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Comment: Re:The state is correct (Score 1) 554

by zolaar (#29741883) Attached to: Blogger Loses Unemployment Check Because of Ads

...but to qualify for benefits in the first place, you have to lose your job through no fault of your own. People who get fired for cause have no claim to benefits...


To be precise, in order to disqualify yourself from receiving benefits, the employer must be able to give sufficient evidence of "willfull misconduct" while performing your job, and evidence that said misconduct was harmful to the business.

The definition of "misconduct" is very clear in the eyes of the law: if you usually arrive late for work, and are warned about it prior to being fired, that often constitutes misconduct. If you're fired because your employer was dissatisfied with your job performance, however, you are normally still elligible for benefits.

This is the case in both CA and IL, and while YMMV, I doubt it's much different elsewhere. IANAL, but I've had to deal with all of this recently.

Comment: Re:Stupidity is a component of intelligent behavio (Score 1) 378

by zolaar (#27259029) Attached to: Believable Stupidity In Game AI

Some predators' vision (or, more accurately, both its visual filtering/sorting mechanisms and mental-visual acuity) is based on movement, rather than on categorization of a shape a shape as "yummy" or "scary" (aka, how a human's vision works).

Thus, the "freeze-tag" maneuver is a fairly decent way to evade some predators. If it fails, it's not so costly of a decision that it precludes the prey from deploying any counter-measures or running like hell.


Is the Relational Database Doomed? 344

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the just-more-tools-in-the-bucket dept.
DB Guy writes "There's an article over on Read Write Web about what the future of relational databases looks like when faced with new challenges to its dominance from key/value stores, such as SimpleDB, CouchDB, Project Voldemort and BigTable. The conclusion suggests that relational databases and key value stores aren't really mutually exclusive and instead are different tools for different requirements."
PlayStation (Games)

Interview With a Prolific LittleBigPlanet Content Creator 27

Posted by Soulskill
from the games-as-hobbies dept.
SlappingOysters writes "Ole-Marius Lakselv is going to be making games for a living, sooner or later. Under his PSN moniker of Geosautis, he has become arguably the most popular and famous LittleBigPlanet level maker in the world. His works, such as World of Colour and Haunted Mansion, are shining examples of what a talented user with a bit of time on his hands can build using LittleBigPlanet's powerful creation tools. Gameplayer has just interviewed him to get the full story on being an amateur developer making waves in LittleBigPlanet. The site has also awarded the game The Best Exclusive of 2008."

Comment: Re:Asheron's Call already had this quest... (Score 1) 249

by zolaar (#26145421) Attached to: Torture in Games

I dunno, there's a scene near the end of the game that let your character act deliciously cruel, to the point of shivers.

I'd played the light-side path the entire game, paragon of virtue, etc. Just for fun, right before I had to decide either to continue do-gooding or to embrace my destiny, I saved. "Let's see what this dark side gig has to offer," I thought.

With my saber, now crimson (natch), humming away, I approached my party who, until that moment, thought I was more virtuous than Jesus and Superman combined. Mission, the runt, wouldn't accept I was who I claimed I was. I gave her a choice: embrace the path of hatred, or suffer by it. She chose.. poorly.

That, in itself, isn't the evil part. Anybody can kill an annoying blue girl. What was fun was how I did it. You see, I posed the "by my side or by my saber" choice to everybody, including the wookie Zaalbar -- Mission's life-long infinity-bestest friend in the universe -- who, as payment for saving his life, had sworn a wookie life-debt pledging himself to me until his death.

Oh, this is too perfect, you guys.

I looked Mission square in the eye, and ordered my Wookie to honor his sacred vow. I ordered him to murder his best friend in the world. And he did it. He bludgeoned the turncoat into a blue pudding with her own dainty little arms.

He hated me for it, naturally. More than anything in the world, he hated me. I loved him for it. His primal fury. His unfathomable sorrow. I drank from him, as if he were a fountain. It satiated me.

I thanked him.

Now that's some good evil!


Activision Wants To Bring Guitar Hero To Arcades 75

Posted by Soulskill
from the shredding-in-public dept.
dlapikin writes "Activision is preparing a deal with Konami and Raw Thrills to bring Guitar Hero to arcades worldwide as soon as 2009. It looks to be a great fusion of their current Guitar Hero III axe and World Tour. 'Some features have been streamlined, however, like character customization. Raw Thrills doesn't want people obsessing over the hair color of their on-screen rock star. But one important feature that has remained is downloadable content. Raw Thrills has the ability to push new songs to "Guitar Hero Arcade" through the Internet. Owners of the machines can pick and choose which of the new songs to add to the cabinet.'"
First Person Shooters (Games)

Activision On Iterating, Innovating Call Of Duty Series 66

Posted by Soulskill
from the check-out-our-flamethrower-it's-kickin-rad dept.
Activision's Noah Heller sat down with Gamasutra to discuss the refinements made in Call of Duty: World at War to keep the popular FPS franchise moving forward. He points to cosmetic things, like realistic burning and the ability to set just about everything in the environment on fire, as well as bigger gameplay improvements, such as making the AI more difficult to beat without having it "cheat." "... the main thing we tried to do is honestly make the placement just more brutal. You've always got an advantage on the enemy; you've been through the level before, you know where they're going to be, but in Veteran mode you're going to find that they're not going to cheat. You're really going to have to be going for headshots using the most effective weaponry. You're going to have to use that bolt-action rifle and aim for the head if you want to take an enemy out at a distance. It's a different sort of gameplay. We heard those concerns and we tried to address them."

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