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+ - Root-Hints Updated

Submitted by PuceBaboon
PuceBaboon writes: Not huge news, but for those who need to know, the internic root-hints file was updated today for the first time in quite a few months. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it. If you do know what it is, you probably already know where to get it and where to put it.

+ - Slovenia reinforces net neutrality principles->

Submitted by
jrepin writes: "The Slovenian Parliament has approved an innovative legislative framework on net neutrality which is going to shake the debate in Europe. The Slovenian law, adopted on December 20 and published in the Official Journal on December 31, confirms the open and neutral character of the Internet and prohibits discrimination of Internet traffic on the basis of the services provided through it. Although the impact of the new rules will need to be carefully analyzed and eventually tested in front of courts, the first-sight impression is that the Slovenian Parliament is gone further than the corresponding provisions of the European Regulatory Framework."
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The Almighty Buck

+ - Chicago Fields Museum May Lose its Edge Soon->

Submitted by alfachino
alfachino writes: The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago is in serious financial peril. Science Magazine reports that the museum "is planning significant layoffs to its world-class faculty in a cost-cutting move that threatens to erode its international reputation. The news has shaken the Field Museum's scientists, and left researchers at other museums puzzled and dismayed." Some scientists have note been vague in their response to the planned move. ' "It feels like we're watching the Field Museum publicly commit suicide," says Michael Donoghue, a botanist at Yale University and the former director of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. "They've basically announced that they're going to drain the scientific lifeblood out of the place. And that means they're no longer going to be a player on the stage of the great museums of the world. It's a really dumb move. There has to be an alternative." ' The article reports no proposed alternative. Does anyone have a reasonable way out of this?
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+ - World of Warcraft Finally Loses Subscribers->

Submitted by bonch
bonch writes: After seven years and a highpoint of 12 million subscribers, World of Warcraft has seen a loss of nearly one million subscribers in the last six months for the first time in its history, according to Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime during an Activision earnings call. However, the game remains the most popular MMO, and Morhaime said Blizzard plans to reverse the trend with fresh content. Some believe that the loss in subscriber interest is a sign of the game's inevitable twilight years. Blizzard also recently received the trademark Mists of Pandaria, fueling speculation for the next expansion pack.
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Comment: Re:Multi-unit Dwelling Too Hard? (Score 0) 126

by zojakownith (#15943372) Attached to: Cable Industry Needs to Spend Heavily on Upgrades
my whole apartment complex just got through having verizon fios contracts come and install it, we had to clear out a few feet of closet space and that was it.

my guess is the problem some people might have is someone going into your home, installing something you dont even want. So the operators of the complex dont let the installation happen.

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