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Comment: Re:No updates in 6 years? (Score 1) 197

by zome (#43968935) Attached to: FLAC Gets First Update In 6 Years
You have that hard limit if you try to compress the actual data. On another hand, you can get very small if you change the representation of the data. For example, if you want to send the first million digits if PI to a friend, you can generate that million digit, zip it and send it. Alternatively, you just can send him two number, a starting position (which is 0) and length. It will be a lot smaller that the zipped one.

I read long time ago about a compression algorithm that find the math equations that, once give the right input, gives the output that is exactly the original data that you want to compress. All you need to do is to pack that equations and the input.

Comment: Re:never understood the appeal (Score 1) 189

by zome (#43280833) Attached to: DOS Emulation Arrives For the Raspberry Pi
I remember it was a lots more fun programming in turbo pascal than what I have been doing these days. Maybe it was because I was young and everything was nice and sweet, but if I had to write program for Pi, do it in pascal seems more inviting than in C.

I wish I still have my 'game' written in turbo pascal, I might just get myself a Pi just to run it.

Comment: Search companies should charge them for indexing (Score 4, Funny) 114

by zome (#42137919) Attached to: German Copyright Bill Would Let Publishers Charge Search Engines For Excerpts
For CEOs, it is easier to for them to pay for somethings than give away something for free. So Google, Bing, etc, should come up with the service for those publishers and charge them like $1000 a months to index their website and list it on the search result. If they don't pay, no index for them. It's now a fair game among the publishers thus they can't really sue Google, Bing, etc for anti-competitive.

Then Google, Bing, etc can compete with each others for lower rate. After a while, one, and soon after that, all of them will offer free listing, and those CEO will jump with joy (we didn't have to pay for it anymore, yeh!!)

Problem solved.

Comment: He is probably suck at hiring (Score 1) 630

by zome (#41308367) Attached to: Is a Computer Science Degree Worth Getting Anymore?
I used to work in a team of 12 people. About half of them have master degree in CS. The rest have BS in CS or ECE. I have never worked in the better team. Pretty much everybody knows, say, not only what are getter and setter, but also when to use them. When someone doesn't really know what others are talking about, they ask a bit and do research on those things on their own, which is what I think a habit they got from grad school.

I joined that team when it is newly formed. The manager has all the freedom and time to choose people he really wanted. He did a great job hiring this staffs.

That was 6 years ago. Unfortunately most people went for greater things, including that manager and me, and that team is now just another team in the company.

Comment: Re:Is this a genuine case? (Score 1) 225

by zome (#41035065) Attached to: MplayerX Leaving Mac App Store
You don't want to embedded all possible sub-title languages into the a movie file and make it unnecessary big. Separate sub-title files make it easier to add new language.

Also, as people are discussing above, the OS file dialog is basically asking user to give permission to access a file, so I don't think a custom UI for access files will work.

Comment: this is funny (Score 1) 427

by zome (#40751991) Attached to: Reports Say Apple Is Shrinking Its Docking Connector With iPhone 5
People who bash the new iphone do not own iphone and are not generally effected by it.
People who defend the iphone are the one who will have to pay for new accessories that they already have when they buy the new iphone.
man, I will have to find the way to draw this stuff and post on 9gag or something.

Comment: who is the IT guy there... (Score 1) 253

at some point they need to learn how to secure their infrastructure. I mean, they know they are under attack, and still another virus get thru? It's gonna be suck working in IT dept over there right now. they're gonna be asked what went wrong and how to make sure it won't happen again. If I were them, I would start by put some glue in empty USB ports. Given that Stuxnex got into their system via USB memory stick so it doesn't sound too bad.

Comment: Not dumb at all (Score 5, Interesting) 128

by zome (#40200523) Attached to: Facebook Smartphone a Dumb Idea, Says Farhad Manjoo
This is what facebook will do to their phone. It will create a new phone platform with its own API. This API will be compatible with the phone AND the web. In another word, you write a game using this API once, and it will run in your browser, and on your phone. When people make in-game purchase, facebook gets a cut. This is how they will make money on the mobile platform. They won't make any money if facebook is just an app on any phone facebook doesn't own. This is why MarkZ is worrying.

Given that there are far more facebook users than iphone or android combined, if you are mobile game/app developer, would you write your program using this API? I would. Suddenly, facebook can compete with iOS and android for developers attentions. Something RM and MS are trying so hard to do for sometime.

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