. It was coined to prevent POLITICAL punishment for thought crimes, not actual crimest. Ex Post Facto, was an after thought, these people slid under the radar because no one thought anyone would commit a crime that escaped the laws intended by an authored law, but they did. Just because a crime was not legislated against, does not make it not a crime. We cannot think of everything, Sadly..

Comment FreeBSD (Score -1) 123

"A large community has continually developed it for more than thirty years", to that I say horseshit. The wayback machine only shows 14 years of existance. You must be thinking Angies List... lol.

Comment Marissa (Score -1) 175

Dear Marissa Mayer,
                        You apparently do not understand the Internet very well. Simply because you got employed by Google early on, does not mean ANYTHING. You have no clue. It is apparent that you never visit Yahoo
from a non-company computer.

Your programmers are idiots, and by extension, you are an idiot. Quality control never seems to enter your mind.

You people post articles from other new sources, and we do not get to comment without registering with the secondary site. That is bullshit.
If you publish something on your site, we should be able to fully add our comments to the article.

Articles that lead to videos are aggravating. Anyone who has been on the internet for 15 minutes, knows this. I prefer to read, rather than watch crappy videos, with loud intro music and retarded 'personalities".

The choices portion of the programming is a JOKE. I never want to see ANYTHING related to the following :
Recreation et al. Yet when I choose to not watch these catagories, your programmers still display these types of crappy articles to me. Ergo,
your programmers suck.

I realize that you are trying to "Monitize" this stuff, but you are pissing off many of us long time users of Yahoo. You are a PORTAL and nothing more.
You are NOT a news source. Hell, even Google does a better job of sending me things that are relevant to me. Yahoo is failing and by extension, you are failing.

Comment Re:I can see why (Score -1) 114

"proving once again that Facebook (and others) adverts tell me who to avoid not who to trust with my purchases", PRECISELY. I have never clicked on ANY advertisement for this exact reason. There are people who do click, and I feel sorry for them.

Comment Re:Silicon Valley shakedown (Score -1, Flamebait) 514

I have had the privledge to work with some really smart black programmers and technicians, yet they they were really far and few between. Until Jesse can program a database, he need to keep his nigger mouth shut. I'll just require it to be written in C. That should help HIS racist ass. He needs to read the bible and clean up his own "race's" act

Leveraging always beats prototyping.